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Posted by | April 8, 2011, 10:31 (MST) | 35 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Know Thy Enemy (EP217) ratings + downloadsThe Vampire Diaries is back! And what an episode, right? Last night proved that we are in for a roller coaster ride as we approach the Season 2 finale, so spread the word that our show is kicking ass and taking names. After last night’s ep, we have FIVE back-to-back episodes until the finale on May 12th. According to TV by the Numbers, Know Thy Enemy clocked 2.75 million viewers last night.

The Vampire Diaries and Nikita each returned down a tenth with adults 18-49 from their last original episodes.

Unacceptable, you guys. Did you see what went down last night? That business was BANANAS. We know the hiatuses kill everyone (believe me, we know), but if your friends, followers, acquaintances, grandparents fell off over the month and a half break, you need to get them back on the bandwagon ASAP. And just to be clear, we’re positive the show is not in danger of cancellation right now, we just want the eyeballs this crazy goodness deserves, okay?

UPDATE: iTunes links now added!

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Canadian fans: Watch the episode on the CTV website.

Don’t forget to enter our Know Thy Enemy prize pack giveaway!

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  • Ashmh1993

    You guys are always so witty in your posts. It kills me, haha.

  • guest

    This show is incredible. I think that the CW or the powers that be should get on whoever does the advertisement and tell them to do a better job. Sticking a VD poster doesn’t quite fit the bill. Only people who watch the show knows what it means. To anyone who hasn’t seen the show would think, well you know. If they want new viewers they have to advertise better.

  • Mac

    Ah poo. I just realised if the finale is on May 12th I’m going to miss it due to being away and internet free for a few weeks. I won’t get to see it until the end of May probably. Bummer. How am I supposed to see the episode before it and then wait like a month to see the last one!! I’ll go mental!!

  • Canderella

    SO mad at iTunes for not uploading the new episode – near rampage…!

  • Sfinn85

    I just read that DVR and download figures are not being counted in the ratings. A lot of people work during the week so I guess it’s to be expected that ratings fluctuate, but didn’t they count DVR and download figures for Season 1????

    Also, ‘American Idol’ seems to have hurt the ratings a lot since they moved it to Wednesdays and Thursdays (seriously, why can’t they just put it on the one night i.e. Wednesday???). If they did that then the ‘TVD’ ratings wouldn’t be affected as much as they have been.

    However, I have also read that a lot of CW shows don’t return until April 18th, but I’m still hoping that the show returns to somewhere higher than around the 3 million mark, as it’s such a compelling show.

    I’m not worried about it being cancelled, though, as it’s still the highest-rated show on the network. If it did get cancelled, I predict a lot of angry letters/e-mails heading in the direction of The CW network.

  • Mac

    Ha! If they tried to cancel it we could do one of those campaigns where everyone sends something related to the show to the network execs. Imagine them getting a fleet of Fed Ex trucks full of soap dishes :) Try and cancel that!!

  • Shadow

    I’m sure (or at least I really, really hope) that next episode will pull in more than 3 mill viewers again, since it is clearly more Delena centric and it has a lot of action in it (judging by the promos)! However, the rating system is absolutely ridiculous, it doesn’t even come near the real number of people that watched an episode all over the world. Networks completely neglect the internet… I know so many people in my school alone here in Germany who watch VD over the internet on fridays (time difference) and all of these views do not even count…my advice to the CW: upload each episode on the official webside immediatly after it aired on tv in really good quality, make it available for EVERYBODY and then count these views and add it to the regular ones…only THEN you have a number that roughly represents how many people watched it (for TVD they must be really high all over the world, I’m sure of it)!

  • Ellie

    This show is’s so annoying that Idol is on the same night..loads of my friends watch the results live and DVR TVD. I just don’t get it. DVR and internet views need to get counted as this show has a waaay bigger audience than is reflected in the ratings.

  • Anonymous

    Whoever use to watch the show and stopped, shame on them. They missed one hell of a ride last night. I gained, they lost.

  • Becca Leigh

    Watch it LIVE people! I know we are a DVR addicted society but it helps the numbers. It is the best show on the CW & in my opinion the best of any network on Thursdays. We need to skyrocket these numbers because my death will be on your hands if this show does not continue…;)

  • Canderella

    iTunes finally uploaded it!

  • Anonymous

    Not good Mac, not good at all. :(

  • Habiba

    This is seriously unacceptable we’re strong in numbers, we make noise everywhere we go, why the fallout? the hiatus should be enough reason to come back much stronger and bigger in numbers than ever before!

  • Anonymous

    Buzzkill Idol needs to go away!

    I am now hating on it even more.

  • Mia

    All shows fall in the ratings in the spring. It’s the norm.

  • neezy

    Is it possible to get katherine’s hot leather jacket? omgggggg i want! :D

  • eve

    Hi Georgia Peach, completely agree. I don’t normally watch idol. But, the thing of it now is…there down to the final 10 or 12 (from what people tell me) because of that there ratings will go higher, unfortunately. I do think that the cw should advertise the vampire diaries. I live in Toronto…zero advertisement here.

  • laney

    I agree with you. For one, I believe that it is AI that messed it up. I say this due to the fact that I had two DieHard (who I thought were anyway) stop watching because of AI. So if I have two friends that did this. How many other did? Makes ya think….

  • Anonymous

    I think Idol is down to 8 contestants. Thursday night is the results show, which I never liked anyway. I found it annoying. Besides I could read the next day to see who was eliminated.

    They definitely need to get the hype for the show back on track. I don’t understand why “the powers that be” don’t have Nina, Ian and Paul out there promoting it. Those three were great together and could really get the excitement going. Just a suggestion…

  • Anonymous

    I think Idol is down to 8 contestants. Thursday night is the results show, which I never liked anyway. I found it annoying. Besides I could read the next day to see who was eliminated.

    They definitely need to get the hype for the show back on track. I don’t understand why “the powers that be” don’t have Nina, Ian and Paul out there promoting it. Those three were great together and could really get the excitement going. Just a suggestion…

  • Pam

    I don’t understand i watch the show my Daughter watches the show and my mother which she’s 64 so and we love it! Instead of American Idol so please everyone Don’t miss a great show . me and my family are hooked .

  • eve

    Down to 8…told you I didn’t watch it. LOL I do know of alot of relatives and friends who love AI. As for The Vampire Diaries, they really need to up the ad’s. I know if people were to see just one episode…they’d be hooked.

  • DamonsGirl

    you guys seriously, who ever missed last night’s episode (or this show ever really) missed out BIG TIME =(

    I do think that AI and the looong second hiatus had something to do with it though =/ last years second hiatus was only four weeks, this one was 6 I believe, and I know a couple of people who kinda said they didn’t really feel the show anymore after not seeing it for so long.

    The die hard fans will always come back, but the casual viewers may not =/

    but then again other shows also go on super long hiatuses do I don’t really know if that’s all there is, maybe the CW’s advertising?? I mean someone mentioned that those billboards that simply said “Catch VD” were completely inadequete, people who aren’t already fans of the show would have no idea what on earth that means =S IDK, maybe this show needs some better marketing because the product itself is amazing IMO.

  • eve

    Advertisement, that’s what the cw should be concentrating on. On a more personal note. There are alottt of women over 30 that love this show. Unfortunately, the cw (my opinion) think that just teens/tweens watch the show and anything on the cw. Myself, I do not get cw but watch The Vampire Diaries on a local station.

  • Melissa Leaman

    I’d say there were 3 problems with viewers.
    1) Spring always sucks. People are busy and its nice out so less people sit inside and watch tv.
    2) Hiatus return episodes are tough because a lot of people don’t realize the show is back.
    3) Every other CW show doesn’t come back for 2 more weeks. Nikita was down too and while I will blame a little on Idol, I think most of it was that a lot of people probably thought all CW shows came back on later.

  • Couldntcareless

    u know what will be a great song to use on this show!!
    stateless miles to go.

  • Kate

    I have a question, where do the Nielsen Ratings fall into all this? I thought the TV stations used the Nielsen system to estimate how many viewers were watching which shows. An example is that for one household with a Nielsen system, that households viewing habits count as the opinion of 1,000-10,000 viewers.

    As I do not have a Nielsen system, I am grouped in with someone else’s viewing habits, even though I watch Vampire Diaries live on my TV, I do not count as a viewer because I do not have a Nielsen system in my home. This is one of the reasons I purchase the episodes online after they air; so that I can be counted on the downloads/sales of the show.

    Now, I may be incorrect in the above statement about how the TV stations handle their ratings, so please correct me if I am wrong, but after the whole Moonlight CBS debacle, this is my understanding of how they collect their ratings (only from Nielsen households).

  • Melissa Leaman

    yeah its only Nielsen ratings. Which is why technically the numbers might be higher but if several Nielsen households are watching something else, it will still substantially drop the ratings.

  • Kate

    So I guess we all should be bugging those WITH a Nielsen system to watch the show live and not use their DVR, so that Vampire Diaries gets the awesome ratings they deserve.

    Personally I wish CW would make an App that would allow their viewers to conect to their show during viewing, to prove that they were watching the show live (hopefully that would give more accurate viewer ratings). Syfy sort of has one for Being Human.

  • Lisalikes

    Sadly the appeal of the show is decreasing, I love the show but im just not that interested to watch it any more. Vampire Diaries has become complex and poor character development for the main cast. Too many guest stars to remember. Dont you notice how we no longer hear elena and stefans inner thoughts and feelings about how difficult life is, especially in highschool. The viewers no longer relate to the characters. Im not Bonnie “but I predict” Not a kick ass season finale, at least according to the ratings. Now the show is more about shock value and who dies next, the emotional depth and meaning is gone. It is sad… they had a great show.

  • Sfinn85

    You’re very much entitled to your opinion but I personally don’t think the appeal of the show has decreased majorly as I still hear of it gaining new fans all the time (even ones who initially believed nothing could out-do ‘Twilight’). It has always been a complex show, which can really be related to various aspects of any person’s life. I’m glad it doesn’t solely focus on the high school aspect and in that way I think that’s part of the reason why so many people in their 20s, 30s and older enjoy watching it.

    I also don’t think it’s all about shock value and who dies next (it’s probably best to leave that to ‘True Blood’) and the emotional depth is still VERY much present. I don’t normally cry at TV shows but I have been in floods of tears several times, so it’s still very much working its magic.

    The largest problem with the decreasing ratings is that FOX decided to move ‘American Idol’ to both Wednesday AND Thursday, so that there would be more competition with other networks, as even its ratings dropped significantly last season. I’ve also heard that a lot of people work during the week when each new episode of ‘TVD’ is shown and DVR it so that would also contribute to the drop in ratings.

    I also mentioned in an earlier comment that most of The CW’s shows don’t return from the hiatus until April 18th, so a lot of people may not have been aware that it was already back this week. If you look at the viewing figures for ‘Brave New World’, that was slightly over 3 million when it first aired but after that the ratings managed to climb as the other CW shows started airing again.

  • Sfinn85

    Last year’s second hiatus was also 6 weeks – February 11-March 25.

  • Iheartpdub

    I think it’s too much Damon, Damon, Damon, Ian, Ian, Ian for all freaking hour! Enesamble cast my rear!

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