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Posted by | March 1, 2012, 21:04 (MST) | 67 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Thursdays just aren’t the same without a new episode of The Vampire Diaries, but don’t give up! The hiatus will be over soon, and (SPOILER ALERT) TV Overmind has some stills from the March 22nd episode, Break On Through (EP317). WARNING: We’re serious about the spoiler alert, guys. It’s one still but it comes out of nowhere. If you want to skip it, it’s photo #12.

New Stills From Break On Through (EP317) via TV Overmind (Spoilers!)


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  • ihatepeople

    Anyone see Ian’s tweet yesterday about filming a scene we’re really going to love or really hate? I wonder which episode that will be? Also anyone know which is the dance episode?

  • dman

    Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing that too. At-least for a little awhile. You’re right about the way they balance each other. Stefan can sort of “humanize” Katherine and we’ve seen the job Elena has done with Damon. I’m a big Stefan and Elena fan so I obviously want them to end up together, but a nice little “hiatus” from that relationship could be interesting to watch and would certainly spice things up on the show. Also, not every relationship has to be challenging. Sometimes you can have a nice thing going and that’s enough for some people.

  • Wadisara

    I totally agree with you, i really like DR and i would love to see damon caring for her cos i feel she really likes him and all she needs is some love, i don’t want damon to use her, but i can see another caroline here :/ and i don’t like DS i think it will ruin the friendship they have…and you are right let DE have a break and damon have fun

  • Mary

    It’s about episode 20.

  • Georgia_Peach

    The dance episode is episode 20, which is what they are filming now.

  • Guest

    More likely she was attacked by the ‘murderer’ and Stefan will heal her. This seems to indicate to me that Meredith isn’t the mystery killer, though I’ve never really thought she was.

  • Ellorockstar

    So excited, but I really can’t wait for episode 20. Klaus and Caroline, plus Tyler. AWESOME

  • fantasysux
  • ihatepeople

    I agree. Again I think it’s that nice vs naughty thing that makes it spicey. Romantic and sweet is nice but to make it interesting for tv I think the “forbidden” bad vs godd works better.

  • ihatepeople

    True but we can get the nice safe relationship in real life. TV romance is where you get to live life on the edge thru the characters without suffering the consequences. Besides without some strife it gives people an unrealistic expectation that relationships are romantic and perfect all the time. Truthfully it can be that way sometimes but daily life gets in the way. Even the healthiest relationships take some work and have difficulties.

  • ihatepeople

    Hmm so which part of this episode are we expected to love or hate? I hate to venture a guess because at this point it could be anything. The season has certainly been a roller coaster.


    I wouldn’t mind seeing the contrast of Stef with Kat & Damon with Elena….I think it would be interesting, as well. However, I must disagree with you on one thing: Nothing was hotter than Kat & Damon in The Return…that was not only sexy, it was sultry.  And also, by far, the hottest make out scene bar none shown on TVD to date;)


    So, after looking at these pics (and thinking about them for a couple of days), I’m think Rebekah walks in on Damon & Sage having a good old time at the Salvatore house (dancing, drinking, partying, ect..) and she’s a little….hmm right word to use here….maybe jealous? maybe pissed? After all, she said she does get her temper from her father. And when her father found out someone cheated on him, he did wipe out an entire village…..could be Damon’s just trying to get her to calm down;) After all, she is a Viking Vampire, right? I know, I know, it’s not like Rebekah & Damon are in a serious relationship, but you never know how a woman is going to react to something like that….especially a woman who is a Viking Vampire;)

    Not to sure if there’s a magic potion floating around that allows Damon to compel Rebekah…sure hope that’s not the case. After all, if it is, he would simply have to compel her to find the tree (more on this in a moment), carve a stake, and stake herself…therefore killing off all the Originals in one fell swoop, seeing as how they are all still bound as one, via Esther’s spell & Elena’s doppelganger blood;) As all of you know, that option really sucks for me because I just LOVE the Originals;)

    Now, about the tree….chances are that the tree has been cut down to build the building, or landmarks, around Mystic Falls…after all, when the town was established, they had to get their building materials from somewhere.  Kiki had a great point a while back saying that the wood may have been used to build Wickery Bridge…seeing as how now the Town Council wishes to restore the old bridge, that would tie in nicely…good job Kiki!

  • ihatepeople

    Perhaps he is just trying to use his charms to get Rebekah to chill but it looks like he is manipulating her regardless of what power over her he is using. Yep she does have a wee bit of a temper. She did tell Damon she expected that he’d come calling on her at some point but he told her not to hold her breath. Maybe she thought he was kidding. I think Sage is just a girl to party and flirt with. She has something up her sleeve too and probably knows how to manipulate Damon as well. The guy is a little vulnerable at the moment.
    I think they’ll have Stefan’s face contort and he’ll have to force back his fangs telling Elena he can’t be around this. She’ll grab his face, force him to look in her eyes and she’ll talk him down from it. His “struggle” will last even shorter than his ripper phase which is just ridiculous but the end of the season is fastly approaching so they’ll turn him around quickly. This maybe “the breakthrough”.
    Good theories about the tree being used for the bridge but awfully convenient if Sage magically knew that info and appeared after all this time at the right moment. Had she been keeping tabs on the originals and/or Damon over the years? She would’ve had to in order to time it right.

  • ihatepeople

    Oh I agree the makeout scenes with Damon and Katherine were hot but let’s face it all Damon’s sex scenes have been hot regardless of the girl. Some guys are just more sensual. I’ve been torn about who should end up together. I put Stefan with Katherine because she loved him best and he is able to control his feelings for her better. He could throw her an I love you but keep her in check. Damon flet too much


    Seems like the vamps who’ve previously come to town had been keeping an eye on things before showing up. Anna had been silently watching everything & everyone since The Night of the Comet. Kat had sent Isobel ahead, and good lord knows Isobel was getting info from Uncle John. Even Rose had an awful lot of info about the players in town before she had Elena kidnapped. And Elijah for sure had all his ducks in a row before he met with Rose. So, it’s not so far out of left field that Sage would be watching, or have someone watching, the events unfolding in Mystic Falls….my question is why? What is her agenda? She  didn’t just wake up one morning and decide Mystic Falls would be a great place to visit. We know she taught Damon “how to have a good time”…but my question is what is her ties to the Originals? I think that’s going to go a long way into determining what her motives are for visiting Mystic Falls;)

    That was @e2b2c8791c9aaab6337a1e6dd9722aca:disqus who had the theory about Wickery Bridge. Once I started to think about it, I can’t help but think she’s right:)

    So, regarding Stef, your forewarning me that I’m going be be frowning, huh? Doesn’t surprise me.

    You’re right about Damon being vulnerable right now. But, he’ll be ok. He’s tough like that. I think the ladies are thinking Damon can be manipulated, but I think he’s going to turn the tables around on both of them….that’s just the way he is:)

  • ihatepeople

    Ah those vamps have quite the social network don’t they? Very good point about all the others watching and waiting. I guess when the town is a virtual vamp and other mystical hot spot you keep an eye on it.

    Sage’s agenda IS very curious though if she’s been wacthing I wonder why she waited until only Klaus and Rebekah were left in town? Are those the two she wanted to toy with all along or is she just getting things in place waiting for the others to resurface? As always should be interesting.

    Sorry my gut feeling is that Stef’s struggles won’t be long suffering like beyond this episode. However, my husband disagrees. Hey we ACTUALLY discussed it. He pointed out that if the writers are smart they’ll have him struggle back and forth like Angel did throughout the series. Different writers though so anything goes. My guess is still it’ll be short lived which will irritated me. More believable if it drags out a bit.

    You’re right Damon is pretty resilient. I’m sure he’ll have trick up his sleeve for both of them. As much as he was buddies with Sage there was some reason they parted ways so I’m sure he doesn’t totally trust her but they might not show us that right away. Let’s just hope whatever his plan is that it works! The % of plans working is seriously low like 1% of the time. Lol.

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