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Posted by | October 11, 2012, 15:57 (MST) | 4 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Busy, busy news day around here. The Vampire Diaries is definitely back. KSiteTV has our first look at a few stills from The Five (EP404), airing November 1st. (Read the official synopsis here.) Click the still below to see three more images at KSiteTV! We also have our first look at guest star David Alpay as Professor Shane.


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  • Danni

    Oh wow something other then Elena and Carolne… finally

  • Kimmy

    Oh… Bonnie and the  Professor … look hot standing next to each other. I’m a hardcore Bamon shipper but I could so get into these two as a couple this season ( since Bamon won’t be happening yet)

    Love that there is so much Bonnie this season, the love triangles are great but I am more intrested in the development in these characters and Bonnie is one of them that needs some major development…can’t wait for tonight :D

  • TheBennettChronicles

    I agree with Kimmy… I love Bamon but i could so get into the whole Bonnie and Shane thing, I hope that we will get to see Bonnie with someone as hot as him… since every other girl on this show has some kind of eye candy… Bonnie should too :D

  • sarah

    i agree, bamon is what i would love to see as bonnie’s endgame but i can def dig this prof until then!!

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