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Posted by | October 26, 2011, 10:08 (MST) | 45 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

In case you missed Nina Dobrev and Joseph Morgan on KTLA Morning News early this morning, you can watch the interview below courtesy of KTLA.

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  • Anonymous

    Was he joking, asking Nina about Joseph´s love life !? It´s not our business, (and not his either),
    I love Joseph´s accent, he is so different if you see him in an interview what means that he really plays so brilliantly when he flips the switch and becomes Klaus. I love him !

  • Anonymous

    We must be soulmate today because I was thinking the same thing.  I hate when reporters or fans ask actors about their personal life, its disrespectful.  They don’t owe us their personal information, they owe us a great performance which every actor on TVD gives us every week.

  • Lauren Knott

    This interview was . . . something else. At least Nina and Joseph are classy and professional, as always. 

  • Anonymous

    Actually I even found harder words in my comment, but edited them again because I didn´t want to offense someone respectively a show, especially since I´m not from America and only know KTLA from those interviews.

  • tvddeservesoscars

    Question:  At the end, when it’s just the reporter/anchors talking, and the one asked “How do you think that went?” And the guy was like “It’s weird, she’s normally nice when she’s here,” are they talking about Nina? What is going on?

  • Vee

    Yes, they were talking about Nina.

  • tvddeservesoscars

    Wow, that was awkward. I thought she was very nice and composed. Both of them were. Thank you for posting the video and answering my question :)

  • Anonymous

    That interviewer needs to take a class on manners.  He could not have been more disrespectful.   Nina and Joseph were very professional and a class act. 

    Way to go Nina, you had Joseph’s back on that personal question.  “We are here to talk about the show” 

    Show some respect KTLA, Joseph and Nina were up early to live stream this interview from Atlanta.

  • Manda13

    what a douchebag!! but Nina should have let Joe speak for himself! :) Just saying! He is a grown man afterall!

  • Anonymous

    Agreed! The interviewer caught Joseph off-guard.  It was a rude question.  Nina jumped in like a champ and put the interview in the right direction.  It’s understandable that people are interested in their private lives, but usually interviewers tread lightly and show some delicacy.  They don’t come out with the relationship question outright within 3 seconds of an interview.  And people who interview the TVD cast usually want to know spoilers. That’s what why I was excited to see this interview, I wanted some hints about the upcoming episode. And then it left me so confused that they were suggesting Nina wasn’t nice in this interview.  She was polite and a good sport.  So was Joseph. 

    Thank you for posting!

  • Anonymous

    yes, but he´s relatively new on TVD and my impression was that he was a little insecure and surprised and that she wanted to help him.

  • Anonymous

    I hope that when Nina watches this back and hears that he said “She’s nice when she’s here”, she understands that the presenter is just a tool and that she was perfectly nice and professional :)

  • Manda13

    Does anyone know why i cant reply to things!?? It wont let me… Boo!!

  • Manda13

    Reply to Iansfan

    YEAH I know! I would have just liked to seen what he would have said. And who is this girl that he was asking about? Does anyone know? Hate to speculate, but it seems kinda juicy!

  • Anonymous

    “Yeah, now I’m just kinda convinced that I can change into a wolf and I spend my free time chasing down doppelgangers.” x) 

  • Anonymous

    I thought she was nice too.  She looked a little tired,but hell she is working 14 hour days, who wouldn’t be tired.  I think the reporter was upset that Nina said that they were there to talk about the show and not Jo Mo personal life.  And I say, good for Nina!! It is called being a good friend.

  • Anonymous

    It is your search engine that won’t let you reply.  I had to same problem.  For some reason, Explore will not let me reply.  I had to come to this site from Safari.  Another poster said that they used Foxfire to get to the site and see all the buttons.

  • Patrícia W.

    I LOVE Joseph Morgan. It really was awkward, he did not like the question about his ‘love life’.

  • Anonymous

    Emily VanCamp or is it VanderCamp.  Is the star of Revenge.

  • NoMoreBoringTV

    What a rude interview!  I should complain on their website.  Did they think they are TMZ?!

  • Anonymous

    Emily VanCamp is Joseph’s girlfriend.  She is the star of a new show called Revenge on ABC.  I will say now, I love this show and Emily is fantastic!  It also stars Madeline Stowe.

    Joseph Morgan and Emily VanCamp did a HBO remake of Ben Hur which aired last year.  He was Judah Ben-Hur and she was Esther.

  • Anonymous

    Who suggested Nina was not nice…. the interviewer? The one that actually needs the lessons in manners? … good grief!

  • Vee

    The KTLA Morning News staff, when they talk about the interview not going well and implying it’s Nina’s fault it didn’t. 


    also, I think Nina is more used to dealing with stuff like this, what being asked about her and Ian’s relationship all the time….its good that she stepped up. Joseph looked like he was about to walk out for a second before she stepped in….

  • Anonymous

    I think Nina answered that ill-mannered question directed to Joseph with grace, class and style.  Joseph was obviously surprised by the question and looked sharply over at Nina, which is why I think she stepped in.  Joseph definitely had a WTF look on his face and was immediately irritated with the interviewer.  This had nothing to do with Joseph feeling insecure, he has done plenty of interviews and has an excellent resume of his own.  Joseph could have easily ended the interview before it ever got started.   Nina had Joseph’s back on this one and she professionally moved the interview back to The Vampire Diaries, which is why they agreed to the interview live stream from Atlanta to begin with.  Way to go Nina! I am proud of you!

  • CheckeredYcats

    Wow… what a jerk! I love Nina and Joseph!

  • Charlie

    Seriously KTLA…how rude and tacky can you get ! I’m glad Nina showed that interviewer up by having some class…that “news station” ought to be ashamed of themselves..they are always inappropriate.

  • Thirsty Like a Vamp

    Someone definitely got up on the wrong side of the bed but it wasn’t Nina, nor JoMo.

  • guest

    The interviewer was like most of the media.  Trying to get the scoop.  As much as people may not like it, that’s there job.  I’m not blaming Nina.  But, as soon as questions turned to  to Joseph Nina’s mood changed.

  • Julie Rodriguez

    Well, that was awkward. Sam Rubin was really rude asking that question to Joseph Morgan right off the bat. Rubin was unprofessional there that way he just said that. I had the same fact as Joseph, like “Wow. WTH.”. And Rubin said about Nina after the interview, how stupid. He obviously is being clueless. Nina and Joe were true professionals.

  • Aylin

     omg that interviewer is such a d*ck
    hahah Joseph was really pissed after that question

  • lene venable

    what an ass! I almost expected Joseph to walk out, it’s what I would have done. And the comments at the end were just disrespectful and very unprofessional. they should be thankful that Nina and Joseph even agreed to the interview. The reason for the interview was to talk about the show. Not Joseph’s love life or Nina’s favorite Halloween candy. I wish that when they do interviews they could actually get an interviewer that watches the show and can ask good questions.

  • KatAttack

    Wow, that whole interview was soooo uncomfortable! I felt like both Nina and Joseph were very classy about the rude questions, though. WTF was up with that interviewer? What kind of candy does she like? Huh?

  • KatAttack

    BTW when they showed the clip of Emily VanCamp she looked like she was blushing/uncomfortable too. Seriously, I think they very graciously steered the topic back to the show, and handled it well (but firmly). I’m annoyed that the guy then implied Nina wasn’t being nice.

  • Anonymous

    Wow- I agree with all of you, that interviewer was an ass. Nina was great turning the conversation back around to TVD…..and yes, JM had that WTF look on his face when the question regarding his girlfriend was asked. But to be honest, this isn’t the first time this station has had some truly WTF moments when interviewing the actors/actresses from TVD…it seems to me that every time one of the cast members does an interview with someone from this station, all of us are like WTF?????

    Honestly, I think the interview was pretty good, once turned around back to TVD (you go Nina), but the dudes comments at the end? About Nina not being nice? What an ass….he should have kept his mouth shut!

  • RiSh11

    I have no audio on my laptop – can anyone tell me exactly what was said between the interviewer, Nina, and Joseph in this part everyone is upset about?

  • Dolly

    But the question was directed at her. which makes it even more WTF :/

  • Jen ☆

    i thought she was very nice. The interviewer was just plain rude. He had no right to ask about Joseph’s love life. That pissed me off

  • Jen ☆

    Revenge is awesome!

  • Kim

    I think that the real problem though was the awkward way the reporter
    asked the question…he was talking to Nina…he addressed Nina and
    asked about Joseph’s love life…WTH?? If your gonna troll for scoop on
    someones love life…WHY would address and talk to their costar about
    it…that beyond oversteps and is extremely weird…and to have that be
    your leading question? I’ve watched a lot of interviews and it is
    understandable to want the gossip that’s their job but most interviewers
    warm up to it a little bit asking about the show first because after all that’s why they are there in the first place. I found it extremely rude and weird for the
    interviewer to address Nina and the first question be…soo about Josephs
    love life?…And from the looks of both their faces I think it shocked
    them both and took them aback a little bit…Nina just recovered
    faster…plus from past interviews I just get the impression that Joseph
    does not like or respect this aspect of the media and it kinda really gets
    to him whereas Nina has had to deal with it a lot especially regarding
    her and Ian so she’s used to it more…Cudos to Nina love her…she is sweet,
    respectful, classy, and professional….everything this interviewer is

    P.s Love Joseph to…aside from this interview…every other one I’ve
    seen of him he’s ADORABLE and sweet and it’s remarkable that he plays Klaus so

    Sorry this is such a rant…but this interview just really angered me and I had a lot to say about it…it is everything I hate about the media let people have their personal lives even if they’re in the public eye…at the end of the day I wanna hear the actors talk about the show that I love…not their love lives

  • Monica

    The interviewer is such a jerk. No manners, just rude gossip.
    Nina handled the question very well. She’s professional, like allways.
    Joseph was cute when he became all shy

  • Sue

    The interviewer was totally out of line and Nina had Joseph’s back as Joseph is fairly new to all this.  Nina handled it like a true professional.

  • Lexiee

    Sorry, but from what you just said, I got the impression that you’re implying that Nina’s self-centered?

    If that’s what you were trying to say, well I respect your opinion, but I have to say that I disagree. I think Nina was very polite and when the interviewer was asking about Joseph’s love life, she saw how uncomfortable he was, and like a good friend, she had his back. 

  • No1chacha

    I think the interviewer is the one who’s tired. That’s thinking on the positive side though… maybe he’s just an ass, and it’s as plain as that. Holy!

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