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Posted by | April 4, 2012, 12:46 (MST) | 62 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

We may have a few more weeks to wait for a new episode, but at least we’re getting some tidbits to tide us over. TV Overmind has thirteen – count ‘em, THIRTEEN – episode stills from Heart of Darkness (EP319), showing Elena, Damon, [spoiler]Jeremy[/spoiler], and [spoiler]Kol[/spoiler] in some rather interesting circumstances. Warning: Some of these images are pretty spoilery – or doing a good job of tricking us all – so don’t click through if you don’t want to know! (There are a few outtakes from The Murder of One (EP318) mixed in too.) Heart of Darkness (EP319) will air on April 19.

Heart of Darkness (EP319)


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  • ihatepeople

    Technically Stefan wasn’t known for his honesty in the beginning. He told Elena the truth about himself only after she suspected it and confronted him. Lying about the accident is entirely possible even if it wasn’t meant maliciously.

  • †_ṂῘⱤ₳∏ƉΔ_†

    But Stefan said he saved her right? How could it have been Damon? Stefan said he didn’t have time to go back and save her parents…

    I think no matter what, that girl just never gives Damon a break! We can think up all the good deed’s under the sun for Damon, but he just ain’t getting any! :( Not until her and Stefan are history :/

  • Canderella

    Yes, again you are perfectly right. Still I somewhat reluctant in believing it could go that far…

  • Canderella

    Or maybe he was compelled to believe… that would mean Originals were there before… and for me this would also be a bit too far fetched. Although I don’t think the writers would mind. I do – as said before – I am not so happy that the Originals get to be involved in literally everything.

  • Shadiyaray

    I can’t view the images. can anyone else?

  • VirusatGunpoint

    Sneak Photos for Episode 19

  • VirusatGunpoint


  • Jilly_bean


  • Charlie

    How does Damon end up being beaten up every episode :(….are the writers trying to subliminally send us a message? Don’t be a snarky jackass or you will get your ass whooped…

  • Shannon

    As long as they don’t interrupt my Damon and Elena convo during the hotel scene i’m good…..that would be sooo depressing and I doubt the convo will have another go during the episode with everything going on.

  • From Beginningg To End

    I’m not sure, I can’t remember if the car drove off the bridge or if the bridge broke or something (I’ve been thinking it broke or gave way or something this whole time but that just might be me associating the name “wickery” with “unstable” haha). The rules about supernatural deaths are a little blurry, like when Alaric got hit with that car, a hybrid was driving, but technically didn’t do anything supernatural? The writers could probably bend them however which way they want to accomodate them. I think Elena would remember if someone were standing there but maybe not if it were too traumatic. Stefan would have seen and likely told her by now though.

    Interest idea about being involved in something, they DID know Elena was a doppelganger. They also knew about vampires/were on the council. Maybe there was a disagreement in the council and someone human is somehow responsible.

  • From Beginningg To End

    I somehow can’t see that being the case, I don’t think Stefan would’ve lied about that and if he did what possible reason he’d have. I SUSPECT however that Damon might’ve seen her at some point that same day though

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