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Posted by | November 6, 2012, 14:32 (MST) | 14 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The CW has released a snazzy new Vampire Diaries promo via the official TVD Facebook and this one features (most of) the cast. Check it out:

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  • iMember

    One of my favorite things about this season is that the entire cast (not just the main three…or Klaus) is getting attention both in the promo and I feel like they are actually important again on the show. When they shove the love triangle down our throat like last season, it just isn’t fun anymore. So, to see the entire cast getting more attention again is great!

  • Louisesmith8913

    I really dont know what it is but Im not enjoying the new season (4) of TVD! Cant quite put my finger on why that is, always LOVED it before! Feel really disappointed with it up to now!!Any1 else feel the same way??

  • From Beginning To End

     Sort of, yeah. I mean, there have only been four episodes and I really didn’t like the last two, and only sort of liked the premier. So out of four episodes, I’ve only liked one as much as I have liked the series as a whole. I think it’s because it seems to me like all the characters are regressing a bit. It’s still early though so maybe it will get better.

  • TheBennettChronicles


    I love how they use all the main characters and not just the trio( all though I love Paul Ian and Nina) It is nice to see Steven, Kat Candice, Jomo and Mike in a promo :D

    Season 4 is the new season 1 guys, I can feel it :D

  • Maria

    That new Promo is awesome! I love the song that they chose for it! Way to go team!

  • Mariskevt1

    This is my fav show of all times!! I’ve started to watch it this year all 3 seasons at once, and now i’m following season 4 … I am truely amazed by everything you guys do in this show.# thumbs up!!

  • shila1307

    very sexy promo…all this slow motion…very good…and shows everyone, that’s good!

  • shila1307

     I agree 100% with you ab showing the entire cast!

  • †_ṂῘⱤ₳∏ƉΔ_†

    StefaaaaNNNN stop saying “Heightened” !! Polly want a cracker much?

  • aguli

    Who knows the name of this song?

  • June_Slibvy

    Just love it! 

  • aguli

    Please! what is this song?

  • Iansfan

    That´s interesting piece of advertisement. If you don´t know anything about TVD you might think that it is all about vampires having hot and steamy sex. They show slow motion, seductive men and women and a lot of skin. Wow. All of them look awesome!

  • From Beginning To End

     Lol, yeah Elena says it a bunch too. Someone get the two of them a thesaurus.

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