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Posted by | October 17, 2011, 16:51 (MST) | 29 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Webclip time! Here’s a clip from this week’s episode, Smells Like Teen Spirit (EP306). We know you’ve been waiting for this. Caroline, Tyler, Elena…oh my!


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  • Ashleybauche

    oh tyler…hahaha..that that scarf totally doesn’t go with elenas outfit…haha at least not to me lol

  • Elle

    Im pumped, I think Elena’s scarf is to hide her bite mark from prank night. :(

  • Anonymous

    Klaus requires quite the entourage. The guy likes to lug around his daggered family. Then he eventually has to come back and retrieve his sister, his ripper, his doppleganger, and his first turned hybrid. And he also likes to have a witch around as a consultant. It takes a village to raise a hybrid apparently.

  • aayAlex

    This is all gonna blow up on Tyler’s face.

  • Anonymous

    Uh-oh- trouble in hybrid/vampire paradise…..Tyler’s acting a bit to cocky here, don’t you think? Thinking it’s “awesome” that he’s the first hybrid Klaus successfully tried to turn? Yeah- that’s not good…..

  • Anonymous

    Tyler seems really ok with being a hybrid. I would’ve thought he’d be at least a little bit repulsed at the idea of having to drink human blood. And he doesn’t seem to mind that Klaus is keeping an eye on him, he even finds it awesome. Now I find all this really funny, but Tyler shouldn’t. Is he gone mad? x)

  • Anonymous

    LOL- it just hit me….Klaus isn’t going to be in this episode but he’s got Stefan watching his doppelganger & Rebekah watching his hybrid…….talk about a puppet master pulling the strings…LOL:)

  • Anonymous

    lol i thought the same thing! when i seen Elena in the scarf it made me go back to season 1 when caroline and damon were “dating” it was soooo funny to me lol!!!!

  • Sapphire

    Yup. Lol! I’m guessing we’ll be seeing a lot of guest stars this season, since Klaus is off making hybrids… Okay, that sounds weird, now that I think about it.

  • Dayna Barter

    So, if Klaus left town without his Rippah, his doppelganger, his sister and his hybrid, did he also leave the Koffin Klan behind?  (oh pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease…)

  • Anonymous

    Uh Oh! Tyler…. just Uh OH! 

    Hopefully Caroline will get through to her boyfriend.   Not good, not good at all….

  • eve

    Well, there is the cocky Tyler from Season 1.   Poor Elena, uhh Tyler it’s because you drank Elena’s blood that you are a hybrid..little respect…or a thank you Elena. LOL  I pay way to much attention to detail…when Elena’s getting a paper towel, her hand is going up and down, the noise is there.  But, the button’s not moving.  LOL

  • Jamie

    I know im scared :((

  • Sydney

    And perhaps a little insensitive to his current company, given that Klaus tried or succeeded in attempts to drain Elena, murder Caroline (and Tyler), enslave Stefan, neck-snap Damon, kill Bonnie, oh, and have his witch throw Mrs Lockwood down the stairs!
    Tyler never had the tact gene, but this is something else :D

  • Cherrie

    So now are they going to make Tyler join team Klaus? Ugh I hope not but I fear that is the case. It’s bad enough we have Stefan under compulsion we don’t need Tyler to go to Klaus willingly. 
    Like someone said Elena is probably wearing the scarf because of her bite mark from the last episode. 
    Can’t wait for Thursday :)

  • epidemic

    This! I really liked Tyler in season 2 and the beginning of season 3. Please please please don’t go back to the cocky tool that you where in season 1. YOU HAVE CAROLINE FOR GOD SAKES, better know mess that up >.<

  • Mairead

    I’d say insensitive…but not out of character, if you look at pre-Caroline Tyler.  

    Even if he is an uber-powerful hybrid now, I’d still put my money on Caroline in a fight. :-)

    And CREEPY that he’s hanging out with Rebekah.

  • silvia anderson


  • Caroline

    Let’s just hope he won’t keep acting like a hybrid douche.

  • Darcellem

    So now that the spoiler confirm that Rebecaa I be imaging all day what Damon reaction going to be when he meets Rebbecaa!!! Cause he can’t be her up since she is an oringinal!!! Which means poor Damon going gets his ass whoop every episode!!!:-/ I also wonder what Rebecca reaction when she meets Damon!?!All I know is after seeing Rebecca in this episode I use to like her, but not anymore since she ruin everything!!! This is episode I can tell you is going to be a verison of Mean Girls and the Karkte Kid!!!!

  • silvia anderson

    You know, I know Tyler and Caroline have been friends all summer, but we didn’t see all that… Now that we finally get to see them together for real… they mess them up… Just give them a little break… Stefan and Elena had like 2 seasons of being lovey dovey perfect for each other kind of crap while being in the middle of all the drama. This sucks… I really hope they don’t let Tyler stray too far from the good side, yeah, be a little bad, but get back to the good side when it matters… 

  • silvia anderson

    yeah, and not cheating on our vampire barbie!! The new one sucks!

  • Mena_1992_1992

    i do not want any thing to happen to tyler and caroline we waited alot for them to be togher now ifeel something realy bad will happen to tyler

  • Charlie

    Hmm Tyler is totally proud of being Klaus’ first success…maybe it’s kind of a wolf thing ? Pack mentality and all? Werewolves seem more loyal to each other than Vampires so perhaps because Hybrids have this trait which could explain why he could more bound to Klaus?

  • Charlie

    oops that post was typo city..*it could explain why he could feel more bound to Klaus

  • Big

    Really? Tyler is all okay …no problems with HB..nothing and he’s okay with it…I’m confused….shouldn’t this cause some control issues or personal issues for him??
    Hope he is not going backt to the dick he was before. Not looking forward to this sl I must say….he has to end dead someday if he stays hybrid considering they are all fighting Klaus and the hybrids…I can’t see another way for him..

  • mika

    Is that why Klaus wants to make hybrids? So that he can build an army against Michael?

  • Addie

    Sooooo…. Rebeka keeping an eye on him means, that she’s the new student? She has to have a reason why she’s hanging around the school.

  • silvia anderson

    Yes, and no… He did follow Jules because of the pack thing, but after she died, he stayed with Caroline. If the pack thing matter that much, wouldn’t he have joined the other wolves… like, say… the ones he led Elena to on the hybrid episode. So, it must matter, but not enough for you to do something you don’t really want to… 

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