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Posted by | December 16, 2011, 9:24 (MST) | 18 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Julie Plec's Favorite Cry-Worthy Vampire Diaries Moments + More Best of 2011If you’ve ever been moved to tears by The Vampire Diaries, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone: Executive Producer Julie Plec picks her eight favorite TVD “cry” moments for Entertainment Weekly‘s 2011 round-up, and chances are at least one of your picks is also on her list. (We know quite a few of them have been mentioned in recappers’ Top 3 Moments.) Julie not only talks about the moments themselves but gives insight into how some of them came to be, the themes at work within the overall story of The Vampire Diaries, and why she cries every time she hears Birdy’s “Skinny Love.”

I think that our most successful emotional moments on the show — I go back and look at Rose’s death, when Damon has to put her out of her misery — they’re all very human, real moments. It’s a guy who just needs to hear the voice of his touchstone, of the love of his life, to let him have a better day. It’s about a girl wanting to be reunited with her mother who she was lost from. It’s about a woman admitting at first she’s afraid, but then that she’s okay to die, and a guy who has intimacy issues being willing to end it for her so she can have peace. It’s all rooted in very simple and very primal human emotional instincts, which I think is why it strikes people in their gut a little.


And more Best of 2011 goodness!


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  • Anonymous

    God how much I love Julie and Kevin. I”ve never seen writers as passionate and devoted to their shows and characters as these two. This interview made me cry.

  • Anonymous

    Julie plec picked so many of my favorite scenes too .i also loved when Elena asked damon where he was because there was so much compassion in Damons eyes as he said he would never leave her again and also when she took off her necklace and he put it back on in season 1 and told her he was trusting her because he could have compelled her and chose not to and when he saved her from the car accident and took her to Georgia because they had so much fun

  • Anonymous

    Anna being reunited with Pearl as she ran into her arms made me cry it was so beautifully acted !!!

  • Euras

    So many Stefan/Elena emotional scenes, it’s not surprising considering how good Julie and Kevin are at writing them and Paul & Nina at playing them.

  • Atlanta

    phone call scene and turn it off scene outshadowed all previous moments i found so compelling… julie and kevin <3 nina and paul <3

  • Chair

    Well, the point of the article was the scenes 1) that made her cry and 2) that aired in 2011.

  • night magic

    im aware of that but she also mentioned the one where Stefan was a good boyfriend when Caroline was tortured and he organized for Elena and Bonnie to have a sleep over for her which was season 2 and the scenes i picked as well as hers and many others were very heart felt i dont understand what the problem is ?i loved alot of Stelena and Delena scenes .The show has been fantastic !!!

  • Zara

    Stelena for end game <3 Elena is becoming like Katherine now and vice versa. Stelena scenes move me so much more than Delena's (the only one I cried at was the Rose episode confession) but I loved Stelena from the start and still do. People say that Damon needs Elena, I would say that Stefan needs Elena now (maybe not, right away but to help him through his guilt issues rather than hook-up with Damon which will cause further problems between the bros and herself especially since he's now uncompelled so basically he is S1 Damon, not a "cocky rippe douche")

    It's good to finally hear/see that Damon will be backing away from Elena after what his bro has sacrificed for him. But, if Elena pursues him, then it shows that she is selfish as the Salvatore bro's relationship is mending and if she gets involved, it will probably cause it to break again as both of them seem to love Elena more than Kat, so history repeating itself would itself but in a worse way, perhaps. She, of all people know them well and give them, as well as herself, time to think without rushing into anything drastic.

  • Anonymous

    Tsk, Tsk JP: I’m remembering a scene from last season where I was sobbing so hard, I went through a box of tissues: The Reckoning, where Damon had to stab Rose…wasn’t that in 2011 as well?

    In Ghostword, where Anna & Pearl were reunited, that didn’t make me cry, at all. I was happy for them. I’m thinking that scene must have read different on paper? But then again, to each his own.

    I didn’t cry in Ordinary People, either. I just enjoyed seeing how the Original Family related to each other. Nor did I cry with Elena & Damon’s pillow talk…..I just thought that scene was such a good scene for them and that those two had a moment of perfect understanding.

    In The End of the Affair, I loved the episode as a hole, but I most certainly didn’t cry when Elena was standing in Stefan’s name-filled closet……I was actually a bit concerned Klaus might find her there. (Truth be told, I kinda thought Elena looked like a bit of an idiot- she was finding out just how much Stefan had kept from her, and all she wanted to do was bring him home…..)

    As to the phone call in The Birthday: I just couldn’t help but think Stefan was doing Elena no favors. As it turns out, I was right.

    All in all, there have been 4 scenes that have made me cry:
    1. The Reckoning: Damon stabbed Rose…that was just so sad and so heart breaking, it really did make me sob.
    2. The Sun Also Rises & Skinny Love.. I think the majority of the fanbase was in tears over that one…..that letter that Uncle John left  for Elena, and those words…..the sadness on Elena’s face, the long stare between Damon & Elena, the sadness on Stefan’s face…..all of it put together was brilliant!
    3. The single tear Damon shed in Rose when he was telling Elena how he felt about her, how much he loved her, but that he didn’t deserve her, but how much his brother did deserve her.
    4. When Elena broke up with Stefan after Jenna stabbed herself……the one and only time I cried for both of them.

    This doesn’t mean there haven’t been other riveting scenes, this is just the ones that had just the right amount of tear jerking sadness to them……and of course, this is all just my humble opinion;)


  • Sasha

    Sure the article is about what made Julie Plec cry, but Julie Plec isn’t you and me, she’s the writer/creator of the show.  She inherently represents the show.  As much as I love Julie Plec, this article really doesn’t do some of the best moments of 2011 justice.  It’s hard for a producer/creator/writer of a show to pick favorite moments from their own show because their too involved in the production.  And here, I feel like she was being kind of political in some of her choices.  She wanted to give shout-outs to certain actors, it seems likes.  If you ask me, as a fan of the show, I think their most successful emotional moments so far were in The Descent where Damon infiltrated Rose’s dreams and that whole dream sequence, and then Damon’s big breakdown at the end of the episode.  That episode was so raw, so revealing.  And I know a lot of people who cite that Damon breakdown scene as their favorite scene of the series. I agree that all the moments Julie mentioned were emotional and ran through me a bit, except probably the Aunt Jenna and Uncle John ones because I feel like those characters were kind of useless.  But all of them cry-worthy?  Not necessarily.  Something is just kind of unsettling about this whole thing.  It’s like EW asked JP to pick her favorite children, and she did!

  • Anonymous

    Elena is facing some very similar struggles and conflicts Katherine has faced, but I think the idea we’ve heard many a time “Elena is not Katherine” still remains. Elena and Katherine were both hunted by Klaus; Katherine chose to run and turn vampire, Elena chose to stay and protect the people she loves.  Katherine didn’t choose between the brothers, she just enjoyed them both.  Elena isn’t going to do that.  It’s not the similar situations that Elena and Katherine find themselves in that define them, it’s the different choices they make that define them and show they’re very different.  
    Stefan and Damon are now confronted with similar issues they faced when they were human, but like what Stefan said in The Return, how they respond this time, will define them.  There is hope that this time around, they’re not going to let the woman they love come between them.  They haven’t yet.  If anything, their love for Elena has brought them closer together.  Damon’s love for Elena has brought out the humanity and goodness in Damon that Stefan has always believed Damon was capable of.  And Stefan’s love for Elena has brought out the “edge” and “working together” thing that Damon wanted from Stefan.  
    So yes, history is repeating itself, but I think Elena, Katherine, Stefan, and Damon won’t be repeating the choices that were made in the past this time around.

  • Anon

    The last TVD scene that I can remember making me cry was when Damon went over to Elena’s to apologize in last season’s finale and she told him that she needed time and he says ‘take all the time you need’ even though he knows and we know that he’s going to die.

  • Nat

    word. :)

  • Yo

    she did mention Damon stabbing Rose. just because she didnt like ALL your favourite DE scenes, no need to tsk tsk her

  • Anonymous

    Yo- I didn’t ask JP to pick ALL my scenes, I was simply just stating my opinion and what made me cry….as I said before, to each his (or in this case, her) own….

  • amanda

    Completely agree.  Thanks for standing up for Julie.  She’s a fantastic writer.

  • Emokun25

    I basically worship Julie and I follow her all over the internet and read anything she says. I have so many questions about the show even though I have watched Season1,2&3 a million times. I`m always interested to find out what goes on in her and Kevin`s heads when they write the scripts, and this article was a godsend for me.

    I agree that Julie is entitled to have her cry-moments and that no two people can have the same emotional reaction to the same scene. Stefan`s phone call, Anna+Pearl reunion, Caroline`s slumber party, many Stefan`s tear-fighting scenes, Damon killing Rose, are the moments that I`m with Julie on.

    But for me I would also add; Damon and Rose on the hill(such a sweet thing for him to do) Damon staking Rose(so sad) Damon saying he misses being human during his breakdown(heartbreaking); Katherine looking at her parents` picture in the tomb while that “Amen Omen” song played, and also the look on Stefan`s face as he comforts Elena on the porch with that same song playing.

    One other thing I LOVE about TVD is the heartbreaking songs they play, and they help enhance the mood of the scenes. I have discovered so many great songs and musicians via this show. Who can forget “Losing Your Memory” at Caroline`s slumber party, “Skinny Love” at Jenna+John`s funeral, “A drop in the Ocean” during Stefan`s call to Elena, “Echo” as Damon tells Elena he will get Stefan back, and “Woman`s Worth” as Anna and Pearl reunite. Just a few great songs among the many. Thanks TVD!  

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