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Posted by | September 20, 2012, 17:44 (MST) | 32 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

KSiteTV has the first batch of images from Memorial (EP402). Click the image below to see them all at KSiteTV.


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  • Pamela Ross via Facebook

    i think its ricks memorial

  • Bethany

    Ommgggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!! why do they have to torture us with these photos! Why can’t october 11th come faster!??? I think seasons 1, the first half of season 2 and the last few episodes of season 3 were the best. i hope season 4 is like those episodes. I liked it alot when there was romance (stelena, matt and caroline as well as tyler and caroline), friendship (bonnie caroline and elena), suspense (katherine), humour (Damon), mystery (Elena’s birthparents) and best of all, Cliffhangers. Season 1 cliff hangers were amazingg! I am not a big fan of klaus but i do like rebecca and i also dont mind elijah!

  • Cherrie


    I’m guessing Damon goes to the memorial service & is like “Well this this is boring I’m leaving.” Lol jk. Idk he probably leaves because something happens (again). Then Elena, Jeremy, and Matt arrive. Something happens, which explains Stefan, Elena, and Matt are freaking out. Also the picture where Elena is like clinging onto Stefan, she looks ill. Like she’s about to be sick. Maybe drinking animal blood (or human blood) isn’t going so well for her.

    Tyler looks pissed or possessed. I’m pretty sure that’s actually Tyler and not Klaus. Could be wrong though. Also what the heck are Caroline and Stefan doing? What is that in Stefan’s hand? 

    I also want to say that Stefan and Damon are looking hot as hell in those suits. Like damn, no wonder Elena has a hard time choosing. LOL jk. They all look amazing. Such a good looking cast. 

    Guys, we only have like 3 more Thursdays to go! We can do it! Come on, we survived more than 3 months without the show. LOL but it’s so hard sometimes. I cannot wait for this!! ♥

  • sarah

    4 things:

    1) stefan’s hair in the first pic where he is by himself is perfect styling lol
    2) what’s going on in that tyler/stefan/caroline pic
    3) aww love the stefan/elena pic where they are holding onto each other
    4) IS IT OCTOBER 11 YET!!

  • sarah

    ps in the tyler/caroline/stefan pic–it looks like stefan is holding a bullet with pliers….so looks like tyler got shot

  • Charlotte

    Maybe it is Alaric’s memorial.  Can’t be Tyler or Caroline’s mother, they don’t look devastated. Whereass Elena and Jeremy do.    Wonder why they are all ducking?  Love the picture of Stefan and Elena holding onto each other tightly.  Looks like Tyler has been shot with a wooden bullet. Damon and Stefan look gorgeous in there suits.  Ok, where’s Bonnie?   Cannot wait for the return of TVD’s.

  • Mary Luna

    I really like the image with Tyler and Caroline. The slight smirk and
    furrowed brow is just so reminiscent of Klaus. And the way he’s got his
    arm around her just seems really possessive. My hat’s off to Michael
    Trevino. Then again, I could be reading into it too much.The

    Stefan and Caroline has someone lying on the couch beside them.
    Most likely Tyler. Maybe they figured out that it’s really Klaus. But
    that just raises the question: “How?”

    I zoomed in on the Stefan and Caroline shot and it looks like
    Stefan is holding a bullet, wooden bullet even. Maybe “Tyler” got shot?
    Protecting Caroline perhaps? At the end of season 3, Tyler’s mom told
    them to leave town because Alric outed everyone to the council. Maybe,
    the town is getting wise on them…. Maybe they shot into the crowd at the funeral? Hmmmmm…. MAN! I totally can’t
    wait for this season to start!

  • Georgia_Peach

    Wow…. overload!  Stills already???  for Episode 2 – Memorial 

    Somebody has died and something major is going down.  TVD!  :)

  • From Beginning To End

     It looks like Stefan has some kind of bullet in his hand, I’m guessing Tyler got shot with something interesting.

  • Evesworld

    Alaric died ;-)

  • Georgia_Peach

     Alaric … R.I.P. (already missing my favorite history teacher/day drinker/vampire hunter/Guardian to the Gilbert kids/best friend to Damon)

    But I don’t think Alaric’s death has anything to do with this “Memorial”.

  • KatAttack

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Kego

    First: I LOVE the Stefan & Elena pics! They are so close,I missed that. I admit I had Stelena-withdrawal symptoms since S3 :D

    Where is Bonnie? Can it be her furneral?? The official synopsis says “Bonnie pays a terrible price for her attempt to change Elena´s fate” We know they take parts from the books and change them for the show. They may take this whole `Elena dies,is in the ghost world and comes back later´ not for Elena,but for Bonnie…

  • Yasemin Turner

    my guess is the new hunter does something at the memorial plus like everyone is saying Stefan has a bullet in his hand and Tyler looks like he’s hurt. Im guessing the council brought someone in

  • Adele Brooks

    I think it might be a funeral for Klaus or something, because they all think he’s dead. Everyone looks like WTF is going on and everyone else looks compelled and not fazed at the thing happening that Stefan and Jeremy are looking at  

  • Mehr03

    where is my girl Bonnie? anyway they all look gorgeous. I cannot wait for TVD.


    Looks like Tyler has had a run in with the new vampire hunter in town, Connor (he shows up in this episode), and Conner has W.E.A.P.O.N.S and A.M.M.O.;) Must be awful special ammo if Stefan has to dig it out of Tyler;)

    As to “who’s funeral”….well, according to the 4.1 synopsis, the vampire council starts to round up the vampires & the vampire sympathizers, with tragic results. I’m guessing the “sympathizer” is part of the “tragic results” and that’s who the funeral is for. I don’t think it’s Ric. Ric died as a vampire, if they didn’t do a huge funeral for Jenna, they certainly wouldn’t do one for Ric. It’s either this Pastor fellow, or Liz, or Carrol…..because of how devastated Elena looks, maybe it’s not a “sympathizer”….it could be the Pastor, and she looks so devastated because she’s the one who killed him;)

  • Cherrie

    I don’t think it’s Alaric’s funeral because there was a spoiler that said a girl named April arrives for her father’s funeral, the pastor.

  • lolalovestvd

    Elena looks like she just realized how delicious that girl standing in front of them might taste! :D

  • Jane

    I think that’s it’s a funeral for Alaric or Bonnie. Everyone looks too upset for it to be just the Pastor. And they did mention a tragedy happening in the season premiere, which could be Bonnie. But if it was Bonnie, I definitely don’t think that it would be a permanent death. Can’t wait to find out! 

  • midnight

    Would it be too much to ask for a new Delena pic to tide me over until the show starts in October?  Just one teeny tiny little pic?  They could just be standing next to each other.  Or…it doesn’t even have to BE a pic that features them exclusively. Stefan or Caroline or Matt can be there too.  Please CW?  Pretty please, with a cherry on top?  I’ll be a good TVD fan, I promise!

  • Annie

    These promo pics are killing me! Elena looks like she’s struggling with the blood-lust. Damon just disappears, he was sitting next to Stefan one minute and the next Elena is there. I get the feeling Damon is avoiding her like the plague :-(

  • Ginie

     It seemed to me Damon was sitting behind Stefan. Maybe he just went under because you can see a black clothing behind Elena and Stefan on that “omg what’s goin’ on” pic. Lol.

  • Ginie

     Oops my bad. Sorry, I looked at the pic again, yes they’re sitting next to each other. How did I miss this? And then there’s Elena there. where was she before? Well, we’re going to find out sooner or later. :)

  • ihatepeople

    In looking at the photos in the church our core group seem to be playing musical chairs.  In the photos where Damon and Stefan are sitting next to each other Elena doesn’t seem to be anywhere near them but then later Damon is missing and Elena is suddenly there. 

    It’s probably the pastor’s funeral because Caroline and Tyler look unaffected in one of the photos so it wouldn’t be one of their mothers.  What I don’t get is why all of them would be at the pastor’s funeral when he was spearheading the lynch mob for the council to kill them all.  I mean wouldn’t you think they’d avoid anywhere other council members might be? 

  • Jncarriere

    They are at the pastors funeral is my guess and they are there to keep up appearances or think something is going to go down or even maybe to support his daughter who is a friend of Jeremy’s…

    I would think that Elena hasn’t transitioned yet and they are under attack which is why Damon is off to get rid of said danger and they look like “oh fudge”….Tyler gets hit in the cross fire and then of course all hell breaks loose at the end of the episode or beginning of the third one.

  • Amy

    Wow! These photos look amazing. How is Elena walking during the day without a ring? I think she probably is wearing it on her right hand or might just be something else that allows her to walk in the sun.

  • Evesworld

     I think it does… there are a lot of young people present so I think a teacher died… and which teacher is so important to show his memorial?! Just someone called Alaric ;)

  • mary.m155

    And Elena wasn’t in all the pic’s when They were seated, so i’m thinking she spoke at the memorial…something bad happened and then she came and sat back down…

  • mary.m155

    Ya, its Alarics memorial right? Or visitation, you always have something like that before an official funeral. And plus they are all dressed  nice. Or maybe its a town/ or school meeting.

  • Bethany

    I have a feeling that it is alaric’s funeral. In the photos where damon and stefan are watching the front, maybe Elena is giving a speach?

  • Debby

    Ok, I wasn’t going to look, then I started reading everybody’s posts, big mistake. So I look. Now I’m freaking out! what the #$@!@$ is going on?!! Who’s memorial, where did Damon go, why is everyone ducking, who shot Tyler?! I shouldn’t have looked. Now I’m depressed that we still have to wait for 15 more days just for the first episode. Not even the one they teased us with!! aaaaggghhhh! The agony!

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