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Posted by | May 11, 2012, 8:07 (MST) | 61 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Julie Plec Talks Season 3 Finale & Looks Ahead To Season 4 with Entertainment Weekly A lot of fans are reeling from last nights season 3 finale, but take a few deep breaths! We’ve got all summer to sort through every detail of season 3, and Vampire Diaries will be back again for season 4 in the Fall.

Speaking of season 4, Entertainment Weekly had some questions for Julie Plec about last night’s episode and what’s coming up in the new season. Spoiler alert for The Departed (EP322). Julie answers questions about most of the major characters on the show, and clears up a few things that may have confused people in last night’s episode. Naturally, several questions focus on Elena and the Salvatores and where things stand between them.

[spoiler]So she made her choice, but you set up that it’s not necessarily final — the sexual tension will still exist, even if it’s just simmering.[/spoiler] I feel like fans on both sides should be happy with this.
No. No. The most passionate of the opposing teams are never quite happy unless they get exactly what they want. But, I would say everybody else can understand that end game means end of series. We’re in the middle of the journey, [spoiler]and our heroine just made a life decision and then EVERYTHING in her life is about to change.[/spoiler] We’re starting Part 2. We’ll continue to ask the question “Why was it right for her?” and answer it as we move into next season. Elena as a character will continue to evolve and change, as will our boys, as will their feelings for each other and for her. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.


Season Finale Post-Mortems
(spoilers, obviously):

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  • Nermin

    Good Alaric died…
    Bad Alaric died ..
    Vampire Alaric died…
    Now season 4 
    Ghost Alaric watching Jeremy 
    I know this is tv show but… 
    that’s why i am not talking to anybody about this show

  • night magic


  • night magic


  • Jenay Carriere

    I feel sorry for fans who just don’t get it no matter what you say to them.Julie Plec is notorious for contradicting herself over and over again interviews.Kevin Williamson said he would not put Damon and Elena together because Stefan is Elena’s Epic Love.JP said that this is Stefan and Elena’s love story.

    Damon is just their for the ratings and to pine over Elena who is unworthy of him.KW said that Damon didn’t deserve Elena’s love.I’m not sure I understand that because Stefan has a higher body count.I really just don’t get them.

  • midnight

     No, she didn’t say that.  That was Entertainment Weekly.  Julie actually said that fans are never happy unless they get exactly what they want.  Which is true.

  • ihatepeople

    Sorry this response was meant for Jenay. It’s painfully obvious who JP favors yet she has contradicted herself on numerous occasions. I mean seriously does she not listen to what she says in interviews? Maybe she just thinks we’re stupid or don’t pay attention. Idk. I’ve not read any of KW’s interviews but from what others on here have said I was under the impression that he was pro Damon. In any case as a viewer I’m tired of them trying to convince me that one is better than the other no matter what. I’m sorry but if they think I’m ever going to believe that Damon wasn’t good enough for Elena they’re wrong because they’ve failed to prove that. In fact they’ve done the opposite especially given the finale with Stefan allowing Elena to die. They think they’ve proven this “epic” SE romance because he honored her “choice” but it’s just lame. All they proved to me at least is that Damon really is the better man because he would never have let her die regardless of what she said. I’m in no way under the delusion that DE will ever happen but they’ll never be able to convince me that Stefan was better for Elena and more worthy than Damon. Sorry but if they were defense attorneys they would’ve lost their case.

  • ihatepeople

    Sorry my reply didn’t go thru. See above.


    Nope, that’s not it. Tyler’s not dead, but Klaus’s “spirit” is in Tyler’s body. JP’s flat out said that Tyler’s not dead, soooooooo how did Bonnie do this from 100 miles away?

  • Jenay Carriere

    I went back and read KW’s interviews from the very beginning and he said that he would never put Damon and Elena together that Damon is just a bump in the road.I could go on but it would just be the same old.What he did say is that he loves writing Damon’s character.Elena shouldn’t have chosen either brother given how she feels about them.I knew she would pick Stefan but it still disappoints and knowing that it’s just a marketing ploy makes it worse.They also said that they didn’t expect Delena to get such a large fan base.So they are trying to set it up at this point I think to get us to dislike Elena.Then when they give Damon a new love interest we will still watch.

    I read he might get one for season 4…

  • ihatepeople

    Honestly as annoying as it would’ve been choosing neither was more logical. Trouble is her character went from being built up to be strong and independent to regressing her back to a dependent child who needed Stefan to make it all better. Season 3 did nothing for her character growth. In fact to me it made her weak because she chose someone based on a need for security. I’m not saying she doesn’t love Stefan but each time she has spoken to Matt about the difference in the way she feels about each it comes across that Stefan is the safe, secure choice (ironic given she is now oh idk DEAD) and Damon is the consuming, passionate love. Kind of a no brainer personally. So as you’ve mentioned the most annoying part of all this isn’t the fact that she chooses Stefan so much as how it was “sold” to us knowing full well there is no intention of actually allowing anything to happen with DE. I mean the “love triangle” phrase; JP on Twitter saying DE was “epic” when asked to decribe it compared to SE; all the naked photos of them in the sheets or him kissing up her neck; the letting go of Stefan talk in different eps; the passionate kiss; Damon meeting her first, etc…So if Damon was meant merely to prove how “epic” SE is it actually had the opposite effect with a lot of viewers. Once they realized this they should’ve ran with it if ratings was what they were after. Stefan allowing Elena to choose to die is not romantic or epic Romeo and Juliet stuff no matter how many times they try to explain it that way. All these efforts to prove their love at Damon’s expense has made us love Damon more and dislike not only Elena but SE because of it’s unrealistic dynamics. You shouldn’t have to continually destroy one character in order to build up another. If Stefan was truly more worthy of Elena then it should’ve been obvious on it’s own. What they’ve done is make us love Damon instead and shown us that he is worthy. You said they didn’t expect DE to get so big. It’s obvious because the second it did they backed off with the story and really did make people dislike Elena which isn’t fair to Nina. Anyway at this point they’ve succeeded in most of us wanting Damon to move on but please no more mediocre woman and certainly NOT meredith like they’ve suggested. Even if they do give him someone else though it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that they will continue to use Damon as a means to prove SE as if we needed it shoved down our throats some more because they’ve already said the “triangle” (the phony one) will be series long.

  • Susan Britt

    Why did they kill bonnie off ? And giving katherine the antidote!

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