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Posted by | September 20, 2011, 12:36 (MST) | 100 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Having trouble waiting for Thursday? The CW’s official YouTube channel comes to the rescue with this new clip from The Hybrid, in which Damon and Elena discuss Stefan. Enjoy!

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  • Tannaz

    Maby she is still shocked. Maybe she told him how she does fill about andie. This season is realy dark, dont u think?

  • LM


  • LM

    Elena might become very sad and regret how she acted when Damon told her that Stef killed Andie, when she realizes that Stef actually KILLED ANDIE. At the moment, I don’t think Elena has realized it. And because of that, she acted the way she did.

  • LM

    I hope that Elena in a future episode SEES Stefan killing someone/ripping someone apart. At the moment, she has only heard about what he’s done, not seen it with her own eyes. And she needs to do that, see it for herself, to realize.

  • samantha

    Looks interesting.  I’m curious, where were all you Andie fans when she was with Damon?  Now she’s dead and you guys are upset because Stefan killed her.  Everyone that knew what Damon was doing  felt bad for her because he was using her.  Don’t know if Damon is jealous of Stefan because now he is really boring sitting at home babysitting or if Damon loves that Stefan is gone and he can tell (rat out) all of Stefans dirty deeds to win points with Elena.

  • Lana Banks

    Elena’s outfit in this clip is reminding me a lot of what Katherine wore when she was helping the brothers read through the grimoires.

  • Leina

    It’s not necessarily Andie that we’re upset about, because I’ve never really cared about her, but most of us are upset because of Elena’s double standards. Damon gets the cold shoulder when he kills someone but she can care less when Stefan killed Andie.

    Before anyone say that Damon doesn’t care about Andie, it was obvious Damon had stopped using her. Andie seemed to be able to stand up for herself in that naked Damon scene and Damon has no problem with that. Which means he sees her more than just a someone to feed on now.

    Back to my previous point, I am fully aware that Stefan is doing all of this “ripper” stuff because of Klaus. But, Klaus did not tell Stefan to kill Andie. Instead of thinking of a better way to prove his point to Damon, he CHOSE to kill Andie. Stefan probably already knew that Andie means a lot to Damon to some extent, because why would he kill someone meaningless to Damon if he was trying to get his point across? Point is, what Stefan did was wrong, and us “fans” were mad that Elena took it so lightly.

  • Anonymous

    Klaus is invincible…. Elijah made that clear.  The only hope to kill Klaus was during the ritual when he would have been vulnerable.  That ship sailed and now there is no killing Klaus. 

    The dagger and white ash did not affect Klaus due to his werewolf gene.

    There is no beheading an Original, no heart snatch can be done, fire does not bother them, a werewolf bite does not affect them and they do not need a day walking ring.  The Original vampire family were cursed to live forever.  The dagger with the white oak ash will put an Original into hibernation only.  Once the dagger is removed they wake up. 

  • Anonymous

    No, you did not miss anything.  You are correct.

  • Anonymous

    I would think that by now the title to the Salvatore house has been turned back over to Damon.  The whole reason to put the house into Elena’s name was to create a safe house for her. She is living back at her own house, the Gilbert house, now.

  • Anon

    I think you hit the nail on the head there – I’ve been thinking for a while that Elena doesn’t really ‘see’ Damon, because she’s always so focused on Stefan. If Damon wasn’t so outrageous sometimes it would be easy for her to look past him altogether.

    And viewed in that light, that phone call was kind of a dick move on Stefan’s part. He killed Andie to get Damon to stop looking for him, but he knows that the real driving force behind the search for him is Elena, and that by making that call she will now be more determined than ever to find him and will put herself and Damon in harm’s way to do so.

  • Vampirelady2212

    1. Damon makes it too easy. He owes his brother that he´s still there and can sit comfortably at home.
    2. If you truly love someone,you can´t stop. Not even the if the person changes and becomes evil. btw: NOT BY CHOICE!
    3. There is a 16/17 year old girl. She lost her beloved adoptive parents by an accident. She had to learn that her biological mother was a vampire and her unloved uncle was her real father. Her mother burned in front of her eyes,her father sacrificed himself for her.A monster-vampire has hunted and killed her and she had to watch how her beloved aunt´s heart was ripp out.

    Elena has taken a look into hell already,so WHY should she burst out in tears over the death of a woman she barely knew??

  • Charlie

    Why does everything have to get so shippy?
    A) Context people !! This is a 30s clip from a whole episode..we don’t know what has happened up to this point/after..for all we know Elena will be like “i’m sorry she’s dead” or whatever right after the clip ends.

    B)This clip isn’t really Stefan Vs Damon…because neither of them properly has her at the moment, and they aren’t chasing her. Both brothers have screwed up big time in the killing-people department so it’s really difficult to argue who deserves sympathy more. That’s what this show does..they are both in a very gray area.

    C)Elena’s “Double standards”- I agree it was a bit of a cool reaction to Andies death and a bit glossed over BUT unlike  Damon she hasn’t actually seen Stefan in Ripper Mode so hasn’t had to confront it. She can sort of pretend it didn’t happen because it’s easier. Whereas when Damon has killed anyone it’s been in front of her so she was exposed to that brutality straight up. If she saw Stefan kill Andie – doubt she would have been like “nevermind Stef” right away. Elena will always forgive both brothers in the end cause she loves/cares for them both. I think someone referred to it as “Karma reset”.

  • Sfinn85

    Oh yeah.  I didn’t think of that… :-o

  • Sfinn85

    It is nothing to do with that.  The CW usually choose random clips for all their TV shows that don’t really give away anything about the overall plot of the episode.

  • Anonymous

    I am so happy TVD is back. I live in Germany and watch via Internet the next day. Bought season 1+2 . I don’t understand all this shipping. Ok Stefan has gone bad and will go even badder. He gave himself over to Klaus to rescue Damon. He is still protecting Damon and Elena. I think the big theme is not Stelena or Delena but the love between the Salvatore brothers. And he chose Andie because he knows his brother. He knows that Damon cared for her.Everybody is doing their part but Elena is starting to annoy me. On the other hand the girl just turned 18. Gotta cut her some slack.What worries me is the fact that Alaric is drinking and Jeremy is back on drugs. I like the dynamic beween Caroline and Tyler. But I hope Mrs Lockwood gets killed soon. I hate her. Always did. As for Klaus he can be killed. Soon or later he will be crossing the riverStyx. I believe that a very powerful witch can kill Klaus. Gotta thank mother nature! I enjoy TVD and I enjoy all the comments. I think it is the best TV show up til now.

  • Linn

    Elena is so effing selfish, Damon tells her that Stefan killed Andie, and she do not care at all.. “Stefan, Stefan, Stefan”, I don’t hope this entire season is going to be about where Stefan is etc. .. Want Katherine back right now!!!

  • Henrita

    these ppl who hate on elena now, STOP! you havent even seen the episode yet.

  • Matilda

    You guys, stop hating on Elena. Stefan IS Elenas boyfriend. If it was yours, wouldnt you be concerned? Im sorry but how much did Andie really mean to Damon? Damons killed a lot more important people. Stefans trying to protect his brother, like hes has tons of times. Quit hating on Elena and Stefan. If Stefan had just let Damon die, you wouldnt be happy. This is what happened because he chose to save Damon. So quit complaining. Stefan is her boyfriend, no duh thats going to be where her mind is.

  • Anonymous

    This is typical Elena behavior towards Damon.  As far as she is concerned, her needs and Stefan’s needs will always come first and Damon needs to stop what he is doing and come help her, or Stefan, whichever the case may be.  Nothing has changed here and her desire to find Stefan and bring him back will put Damon at risk.  Damon is in love with Elena and will do whatever is necessary to protect her.  Actually, Elena seemed more annoyed that Damon would not answer her multiple phone calls because she had news about Stefan, rather than being upset that Stefan killed Andie.  Elena is blinded by her love for Stefan.  She will have to see first hand exactly what Stefan is capable of as a “ripper. 

    Personally, I could care less that Stefan killed Andie, but she was obviously Damon’s friend.  I reiterate … friend only.
    I believe Stefan used Andie as “shock value” to get his point across to Damon to let him go and stop trying to find him.  Stefan did not want Klaus confronting Damon and while killing Andie was as a horrible thing to do, Stefan at this point is protecting Damon.  Obviously by the phone call Stefan made to Elena, his emotions were running “high”.  His silence was deafening.  

    Once Stefan fully embraces his vampire nature and flips his switch, he will wallow in it, love it and will be gone for a long time.  Klaus will be his new best friend.  Damon has seen this behavior before and knows just how dangerous Stefan will be.  There is no way Damon will leave Elena unprotected.  

    In this web clip, Damon thinks Stefan is a full blown ripper and knows he will have to let him go.  Elena telling Damon that Stefan called has him thinking maybe that is not so.

    I cannot wait until Thursday.  I think the writers have really upped the ante this season.  All the dynamics of the show are changing.  I am loving it.

    ps:  Please stop the ridiculous “shipping wars”.  There is a hell of a
    lot more going on here than Stelena vs Delena  – that ship has sailed
    and has become infantile.

  • tiina

    Completely agree.  I think some people forget that Elena is Stefan’s girlfriend.  

  • Anonymous

    Geez people, have some patience. We’re hardly even 2 episodes in and already you’re all complaining about the direction of the show and how the characters are expressing their emotions? Just relax, the writers of the show are brilliant. There is a plan in store and I’m sure it will be worth a few episodes of “mopey Elena.” 

  • kathleen

    Well maybe there’s another way to defeat Klaus that hasn’t been mentioned yet.  No one’s saying that the dagger can be used to kill Klaus.  Anyone who’s watched the show knows that.   Maybe Klaus knows how to kill Klaus.  Maybe Bonnie’s ancestors know a way to stop him.  No one can say for sure that there is absolutely no way to to kill Klaus under any circumstances.  Not much gets past him, but he has been fooled a few times.  The show is full of twist and turns. 

  • Vampirelady2212

    Agree! Some here expect that it´s all about a certain thing in TVD.  This is stupid and they´ll be pretty disappointed!

  • Anonymous

    Ian said that Damon goes away with Elena to find the man they both love.  One of the important elements of this triangle is that Damon and Stefan don’t love Elena more than they love each other.  Damon concern is really not about Andie, it is about his brother.  Ian also said that Damon has become jealous of Klaus because has a part of Stefan that Damon has never but always wanted.  It is ashame that the stupid Delena v Stelena wars by fans has ignored the most important aspect of the triangle which is the love that the brothers have for each.  Damon is not just trying to find Stefan for Elena, he wants him back too…

  • Momina Amjad

    Umm.. did you watch the video? If you did and you are still saying this, well I don’t know what to say. 

  • Vampirelady2212

    Elena is not blinded by her love. It is like it is: she loves Stefan and she don´t love Damon. She said to Stefan: I love you.Hold on to that.Never let that go. That also applies to her.

  • kathleen

    Elena didn’t dwell on Stefan killing Andie.  We shouldn’t dwell on it for too long either.  Stefan killed Andie as a warning to Damon.  Damon has killed too and justified it in his own mind.  They’re both capable of murder.  They’re both capable of remorse.  They’re both redeemable.  Klaus on the other hand.  He’s so supernatural, he’s probably mostly if not completely disconnected from his humanity.  If we really want to someone to rally against, it should be Klaus. 

  • Momina Amjad

    Pissed at Stefan? Seriously, at least in term of a character, he has completely won me over at the Rippah and exceeded my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed the Rippah scenes, and whenever TVD showed other stuff, I wanted my TV screen to get back to team ripper.. 
    However, as much as a Stefan&Elena fan you might be, don’t you think a sensitive girl like Elena should have done a little more than sidestepping and getting back to petty annoying whining? Don’t you think Elena needs to freaking grow up already? Seriously, TVD would be perfection the moment writers decide Elena is different from Bella Swan in New Moon. 

  • Momina Amjad

    No one’s bashing Stefan here, at least I am not. I’m LOVE this new Stefan. Elena is a tad dumb and selfish though, don’t you think? 

  • Momina Amjad

    Def calmed me down. Thanks for that! :) 

  • Manda13

    See my opinion differs from most. I dont think Elena was side stepping Stefan’s attack on Andie at all. To me I believe that by Elena telling Damon that he called when she did was sort of reassurance to Damon that his brother is still good I mean why else would he be calling. To reaffirm his hope. Yes killing Andie was tragic (I think I am the only person who LIKED her with Damon) but Stefan is still good (somewhere).

  • Manda13

    As for why Stefan killed Andie, a part of me says to send a message yes, but he could have chosed anyone why Andie??? I think it was in a small scale of vengence for what Damon did to Lexi and to act as a parallel between the two brothers…. they have clearly done the switcharoo…  

  • Anonymous

    No, Lexi and Andie are not equal. Lexi was Stefan’s best friend and Andie was Damon’s jump off.  At the end of the day, Stefan and Damon are vampires. Vampires kill people, Caroline has killed people and will kill again I am sure.  Hopefully, Caroline’s killing spree will start with Carol Lockwood.  If Elena forgave Damon for what he did to Jeremy and Bonnie, killing Damon’s jump off is no biggie.

  • Anonymous

    This show is definitely full of twists and turns.

  • Anonymous

    Klaus is the almighty puppet master in all this.  :)

  • GermanTVDfan

    That is also my hope. Maybe there was an earlier scene where Damon already told her about Andie’s death and she reacted then the way we would like her to do. And the clip was later so she already knew about Andie. 

  • Vampirelady2212

    What I would like to know is: Elena knows that Andie is dead and why.  She also knows that Damon has met Stefan?

  • Chelsey

    Hi Momina Amjad, I hear what your saying.  However, I don’t find Elena annoying or whiney.  She’s lost pretty much her entire family  Except Jeremy.  She has/had a boyfriend who she loved.  That’s all she pretty much has at this point.  I mean yes she has friends who love her but everyone knows when your in love with someone that person is your whole world.  (well, other then the vampire killing thing.  LOL)  For me I thought Stefan killing Andie was not a big deal.  Yes, it was bad.  But, had Stefan not sent Damon a message like that.  Well, the alternative is Klaus going after Damon and because he’s Klaus he would have just killed Damon.   Stefan is protecting both Damon and Elena.  Yes, I am a Stefan and Elena fan 100% but people coming down on Elena because she’s being insensitive to the loss of Andie.  After everything she’s been through and saying Stefan shouldn’t have killed her.  For me makes no sense.

  • Tami

    I’m probably going to get hate for this but I’m going to say
    it. As a “non-shipper” (who really isn’t into “shipping”
    couples) it seems like a lot of people that are being hard on Elena for how she
    is reacting to this Stefan situation are Delena shippers. It makes sense, you
    want Elena to turn away from Stefan because you prefer the Damon/Elena
    relationship and Elena being disgusted with Stefan gets you one step closer to
    that. However, I think it’s unrealistic for Elena to suddenly go, “Oh my!
    Stefan is such a monster!” A- She probably thinks Stefan is killing people
    like this because Klaus is making him (which is kind of true although we see
    that a large part of Stefan enjoys it). B- Like it or not, she loves Stefan.
    She may not know the entirety of how dark Stefan can get, but she DOES know
    that he is a vampire who has killed people. She knows that he is capable of
    darkness and something she loves about him has been his struggle to fight that.
    Elena loves him. He loves her. It’s a reality of the show.

    I don’t think she has double standards right now (emphasized the phrase right
    now, she may have them in the future, who am I to predict?), because basically,
    she’s under the impression that Klaus is making do Stefan do all of these
    horrible things. What Damon did to her in the past–killing Jeremy, compelling
    Caroline, etc, was not forced and Elena knew well that Damon was doing them on
    his own free will. I’m not saying that what’s happening with Stefan is all
    because of Klaus, I actually think the contrary, as we know a little bit more
    about Stefan’s dark side than Elena does. However, I don’t agree with this
    sentiment that “Stefan gets away with everything and Damon gets in trouble
    for everything.” I understand that Stefan during S1 and S2 had flaws, but remember,
    Stefan wasn’t going around killing people and feeding off sorority girls during
    those seasons (you get the idea :P). Not saying that Stefan’s better (it’s in a
    vampire’s nature to kill) but in Elena’s standards, those things are worthy of
    being called out.


    I don’t think Elena is being like Bella Swan—but she is in
    love with Stefan, which means she’s not going to give up on him. But unlike
    Bella, who seems to lack a backbone and ability to think without the help of a
    man, Elena is making her own choices and being proactive. She’s not going to
    back down just because Damon tells her to. She’s strong like that. Or maybe
    not. I’m sorry, but being attached to the person you love and not wanting to
    give up on them is not a crime to me. I mean, if Elena was the type to give up
    on Stefan so easily, I’m sure she would also be the type to also have already
    given up on Damon. The fact is, one of Elena’s biggest strengths and weaknesses
    is her tendencies to see the good in people and not give up on them. I think,
    in the future, something drastic will happen to alter her views of Stefan, but
    for now, she’s determined to fight for love. I don’t’ see what’s wrong with

  • BabyBlue1864

    Really good question. Hopefully they address it in the epsiode. Did Damon tell her that he met him?

  • Anonymous

    You don’t think Elena is blinded by her love for Stefan when he is leaving bodies up and down the Eastern Seaboard and yet she wants him back?

    Elena has a tremendous loving heart and has the ability to forgive Stefan and Damon because of her love for them both.  She went to Damon when he was dying, she will want to go to Stefan to save him.  Make no mistake, Elena loves both brothers and will ALWAYS forgive their misdeeds. 

  • Anonymous

    I hear what you’re saying and I understand what you mean. I just think that at this point he’s transitioning from the Stefan we all know and love into a new and different version of himself. As much as this journey started out in an effort to protect those he loves no one forced him to “play” with Andie first. That was pretty brutal. With that being said Damon has also done numerous things that are equally as brutal. I think part of the point of this story line is to show that each vampire whether it’s Stefan, Damon, Caroline, whoever, has the potential for both good and evil. They, like everyone else, are going to have to make a lot of choices. Damon has done some terrible things for sure, but Stefan is about to as well. 

  • Anonymous

    Agreed! Good point Kathleen :)

  • Matilda

    No, I dont think Elena is being selfish. Stefan is her boyfriend, how would you feel if it was you? Put yourself in Elenas place. Elenas main concern is Stefan. I dont understand why thats bad.

  • Anonymous

    That may be true for some people (the “Delena shipper” part of the comment) but I don’t think it’s fair to generalize. I’m all about Damon and yet somehow I manage to agree with the rest of your comment ;) I think everyone needs to lay off Elena a bit, we haven’t even seen the episode yet. Put away the claws people! It’s hardly fair to make an assumption based on a 1 minute long clip.

    Elena is grieving. Grief is a complicated process and I don’t think we’ve ever seen Elena grieve quite so much all at one time. Denial is a large part of that process, she needs to go through it, all of it, and I think we should just reserve judgment. She’s a fictional character for one thing, and is it really anyone elses job to say how someone should grieve or love? Let’s just enjoy watching the journey for all of the characters. They’re about to explore some foreign territory and I think we’ll see some different “out of character” types of reactions out of all of them.

  • Kari

    “If he was gone, he wouldn’t have called.” :( poor Elena. She’s been through so much, and now she’s holding on to this shred of hope that Stefan is still her Stefan.

    And to all these people saying she’s only focused on Stefan, this is just a clip. We don’t know what happened before–she could have already been told about Andie. The CW always puts clips out that tell nothing about the plot, yet cause chaos with the watchers, so I’m not going to try and read anymore into the one minute clip from a 43 minute long show. 

  • eve

    Umm, right now Elena has only dated and slepted with Stefan.(out of the two Salvatore brothers)  Stefan is her boyfriend.    Elena has her own mind and wants what she wants.  Elena loves and wants her love back.  She was sympathetic when someone Damon truly cared for died…Rose.     Elena made clear to Damon when she said…”it will always be Stefan”  Killing Andie was (my opinion) Stefans way of protecting everyone he loves.  Elena has seen alot of people come and go in  her life.  For now Elena doesn’t know or think that the man she loves would intentionally kill anyone unless there was a good reason… Klaus. Coming down on  Elena because she’s not caring about a gal that Damon made very clear he uses by compeling her to do what he wanted isn’t right.  She’ll probably feel bad.  But, she wants her love back and I love how strong  is becoming.

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