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Posted by | October 18, 2012, 9:45 (MST) | 7 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

This week’s TV Guide Vampire Diaries Bite is good news for fans of Damon’s reckless side, looks like we’ll be seeing some more of it soon, and that it will be a big draw for Elena’s own wild side. Hear what Julie Plec has to say about it in the clip below.


Speaking of reckless, Zach Roerig answers questions from Celebuzz about Matt Donovan’s guilt issues and what might be in store for him this season.

Celebuzz: Matt is obviously feeling a lot of guilt about Elena’s sacrifice for him. How is that going to continue to impact his role this season?

Zach Roerig: Feeling that guilt is going to make him is question why he is alive. I just think both Salvatore brothers are going to encourage Matt in different ways to kind of put up or shut up. Matt’s involvement is stepped up in everything.


Zach Roerig isn’t the only one who has to step up this season, Nina Dobrev has a whole new challenge as she takes on Elena’s new reality. The TV Chick spoke with the actress about all the changes Elena is going through this season.

What are you looking forward to this season for your character?

To go on the journey with her and sort of see how she deals with things, and it’s sad though. She never wanted this at all and now she has no choice. Not just for today, but forever. And she’s stuck with this lifestyle, but who knows. Everything happens for a reason, and maybe one day she’ll be really thankful and really happy that she gets to live through different eras and different times. Maybe she will leave all these boys behind and try to find a cure for cancer or make some good of it.


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  • Kego

    I´m pretty sure Elena gets a massive hangover when she´s herself under control again after her wild “blood games” with Damon and she will regret it. But then she´s too much destroyed and Stefan (Bonnie,Caroline,maybe even Matt) will turn away from her…

  • sarah

    I agree I think Elena will love it in the moment, but after a while she will feel horrible about what she has done–and the only way to make her feel better really is to continue on that path (until she realizes that she doesn’t want to be that kind of vampire). I think these moments will definitely alienate her from the rest of the gang yet bring her closer to Damon. I am sure D/E will be explored this season, and I believe that a big reason to their budding romance will be that Elena will definitely let loose and she will definitely be somewhat out on the outs with a lot (maybe not all) of everyone else because of her behavior/actions. 

  • ihatepeople

    Damon “without a care in the world”…is she watching the same show we are?  The man just lost his ONLY friend watching him die twice, his brother betrayed their trust by not saving the woman they mutally loved and said woman passed him over for his brother in addition to treating him like he was the problem.  I’m sorry I don’t consider this as someone who doesn’t have a care in the world.  Also his plans have become less reckless/diabolical over time.  Yep he likes to have fun but I’m going to disagree with some of her descriptions about him.

    Elena needs to let loose for sure but what I’m concerned about is that we’re going to see her use Damon again just for this purpose.  She’ll have some fun with him (because apparently that’s all he’s good for not real love) and then she’ll regret it blaming herself and him then return to her praising Stefan and denouncing him.  Um as much fun as it might sound like to see her and Damon have a good time together I don’t want to see him get used again just so we can go back to the same old thing with her and Stefan.  If that’s the plan can we just skip it and let Damon have some fun with someone less emotionally draining on him?  I can’t speak for anyone else but the breaking his heart routine is wearing on me.

  • Jenna

    So is the ‘new’ Elena going to develop more into a Katherine? That would be fun to watch. I’d like to see her be a little less predictable, more like ummm, let’s see, a VAMPIRE?!!!

    And Damon can get as reckless as he wants, but he will never become un-caring!!! He does the dark hero so beautifully and it’s awesome to watch!!!

    I’d like to see Stefan darker to be honest- I don’t like that he seems to be back to Stefan of season 1, I hope they will dirty him up a bit still!!!

  • Jenna

    Well, and it’s just getting old!!! Right? I mean we’re all expecting that is how she will treat Damon!
    I will say though in the books, that’s exactly how she treats Damon, she uses him when she wants and tells him it will always be Stefan! So I guess when it comes to that concept they have chosen to follow the books from what we saw in S3! 
    I really hope they have something else up their sleeve! 
    And once again whenever something bad happens it’s Damon’s fault! He is always the fall guy for any s%*t that goes down!
    And I so agree with you, I don’t see Damon as care-free at all, he may be acting like it- but he cares a lot and deeply! 
    He tries to shut it off, and not care but pays the consequence in the end!

  • ihatepeople

    Absolutely agree on all 3 statements. It’d be fun to watch Elena lose it a little. It might change her perspective on her general beliefs.

    I prefer Stefan badder. He’s more like a vampire as he should be.

  • ihatepeople

    I’ve read a little over half of the books and you’re right that the show definitelt mimics the books when it comes to her behavior towards him. If they plan to follow the books regarding the brothers then it’s no surprise how it will turn out.

    I’ve looked at Stefan and Damon like this…Stefan on the surface seems to be the one with the most humanity because that’s who he wants to be. Damon on the surface seems like he doesn’t have much humanity because underneath he has so much that it’s caused him nothing but pain.

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