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Posted by | December 29, 2011, 9:59 (MST) | 7 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Nina Dobrev as KatherineA reporter from the New York Times Syndicate recently caught up with Nina Dobrev by phone from the set in Atlanta. She had some nice things to say about the show’s passionate fans, and also spoke about the challenges inherent in playing both Elena and Katherine:

“So it’s been more about learning to manage time and learning when to let go. I’m a perfectionist, I put 110 percent into everything. Trying to do that for two characters, I’ve been putting in 220 percent. It’s been a lot of work, but really cool. It confused me sometimes, early on, and I learned, when you’re doing something like this 10 months a year for possibly six years, you have to preserve your energy. I feel like it’s been acting boot camp. I’ve done everything on this show, a lot of things many actors don’t get to do throughout their whole career. So there’s nothing I can’t do or achieve after this.”


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  • Anonymous

    Excellent interview!  This show is definitely about love of family.  The dynamics and brotherly love between Damon and Stefan are the driving force of the show.  Their love for Elena comes in second.

    Say what you will about Klaus, but he was actually protecting his siblings from Michael (whom I still think is the one that killed Esther) and kept them close, although they were “hibernating” in their coffins.   Klaus was packing up and leaving Mystic Falls.  His number one priority now that Michael is dead, was to wake up his siblings and have a family reunion.  Stefan stole Klaus’s family and everyone left in Mystic Falls will suffer for it.  I’m not sure that was a good idea, but it is definitely good storytelling.

  • dman

    Once again Nina doesn’t disappoint. Great interview by her. Nice that she’s appreciative of the fans and recognizes their devotion and importance to the show. Also great insights into her acting process and her commitment to the show. Great actress, modest, hardworking, appreciative, good person, how could you not love her? I dare you not to love her! lol

  • charlotte

    Totally agree.

  • Anonymous

    100% AGREE with you.  :)

  • Anonymous

    I really enjoyed the interview. Nina Dobrev sounds so intelligent, thoughtful, articulate, and committed to her acting craft and to the show.  Also, so grateful to the fans.  I am amazed at how she remains humble (in the best sense of the word) in spite of her beauty and all the attention and adulation she gets. She seems like a really wonderful person!  I can hardly wait to see her play Elena and Katherine during the rest of this season.

  • GermanTVDfan

    So well written DianaPauline and dman!
    And I’m so happy with the chance of getting six seasons!

  • elena

    mym nice damon stefan

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