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Posted by | February 3, 2012, 10:05 (MST) | 7 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Tierney Bricker of E!Online recently spent some time in Atlanta and talked to Nina Dobrev, Zach Roerig, and Ian Somerhalder about Elena’s romantic future. Do they think Elena will choose Stefan, Damon, or someone else entirely? Ian’s take: “I think she is probably done with the Salvatore boys for a while.” And watch this video to see what Nina and Zach think:


And if you need one more taste of last night’s episode, Bringing Out the Dead (EP313), Zap2it has you covered with behind-the-scenes pictures of Candice Accola, Torrey DeVitto, Paul Wesley, and more.


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  • Diana Shapoval

    they are so going to lose the audience……we shall say goodbye….how can she be done with brothers when she didn’t give Damon a chance …..selfish very selfish of elena

  • thenextbigthing100

    If this were real life, Matt would totally be the right choice for Elena. He’s a great guy and he loves her and accepts her for exactly who she is and what mess she’s stumbled into. If this were real life, Elena should have booted the Salvatores out of her life a very long time ago, seeing as they’ve basically messed up her life. HOWEVER, seeing as this isn’t real life, I would be horrified if Elena ended up with Matt at the end, which I seriously doubt she will. I’m pretty sure the series will end with one of the Salvatores dying to save her somehow.

  • mary.m155

    NOOOOOO very unhappy…

  • Charlie

    Matt may be the best guy for her in a real life situation…but they will make the dullest ship ever. The first thing we heard about their relationship was that they had “no passion”…the brothers may make her life hell at times but watching her struggle between them makes damn good TV. A girl settling for the “nice blonde football player” not so much.

  • Vanessa B

    Matt and Elena while they were good in the past their relationship should remain in the past. They just don’t work. It’s kind of like watching Buffy with Angel. They were good in the past but her and Spike are a much better pair. And if I were Elena I would go toward Damon. Just don’t give Damon anymore crappy second choices in women and we’ll be okay.

  • Anonymous

    Nina looks so tired, and Zach has a runny nose xD

  • Bangelusfan

    I would rather for her to end up with Matt than with Damon, Damon deserves SO much better then her that’s for sure and so does Stefan!

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