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Posted by | January 30, 2013, 15:40 (MST) | 273 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The Hollywood Reporter has a shiny new webclip from tomorrow night’s episode! Stefan, Damon and Klaus are all getting their snark on in this, so it’s not to be missed!


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  • ihatepeople

    I’d like to add not only did how he treat her after she turned contribute to their demise but also all the horrible things he did last season to lose her trust.

    As for Damon he also worked all of season 3 to bring Stefan back for both Stefan and Elena’s sakes. He could’ve bad mouthed Stefan the whole time he was gone but he didn’t. He defended him the times that Elena thought the worst of him.

  • Nessa

    to say he treated her like crap is just a force of a statement…he didn’t deny becuase he believes Elena isn’t herself and it is the SB talking..he believes the SB is making her think she is not in love with him like i stated already just not too long ago she said to him NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS its the best choice I ever made…so obv he is going to be like ummm WTH and confused as all hell..this is why Stefan has reason to believe something is wrong

  • delenafan

    Whether it is already on its way or not remains to be seen and this is beside the point.
    There is no need to attack Delena fans for their opinion. You can voice your own while being respectful to others.
    Yeah, Stefan bleeding Damon dry and not letting him see Elena is the kind of help Elena & Damon don’t need and certainly did not ask for.
    The problem is, Stefan wants to keep Damon in the dungeon until the cure is found (if there is a cure at all). It could take years which means he took the liberty to imprison Damon for how long he pleases because of his jealousy and denial.
    Elena had Feelings for Damon before turning and the sire bond is the very proof of that.
    And for the record Elena and Damon DID NOT BETRAY Stefan. He broke up with her, informed Damon about it and they were free to act on the feelings they have been suppressing for ages to spare Stefan’s feelings.
    Stefan let her die
    Stefan did NOT accept her as a vampire,wanted to fix her…
    The list can go on and on…
    She fell out of love with him. Simple truth; it happens all the time to millions of people and they get over it.
    Denial won’t change any of that.

  • Robin Rogers

    It wasn’t that quick. Quick would have been if Elena had leapt into Damon’s arms the moment she completed her transition. Instead, no one could even tell she was sired at all until 4×07.

    Everything Elena said really did happen. Stefan even turned to Caroline for help in 4×03 because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to enjoy being a vampire with Elena due to his Ripper issues. No matter how you slice it, they were having problems with fundamental issues like trust and honesty. But if you think they would still be together even with everything that happened, of course that’s your prerogative. I don’t happen to agree.

  • Robin Rogers

    “I’d like to add not only did how he treat her after she turned contribute to their demise but also all the horrible things he did last season to lose her trust. ”

    I would love to count those things, ihatepeople, but Elena honestly doesn’t seem to hold them against Stefan. Or at least, not consciously.

    It is true that Damon defended Stefan to Elena over and over, even after the wickery bridge incident.

  • Nessa

    as well as Damon did horrible things too..they both are at fault lets face it they just have different motives for their actions..yes he did because I do believe Damon does have some love for his brother but more so did it for Elena because it was what she wanted and becuase he felt like he owed Stefan for saving his life

  • Nessa

    and i could gone with a list for Damon as well ;)

  • Nessa

    I understand your anger but lets not attack our fellow Delena shippers there are calmer ways to go about it ;)…and i agree it is not completely over between them two its just now is the time to explore the Damon/Elena aspect of the triangle  

  • AllThings Katherine

    Love everything you said. Sometimes it is hard to voice your opinion about Stefan/Elena or my support for Stefan and love of both Salvatores without getting called a “hater” or “mis-informed!” It’s sad and hilarious at the same time.But I was never scared or shy away from challenges! Nice to see a fellow Stefan supporter here!

  • Kirstylirsty

    LOL!!!! Klaus & Caroline really are perfect for each other, neither of them can help but gossip about their friends love life ;o)

  • ihatepeople

    Sure he did horrible things. I never said he didn’t. They’re vampires. I think in his little journey to bring Stefan back started out that way but towards the end he realized he loves him more than he thought. He turned Abby to spare Stefan the guilt and shame, he vowed to help him with his blood addiction, he was happy when they became a team and he was also truly upset when his Homecoming plan failed and Stefan betrayed him because he thought they’d never get him back.

  • Nessa

    why thank you!..yes I am very passionate about Stefan and will have his back and fault him for when he is wrong but I don’t believe he is being an azz at all like ppl seem to think..he saved Damons behind yet once again and you think even after Damon pointed out how it was wrong he lied to Stefan and knows how Stefan is feeling the least he could have done was say thank you when he put him in the dungeon but nope its all about Elena…i understand you want to see the woman you love but have some bit of a remorse for your brother because if it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t have ever seen Elena again

  • AllThings Katherine

    I wanted to say this to whoever thinks I hate Elena or have on rose-colored glasses about a certain Salvatore…..

    No need to call me bias or “unsubstantiated”….I’m not. Chill out at
    bit and re-read what I wrote before you go on an attack.  As I said many
    times, I don’t hate Elena…I just think she needs to emotionally grow
    up. You seem to judge Bex a lot and that supports your claim on why
    Elena needs to always regulate a Salvatores relationship with her. She
    is dangerous, etc. But so is everyone on this show apparently
    now……except for Matt and April. We could start that
    discussion….but that might take awhile. It seems to me that some are
    giving Elena every excuse in the book while Damon & Stefan seem like
    lackeys in their own selfish pursuit of her…..but to each their own I
    guess. Season 4 is not over….she still has a chance to impress me 

    Don’t assume that my support of Bex is just b/c I want to see her and
    Stefan “hook up.” Unlike some, my main support of a character does not
    depend on who they happen to be sleeping with at a present time. I
    wanted Stefan to move on…..with anyone! I didn’t give a damn who! Just
    as long as he got some emotional distance and peace. I like Bex….b/c I
    understand her like some others. She could hook up with Matt for all I
    care ad I would still like her…….She is powerful, and dangerous, and
    scarred to many times to trust anyone in Mystic falls b/c she gets
    betrayed to often. Elena should know by now that if Bex really wanted to
    kill one of the Salvatores, she would have done it by now. Didn’t stop
    either one of them from sleeping with her. Elena did not make it seem
    like Stefan’s “safety” from Bex was her #1 concern. She said and I quote
    “Stefan….What are you doing with Bex? She tried to kill me!” Not “What
    are you doing…..Can you trust her? She tried to kill me, and tortured
    Damon physically, and you emotionally. WTH STEFAN??” If she said
    something along those lines……your reason why she asked would make me
    better support it. “She is just sooooo compassionate and worried, etc.” Until then….

    Both brothers are hurting right now (Stefan more than Damon at the moment) And Stefan is not TORTURING Damon. Why are some trying to make it seem soooo inhumane. He is keeping him weak so in case he gets out he will at least be a little slower getting to Jeremy. Yeah…Stefan is getting a lil emotioal smile over it, but ok…..considering the circumstances, I can understand it. Damon is not a wuss who needs to be coddled all the time, ecspecially now. H is fine….when it comes to Stefan he has no emotional guilt whatsoever so, while Stefan can stop being a dick to Damon…Damon can stop being a dick to Stefan by being petty and trying to rub it in. It makes him seem like he really doesn’t give a damn about Stefan’s emotionally state at all (not that I expect him too….when has he ever) Not his physical state….but his emotional one. I personally like when the Salvatores act like brothers to each other, and not petty brats.

    I just needed to get that out :-) Don’t throw vervain bombs at me! I have daggers…

  • Nessa

    love it! ;)

    “Damon is not a wuss who needs to be coddled all the time”..this made me LOL…it seems Damon is like w.e im locked up no big deal I’ll get out eventually…don’t they have such a messed up relationship..I hope one day they can find common ground with eachother but it was said that they would be somehow bonding together again…wonder how that will establish

  • AllThings Katherine

    Exactly! This! Sometimes it seems that here Damon can do no wrong while Stefan can never do nothing right! I am glad that Stefan saved both Damon and Jeremy from themselves. Even though Elena asking Stefan for help seemed a little presumptuous. lol. It would be nice to see Damon acknowledge Stefan’s pain about this triangle for once. Stefan has always said how he knows Damon loves Elena, and even sent her to him when he was dying so he could see her one last time. Now that Damon has the girl, I am not sure he would be as giving or tolerable of her affections for Stefan. Now that this situation has flipped :-) But I love Damon too….I just want him to be a better big brother now when it comes to emotional support. And on the other hand…..Stefan can stop being a shady dick to Damon in the cell about Elena. I know he can’t help it…..but maybe being the bigger person will really show Damon and Elena that even though he may still care, they can’t cripple him and then turn around and need his help all the damn time 

  • AllThings Katherine

    Me too….I miss Team Salvatore :-( If Elena and Damon stay together they have to find a way of not rubbing their relationship in Stefan’s wounds…..b/c there is deep history there. If he can learn to except them as a couple, than they should at least remember to consider him while the SE break up is still fresh. Which is why Elena is so emotionally off balance and hurting to right now. I am sure she feels more joy than hurt right now b/c she is getting some from her man! lol BUT,…..She jumped into a new official relationship so quick while still dealing with her current break up drama……MESSY! If it were anyone else but Damon, I would be tempted to call it a rebound! We know its not though….lol

  • Nessa

    I think when the SB is officialy gone and if Stefan sees that Elena still wants to pursue Damon then he will step aside and except it once and for all but for now he still has that doubt and bit of hope..there was a reason this SB was thrown into the story to keep both sides of the fandom clinging on and to keep questioning ourselves…there is always some crazy twist in this show…but can’t wait for tonights episode and many more to come so we can get all the answers!!!

  • Robin Rogers

    Damon wasn’t rubbing anything in until Stefan decided to throw him in the dungeon and bleed him out until they find the cure (which may never happen btw and he knows it) and also put him at Klaus’s mercy for funzies.

    And I can’t take you seriously if you really think Damon has never cared about Stefan’s emotional state. That just makes no sense to say. I hate Stefan and I would never say that about him even though I think Damon’s made far more sacrifices for his little brother’s emotional well-being than vice versa.

  • Kate

    Okay, folks, time to move on from this conversation. No one is going to change anyone’s mind and feelings will just get hurt.

    (Note: Not aimed at Robin specifically; this was just the most recent comment in this conversation when I wrote this. Thanks!)

  • Robin Rogers

    “Damon knows and trusts Stefan try to neutralize Kol to break the compulsion.”

    I don’t know why he would. Stefan sarcastically said he would “get right on it” but come on, we both know he wouldn’t have done anything about it if Klaus hadn’t made him.

  • Robin Rogers

    That’s exactly what I’m saying and I’m basing it on the promo where we see Klaus and Stefan arguing about it. Stefan likes this excuse to keep Damon locked up. He’s not going to go out of his way to nullify it.

  • Robin Rogers

    She hasn’t told him yet. That’s tonight. Plus, the synopsis says it leaves Stefan in a “difficult spot” which means he has his own agenda that Elena’s plan conflicts with.

  • Robin Rogers

    I think Klaus just likes to stoke the fires of the brothers’ conflict. Divide and conquer always serves him well.

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