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Posted by | January 29, 2013, 20:32 (MST) | 84 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Well, in addition to a few new stills from A View to a Kill (EP412), tomorrow night’s all-new episode of The Vampire Diaries, KSiteTV also has a peek at stills for the next two episodes. Click the images below to view their respective galleries and beware spoilers!

Stills for Into the Wild (EP413), airing Thursday, February 7th:


And Down the Rabbit Hole (EP414), airing Thursday, February 14th:


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  • shila1307

    Good heaven GP, how do know all this background information. You’re almost like a TVD dictionary or wikipedia LOL! I have my own theory sometimes, I think you work for TVD

  • Laurentina Oliva

    When i said “together” i meant she admitted to be in love with him, maybe not officialy, but that’s why Stefan is so pissed off (not only because she slept with his brother) but anyway, you’re right, the writers are already doing anything to keep them apart… and i dont want either a 3×18 espide part 2. I think for once, Damon has some happiness 

  • bsylviemdi

    Your thoughts on Stefan and his card do make sense

    That damned cure, i am positive that it is not what everybody things.
    Why should there be hunters that kill vampires and the more of them they kill the closer they get to a “cure” for vampirism??

    So what were they supposed to do.with that”cure” when they find it
    They still had to find a witch to cast the spell.
    From what we know by now it doesn’t really make sense to me.

    In my opinion it is just a device to keep people/vampires or whoever searching for Silas tomb.
    And the hunters and their mark make sure that the opening spell for the tomb doesn’t get lost.

  • bsylviemdi

    Agree 100%
    And what makes it even better his personality is as beautiful as his looks (Ian is just the best)

  • ihatepeople

    Exactly it makes no sense why a hunter would want to “cure” vampirism when they’re main job is to kill vampires. It’s more likely some kind of weapon or a ruse to get people to seek out Silas to free him.

  • Robin Rogers

    “There probably were no active hunters for centuries”

    I thought that, too, but then I remembered that Jeremy killed a hybrid in 3×10, but it didn’t trigger his hunter’s mark, which means there were 5 active ones at that time. But how?

    Do you remember that shane had a picture of the unfinished mark in his office and that he actually send connor to Mystic falls.So he was aware that there are vampires.”

    Shane’s job revolves around the occult though. He’s in a unique position. Plus, he’s probably Silas. haha

  • Robin Rogers

    I hope she makes another appearance. I’m still hoping she lied about breaking the sire bond.

  • LoveNina’snewhair

    TVD goes Lost. Bet Ian/Boone/Damon will love it!

  • Robin Rogers

    That’s always the way with heroes though…no one suffers more than them.

  • Agnieszka Ehlert

    Does it mean Kol is dead  ? :(

  • Jorge Junior

     I hope not. That would be so predictable.

  • Athasin

    Or maybe they just daggered Kol, daggering Elijah led to his compulsion of Katherine to wear off so chances are the same happened with Damon/Kol.

  • delenafan

     Or he is just daggered and stored away in a box. Klaus threatened him he would end up in a box if he doesn’t back off…

  • Georgia_Peach

     Lake Lanier Islands are beautiful.  Takes a little over an hour to get to them from Decatur, GA going north into the North Georgia mountains.  TVD could not have picked a more beautiful area to film these episodes.  I’m looking forward all the new episodes, especially “Into the Wild”.

  • Georgia_Peach

     I hope not…. Kol needs to go to New Orleans with his family…although he is probably making the trip daggered and in his coffin. The gang should have listened to Kol…and they will regret that they didn’t.  Team Damon should have joined Team Kol…because raising a being that is 2,000 years old  will not end well.

  • Iheartdamon

    These pics are great! Obviously minus the tortured HRS pics. I really like that they are out of Mistic Falls. Or at least outside period. Very beautiful scenery. I suspect Vaughn for sure in 4×14. I had thought finding the cure was going to be an end of season thing, but it seems as though they will probably find it soon. It makes me so nervous! I love Elena as a vampire, I love all of them as vampires! I don’t want them to change. Except maybe Stephan, he needs to be human.

  • darkdimension

    He is either daggered or dead, if Damon is out and about and free to roam the countryside. The fact they are on the way to Silas’ burial place suggests that Jeremy’s mark is complete. So unless someone has created another chance for him to massacre newbie vampires, which is unlikely, it seems like Elena’s plan might have worked out. If he is dead, I hope he has had a chance to tell them before he went up in flames why they all should be afraid, be very afraid of Silas.

  • bsylviemdi

    It is good to see them somewhere else
    I do like the episodes titles very much
    They sound very interesting

  • ihatepeople

    Anything is possible.

  • bsylviemdi

    Oh Robin of course, i did not connect these episodes with each other, but i think you have a point there

    Do there always have to be 5 hunters at a time

    I know that there is nothing like a vamp bar and grill where vampires meet and exchange informations but shouldn’t there at least be rumors flying around when 5 hunters are on their mission to kill as many vampires as possible.

    Klaus mentioned he has not heard or seen any hunters for 900 years

  • bsylviemdi

    I hope so, i somewhat liked kol, however it would not make Sense to go to the tomb if the mark wasn’t completed and if kol is dead his bloodline dies too
    So i guess he is dead

  • delenafan

     Interesting point about Jeremy’s mark probably having been completed prior to them going to the island.
    Would Klaus really sacrifice his brother for that?
    Is what he is after more valuable than this cure thing?

  • bsylviemdi

    I think it would not make sense to go to the tomb with the mark incomplete. And it is impossible for jeremy to kill so many vampires until the next ep

    In the text for the stills it says that jeremy and bonnie are trying to find out what the mark could mean

  • darkdimension

    Would Klaus sacrifice his brother? I certainly think he wants him back in his box right now, but I don’t think he would want him dead, no. Though the two of them seem to have no love lost between them. So I’m guessing, that killing him will not sit well with him, but it will be mainly for the principle of the gang killing yet another of his siblings. It would be a very different matter if they killed Elijah or Bex, his bond with these two is extremely tight.

  • Logic

    Notice how there arent giving anything away in terms of Damon and Elena… This could be a good thing… 

  • Raven

    Did any one see any scenes with Damon and Elena together so far?Unless my vision is blinded by HRS, I did not.

    I don’t want a sex scene,I know that Damon is a gentleman and with the SB in play he would not go there.And Elena would not provoke him either.

    I only want them lying on the warm blond sand.They don’t even have to be facing each other.I just want them  side by side,lost in the beat of the hearts and the stillness of the night, their fingers intertwined looking up into the starry night.
    Is that too much to ask for?

  • PixieLavender

    Let’s say if this cure did exist, who would bring who from the dead?

    Stefan – Lexi, Zach, Parents?Matt – Vickki
    Caroline – Dad
    Jeremy – Anna, Parents, Vickki, Jenna, Alaric
    Elena – Parents, Jenna, Alaric
    Bonnie – Grams 
    Tyler – Parents
    Damon – Alaric, Rose
    Shane – Wife and child

    Then if those people come back they may want to bring their loved ones, 

    Rose – (forgotten his name, the best friend)
    Anna – Mum
    Alaric – his wife?
    Lexi – husband


  • PixieLavender

    I remember reading that Julie Plec said that Episode 15 would change the tone of the characters. That everybody will be affected by something and they change. I’m guessing it’s going to be the death that affects everyone, since this death is ‘major’ and will affect everyone.

    I read along time ago that it was Damon. Before some peeps have a hissi-fit, I mean not permanently (i.e he leaves the show) I mean temporarily.That would have a huge affect on the characters. I guess it would be a shock. 

    Also possibly Jeremy. I mean Elena would have no family left. Instead of grieving she may turn it off and we’ll see this ‘dark’ side of her. In which Stefan may intervene, but he said to Elena that he didn’t care. And Elena’s dark side might scare him and so on.

    Who knows….awhh the possibilities! It’s just a guessing game right now XD 

  • PixieLavender

    As in he said he’s over her in episode 11. 

  • Robin Rogers

    I like that, too. It’s like, “Hey, am I in this episode?” haha

  • Annabella

    Hey did you guys read Ian’s interview yet? If not here it is.

  • Annabella
  • Robin Rogers

    Nope. In fact, based on these pictures I’d say it looks like Damon is dating Shane now.

  • Shannon

    When i first saw these stills, it made me nervous and excited at the same time, lol

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