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Posted by | July 12, 2013, 16:46 (MST) | 18 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Kendrick SampsonAccording to a TV Guide exclusive, actors Kendrick Sampson (Greek) and Olga Fonda (Nikita) have been cast on The Vampire Diaries in recurring roles for season five.

“Sampson will play Jesse, a fellow student who Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Carolina (Candice Accola) meet on their first at Whitmore College. As we first reported in Mega Buzz, Jesse will catch Caroline’s eye. Meanwhile, Russian-born Fonda will play a mysterious European beauty who follows Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Matt (Zach Roerig) back to Mystic Falls. Both characters will first appear in the season premiere.”


Update: According to TVLine, Fonda’s character is named Nadia:

The character, who will be introduced in the Oct. 10 premiere, “will ally herself with anybody — and employ any tactic — to further her own mysterious agenda,” read the initial casting breakdown. “An emotional chameleon, she can flip from stone-cold to flirtatious as it suits her needs. But the loneliness of her singular quest has taken its toll on her humanity, and she finds herself increasingly lost when it comes to genuine human connection.”


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  • Victoria Nekhai

    It’s gonna be nice to have a fellow Russian on The Vampire Diaries :)

  • Georgia_Peach

    The resemblance between Nina Dobrev and Olga Fonda is uncanny. Perhaps there is a reason for this. I wonder if Nadia will be a Petrova relative dating back 1,000 years or more………
    Definitely looking forward to learning more about the character of Nadia…. :)

    As for Jesse, = Possible Hunter?

  • Dblokland

    Wow, yet another love interest for Caroline, yet Bonnie died a virgin……


    How do we know that? She dated Jeremy and Jeremy wasn’t a virgin. Or are you just referring to a lack of sexy scenes, as opposed to other couples?

  • Gwen

    Nice to hear from you Georgia…hope all is well.

    Jesse being a hunter seems to fit what I have been reading from the drip…drip…drip of so called spoilers. Give bore old Jer a rest in the hunter business.

    Yes I would agree Nina and Olga could be sisters…but from what I have been reading her character seems to be polar opposite from Elena (thank goodness). Nadine sounds like a very interesting character…my first impression is almost like a female Damon of sorts…thoughts?

    On another note…I know Stefan’s character may not be interested in romance any time soon but I wonder if Nadine might catch Stefan’s eye when he least expects it…sorta an opposites attract situation. It would be nice if Stefan found someone that challenged and brought out the passion in him…great viewing.

    I also read Matty blue eyes gets his grove on and ends up in bed with Rebekah and Nadine…S5 is looking to start with a bang…can’t wait.


    I agree with you regarding the character of Nadia being a polar opposite of Elena, but remember, Elena’s not the only Patrova running around. Nadia sounds, at least to me, a lot like Kat;)

  • Debbie

    Jesse is maybe a werewolf? I read he has good reason to hate vamps, that would explain it.

    As for Nadia, maybe Katherine’s daughter, turned vamp by an original? Maybe that would explain her connection with the originals. New love interest for Stefan I hope, he’ll need someone like her after all he’s been through. Whatever the outcome, I’m sure they will both be intriguing characters.

  • Georgia_Peach

    According to TV Guide Mega Buzz it looks like one of Stefan’s numerous exes will be popping up this season. One by the name of Tessa and she has spent centuries hunting down the Salvatores….. with a vengeance. Apparently she will first tangle with Damon and his daylight ring goes missing in her presence…. that is not good….not good at all.

    As for Nadia, she definitely sounds like a very interesting character. I’m not so sure she would be Katherine’s daughter…. , but I am leaning towards her being of the Petrova ancestry somewhere along the line…… Nina and Olga have so many features that resemble each other…. definitely uncanny….. there has got to be a reason for this kind of casting.

    I did not hear Matty Blue Eyes ends up in bed with Rebekah and Nadia, but I did read that Matty Blue Eyes and Rebekah end up in an altercation with Nadia….somewhere during the summer travels. Nadia knows things about The Originals….. , which may be why Rebekah ends up with Klaus and Elijah in NOLA….. Nadia definitely sounds like the polar opposite of Elena and may be even worse than Katherine…..

  • Georgia_Peach

    According to TV Guide Mega Buzz:
    “One of Stefan’s numerous exes will pop up this season… with a vengeance. Tessa
    is a fellow vampire, natch, and she’s spent centuries hunting down the
    Salvatores. She’ll first tangle with Damon, whose daylight ring will
    conspicuously go missing in her presence — and that’s really bad”.

    I don’t think Nadia will be a new love interest for Stefan….. she will show up for something entirely different….. and from what I read… she will be a ‘older” vampire and knows all about The Originals….

  • Georgia_Peach
  • Gwen

    Wow…so Tessa will actually be looking for Silas …Interesting, which makes her probably very old and chances are not very happy Silas is walking the earth.

  • Georgia_Peach

    Actually, the TV Guide Mega Buzz totally changed the “spoiler” they had earlier and the name “Tessa” is no longer there, nor the scenario of a run in with Damon….. Now I think this will actually be “Nadia”…. They may think she is one of Stefan’s exes, but in reality she is linked to Silas …. remember Stefan is a Doppelganger to Silas…… If this is actually Nadia and not some vampire named Tessa,,,,, she is very old………….

  • Gwen

    I have another theory…I was re-watching 3X13 where Stefan/Klaus/Damon and Elijah are all sitting down to dinner and Klaus tells them the story of an exquisite beauty he and Elijah fell in love with”Tatia” who just so happens to have had a daughter out of wedlock, could that be Nadia (if she is supernatural) or from Tatia’s bloodline? Maybe their is some connection between Tatia and Nadia? Could either brother (Klaus/Elijah) have been the father of Tatia’s baby? And why Rebekah goes to NO to worn Elijah and Klaus?

    Just read another spoiler – We can expect to see a villain greater than Silas, hope it is related to one of these new characters and is a woman…Ester played a good villian. This gives Paul W. an out just in case the duel role gets to be too much for him.

  • Vampirediariesfan

    Wow, all these different theories confuse me a bit… thanks for mentioning that part with Tatia, I absolutely couldn’t remember. But if you’re right, what connection would she have with Silas? Did Tatia (and Klaus and Elijah) know about him or did they have anything to do with him?

    I really wonder how all these people could be connected? Or is it maybe a little far-fetched (no offence, it’s always interesting to hear new theories)?

    And now that they have changed the article, I wonder who Tessa might be and what her role is? I also wish this new “great villain” will be a woman for a change :)

  • Georgia_Peach

    Are you sure Elijah and Klaus said Tatia had a daughter? I think it was said that “she already had a child by another ” , but never stated if it was a boy or a girl. No, I don’t think Tatia’s child was a result of Klaus or Elijah. I do think Nadia could be from the Petrova ancestry due to the how much Olga and Nina favor. I don;’t think Nadia is Tatia’s child.

    I believe this will date back to Silas, the woman he loved, Qetsiyah, the Petrova ancestry and the Salvatore ancestry. TVD is going back 2,000 years or more in their mythology this time around.

    Interesting there will be another villain greater than Silas….not sure how much more villainy it can get…. :)

  • Gwen

    You are right they were not specific about the child being a boy or girl. The show to me is much more enjoyable/ believable when new characters have some connection to the past.

    So if Nadia is from the Petrova ancestry that works too…there is only 1 more season after 5, it would be nice if S5 ties Petrova, the Originals, the Salvatores and Silas mythology / history all together before the show ends.

    I am really enjoying the spoilers coming out for S5 so many possibilities.

  • Gwen

    I agree so may theories/ questions which I am hoping will make for a very interesting S5…here are a few more..

    Nadia – the more and more I read about her (I have to agree with Georgia below) the more she sounds a lot like Katherine – emotionless chameleon, uses any tactic (including aliening herself to anyone) to further her revengeful agenda (what could that be). We know she hooks up with Matt/Rebekah in Prague, heads back to MF and delivers an ominous message for Stefan about “The Originals”. What else will she be doing in MF and why is she seeking revenge and against who? Whatever it is it must be serious enough to make Rebekah leave MF and head to NO.

    Jesse I think might be a hunter. We have not seen a love connection with a hunter and vampire (Alaric / Damon bromance does not count).

    Not sure about the other new characters but I would like to see some connection with Nadia and Tessa to either “The Originals”, “The Salvatore”, “The Petrova’s” and/or Silas

    I could not agree more TVD needs a good female villain…possible a witch – Qetsiyah could be our gal?

  • Gwen

    So I wonder when Elena and Caroline notice that Bonnie is a No Show for college and what their plan is to get her back from the other side?

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