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Posted by | November 28, 2012, 16:40 (MST) | 12 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XXBullett has a new interview with Paul Wesley which covers an array of topics from Stefan and Elena’s relationship to Paul’s presence on twitter. As with all new interviews, if you aren’t up to date on Season 4, beware of spoilers.

In general, your character Stefan has had such a multidimensional story arc. Do you find it more or less difficult to keep your character grounded as the storylines progress?

[Paul Wesley] In a way, we’re playing superheroes, and when you watch any superhero movie, you just have to go with it. As much as it is a teen drama romance, it’s also this adventure. I think as an actor you need to commit to it. It’s not like I’m portraying Abraham Lincoln, you know what I mean? Were doing a vampire show. So for me, it’s exciting to become bloodthirsty and a sociopathic killer, and then go to being a hero again. I think those extremes are totally okay. It’s sort of a given. But yes, it’s obviously very difficult. As an actor, you’re sort of going, “What’s happening right now? How are we getting away with so many murders, and there’s no police investigating? Is there really no FBI thats coming to Mystic Falls, because 500 people die every month?” But I try not to think about that stuff.


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  • kellygreen17

    That was a great interview about an interesting and talented man. 

  • Annie

    Wow Paul is so awesome. I’m reading his interview and I can picture all the places I’m sure he laughed. His sense of humor shines through on a one dimensional page *butterflies*

  • sarah

    Thanks for posting, Paul interviews are my fave!

  • lolalovestvd

    I love any interview with Paul Wesley. He’s my absolute favorite of the cast. He’s really, really funny and so cute!  I can’t wait to see him in something new, other than TVD.

  • kelly

     Paul has a movie coming out called Baytown Disco  with Billy Bob Thornton and Eva Longoria.  Seen a preview and this movies looks like it is going to be great.

  • Kego

    Paul is an incredibly great actor,so handsome,intelligent,down to earth and he has so much humor! I love everything about this man…not to forget his voice *sighs* :D
    Can´t wait to see his new movie “Baytown Outlaws” – Paul Wesley AND Billy Bob Thornton: YAY for me!

  • lolalovestvd

    I know! Billy Bob Thornton is one of my favorite actors so I’ll definitely be seeing it at some point. I’m curious to see how Paul translates to big screen. :D

  • Mehr03

    This was a great interview by a great actor <3

  • eve

    Thanks for posting this.  Just read the interview….so much information….loved it!  On Elena and Stefan having a sweet/pure/naive lovestory in the beginning…….and after Elena and Damon….get together he is hoping that things will be different……umm….hello understatement of the year.  LOL  Things will never be the same after your girlfriend….the love of your life…..has sex with your brother. LOL   Stefan may lose it and go all psycho killer when that happens…can’t wait!  Love when Stefan is badass.  If Elena does get together with Damon I don’t want Stefan and Elena getting back together….brothers sharing girlfriends….umm….yeah….no.  Anyways, I would love it if Stefan finds a bevy of gorgeous women…..kind of sharing the love baby… tramp…..LOL  Then find a real true love….and NOT someone Damon has slept with…..the whole brother swapping chicks….been there done that.  I do want Stefan to continue on his quest for the cure.  Whether she’s with Damon or not I want  him to give her the life she wants back….unless she’s loving the Vampire life. LOL   Seen the trailer for Baytown Outlaws…….seriously cannot wait for this movie.  Looks like this movie is going to be beyond exciting with incredible actors.  Of course the fact that our Paul is in the movie will have me and my friends seeing it the night it opens.  Twitter…..sorry I don’t have one.

  • Mvp

    How is this a new interview?? It’s from november 2012! A lot has happened since then

  • Kate

    It’s not new. :) This post is from November.

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