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Posted by | March 1, 2013, 7:41 (MST) | 138 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

We know, we know: Hiatuses suck, but one Thursday down and only one more to go until The Vampire Diaries returns with all-new episodes on Thursday, March 14th! In the meantime, feast your eyes on some new episode stills for Bring It On (EP416) and Because the Night (EP417) and click the images to view the episode’s respective gallery on KSiteTV.

Bring It On (EP416):

Official Stills for Bring It On (EP416) & Because the Night (EP417)

Because the Night (EP417):

Official Stills for Bring It On (EP416) & Because the Night (EP417)

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  • Robin Rogers

    Well I think Klaus is that big of a loser, but I’m just trying to figure out who he’s sleeping with soon. It’s either Caroline or Hayley and that’s the only scenario I can come up with for him and Caroline that makes any sense. I’m just thinking they’ll do it to give Klaroline fans a parting gift of sorts.

    As for Hayley, that’s even more out of left field IMO. They hardly know each other and she’s going to be in his spin off, so if they want to get something going for them, what’s the rush? Why not let it develop naturally as part of the new show?

    The whole thing is odd to me.

  • Robin Rogers

    Kol was in a coffin during the 70s though.

  • San

    why is Damon lying on a mattress on the sidewalk of NY?? Elena looks fabulous with her new do (thanks guys for posting link). I want to see a Kathlena “meet up” just to see how Nina Dobrev can bring about a difference between Kat and the “flip the switch Vamplena.” This will be a third character for Nina Dobrev on this show and I can see her pulling it off.

  • Debbie

    Hayley is a very strange character, theres a lot about her we dont know yet. Maybe this is a huge stretch, but what if hayley is really working with klaus? Maybe they are involved, which is why they sleep together. it would be cool for klaus to start a new series with a girlfriend…

    We think she’s with Katherine, but what if she’s only spying on kat for klaus? That would help explain her role a little better in 4×09. I don’t completely understand her role in the killing of 12 hybrids – just to see her dead parents? If she was really linked to kat, she would be too smart and in control too believe crazy Shane. So, maybe klaus knew about the unsired hybrids and they were working together to kill them?

    I think hayley and klaus would work well together…

  • San


  • San

    in that 2nd link Damon looks he’s in a “rock band” (with the heavy eyeliner)

  • Robin Rogers

    That’s our ladies’ man. I hope this is true. It would explain a lot.

  • San

    I think Bree called him “walk away Joe.” (lol). I remember when they showed a flashback of the first time Damon met Lexi is when he was leaving Stefan behind & told her to take care of him…IMO she didn’t seem to like him then and he wasn’t a “bad boy” at that time..So if this is indeed true, I can’t wait to see how it came about. In those episode stills she looks receptive towards him like she wants to have a good time ;) (she has a bottle of liquor and he’s laying on the table…hmmm)

  • evangeline

    maybe it will be klaus/katherine-hate-sex;D I want klaroline but I just can’t see it yet! and hayley…hell…NOOOOOO!

  • Annabelle

    That synopsis is fake

  • Gwen

    I agree with your post 100%. Elena is not a puppet, and Damon is surely some Slave Master. Damon / Elena’s relationship has grown over the course many many episodes and you would have to be blind to assume the sire bond created love that was not already their.

    I also agree that Damon has a completely different relationship with Elena than he had with Caroline, Andie, and Charlotte, and it is almost a stretch to even call some of those a relationship and definitely not healthy .

    As far as Elena’s friends are concerned, I agree Elena has NOT done a great job of explaining and defending her feelings for Damon (for whatever reason – figuring out the sire bond, feelings being new to her etc…), but hopefully in the next upcoming episodes she will make it clear to everyone (including Stefan) why she wants to be in a relationship with Damon.

    The sire bond has been confusing and their have been so many plot holes. I for one will be so very glad to see it end. It will be interesting to re-read some of these comments once the sire bond is over and Elena’s relationship truly begins to see how close some of these posts were to getting it right or wrong.

  • napoli

    But even Tyler argued with Klaus over biting Caroline but he bit her anyways…so she’s an argumentative puppet.

    Bottom line when Damon asks her to do something she has to do it. Call it something other than puppet but the same consequence still befalls her.

  • napoli

    So let’s say that Elena did fall in love with Damon it still says something that she wasn’t able to admit it, say it act upon it until her free will was taken away by the sire bond.

    Had Elena not been under the sire bond and she said Stefan I’m tired of you, I love you but I don’t know if I want to spend the my youth with you and I want to explore my feelings with anyone and everyone including your brother. I would say awesome! Choose your own destiny and be happy. Me being in denial about Elena loving Damon is the same as people who believe that Elena is in an actual relationship with Damon right now. Denial works both ways…

  • napoli

    By figure of speech I mean like the following:

    I am married to one man and I prefer men over boys.

    The plural men and boys refers to men and boys in general as Elena referred to vampires in general.

    Elena was in a tough spot in s3 and I just have a hard time believing that she genuinely loved Damon but couldn’t muster a little I love you
    right at the end.

    I enjoy reading your opinions and actually everyone’s. I just don’t agree with all of them.

  • napoli

    I guess she chose death over Damon too considering you believe she loves him so much she can’t even tell him.

    Elena chose to save Matt because she is a compassionate loving person who didn’t want another person to die because of her. I’m not saying I could be that selfless and do the same thing although maybe for one of my kids…but even though it’s hard for us to grasp how dying for Matt makes sense to us it makes perfect sense for Elena and that Stefan respected her to listen to what she wanted was beautiful even if the end result was her death.

  • napoli

    But Caroline is an obsessed control freak. You pegged her perfect…this is Caroline to a T!

    Remember when Klaus read aloud her Miss Mystic Falls application form in 4×7…I mean that was exactly Caroline even as a human.

  • Robin Rogers

    4×01-Elena stopped Damon from attacking Matt.
    4×02-Elena goes with Stefan to drink from animals even though Damon thinks it’s a mistake.
    4×04-Elena doesn’t feed on the blond girl Damon chose for her.
    4×05-Elena puts herself in the middle of the hostage situation.
    4×06-Elena refuses to call Stefan no matter how many times Damon tells her she should. He ends up doing it for her.

  • Manon

    Thank you! I’m too lazy to look up obvious examples, which occured throughout the whole season.x’D

  • Robin Rogers

    There’s a huge difference though. Klaus doesn’t give a crap about what Tyler or any of his other hybrids think or want whereas that’s ALL Damon cares about. The only time he used the SB against her wishes was to send her away to make Stefan happy and remove them both from temptation, but it made her miserable, so he caved.

    There is no consequence here. Anyone you love has the power to make you do things you don’t want to do in the name of that love. If they love you back, they’d never use that power against you and Damon hasn’t. The SB storyline is just a metaphor for that kind of all-consuming love and Damon has handled it beautifully IMO.

  • Robin Rogers

    Again, she didn’t act on it because of the SB. If that’s all it was, it would have happened in 4×01 because it kicked in as soon as she transitioned. She acted on it once her relationship with Stefan was broken beyond repair and they both agreed to end it. Not because of him leaving town to be with Klaus or because he was compelled or filled with guilt, but because they tried, but couldn’t fix everything that was going wrong with their relationship. Stefan lying to her about working with Klaus, compelling Jeremy behind her back and trying to turn her into a bunny eater against her nature just so it’d be easier for him to be around her as a vampire and his personal issues with vampirism in general sunk their relationship, not the sire bond.

    She acted on her feelings once she was well and truly free to do so and not a moment before because that is the kind of girl she is.

  • Georgia_Peach

    Kol was snoozing with a dagger in his chest in the 70′s.

  • lolalovestvd

    I hate the sire bond as much as everyone else. However, by attributing characteristics to it without evidence from the show just seems like an attempt to rewrite the story. Nothing we’ve seen so far supports the claim that it’s some over-arching manifestation of Elena’s need to satisfy every thing that Damon desires whether he vocalizes it or not.

    What has been shown and what Julie Plec has stated is that if Damon issues a request or command and if he doesn’t back down from that, Elena has to do it. Period. Additionally, the sire bond does not affect feelings. Damon can not order Elena to feel any particular way about anyone, himself included, and have that happen. It won’t work

    It seems Elena has free will in every thing that isn’t related to a direct command from Damon. He never asked her to end things with Stefan. In fact, he actually shoved her back in Stefan’s direction, encouraged her to forgive him and to take her problems to him. She refused. Sire bond in action, obviously.

    In any case, Stefan is the one who broke up with Elena, not the other way around, He knew – and voiced it – long before S4 that she was also in love with Damon. She did not deny it. None of this is new information.

    Elena’s inability to act on her feelings prior to becoming a vampire was related to who she is and was completely in-character. She loved Stefan and wanted to try to give that relationship another chance. Unfortunately, according to the witch in NO, vampirism – not the sire bond itself – caused her heightened emotions and apparently, what she felt for Damon ended up being stronger than what she felt for Stefan.

    After Stefan broke up with her, she was single and free to explore whatever might develop with Damon. He didn’t request that, certainly didn’t expect it, didn’t even know about it. Sadly, because of Elena’s past denial and rejection and his own insecurities, Damon can’t accept that she could ever have chosen him based solely on her real feelings. This is just another obstacle and a fresh layer of angst for them to overcome.

    I agree that Damon and Elena are not in a romantic relationship at this point and that’s been made pretty clear on the show. Damon certainly doesn’t appear to think they are, anyway. They are still friends, though and even though she’s probably blocked out her feelings for him when she “turned it off”, Damon still loves Elena and he won’t turn his back on her, walk away or try to forget about her just because she’s not in love with him at the moment.

    Maybe we’ll all be enlightened about the specifics of the sire bond before the season ends but I don’t have high hopes. Honestly, this entire storyline has been too ambiguous to be satisfying in any way.

  • napoli

    Elena is angry because Stefan compelled Jeremy yet she did the exact same thing via Damon twice.

    Elena said several times that she did not want to hurt anyone. In episode 4×8 Elena was so grateful to Damon because she was finally able to eat from a blood bag but Damon’s the one who told she could only feed from the vein which is not true. As Caroline said in 4×7 ‘Name one vampire in the history of vampires who couldn’t drink from a blood bag. Damon said she couldn’t so she couldn’t’

    It was 4×2 that Damon told Elena ‘Vampires eat people as part of the natural food pyramid. Trust me you’re going to be miserable.’ And guess what Elena was miserable.

    In 4×4 after coming back from Whitmore Elena says to Damon ‘It’s just that I feel like…when you tell me what a vampire should be deep down I believe you. I think that you’re right and I hate that feeling because I don’t want to be…’ And then Damon answers like me and she doesn’t disagree with him. Is this someone who sounds like they want to feed off people. But she has no choice because of the sire bond. That’s not against Elena’s nature – it’s against Damon’s nature because he has no regard for humans. Stefan knew Elena would be upset if she ever killed someone yet through Damon’s command she killed Connor and she was devastated.

    I fully agree with you that Stefan working with Klaus and not telling anyone including Elena or Damon was wrong. But Klaus also had Stefan in a tough spot because Klaus had threatened him that no one must know about the cure. Klaus said he would erase each and every memory – not just about the cure – but every memory from all of them including Stefan, Damon and Elena (4×4). So although Stefan should have told them all the truth from the beginning he had a strong incentive not to divulge the info to protect them.

    When they broke up it was because both Elena and Stefan realized that Damon has an influence on Elena that he never had in the past. All a result of the sire bond but at the time neither of them knew about the sire bond so it seemed as though it was from Elena’s unresolved feelings or her newly deepened feelings for Damon. But again this is the sire bond. Elena listens to Damon and trusts him as Tyler did with Klaus in s3. The only difference is that Tyler never had any feelings for Klaus prior to turning and if anything is only grateful that he no longer needs to turn at every full moon. But Elena did have feelings for Damon prior to turning and these were intensified by the sire bond. Even not trusting Stefan was intensified because he was doing things against not just her but against Damon who she is now more drawn to because of the sire bond.

    The description you have for Stefan and Elena breaking up sounds similar to what also happened to Stefan and Elena in s3 yet in the end she chose Stefan because there was no sire bond in place to cloud her judgement. And again being a vampire is not a reason to have diminished feelings for Stefan because then her feelings for Stefan should have intensified but instead the opposite happened. Her feelings for Stefan literally vanished and her feelings for Damon became so strong. This isn’t a normal part of turning into a vampire but when there’s a sire bond it is. Look at Charlotte – after 70 years she’s still all over Damon? That’s not normal for anyone not even a vampire but the sire bond caused this and not normal emotions.

  • Robin Rogers

    The problem with your interpretation is JP confirmed the plural usage was deliberate. Elena loved both of them and still does. That’s the story they’re telling.

  • Robin Rogers

    They didn’t vanish. She still loves Stefan, obviously. Charlotte was obsessed with Damon, which is how she ended up SB’d to a man she barely knew. That is not at all what’s happening here.

    Yes, SHE did ask Damon to compel her brother twice. HER brother who had become her full responsibility because all their parental figures are dead, not Stefan’s. Damon did that with her full consent. Totally different.

    Elena was grateful about the blood bag because she didn’t know the SB had affected her ability to feed that way yet and neither did Damon. That would never happen again. Regardless, feeding on animals is not healthy or natural for a vampire and Stefan trying to get Elena to do it was purely self-serving. He wanted her to stay as human as possible do he could go on pretending nothing had changed, but it was a fool’s gambit. Stefan didn’t offer her blood bags at first either. Why do you think he did that?

    Damon would have gladly killed Conner for her if Stefan hadn’t crippled him. Furthermore, Elena had just gotten through telling Damon that her brother was the only thing keeping her together. Elena’s guilt over her first kill would’ve been nothing compared to her guilt over doing nothing if her inaction had caused Jeremy’s death. Also, the sb never prevents Elena from objecting to a directive and she did not, therefore she WANTED to kill Conner. Damon just told her how to do it and stay alive herself.

    Regardless, they both would have helped to keep him alive if they’d known he was the key to the cure, but Stefan chose to keep that to himself. Yes, klaus threatened him not to tell, but so what? The consequences of lying far outweighed any loyalty he should have had to Klaus.

  • Canderella

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG Damon with eyeliner?!?! ….*fainting*….

  • shoe20

    Enjoy your posts, and I agree with most of your assumptions. Until I hear from Elena that she only cares for Damon with the SB broken, I can believe her feeling are real. (just like Damon)

  • Georgia_Peach

    Klaus has too big of an ego and when and if he has that moment with Caroline, he would want it to mean something. However, I would not put it past Caroline to actually believe that if she slept with Klaus and made it seem real, he would let Tyler live. Caroline has been on a manipulate Klaus trip for a while. The problem for Caroline is that Klaus does actually get under her skin. I don’t think Klaus will be sleeping with Hayley, or anyone else other than Caroline. There has been nothing written so far that leads me to believe that Klaus is a “player”, or they type of guy that enjoys one night stands and he is especially sensitive when it comes to Caroline.

  • shoe20

    Nothing we’ve seen so far supports the claim that it’s some over-arching manifestation of Elena’s need to satisfy every thing that Damon desires whether he vocalizes it or not.

    What about the only example of a vamp SB the writers have given us. Charlotte!

  • lolalovestvd

    Actually, we have two examples – Elena and Charlotte.

    We only saw Charlotte for about 5-minutes of screen time but she responded to directives from Damon and they were translated literally. Count bricks, show no mercy, stop crying. That’s exactly what she did. Also, her sire bond was formed from completely different feelings for Damon than Elena’s was.

    The witch, Nandi, said that the vampire sire bond forms from human feelings. So, if Charlotte’s human feelings for Damon were obsession, then her obsessive behavior toward him would still be there once she became a vampire. Wouldn’t it…? Elena’s sire bond formed out of her love for him and so her general behavior would probably be different.

    It seems like, logically, the two women wouldn’t behave in the same way toward him.

    I don’t know. I only know what we’ve seen and been told so far which is that that feelings are not affected and that direct orders must be followed. They can disagree if they don’t want to do it but, if he stays firm, then they will eventually comply. Which is gross and a hated storyline for your lead female protagonist. Hate it!

  • Gwen

    Sorry typo…Damon is Surely NOT some Slave Master..

  • Szilvia M. McBride via Facebook
  • Gwen

    TVG just confirmed it will be Caroline, fangs, full on vamp-fight. They are saying the fight will be fun but also sad. Here is one article:

    A few more new pics (pics 2 & 4) of Elena’s new hairstyle. I hope pic #2 Elena’s is looking at Damon. Here is the article:

  • shoe20

    Please I need help to understand something.
    Elena is coming back in 4×16 with her feelings and emotions suppressed, correct? I realize that Damon using the SB telling her to turn it off was an action. Ok so what is the difference between feelings and emotions? Before Damon invoked the SB she had both – now they are suppressed. I don’t understand how the SB didn’t effect feelings in an indirect way. The mantra of actions not feelings just doesn’t make sense when the only influence for the change was Damon.

  • lolalovestvd

    I know, right?
    I think they’re trying to play it off as Damon telling her to “Turn it off” is an action, which is can be controlled by the sire bond. He didn’t tell her how to feel or what to feel, just to suppress it all. Once her emotions are suppressed, though, I think the bond might work differently or not at all and so maybe they’ll have a hard time getting her back…? That would be a major oops! moment.

    This whole storyline is so convoluted and hateable. I was so much happier when I was in my denial bubble of not believing in the sire bond at all and blaming Elena’s couple of OOC moments on hypnosis. TBH, most of my brain still does believe that so I’m going to stop trying to figure things out and just go with it from now on. Whatever will be, will be. ;)

  • ihatepeople

    Robin you make very good points. I’ll be so glad when this sire bond is no longer an issue. I’m so sick of people blaming Elena’s feelings and actions solely on the sire bond. She is still capable of making her own decisions and the sb doesn’t change her feelings only her actions when she is given a direct command. I don’t know why this is so hard for people to understand when we’ve been told more than once.

  • Rosie1960

    Nothing for Stefan fans?
    Will it always be the Damon & Elena show from now on?
    I’m loosing interest.

  • FrenchChris

    (Sorry for the mistakes, I’m french).
    I enjoyed very much that topic. Your different points of view were very interesting. Thank you.
    For me, Elena was already slowly falling in love with Damon since season 1, but wasn’t really aware of it before season 3. The sire bond and magnifiing stuffs are very complicated and confusing, but we can’t deny that the love is there, deeply rooted.
    Anyway, we have to keep in mind that Elena is only 17/18 years old ! How can she deal with all these huges feelings and losses in such a short time ? Her confusion is absolutly natural.
    Stefan means for her safety and sweet loving, he is conforting enough. And, he is also understanding, respectful of her decisions…
    Damon doesn’t confort her in any way… On the contrary… As Rose said (3X19), he challenges her all the time, makes her question herself (and he is also overprotective !). I understand why Elena is scared to admit to herself that she’s in love with him…
    When your world is collapsing, what do you need first ? Safety or challenging ?
    Anyway, when Elena will get rid of that SB (the sooner, the better), I hope that she’ll find out about her true feelings. And… I hope that she’ll choose Damon, in spite of his wild temper and many issues, because they balancing eachother… And it would be only fair for Damon, because he never had been the loved one, first in his human life (his father rejected him). But I’m afraid that the writers of the show have something else in mind…
    Merci de m’avoir lue.
    Un petit bonjour de France… ;-)

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