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Posted by | August 12, 2009, 12:34 (MST) | 14 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Marguerite MacIntyreThe population of Mystic Falls is shaping up! Buckle up – we have a chunk of casting info for you today, confirmed by a reliable source:

Marguerite MacIntyre, perhaps best known for her role as Nicole Trager on Kyle XY, has been cast as Sheriff Forbes in The Vampire Diaries. Yes, that’s right, Caroline’s mother is the Mystic Falls sheriff. How kick ass is it to have a woman be the face of The Law in this particular town? Very.

As for Tyler’s parents: Robert Pralgo, whom you may recognize from Army Wives, will be Mayor Lockwood, and Atlanta-born Susan Walters will play Mrs. Lockwood.

Chris Johnson, of South Beach, will be Logan Fell (formerly known as Logan Mills in the casting call posted some days back). If you’ve read the books, you know why we’re particularly intrigued by this new character.

Robert Pralgo as Mayor Lockwood Susan Walters as Mrs. Lockwood Chris J. Johnson as Logan Fell

And we’re happy to say that despite his lack of mention in the official CW press release, Chris William Martin is still kicking around the Salvatore Boarding House as Zach, probably in a very snazzy sweater.

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  • Roman

    Very very interesting information, seems our favourite trio will have a very strong enemies in this version. I like that.

    As for “Fell” – I don’t understand. He can’t be a founder of the town or kind of it because town’s name is not “Fell Church” here, right? So who is he?

  • Red

    Well, he could still be related to the founders – they could still be called Fell, it’s just they chose to name the town Mystic Falls rather than after their own family name. Or it could be the Fells have nothing to do with Mystic Falls and calling him ‘Fell’ is just a shout out to the book fans.

  • Nora

    I also kind of thought they were running with the whole Salvatores are the original founders of Mystic Falls. Wouldnt’ that create even a BIGGER rivalry between Tyler/Stefan? I’m leaning towards thinking its just a shout-out to the book, but hey.. never know what these writers have up their sleeves.

  • Red

    We’ve been thinking the same thing, actually. Good to know we’re not alone. :D

  • Vee

    If the Salvatores are amongst the original settlers, they could still be considered a founding family, I suppose. Guess it depends on how they want to set that up, or what the significance of the founding family will be in the big picture.

  • Tara

    This is all very exciting. :D

  • Stacey

    and what about Meredith. Who will be playing my Meredith? !

  • Anonymous

    Was this posted just to see if we were paying attention?? LOL  Old News.

  • Vee

    Sorry! We’re doing tag clean-up and this one sent a notification out when it was tweaked for some bizarre reason.

  • Anonymous

    Well heck, I thought y’all were just testing us. lol

  • Habiba

    heheheheheheehe I thought the characters we do know are being killed off and replaced by new ones. 

  • Habiba

    heheheheheheehe I thought the characters we do know are being killed off and replaced by new ones. 

  • Habiba

    heheheheheheehe I thought the characters we do know are being killed off and replaced by new ones. 

  • Habiba

    heheheheheheehe I thought the characters we do know are being killed off and replaced by new ones. 

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