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Posted by | September 10, 2012, 14:06 (MST) | 13 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XXNeed a cure for the Monday blues? We’ve got you covered! Zap2it has just released cast photos for Season 4 of not just Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley, but the entire cast!

If that doesn’t perk up your afternoon, we don’t know how to help. Oh wait, yes we do! The third season of The Vampire Diaries is out on DVD and blu-ray tomorrow, but thanks to E!Online, you can get a sneak peek of some of the goodies today.

In this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Third Season (out tomorrow), you’ll hear from the people who bring us the sounds of Damon ripping off heads and Stefan staking vampires in the heart. Plus, Kat Graham reveals what it’s like to really be walking around that creepy witch house.



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  • mary.m155

    Lol I love it how Jeremy has the cross bow behind him in his pic, he literally carries that thing around everywhere.

  • Cherrie

    They all look so good! Especially Elena/Nina! She’s so beautiful. And omg so does Rebekah/Claire!! Ahh they’re all just gorgeous! 

    I can’t wait for season 4! I miss my Damon, Elena, Stefan, JerBear, and Matt! Oh and of course Defan and Delena!  

  • Eusebia

    wow nina looks so katherine


    Yeah- photos of the ENTIRE CAST:) This has to be the best looking cast on TV…my personal faves:

    1. Damon/Ian: Loved the quote next to his pick. That shot brought to life exactly how I imagine the character is going to go this year;) And Ian was doing what he does best…. smoldering;)

    2. Rebekah/Claire: WOW…what a shot. I always knew Claire was pretty, but in this shot she’s positively gorgeous…love her outfit;)

    3. Elena/Nina: Just a bit of Kat in that photo…perfect representation of our baby vamp;)

    4. Jeremy/Steven: Gotta love that crossbow, maybe we can get more of that, please? My goodness, what are they feeding this guy. He’s growing up to be quite the handsome young man;)

    5. Klaus/Joseph: Gotta admit, at first I didn’t like the pose, but after I studied it a couple of minutes, I can’t help it….I think it’s the perfect representation of Klaus.

    The above are just my personal favorites, but everyone looked phenomenal. Great job CW promo department;)

  • Mehr03

    Bonnie <3

  • Tessa Mack

    I’m sorry but Kat Graham looks like a BOSS!!!

    As a whole the cast looks amazing but I just got chills looking at Kat/Bonnie… there this whole i’m going to kick you arse vibe that I am loving.

    Caroline/ Candice looks hot in that red dress

    Elena/Nia I love the Kat vibe I’m getting, it’s like a little bit of Elena and Kat all rolled into one.

    All the guys look amazing… but they always do.
    So looking foward to this season now… even with the love triangles I have a feeling it might be more then just that this season… at least I hope so :D

  • eve

    They all look gorgeous.  Such a talented group of actor’s.  Cannot wait for Season 4!

  • Bellna

    i know this is random but what i want so desperately is for stefan to give elena a lapis lapzuli ring as an engagement ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kinda like in the books! i just want elena to be with stefan end of story. <3 <3 stelena FOREVER

  • Georgia_Peach

    WOW!  An Individual cast photo shoot and they all look FANTASTIC!  There is not one photo I did not like.   TVD has the best looking cast for sure!

    I do have my personal favorites though:

    Ian as Damon – love the look and the stance. He will definitely kick some ass this season…and just try to stop him.  HOT! HOT! HOT!

    Nina – with the whole Elena/Katherine vibe…. Wow!  Definitely looking forward to Elena as a vampire.  However, it is a toss up with Claire Holt as Rebekah – So gorgeous with that innocence, but yet so fierce!  Wow!

    Steven R. McQueen as Jeremy – He has certainly grown up over the past three years.. what a Hunk he has become! …and the crossbow in the background was perfect!

    Joseph Morgan as Klaus – Don’t even try to go against him a second time or he will rip your heart out!! … Daniel Gillies as Elijah – is definitely here to restore order, but never show disrespect to him or he will rip your heart out.  Love my Originals!  I am hoping that this means Daniel will be a recurring character…more often!

    Kat Graham as Bonnie – A ferocious look marked with violent energy indicating her downward spiral into the dark magic. She looks independent and very determined! Beautiful photo shot!  I am very much looking forward to Bonnie this year and her downward spiral into the dark magic.

    Stoked for Season 4 !!!!!  Bring it on!

  • Infidelz

    Elijah and Jeremy photos are the best.  Beautiful.  I love the use of props in their photos.  Gives them more character and a dramatic narrative. Much more interesting than straight on portraits.  Love the books in Elijah’s (is he going to narrate some more flashbacks like in the epi “Klaus” – please say it is so!) and the crossbow in Jeremy’s is really nice too.  Beautiful.

  • cashima

    I love these pictures, especially the ones that are in character (the trio, Originals and Bonnie). I’m happy that Elijah seems to be around more often BUT I find the quote creepy. Creepy because this man has been attracted to three women with exactly the same face. How is that romance? 

  • Kego

    Rebekah looks really stunning,Bonnie seems darker and very self-confident and Stefan is like “I know what I want.If you don´t like GTH!” Love it :)
    Elena looks like Katherine :/


    Well dman, I’ve been saying Steven was one incredibly hot dude since season 1…however, everyone assured me he was just a kid……and I remember thinking, hmmmm….could a kid pull off a love scene like he had with Anna? Why, no. So, I get what your saying, but it doesn’t apply to me:)

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