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Posted by | April 8, 2011, 8:00 (MST) | 18 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Katerina Graham represents The Vampire Diaries in the CW/2012 Ford Focus Show Room and she’s giving fans a preview of next week’s episode, The Last Dance (EP218).

Make sure to check out the extended promo for The Last Dance.

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  • Anonymous

    I love this!

  • Momina Amjad

    This is the funniest of all previews of Vampire Diaires. Look at Damon “Vampires will be like wrraaah and you’ll be like aaaah” LMAO! ( though I sort of doubt if this is an actual scene). And Bonnie ” Do you think I was born with these powers so float feathers or blow candles” haha so true.

  • Becca Leigh

    As usual Damon stills the scene with his hilarity. Funny, Sex, Scary? Yep the dude has it all.

  • Becca Leigh


  • Couldntcareless

    lolzzz love the delena moment there :p
    i also love when alaric said klause is the baddest vampire the look on stefan and elena face was funny :)

  • Stephanie

    lmao at Nina and Ian. The vampires are like gggrrrr! and you were all like Aaahhhh! I cant wait to see this.

  • Stephanie

    lmao at Nina and Ian. The vampires are like gggrrrr! and you were all like Aaahhhh! I cant wait to see this.

  • ellie

    In all the promos damon seems wrecked haha…cute and hilarious but wrecked. Why on earth would he be drinking during operation save elena ?

  • Lynn

    Haha! Loved the Damon and Elena scene. He was so funny, but he’s definitely drunk. Why? I have no idea. Maybe he saw Stelena kissing or something (can’t blame him if that’s the case). Anyways, I love that he made her smile even if its for a second.

  • HJ_C

    may be he’s not drunk because he acts like that even if he’s not drunk

  • Kate

    Love Damon’s explanation of Elena and vampires. ROTFL.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Lynn- Damon does like his liquor, but I don’t think he’s drunk, I think he’s trying to make Elena laugh, and he’s doing a damn good job of it:)

  • Wups

    this is going to be EPIC

  • Graceobrien-karma-x

    that delena sceene was brilliant! i hope they actually show that and i wud say hes either drunk or just very very happy. maybe he’s even high? and that look on stefans face after what alaric said, classic!

  • Canderella

    Is this Damon trying to put out the fire making that funny mourning noise? And who is on fire!?

  • charlie

    yeah…it kind of looked like they were playing about..but if it is an actual scene I hope it makes the cut !

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