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Posted by | April 18, 2013, 19:50 (MST) | 37 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

TV Overmind has some brand new stills from She’s Come Undone (EP421)! Don’t click on these unless you’ve already seen Pictures Of You (EP419) or don’t mind being spoiled.



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  • i4i

    They’re going to scare her into turning her humanity back? She will know they’re bluffing, she knows they will never actually kill her so what’s the point? It’s like a dog with a big bark but no bite. I don’t understand where exactly they are going with this show anymore but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


    Haha Elena looks lovely in these :) But seriously she looks like she’s been through hell. Like i4i said though, she knows they would never let her die so I don’t get how this will work.

  • Georgia_Peach

    Um…. I am not on board with the lengths Damon and Stefan are taking. Elena does not deserve this. Surely, there is another way……

  • FrenchChris

    GREAT…. making her suffer, terrying her… it has a name : torture. What a horrible way to force Elena to switch on ! I can’t accept this… and, if it succeeds, what message do the writers want to deliver to us, especially to the youngest fans of the show ? What that kind of behavior is telling about humanity ? Where is the difference between good and bad ?
    I hope Damon and Stefan will think better and stop that, before the damages are irreversible.


    I can’t remember but I think in the synopsis it says Caroline tries to intervene? I hope so.

  • Galaxygrrl

    Um, this is a vampire show. People die, people are tortured, etc. What did you think was going to happen.

  • Galaxygrrl

    Well, I actually think the torture wont work and Bonnie is going to need to call Rick, Jeremy and others back from the dead to talk to her.

  • napoli

    Not that I agree with torturing Elena because I don’t, but how is any different then how Damon treated Caroline in s1? Damon tortured her and then when he was done he wanted to kill her.

    It’s horrible to say but the show has many examples of torture even female characters – Caroline by the werewolves…what distinguishes this from what has been previously portrayed?

  • napoli

    Somehow trying to kill Caroline, April and trying to kill Bonnie twice plus actually killing the waitress doesn’t seem to phase anybody. The only that was able to defend themselves was Bonnie.

    I get that Elena has been through a lot of heart ache but does this mean they should stand by and let her completely self destruct. Remember the more damage she does as a vampire to worse it will be for her when she finally does turn her humanity back on.

  • MarolineLove

    Ok….why is Zach Roerig’s Hotness so underused?!?

  • Kego

    Reminds me of S3,Stefan tortured by Lexi and Elena. Just noticed the fire extinguisher in pic 4…sorry,but LOL. Well,they´ll need it if they torture Elena with sunlight. Looks like Matty is in… that´s a mistake,because he has never seen something like this and I´m sure he cannot bear it. You´ll see he sabotages the great Salvatore plan,I bet he feels so sorry for Elena that he calls Rebekah to the rescue and taadaa: Elena can escape! Just like Lexis and Elenas plan didn´t work,because Damon felt sorry for Stefan and freed his brother.


    I think Elena will turn her humanity switch back on in this episode. Here are my reasons why; firstly title of this episode and the synopsis for 422 it seems like Damon and Stefan have moved on to a different problem. So it seems like this torture thing works.

  • Shannon

    lmao!! I love that they took her ring and put a fire extinguisher by her side. HA!!! That’s hilarious!! Hahaha This is gonna be fun.

  • shoe20

    Sorry, but I don’t think this has any chance of working. Dumb and dumber have come up with a plan of torture, that’s going to work like Bill and Caroline or Elena, Lexie, and Stefan. At least they could have done it in Bill’s Daylight Torture Chamber.
    Obviously Elena says bring it on (calling their bluff), because neither brother can carry it through like Bill did.

  • Georgia_Peach

    Per Carina at Zap2it:
    Elena will not be getting out of the Salvatore dungeon anytime soon. Also, before everyone (including me) starts blaming only Damon and Stefan for this “fiasco” of torturing Elena to bring out the fear in her, apparently Caroline, Bonnie and Matty Blue Eyes are part of the torture team too. However, Elena knows and trusts that Damon will save her, never let anything bad happen to her and he will not let her die.

  • Georgia_Peach

    Apparently it is not just Damon and Stefan’s plan to torture the emotion of fear out of Elena. Bonnie, Caroline and Matty Blue Eyes are involved in this “fiasco” too. They are all on the same team… :(

  • FrenchChris

    I’m so glad… This is very good news. The Damon I know couldn’t do that. It is so out of his love for Elena. And I’m glad to learn that plan won’t work anyway. It will be indeed another way to help Elena.

  • FrenchChris

    I understand what you mean… and you are right.
    I’m not sure… If I remember well, the tortures scenes in TVD – I mean real torture on a prisonner – were never entirely successful… But I can be wrong.
    What was shocking here, was the possibility of the success of a torture on Elena, to force her to switch on.
    It has to fail.

  • debbie

    Elena made it a point to hurt all of her loved ones, esp Damon and Bonnie. Actually, she hurt herself the most. She’s in such a sad, low point, there is nothing left of herself – and she doesn’t even care. She needs help, and fast – in any way. I have every confidence that the brothers can do it…when working together, they are very smart and powerful, and know her strengths and weaknesses better than anyone.

    I’m not defending torture, because torture is never good or right. And I’m not saying it will work, because past episodes show torture doesn’t work. But nothing they do could possibly be worse than what she’s doing and will do to herself if not saved. I don’t blame them for at least trying. This won’t work, but I think it will lead to a plan that will get her humanity back this episode. Something drastic…

    That is, so long as the brothers work together and don’t turn on each other. I really hope the triangle doesn’t split them up again. Their plans alway work better when they are together.

  • Debbie

    Absolutely! Elena needs to be helped! I too am glad someones trying anything to make sure she doesnt self-destruct. Being nice to her isn’t helping..the only thing that seems to be working are things that hurt (old pics, Bonnie almost killing her). Torture might not work, but it might lead to something that will work….

  • shoe20

    Hi Georgia. Sry the boys are just stupid going this way. I say get Bonnie to do it. What she did was working. In a card game you can’t just fold a bluff, and the guys just aren’t holding any cards. Thats poker talk for their going to get called.

  • amy

    All of them from Stefan to Bonnie love and want what’s best for Elena. As for Damon it could be that Elena is alot like Katherine when it comes to using someone to get what they want. Katherine knew how to manipulate Damon through sex and telling him things she knew he’d want to hear. That way she’d get whatever she wanted. Elena has probably figured it out by now too..

  • Georgia_Peach

    Elena knows Damon will always choose her life first. He has never once gave the impression it would ever be any other way. Damon has made it very clear to everyone he is in love with Elena. Manipulation is not necessary.

    As for Katherine, she manipulated both Damon and Stefan.

  • Georgia_Peach

    Well ….. The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural show about vampires, werewolves, witches and no telling what else is heading to Mystic Falls. I expect a lot of death, torture, deceit, dismemberment, as well as love, sex and romance. There is no way this show, or any supernatural show, can be used or viewed as a moral compass to everyday life. I’m only talking about the relationships in the context of the show. I have a feeling by the time all this “torture her for her own good” plays out it will have a profound effect on how Elena views Damon and Stefan. If Bonnie, Caroline and Matty Blues Eyes are involved too, I’m sure that will have an impact on Elena too. Elena will remember all of it. I just don’t see why torturing Elena is necessary, or why everyone that is suppose to care about her want to go to such extreme measures. Elena is very determine not to give into her emotions, She just does not want to care. Jeremy died and Elena is not ready to deal with that loss. I’m not sure any of this will work anyway. She may choose death over turning her emotions back on and Damon will never allow it to go that far. I think that before any of this gets started, it is already doomed to fail.

  • amy

    Elena is like Katherine and knows who she can play, manipulate and who she can’t. Katherine knew that she could manipulate the brothers with sex. Unfortunately for Damon he fell harder for Katherine’s lies. Since you brought up that both brothers were equally manipulated I think it’s important to remember that Damon went along even further with Katherine and didn’t need to be compelled as Stefan did. My point is the Petrova woman know how to use sex to get what they want they play a great game . It just depends on whether the guy is stupid enough to fall for it.

  • Georgia_Peach

    When it comes to being manipulating, I do not see Elena remotely behaving the way Katherine does. Elena has been straight forward in her behavior and has not tried to use sex to manipulate either brother. She did try to tease Damon on the rooftop, but he didn’t fall for it. Elena does not want the cure and Damon and Stefan will not give up. The more they push, the more she resists and the more violent her actions become. That is hardly being manipulating, but Elena has definitely gone into bit-ch mode overdrive. Elena wants them to stop trying to force something on her she does not want. I’m still not sure if Stefan ever told Damon that Elena had changed her mind on the island in regards to taking the cure. There is only one dose and she decided against it. Damon wants Elena to have the cure because he thinks she would want it with her emotions back on. Damon is in love with Elena and will want to help her anyway he can. This whole torture Elena so she will feel fear isn’t going to work. Damon will always choose her life first and if Stefan takes it too far, Damon will put a stop to it. Stefan wants desperately to right his wrong of allowing human Elena to die in the first place.

    As for the whole Katherine fiasco in 1864, Damon fell in love with Katherine. He loved her so much he was willing to die and spend an eternity with her as a vampire. Stefan fell in love with Katherine too, but when she revealed herself as a vampire to him, he was afraid of her. Katherine compelled Stefan not to be afraid and to drink her blood. Stefan’s love for Katherine was freely given. There is no doubt that Katherine has seductive manipulation down to a perfect science. As a matter of fact, there is no competition when it comes to Katherine’s seductive ways.

  • Suchtie

    “Elena is very determine not to give into her emotions, She just does not want to care. Jeremy died and Elena is not ready to deal with that loss.”

    I completely agree! It’s been only like two or three weeks since Jeremy died. They should give the girl a little time and let HER decide when to turn her emotions back on. In the meantime they should just watch over her so she won’t kill any more people and be there for her…


    It doesn’t phase anybody because we’ve seen almost every other vampire on this show do the same things without getting as much crap. Damon didn’t want to torture Stefan when he was acting much worse (bloody game of twister anybody?) Also, Elena was not behaving that badly until they started to push her because they were all just upset because of her new acid tongue. Elena didn’t kill that waitress because she felt like it, she did it because she knew it was EXACTLY what they didn’t want her to do. She didn’t have a reason to kill anybody until that. Caroline was naive and picked a fight with a switched-off vampire, not sure what she thought would happen.


    Katherine was not switched off. Damon’s not an idiot, he knows she doesn’t feel anything right now so obviously that wouldn’t work. Elena knows Damon won’t let her die because he has said so many, many times, and that was when she was in love with Stefan, so I think it’s safe to say she doesn’t need to do any manipulating. It’s just a fact.

  • napoli

    Absolutely agree that Elena is manipulative. Elena’s the one who ended
    up finding Katherine. Damon thought Elena was in the dark about the true plans for going to NY
    but it really was the other way around.

    Damon killed his friend Will so that Rebekah wouldn’t know about the NY connection either. And how did that work out for Damon? Will was just another in Damon’s long list killed for no good reason.

  • Debbie

    Ok, so I just read that matty’s life might be in danger because of this torture fiasco. This is wrong!!! While hurting her without taking it too far might be neccesary (something drastic i feel needs to be done) putting anyone’s else life in danger is for sure wrong and Elena would never forgive this! Why is that any better than allowing her to go on a killing spree….you still might be killing!

  • napoli

    Another insightful post. You are correct that Stefan knew Katherine was playing games with them and he admitted to Damon in s1 that it took him years to figure it out meanwhile Damon was still pining for Katherine. In 2×22 flashback to 1864 Damon says ‘Why must you always run from me.’ Katherine replies ‘Because I know that you will chase.’ This flashback helps Damon realize he doesn’t have to be toyed with anymore. It’s his choice to break away from Katherine’s manipulation.

    In 4×16 Elena says to Damon ‘Should I go back to being the scared little girl who couldn’t admit what she wants. Is that how you’d prefer me to go back to being…or? Look for the longest time you wanted to be with me but you were scared that I’d find out how awful you are but it doesn’t matter anymore because I don’t care. Be honest, you like me better like this.’ This is Elena successfully manipulating Damon.

    You are absolutely correct that Petrova woman are master manipulators!

  • amy

    I never said Katherines switch was off. Her and Elena know how to play Damon and he’ll believe them. Damon went along with Elena when she was sire bonded to him and was enjoying himself. Until she didn’t want him anymore, then because he realized she didn’t care anymore he got on the “lets fix Elena boat”. If Elena said lets get together if you free me Damon I want you, he would. Elena knows that Stefan, Bonnie, Caroline and Matt wouldn’t fall for her manipulation. Damon would.

  • amy

    Exactly. Elena knows that Damon is the only one that would fall for her manipulation and Katherine knows it to. Damon would have left with Katherine if she just would have said lets go. Katherine didn’t want him. Damon doesn’t challenge a woman. He is to easy.

  • Vampirediaries<3

    luv the latest episode, can’t wait for the next one to come! anyone knows what happens? any spoilers?

  • Vampirediaries<3

    i think so too, they should think of another way

  • Vampirediaries<3

    everyone’s trying to torture Elena well at least they’re sort of helping her if it works. Hope it works~

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