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Posted by | September 12, 2012, 10:19 (MST) | 26 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Nina Dobrev as ElenaAs part of their fall TV preview, Entertainment Weekly talked to Julie Plec and Nina Dobrev about the various transitions – including high school graduation – coming up for characters on season 4 of The Vampire Diaries. We’ll avoid the slightly spoilery specifics, but Julie Plec had this to say about these transitions in general:

“But look, what I’ve been saying a lot about this season to the people at the network and in general is that the writers and I are really focusing on that time in your life as your adolescence is coming to an end, that milestone of graduation, and you are making decisions: Do I leave home for good? Do I stay? Can I part with this town that’s been so important to me? Do I part with these people who have been so important to me? Am I going out into the world and starting a life and growing up?”

There’s more, including Paul Wesley‘s take on Stefan’s eternal youth and Nina‘s hopes for a certain big senior year event.


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  • mary.m155

    Isnt there a college in Mistic Falls they can all go to? :0)

    The College Diaries..

  • midnight

    Stefan only went back to high school so he could meet Elena.  He’s been to college, hasn’t he?  (Damon comments on it in early Season 1).  So he really doesn’t need to be in high school anymore.  I never understood why vampires who are over a hundred years old, but are frozen to be a teenager forever repeat the high school experience.  Why do they do it? 
    Yes, there’s college.  But when they graduate from college, what then?  Take Damon for example.  He’s not in school or college.  Is he ever going to get a job?  Or do the Salvatores have a phenomenal fortune tucked away somewhere which means they don’t need to work?  So many questions…

  • Georgia_Peach

     Stefan went back to high school for the sole purpose of meeting Elena.  It was never mentioned if Stefan has been to college, but it was established that Damon has, which is where he met Bree….and then Isobel, or which ever one he met first.  Alaric told Meredith Fell that Damon and Klaus were both financially loaded, which means Damon is filthy rich.  He doesn’t need a job.  In 1864 the Salvatore family was wealthy from the lumber business.  I would assume Damon, being the older brother,  has made smart investments over the past 146 years with the family money.  Go back and watch the episode “1912″  because Damon had the accounting records from all the past years, which is how he knew where the wood came from to build the original Wickery Bridge = white oak tree sapling that grew. 

    I can understand why Caroline, Tyler and Elena, as vampires and a hybrid, would want to continue on with high school and then college for now, but Rebekah is a thousand years old Original Vampire.  Putting her in a high school environment to play “mean girl” makes no sense.  Klaus is financially loaded.  It would have made more sense for Rebekah to own a business, or open a museum at the local college.
    Emory University has the Michael C. Carlos Museum which displays an art collection that includes objects from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Near East, and the ancient Americas.  It even has mummies.   I could see the Original family doing something like that for “good will” in the community and give Rebekah a meaningful purpose other than high school.  Vampires are a predatory species, but they have also been written to be very practical and very savvy in the business world because they have to blend in with human society. 

  • karen

     I kind of got the impression that Damon was off wreaking havoc or having too much fun to worry about any family business or obligations.  What I did think was  that the relative living at the Salvatore boarding house ran the family business and Damon or stefan would drop by  whenever they wanted to and that family member knew about the vamps, Uncle Zack or his father or whoever.   I’ve never seen Damon or Stefan  pay for anything, I think they compel people for the bills to be paid. Isobel wanted the biggest mansion in town and said Damon taught her how to get what she wanted.   Maybe then compelled a few bank managers for extra cash.   When Rebekah was getting ready for the dance just before Elena stabbed her she opened up and kind of gave the impression she meaning Rebekah had missed out on alot including high school.  Klaus on the other  does seem cultured and very intelligent probably because he has literally seen it all or probably studied it.  

  • Damonian

    I don’t think the Salvatores compelled people out of paying for everything over a hundred years. They do have to pay at some points in their lives and since they are financially loaded (lumber industry, sons of wealthy plantation owner, and living for YEARS helps money build up) they have the means to pay for what they need. They probably got out of some things, like getting into a forclousre for a while, but bills and things like that? I think Stefan and Damon both had enough money and pride to pay for that. Rebekah never got to go to high school, so it’s reasonable for her to want to experience it herself…Now if Klaus joined Mystic Falls high school as a student..I THINK I WOULD DIE FROM THE HILARITY OF THE SITUATION. I could imagine him teaching a s a professor in a collegE to keep track of his Mystic gang or owning a savvy business, but being a student? HAHA.

  • Georgia_Peach

     As explained in the episode, “1912″, Giuseppe Salvatore had an affair with one of his maids, which resulted in an  illegitimate child.  That is where the different so called Uncles (Zacks) came from who were the caretakers of the Salvatore Boarding House.  They made sure the house did not go to ruins and that the bills were paid.  Damon told Zack that he allowed him to live there, which means Zach was not the money maker, Damon was.   Apparently the money came from the Salvatore wealth and Damon’s investments over the years.  It was Alaric that told Meredith at the Wickery Bridge fundraiser that Damon was financially loaded.  Damon was the one that was invited to the fundraiser to write the check.

    In Season One it was Stefan that gave Elena and her friends the impression that Damon was all about wreaking havoc, which after watching three seasons of TVD, was obviously  not the case.  As a matter of fact in Season One, Episode 5 ” You’re Undead to Me” after Stefan vervains Damon, locks him in the cellar and takes Damon’s day walking ring, Damon tells Stefan “Your lies will catch up you brother” and those lies did catch up with Stefan in Season three.  Stefan’s dark past as a Ripper was revealed.   Stefan had been projecting his own misdeeds onto Damon in order to hide the real truth.

  • karen

     I get what you are saying I just assumed that since Zack and others talked about Damon like he is a loose cannon who would kill or hurt them in a blink of the eye that Damon was busy being Damon while the boarding house was been taken care of by family members.  I mean I think that members of the council which Zack was came from old money but also worked at keeping it going themselves. I thought  Alaric told Meredith about the money thing so she wouldn’t ask questions, I could be wrong.  I remember when Stefan vervained Damon.  Poor Zack was terrified of Damon.  Guess he was right to be scared because  Damon killed him.  Stefan was hiding his Ripper side from everyone and the Ripper was horrific.  Both brothers have done stuff in there past. 

  • Georgia_Peach

     It probably wasn’t a good idea for Zack to be Stefan’s accomplice and hold Damon in a cellar and starve him. 
    That situation was not going to end well for Zack.  If I recall, that was the last Zack for Damon to call on as a caretaker. 

  • From Beginning To End

     Damon never actually WENT to college. The quote was “I’ve been to college CAMPUS, yes.”  Stefan said he tried a lot of different jobs and enjoyed them, but had to leave before people noticed he wasn’t aging.

  • Georgia_Peach

     Yes, Damon did go to college.  Bree dated Damon and fell in love with him while he attended college.  She was a Freshman. Damon was continuing his search for a way to release Katherine from the tomb and tried to convince Bree to use her magic, but was unsuccessful.  Damon broke up with her.

    Pull up Bree on the Vampire Diaries Wiki. Damon attended college.  It would not surprise me if he took an occult class or two considering he was still trying to find a way to get Katherine out of the tomb.

    Transcript from the episode “Bloodline”:

    ELENA: Ok. So, how did you two meet?

    BREE: College.

    ELENA: You went to college?

    DAMON: I’ve been on a college campus, YES.

    BREE: About 20 years ago, when I was a sweet, young freshman I
    met this beautiful man, and I fell in love. And then he told me about
    his little secret, made me love him more. Because, you see, I had a
    little secret of my own that I was dying to share with somebody.

    DAMON: She’s a witch.

  • From Beginning To End

    Aside from all the conjecture, that’s the same quote I’m talking about, and it emphasizes that he didn’t “go to college” he just spent some time on a college campus, where he met Bree. Not the same thing, sorry.

  • Georgia_Peach

     Looks like we shall have to agree to disagree. 

    However, it would be nice to get the back story on Damon after he left Stefan in 1864, after what happened with Stefan  in 1912, during the roaring 20′s and up to the time he came back to Mystic Falls to free Katherine from the tomb. 

    It seems like there has been more detail about Stefan’s past than Damon’s.   Season three may have been referred to as the Year of the Originals, but it was just as much the Season of Stefan.


    Ha! Well, Ric mentioned to Meredith last season that Damon was “loaded”, so the phenomenal fortune it is. I’m guessing when you’ve lived for 160 + years, it’s easy to become filthy rich. Not to mention that the Salvatores obviously had money when they were humans;) I see zero reason for Damon to get a job when he doesn’t need to…I mean, if you had established your fortune and didn’t have to work, would you want to? Same thing with the Originals……..their family is loaded. None of them need to literally work to support themselves, so why do it?

    As to the high school thing, for me it’s a bit of a stretch. I understand that in the timeline of the show, only 1 1/2 years has passed. But, we’re going into the fourth season. Which means we’ve been watching this for 3 years/ working on 4. It would be nice if the gang had made it to college in Season 2, instead of still waiting to get there. Maybe instead of starting the show as Juniors in high school they should have started as Seniors?  In other words, could we please move this along a bit faster?


    Yep- I just re-watched season 1. Damon spent 145 years looking for a way to get Kat out of the tomb. Since he met both Bree & Isobel on college campuses, and he pretty much stated he did indeed go to college at some point, I see no reason to think he didn’t. Considering that Bree was a witch & Isobel was a grad student researching the paranormal, it would stand to reason that Damon wanted their knowledge of the “witch world” to help him find another way into the tomb, without having to wait for the next celestial event…I mean, who knew it would take 145 years for that comet to make it’s way back over the skies of Mystic Falls?

    Onto Rebekah…….I agree. Why would anyone want Rebekah to play “mean girl” at high school when she’s 1000 years old. I mean, when she was born, high school didn’t even exist;)


    I didn’t particularly care for Zach. He, frankly, was an uptight ass. I mean, if you think about it, Zach didn’t have to stay at the  Salvatore Boarding House. It seemed that he blamed Damon for the fact that he didn’t own the house, that he was just the caretaker, and that he was afraid to have a family of his own. Again, he didn’t have to stay at the Boarding House and be it’s caretaker, he chose to do that. Granted his family line was from the bastard child of Papa Salvatore, but in all honesty, he didn’t have to put himself in that position. Maybe it’s just because I just re-watched season 1 again, but how Stefan & Zach treated Damon was really ridiculous considering we now know what Stefan is…….I mean, geez. Pot/kettle anyone?

  • dman

    As far as how Elena and Jeremy are paying their bills: they did come from a well-to-do family. A founding family, in fact. And we all know how loaded some of them are. (Stealing money and land from those tomb vamps certainly didn’t hurt.) Also, their father was a doctor, so I’m sure he made a good living. And when their parents died, I’m certain there was some sort of life insurance policy.


    Yeah- I get that..but think about this: The Gilberts weren’t as well to do as the rest of them. They lived modestly, like any normal middle class family. They certainly weren’t rich. In S1, it was stated the Uncle John handled the finances, but is a life insurance policy enough to pay cost of living expenses and send two kids to college in today’s economy? I seriously doubt it, doctor or no doctor…..

  • minotaur1

    Just because a family chooses to live modestly, doesn’t mean there has not been a substantial amount of money passed down through the generations as an inheritance.  My own family does not come from wealth, but one of my mother’s close friends is the last of her family line and inherited a sizeable chunk of money.  Yet she has a career, married a pilot, takes trips to Europe yearly and has a “modest” home as well- if you can call a $500k home modest, that is! ( look closely at the Gilbert home, I am sure that is in the price range of that home).  In my own career as a veterinarian, I have learned that you cannot judge a person’s wealth by their appearances- that little old lady that you assume is living on a fixed income may in fact actually be a “quiet” millionaire!

  • karen

     Even though Zack and Damon and Stefan had different mothers they did have the same father.  So Zack had just as much a right to be at the boarding house.  As for Stefan and Zach treating Damon differently, that was when Damon was killing just because he wanted, he made himself very clear to Zach that he was is and always will be the boss and Zach better remember it he was using Caroline as a chew and sex toy, tried to compel Elena to kiss him creeping in her room because she looked like Katherine and he missed her.  Just kind of creepy sniffing her undies, Vicki to jump off a roof and so on.  Yea Stefan we later found out was the ripper but in season 1 Damon was on a mission to get his  true love of his life Katherine back only after Katherine said no did Damon all of a sudden want his brothers girlfriend.  Damon didn’t have to kill Zack

  • Georgia_Peach

     In 1864 there were two families that were extremely wealthy = Lockwood and Salvatore.  The Lockwood family gained even more wealth by taking over the land and businesses that belonged to the vampires after the “vampire roundup” of 1864.   The Salvatore family had land and the timber business.

    Johnathan Gilbert may have been a part of the Founding Families, but he was not wealthy.  He was a journalist and an inventor of gadgets, which is what Emily enchanted to give the humans a chance against vampires.   Grayson Gilbert was a doctor in the small town of Mystic Falls, which probably did give him a modest living. Miranda and Grayson also owned a lake house.  When Grayson & Miranda died, Uncle John Gilbert was appointed  the administrator over the financial inheritance for Elena and Jeremy even though it was Jenna (Miranda’s baby sister) that moved in to the Gilbert house as their guardian. There was probably some personal wealth and insurance money, which may have (emphasizing may have) paid the house off when Grayson and Miranda died, but I don’t see how Elena and Jeremy could stretch the money out for all their needs and pay for college.  Somehow I don’t see a financial scholarship based on their grades on the horizon for either of the Gilbert kids.  Maybe Uncle John Gilbert had money set aside, as well as a life insurance policy naming Elena and Jeremy as his beneficiaries too.

    It has been established that Damon is financially loaded and that Klaus is too.  Elijah said his father was a wealthy landowner and it has been established that Klaus dined with Kings and Queens.  The Original family were not peasants.

    If Elena and Jeremy needed financial help or were facing foreclosure on their home, Damon would step in and help …. that is a given.  He would not leave Elena financially helpless.


    Let’s put this back into perspective: I was talking about two high school students with no living parental authority figures. They don’t have careers, nor have they had a chance to really start living as adults. Nothing about the Gilberts, as seen on the TV show, suggests “quiet millionaires”. You think the price range of the Gilbert Home is 500k in small town suburbia USA in the South no less? No way, not in today’s economy, with the housing market taking a nose dive. Simply no way. It’s not like the small  town of Mystic Falls is located in California or New York, it’s in small town Virginia.

    However, Uncle John, who was the sole responsible person of the Gilbert finances, until he died no less, which was only roughly one year after the parents death, could have set aside money for college. But what about normal every day cost of living expenses? Their certainly wasn’t enough time, in today’s economy, realistically speaking, to make any wise investments on behalf of the Gilbert children, to pay for college and also pay for normal everyday cost of living expenses before his death. What I’m getting at, is even if the Gilbert kids have their parents life insurance money, or a bit of money set aside from their relatives, eventually, it’s going to run out with no other money coming in. It’s not like they been around for 100+ years to build up their own wealth.

    As I said before, the only character who’s ever mentioned worrying about money is Matt Donavan- hence his job at the Mystic Falls Grill.

  • Georgia_Peach

     Rebekah was dancing and partying (drinking) at the Speakeasy in the twenties.  She was very sophisticated and had no problem catching a guy’s eye who had the desire to dance with her. I see no reason why Rebekah would even care about high school or a high school dance.  The only reason Rebekah went to high school in the first place was to keep an eye on the doppelganger (Elena) and the successfully newly turned hybrid (Tyler) while Klaus went to find more werewolves to turn into hybrids.  It is a little hard to believe that suddenly high school is the center of her universe when she has already seen the beauty of the world (art, music and anything else her heart desired) while traveling the world with her brother (or I guess it could be classified as running from her father, the Vampire vampire hunter that only wanted to kill Klaus and possibly the rest of his kids).  Award for the worst parenting skills ever goes to …..Mikael and Ester….UGH!

    Truthfully, now that TVD is going into season four, I would have thought the high school experience would have ended by season two and the college experience would have already begun.  Frat parties would be a lot more fun than a high school decade dance or a high school homecoming dance.

  • Georgia_Peach

     and……… Matty Blue Eyes doesn’t have health insurance ….. and now his truck is sitting under water…. and he probably had no insurance on it either.  :(         


    Zach was living in the boarding house because Stefan & Damon let him. As established in season 2 (when the boys were trying to create a safe house for Elena) the title to the house was in both Stefan & Damon’s names…..Zach, while technically the boy’s nephew, although several generations had passed, didn’t own the house and was only a distant relative to Papa Salvatore….in other words, he wasn’t Papa Salvatore’s son, because that would have made Zach, who wasn’t a vampire, 164+ years old.

    Yeah Damon sure was trying to get under Stefan’s skin when he first arrived in Mystic Falls…and doing a pretty good job of it;) He certainly wasn’t playing Mr. Nice Guy by any stretch of the imagination. As to Damon creeping into Elena’s room & sniffing her undies, you really are taking those scenes out of context..and really, if you want to go there, Stefan displayed his own stalker tendencies towards Elena at the beginning of the series…and all because she looked like Stefan’s first love Katherine.

    As to Damon not having to kill Zach, the care-taker of Damon’s home, maybe Zach shouldn’t have tried to starve a vampire, who was technically his boss, and he wouldn’t have wound up dead. Not to smart on Zach’s part;)

  • Georgia_Peach

     Giuseppe Salvatore was married to Damon and Stefan’s mother.  Present day Zack was a descendant of the “bastard” child that was born out of an affair between Giuseppe and a maid. In no way would that child have been entitled to the Salvatore wealth as a beneficiary in 1864.  Damon allowed Zack to live in the Salvatore Boarding house only to be a caretaker.  Zack chose to help Stefan lock Damon up and then they proceeded to starve him.  The first chance Damon had to escape Zack ended up with a broken neck.  Zack never should have betrayed Damon.  Zack was a complete jackass and obviously felt entitled to the Salvatore wealth, but he wasn’t. 

    All the things Stefan was accusing Damon of being in Season one was pretty much calling the “Pot/Kettle”, as he was actually 10 times worse than Damon when it came to killing innocent people.  Stefan even kept a list of his kills on a wall in order to relive the moment.  I might add Giuseppe Salvatore was the first name on that list.   

    Damon came back to Mystic Falls to get Katherine out of the tomb. He didn’t care about the town or the residents, but as time went on Damon did start to care and he did develop friendships. There was a celestial event taking place and Damon needed to get inside the Lockwood Mansion to retrieve Emily’s pendant, which was needed to open the tomb.  Caroline was a means to an end.  Damon didn’t know her, didn’t care to know her, he found her to be annoying because she talked too much.  Caroline back in Season One pretty much set herself up to be used by Damon.  Caroline was all about competing against Elena and when she could not get Stefan interested in her, she went after the older brother, Damon. 

    Absolutely Damon can be ruthless, deadly and dangerous.  He also has the ability to love passionately.  Just by the virtue of the fact Damon waited and tried for 145 years to get Katherine out of the tomb speaks volumes in how deeply he loves and how loyal he can be.  Damon is in love with Elena and he has done everything he could possibly do to keep her safe, alive and human. No one has fought harder for Elena than Damon.  At the end of season three Elena chose to be with Stefan yet again. While Damon will always choose Elena first, it is unfortunate that Stefan did not chose her life first.  Due to Stefan’s choice, Elena’s human life has ended.

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