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Posted by | October 7, 2012, 15:48 (MST) | 42 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Still not wrapped your heads around the fact we’re getting season 4 of the Vampire Diaries so soon, my fellow UK fans? Don’t worry, ITV2 have a juicy Growing Pains trailer for us to sink our fangs into to ease the transition. ;)

Remember, tune into ITV2 at 9pm on Tuesday, 15th October for the UK season 4 premiere!

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  • Bethany

    OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy pooppers. I am so so excited. what was that that elena said at the end? “and i”? i am so excited. i wonder if all that is in the 1st episode or whether it goes beyond that. yay

  • Cherrie


    -It’s obvious that the scenes are from episodes 4×01 and 4×01. Can we just talk about what a badass vampire Elena is going to be? My girl is going to amazing! I just know it. OMG I can’t even right now.

    -Jeremy you’re so cute. Never change. I love how much he loves his sister.

    -Stefan why are you punching Damon? Did you find out Elena drank his blood? Lol, I don’t know I’m just guessing here.

    -”Maybe I’m better off dead.” Aww poor baby! But at least that scene is with Damon! My heart can’t handle it. Too many DELENA feelings. I just love them, okay? Also I think Elena has blood on her lips in that scene.

    -Stefan & Elena are so cute. I don’t “ship” them but I admit I don’t hate them either. I like them. And when Stefan says “I love you so much.” My heart melted. I guess it’s because we haven’t seen them together in a while & to see Stefan caring for Elena like he used to makes me happy. I guess after being apart and having to go through a lot the SE fans do deserve to see their couple together..for awhile at least. For me it’s always going to be Delena though =)


  • Zara

    OMFG! My heart is dying. Stelena. Stefan “I love you so much!” My heart still hasn’t recovered. I wonder why Damon punched Stefan, at least it’s 4×02, right? Well, I’m Team Stelena and Defan. Although, this being Damon probably pushed Stefan far over the edge. OMG! My heart! I’m gonna be a wreck when it’s the actual episode, and the ring scene, Elena saying ‘I love you’ back, Stelena tree slamming make-out and SEx the next episode, along with motorcycle riding. I don’t know how I can survive. Totally pumped for the new episode. IDC if Elena is drinking from Damon which is an obvious call-back to the books, which is just fan service, even one journalist or whatever said so. No offence, DErs. Go here and read under ‘Shipper Stuff Galore’ and you’ll see if you haven’t done so already:

    Yay! SE are wonderful and ‘epic’ as always. Can’t wait to see what Becks does once she sees it. She’s going to be converted, and then she can go after Matt/Damon. I would love that triangle tbh. 

  • Forcefuloat

    So excited! Anyone know the name of the song?

  • Zara

    You’re a nice fan since you’re not hating on SE/Stefan like quite a lot of DErs (Not all, but quite a lot) just like there are SErs disliking Damon for being horrible to Stefan and blaming him for it. Well, I’m Team Defan, and I love both brothers, and just want them to get along. I can’t hate Damon, unless he for absolute no good reason or little good reason harms a weak human being. That I can not stand. I wouldn’t like it if anyone did it, so it’s not double standards.

    Whilst, I really don’t like the idea of DE as a couple, I love them as friends. And if they did happen, I would just feel so terrible for all of them, especially Stefan. He really does love her so much. There is no other woman for him, except for her. She is the love of his life! He’d rather choose to be alone, if Elena did end up leaving him for Damon or whatever reason. 

    Whereas, Damon and Katherine clearly belong (I think she really does love him. I loved them since 1×06 and still hoping for a Kat return. I do think Kat has amazing sexual chemistry with Stefan, but that is all. It’s not love. Yes, she cares about him, and he probably cares about her. But it’s similar to DE.):D or even him and Rebekah, or Bonnie (As someone wise said, it depends on how his redemption journey pans out. I still want him to retain some his S1 BA edge since that swagger is a part of who he is, like I want Stefan to be a balanced vamp with moderation, but all of this will take time. I love Defan. Stefan struggling with his vampirism/’ripper’ nature and Damon struggling with his humanity and emotions. Love the journeys they are going on together.)

  • mary.m155

    Stefans “I love you so much” …. Omg.

  • mary.m155

    I agree with you sort of ab stelena, I really miss them together. Whatever happens I’m ready and excited for!!!!!!!

  • Cherrie

    Aww thanks! Yeah I don’t like hating on SE or any other ship really. Let’s face it’s just a show (that I’m really really addicted to lol). And yeah I’m also Team Defan. If I had to choose between Delena or Defan for me it will always be TEAM SALVATORE! =) 

  • Zara

    Same here. Out of SE and SD. I will always choose SD! We all love the show, and that is all that matters. Even if DE does happen at some point, I’ll still watch it because there are a lot more things to watch for than the triangle. I actually am not a big fan of it. Too many people hearts end up getting broken, including the fandom. So, I hope they can all be happy together at the end, and so can we. 

  • Guest

    I love Elena breaking that light bulb. She’s probably like ”it’s too effing bright in here!”

  • Zara

    LOL. You’re so funny Guest :D Vamp Elena sure is feisty. 


    Nice preview for Growing Pains & Memorial…so excited that we have 4 days left until the premiere. It has been such a long wait!

    Poor Elena, looking at her gums to see if she’s “got her fangs yet”…then thinking she’s better of dead. I’m guessing that light bulb hurt her eyes so “bye-bye” light bulb;) I know I was tough on her last season, but I really feel for what this young girl is going through. For me, it’s incredibly sad because it didn’t have to be this way…..

    Did Connor say he was here to help with the round-up? I thought that’s what he said. Hmmmmmmm………

    I’ve never been a huge Bonnie fan, but I really hope she’s careful this season. The magic she’s going to attempt is going to cost her dearly….let’s just hope, at the end of it all, it doesn’t end up costing  her life:(

    Was that Stefan punching Damon? Surely not! If Stefan’s going to be punching anyone, it should be himself…after all, he is the one who made the choice to leave Elena trapped in a submerged vehicle stuck in a seatbelt…which the result was Elena’s death! No, I’m still not over that…and probably will never buy this as an “epic love story”…I mean, really?  The hero let the heroine die! Maybe fresh TVD will erase those final images from my mind;)

    Looks like it’s going to be an awesome start to an awesome season! I can’t believe this long hiatus is almost over!

    EDIT: ***POUT**** No Klaus????

  • chelsey

    All this teasing must stop.  I have got to see this episode!  LOL  Slowed  down to see who the memorial was for but they blurred it dammit.  Stefan saying he loves Elena, I missed that so much.  Wonder what Damon did to piss Stefan off that he punched him?  Probably has nothing to do with Elena.LOL

  • From Beginning To End

    I’ve been thinking it was the pastors but I don’t know why Elena would be speaking at his funeral. So I guess Ric. Or Bonnie? She’s not in the stills is she? She might die and then come back.

  • Georgia_Peach

    Nice teaser for Growing Pains and Memorial.  Just more to get the TVD fans excited….and it worked.  :)

  • Bambi2

    Hey are spoilers allowed in the comments section? Gotta sk since we don’t have forums anymore! Someone can PM me to let me know but I imagine everyone here will want to know too!  I loved this trailer–can’t wait to see the SP!  And yea I’d like to see some Stelena now. I’ve ODed on DE

  • Thirsty Like a Vamp

    1. Personal Jesus
    2. Ain’t No Sunshine (after the scorching sun at 0:41)

  • Gemma Sherwood via Facebook

    So we’re getting it only a couple days after amarica ? Nice one

  • TVDaddict

    Oh my God, I swore over the hiatus that i would never ever ever watch TVD again because it is SERIOUSLY interfering with my school life and grades, but,,,, Oh I’m so weak!!! I’m coming back to the dark side!!!!!!!!!
    Stefannnnnnnnn!!! And Defannnnnnnnnnnnn!! *squeals* I just hope wotever the writers do, whoever the writers throw Elena to, the brothers bond is never broken. I hope the one who doesn’t get Elena gets someone even better! XD

  • Veteers

    Am I the only one seriously put off by all the VampElena drama? She is better off dead? Seriously? The girl has the best ever support group, not to mention that she has a little brother to think about, not to mention that all the vamps of the show (old and new) had a harder time that dear Elena will.

    Think Caroline, who was all alone when she transitioned. Think Tyler, who had to deal with unbearable monthly pain. Think Stefan and Damon, who either switched off their emotions after killing Daddy dearest or (like Elena) wanted to die and still went through their paces for >100 years. Neither of them had a chorus of faithful friends for handholding.

    It´s time she grew a backbone, dear show, please. Specially since her transitioning is because of her own decisions.

  • katherine_fan

    Yes,Elena,you’re better off dead.I would feel a lot better if you were dead.B/c you’re selfish and pathetic and  ungrateful.
    Stefan ‘s ‘I love you’ broke my heart again!Not b/c I’m a stelena fan but b/c I am a  Stefan fan. :(

  • ihatepeople

    Wow!  Elena is seriously freaking out.  I don’t blame her on that one.  I feel bad for Jeremy there when he says he needs his sister not another vampire.  Poor kid lost everyone and now her too. 

    Looks like maybe it’s Ric’s funeral.  I mean he was the history teacher and they said Damon has a “human” moment about his death.  It would be noticeable to the town I would think if it were Bonnie and then later she comes back to life.

    Stefan punching Damon…no shocker there.  I’m sure Damon pushed Stefan’s buttons about what Elena needs to do as a vampire and how this wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t let her die.  Sorry Stef but the truth hurts.  I still be pissed too if I were Damon over missing the boat on such an obvious decision to save the woman you’re supposed to be so incredibly in love with.  Now everyone is screwed all to try and help Elena. Sad because the brothers were getting along finally.

    I’m guessing the “maybe I’m better off dead” is where they decide she’ll feed from Damon or it’s just after. 

    Bonnie is looking seriously wicked in a dark magic sort of way.  Cool.  Should be fun to watch.

  • Stevie1421

    I don’t think it’s fair to say that Elena’s not allowed to struggle just because she has friends. She’s been on the receiving end of vampire attacks more time times than I can count, can you really blame her for freaking out now that she is one of them? She knows how dangerous vamps can be and I doubt she’d forgive herself if she hurt, or killed, someone. Don’t be so unfair.

  • Emily Marian Stone

    I thought she said “maybe I should die”….but I may have got that wrong!!


  • Chelsey

    Ya your probably right its Rics memorial.  I don’t want anything to happen to Bonnie.

  • Annie

    I love Delena!!! But… here’s the rub, I also love Stelena. And Elena made her choice. Right now I’m sort of hoping that Damon will take over Ric’s apartment, kick back have some bourbon, smoke a cigar and say “I’m gonna stick around and get rid of this hunter, find a way to kill Klaus without him taking us down with him. And when that’s done I’m gone. But, don’t worry I’ll be back in a century or two.” (Yeah, I really think Damon is under-appreciated, sigh!)

  • GermanTVDFan

    Not that I would not be happy if Elena will drink Damon’s blood but isn’t it necessary to drink from a real human and not from a vampire in order to complete the transition?


    I think the Memorial service is for everyone they’ve lost over the last year & a half…not anyone specific;)


    I’m not put off by it at all. Elena’s the main character of the show. Like it or not, the story is mainly about her. This young girl  didn’t choose to be a vampire, she died with vampire blood in her system due to a controversial twist of fate. If it was her choice, she would have happily declined. Although, I do find that rather odd considering she’s currently “involved” with one, if not two, vampire men. But that’s the way the story is written, so there’s that. 

    When Caro transitioned, no one knew exactly what was going on and by the time they found out, it was to late. Tyler’s werewolf thing is genetic….nothing anyone could do to stop it. Damon & Stefan have been vampires for 160+ years… of them has accepted his fate, the other can’t seem to find his way to doing that.

    Going by the who the character of Elena is, for me, saying she is “better off dead” isn’t outside the realm of possibility for her. Considering she never wanted to be one, I’m sure any 18 year old girl would think their life is currently over… can’t compare Caroline Forbes (the eternal optimist) to Elena Gilbert (the girl who feels like she bears the weight of the world on her 18 year old shoulders)…two different characters, two different viewpoints. 

    You’re right in one regard though, Elena has a hell of a support system. Hopefully she’ll come out of the doldrums soon and accept her fate…no sense in railing against it, because it’s not going to change. That’s one of the reasons that her boyfriend (Stefan) should never let her think that there’s a possibility of  stopping the transition…’s kind of cruel to give her hope when there is none:( Not to mention that trying to stop the transition is most likely going to alter her in some way…….which really isn’t fair to her either. Que bloody vomit and all:(

    I’m not going to lie, Elena does tend to get on my nerves when she does stupid things…but in this, she’s not at fault. No one knew she had vampire blood in her system when she died (other than Meredith Fell), so it’s not like she made the choice to deliberately turn:(

  • ihatepeople

    Yeah she does need human blood to transition but she could do it from a blood bag instead of a person. I don’t know why she’s drinking from Damon other than it’s erotic. She doesn’t start drinking from him until the 2nd ep according to the spoilers after she gets sick from the bunny diet. I don’t know why she wouldn’t drink from a bag. Maybe she’s having psychological issues with it.


    Or maybe, because Stefan & Bonnie are trying to stop the transition, Elena finds herself altered in some way and has to feed on the dead?

  • ihatepeople

    Nice one! I hadn’t even considered that. They did say there are consequences to using dark magic. I hope that doesn’t mean somehwere down the line the find out that Damon has to be sacrificed to make her human again because his blood was used to turn her. The thing is though if feeding on the dead is a side effect of Bonnie’s attempt to stop her transitioning then wouldn’t Stefan be in on it instead of Elena having to drink behind his back?


    Hmmmmmm….well, maybe Stefan can’t feed her due to his own issues? But that doesn’t make sense….surely he would get over it for her sake…….OMG…I just had a thought….what if she can only feed from the person who’s blood was used to turn her?

  • Rivara

    I think I caught Elena at a stand which seems to be from episode 2 (the memorial).

  • ihatepeople

    After you mentioned the possibility of her only being able to drink vampire blood the thought had crossed my mind that it had to be Damon’s. Maybe Bonnie knows it but Stefan doesn’t.

  • Manon

    Though I don’t like SE (and love DE, but that’s not the point..) I completely agree with you! Damon should just be “fuck you, I’m not going to help anymore” to Stefan and Elena.

  • Guest

     You are so right. And it’s not like Caroline didn’t freak out but Caroline didn’t know anything about vampires. It was all new to her so she could be optimistic about it. Elena knows about vampires and has seen their struggles. The heightened emotions, the blood lust, the desire to rip people apart. She knows she’ll have all this to deal with.

    It would be so unrealistic if she were happy and gushing gratitude about her support system. Especially since her so called support system is not united. Stefan and Caroline are on one side, Damon is on the other, and Jeremy is just upset about the whole thing. Its a lot to deal with.

  • Georgia_Peach

     Stefan & Bonnie will probably alter Elena’s transition and she will end up having to feed on the dead….or she can only digest her maker’s blood, which is Damon.  If it is the latter, that will certainly complicate matters!  Perhaps Stefan doesn’t know best after all and he will not only regret not choosing Elena’s life first, but by interfering in her transition it is possible Elena will be relying on Damon more than ever before.  Elena is going to be hungry and moody..and will want her breakfast…… will Damon be available for her?
    OH!  The irony of the situation!

  • Jenna

    well said!!! what an insane and awesome twist would that be?!!! 

  • Jenna

    it will be so strange without Alaric, I still can’t adjust to the loss, even though we knew it was coming!!! Alaric and Damon moments- gone!!! Those are some big shoes they will have to fill in a new friend for Damon…


    Elena: “Maybe I’m better off dead.” 
    Me: “Yes.  Yes, you are.  But yet–here we are…”

  • Beth Anne Dawes

    Dose any1 know what date the second half will be on

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