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Posted by | January 23, 2012, 19:54 (MST) | 14 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XXYou can find Nina Dobrev gracing the cover of NYLON’s February 2012 issue and the mag has included snippets from the feature on their website, as well as outtakes from the cover shoot. Thanks to PopSugar for the peek at the cover!

On doing more films
“I want to become a different person, and that’s what working in film allows. I want to be a punk or a sweetheart or a drug addict! There are so many things to explore… Sometimes they’ll be like, ‘She’s not plain enough.’ Or ‘She’s not edgy enough.’ That frustrates me. I feel like a blank canvas, and I wish people would be a little more open-minded.”


We tweeted a glimpse from our Twitter the other night but be sure to pick up the February 2012 issue of CBS’s Watch! magazine (Matt Czuchry and Archie Panjabi of The Good Wife on the cover) for a nice fold-out feature on Nina entitled The Dobrev Diaries.

And Seventeen has an interview with Nina about how she celebrated her birthday this year, “Vampire Diaries memories,” and what we can expect on the show very soon:

17: Can you tell us about the new episodes at the end of the month?

ND: There’s a ball coming up in Mystic Falls and all the main players are invited. They don’t know what to expect because there’s a lot of tension and being at this party feels like it’s a ticking time bomb. Everyone is on guard waiting for it to go off. There’s drama on and off the dance floor — some of the characters connect, for better or for worse. And the last thing I can say is that there are some pretty pivotal things that are said and cannot be taken back. It will come as a huge surprise for the audience!


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  • Guest

    hm…i am wondering what will happen at the ball… can’t wait!

  • Kim A

    Nina looks gorgeous!!!

  • Shannon

    I am dying to know what happens at this ball!!! Geez!! Hurry up already!!! Stupid break we’re having, we could’ve watched that episode in 2 wks instead of 3. smh. Sigh 

  • mary.m155

    ” And the last thing I can say is that there are some pretty pivotal things that are said and cannot be taken back. It will come as a huge surprise for the audience!”

    This is going to be huge, and its mor than likely going to go down between Stefan and Elena…

    I can’t wait to watch this episode….ITs going to be the best yet i think.

  • Anonymous

    And it’s probably going to hurt Damon. The synopsis said “dashed hopes”… guess the season of Delena didn’t necessarily mean the whole season of progress after all. Poor Damon…always gonna be second best. 

  • mary.m155

    But my theory is that her and Stefan make up..then she feels that its not right and runs back to damon.

    Its right. Just not right now..she has to make things right with Stefan in order to continue her love with Damon.

  • mary.m155

    She looks great

  • KatAttack

    I hope you’re right!

  • Laney

    A huge surprise? Hmmmm…..well maybe it isnt elena hurting damon. Because that wouldnt be a huge surprise, she hurts him alot. But i do hope it is something going down between elena and stefan. Maybe she chooses to trust damons plan rather than stefans? Who knows….cant wait.

  • Laney

    It may very possible be dashed hopes on regarding stefan and elena. Maybe stefan thinks it will be easy to get her back when in fact it wont be. And maybe the dashed hopes means he got his hopes up after elena takes damons side in a plan to try to defeat klaus. I am usually wrong soooo….. Lol

  • Anonymous

    Nice interviews!  Nina looks great! 
    HUH? Wait!  What did she name her 2012 cat calendar?  Ummmm..okay Nina Dobrev is a cat woman!   :)

    Sounds like Episode 15, Dangerous Liaisons, is going to be an excellent episode = Tuxedos, Ball Gowns, lots of tension, ticking time bombs, hurt feelings, and dashed hopes ….. and I just want to see the guys in their tuxedos…

  • mary.m155

    Elena did I will fact say that she trusts Damon now. And not Stefan …so maybe!!

  • Anonymous

    Stand up and applaud for Nina, because yes, she did go there;)

  • Hawaibabe

    Where do you buy CBS Watch at? I can’t find it anywhere, and I really want to read the article…

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