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Posted by | February 23, 2012, 16:14 (MST) | 96 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The CW has released the official synopsis for The Vampire Diaries: 1912 (EP316), set to air when the show returns from hiatus on Thursday, March 15th. The episode marks the first TVD appearance of Cassidy Freeman as Sage. Highlight for spoilers or head to the Episode Index:

THE MURDER MYSTERY DEEPENSThe present-day murders in Mystic Falls remind Damon (Ian Somerhalder) of a similar crime spree a century earlier. In flashbacks to 1912, Damon recalls a beautiful vampire, Sage (guest star Cassidy Freeman), who showed him a whole new way to exist. Sheriff Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre) warns Damon not to get involved in her investigation, but Damon is convinced she’s going after the wrong suspect. Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Matt (Zach Roerig) resort to breaking and entering in their search for evidence to prove Dr. Fell (guest star Torrey Devitto) is a murderer. For reasons known only to her, Rebekah (guest star Claire Holt), becomes interested in locating one of the town’s oldest landmarks. Finally, Elena comes to a new understanding of the path her life has taken, and Damon makes an emotional confession to Stefan (Paul Wesley).

The episode was directed by John Behring and written by Julie Plec with Elisabeth R. Finch.

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  • Jenna

    This was written by Julie? How do you know that? Yeah, it should be good. 
    That’s why we have to wait for so long, feel like a kid going ‘are we there yet? are we there yet?’… but honestly after this long wait till the 15th I imagine we would take a crappy episode of TVD just ‘cos we get to see our favorite characters again, lol!!!

  • ImAPrincessandThisIsMyTiara

    Haha, it’s typed below the synopsis. “Directed by John Behring and written by Julie Plec with Elisabeth R. Finch.” :) Haha, yeah, us VD fans really put up with a lot if you think about it.

  • dman

    I had posted a little interplay between Klaus and Stefan that corresponded with a picture from the Homecoming episode and they took it down. They said that they don’t like fans promoting or posting fan fiction. The thing is, I wasn’t trying to promote anything and only once in awhile I actually do something like this. I fact, I didn’t even know what I was doing was called “fan fiction”. I thought I was just being creative and writing something I thought was funny and that some of the fans on this site might like. Turns out that wasn’t the case. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed by that because I didn’t think what I did was offensive. Despite that, I still love the site and still enjoy coming here to talk about the show.

  • dman

    I had posted a little interplay between Klaus and Stefan that corresponded with a picture from the Homecoming episode and they took it down. They said that they don’t like fans promoting or posting fan fiction. The thing is, I wasn’t trying to promote anything and only once in awhile I actually do something like this. I fact, I didn’t even know what I was doing was called “fan fiction”. I thought I was just being creative and writing something I thought was funny and that some of the fans on this site might like. Turns out that wasn’t the case. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed by that because I didn’t think what I did was offensive. Despite that, I still love the site and still enjoy coming here to talk about the show.

  • Car24girl

    I know I’d like him to hold me like that!  

    The Stelena cover was my favorite too and I loved the photo of the 2 of them inside where Paul had his shirt off her Nina in the red lingerie – very sexy!  The website link photos all had him with a shirt on, so that was a nice surprise.My BF is a Damon fan (I like him too, just Stefan more) so she is getting the Delena cover magazine as a belated Valentine.  Her husband will be so happy!  LOL

  • Joan

    Hmmm  Maybe Stefan could be poisoned or severely injured and Damon would have to take care of him, nurse him back to health, help him deal with the blood – they could bond.  I obviously hate that they cannot show each other how much they care.  

  • Zara

    I think you are right, and it would explain the picture of Damon grabbing Stefan and looking pissed and Rebekah finding it amusing and intriguing at the same time, watching in the background. I believe she wishes she could be the new Katherine and where is Klaus? I thought Rebekah and Klaus were BFF again. Lol. I don’t think it made much sense for Stefan to kill on Katherine’s behalf but didn’t Johnathan Gilbert write that Stefan Salvatore killed him? I don’t know but he might have only killed him, maybe Sage manipulated Damon and/or Stefan to kill the Council members or got Damon to convince Stefan during his ‘ripper’ mode so he wouldn’t realise what he is doing and killing is easy when he is in that state but at the time Damon didn’t realise that Sage was manipulating him since he was pretty naive back then and probably convinced him that it was for Katherine’s sake or something like that. Who knows?

    In present day, I think Meredith and Sage are working together because they both have motives for killing the council, but we are not sure about Sage’s motives as we haven’t heard anything about her or seen her yet but we will… in a while :( 

  • Red

    The odd little thing like you posted above is fine, especially if it’s illustrating a point. Do it too much, and it becomes irritating, especially if it’s not contributing to or promoting discussion on the subject of a post. The problem is that the format of the comments system means that it can clutter things up, and so keeping things like works of fiction out of the comments means conversations are easier to follow and contribute to.

    We have no problem at all with fanfiction or fanworks, or amusing snippets. There are sections on the forums that are dedicated to posting fanworks, and we encourage you to join the forum community and post them on there.

  • Ginie

    I think the landmark Rebekah is looking for maybe about the Native people who lived in the area. Therefore she could maybe find the tree. I mean finding the tree which is able to kill me would be my first priority if I were Rebekah :)


    The red cloth was most likely around it so Meredith wouldn’t leave her prints on it. It’s most likely another of Ric’s weapons, so you’d expect his prints to be on it;)

  • Bex

    Well I hope the episode will be worth the long wait. I hate this hiatuses – I’m just so impatient. Damon flashbacks… hm doesn’t sound too bad :) I think I’ll enjoy this. And I’m really curious about Sage and the serial murderer (a.k. Meredith) and the question whether and how Ric survived the latest attack on his life (seriously, I think this guy needs to take a break from being killed all the time). And I’m wondering if Rebekah will be successful – she doesn’t seem that concerned and desperate to find the tree that could kill her and her siblings off in the latest stills though :) 
    And no word about Klaus and Caroline :( Well, they didn’t mention them in the 3×15 synopsis and there were still scenes with them so I’m staying hopeful. I also hope Elijah and Kol will change their minds and return to MF. It would be wiser since they are linked which means when one gets screwed up they all are. Staying together and protecting each other would be more intelligent than fleeing. Whatever. I can’t wait for the 15th to come!   

  • Kiki

    if it’s about the tree so why is only Rebekah looking for it. What about Klaus? Wouldn’t he be interested in finding it?


    The Salvatore story is series long, not season long. This applies to the triangle as well. Therefore, the writers have to keep both ever evolving, but add interesting stories along the way to keep the entire story fresh . I love the Originals and feel that this storyline has given TVD an edge it’s desperately needed….let’s face it, there is only so far you can take a story about a high school student involved with two vampires….with all of her high school friends as side kicks. The Originals are 1000 years old, just think of all the back story each has all on their own. The series long bond of the Salvatore Brothers will be explored with a lot of bumps along the way…I like where there at right now. How their bond will affect future episodes is anyone’s guess, but I think this entire season has been excellent….and the Originals have had a large part in what’s made it so awesome…..much better than the werewolves of last season;)


    Hmmm….the way I see it, we have a couple of ways the writers can go with what’s been presented so far:

    1. We know Esther is still out there, with Finn, looking for a way to kill her children. What was never made clear is what would happen to the rest of the vampires if she were to succeed in turning the Originals back human.  I’m hoping that whatever she plans now will have an effect on the ENTIRE vampire species, giving everyone a reason to stop her….this could be why a much older vampire by the name of Sage has decided to visit MF- to try to put a stop to this nonsense (and maybe get a little revenge on our beloved vampire hunter Ric)….but in the process of that, we get the added bonus of learning more about why Damon came to be the vampire who first hit town at the beginning of the series.

    2. If Elena’s blood was needed for the binding spell, it seems to me that Elena’s blood will also be needed for whatever Esther plans….after all, she is of the Patrova bloodline, and this is how it all began. So it would seem to me that Elena has one option left….to vamp out. It’s not right that her friends and family have sacrificed so much to keep her human when all she has to do is vamp out and take her blood out of the equation. The interesting thing about this is how she relates to being a vampire and what it would do to the Triangle.

    3. Esther could succeed in turning everyone human- which would suck, because this is The Vampire Diaries, which means it’s about Vampires- having them turned back into humans would be awful- my opinion only. I know some people are rooting for this one, I’m not. I can sincerely say that I don’t want to watch a show called The Vampire Diaries if all my vamps are human. I  can’t tell you how much I think that plot would truly BLOW!

    4. Then, there’s always the possibility that Esther does succeed in killing off her children, seeing as how they are still bound as one magically. This would mean no more Elijah, no more Kohl (which would not be fair, because we just met him) and no more Rebekah……but I’m not to sure about Klaus. He’s half wolf. This latest and greatest episode made it very clear that Klaus is different because he’s a hybrid. He didn’t go down when Kohl was daggered, even though there was a binding spell in place. He was able to sense that something was wrong. This tells me that if Esther would succeed in killing her children, Klaus would be left alive.  Again, this would suck as well, because not only am I fond of Klaus……but of Elijah & Rebekah as well. I want those three to stick around because they make things much more interesting;)

    5. Seeing as how everyone seems to be at odds right now, I can see how all the vamps would band together, specifically if  Esther’s spell will effect all vamps: It would be vamps against witches…..this would put Bonnie in a very awkward position for obvious reasons…….I truly believe her days are numbered.

    6. Seeing as how  Klaus has taken a fancy to Caroline…..I can see Tyler’s days being numbered as well. Specifically if he comes back expecting to pick up with Caroline where he left off….yeah, Tyler wouldn’t stand a chance against Klaus.

    7. Regarding the MF serial killer….I’m absolutley 100% sure Ric is being framed. I think Meredith is the one framing him. I believe she is working with Sage and that it all falls back to Ric being a vampire hunter. Not only did he kill Meredith’s cousin Logan Fell, but who knows who he may have killed that Sage was fond of. Damon is going to get involved for obvious reasons….he’s going to know that Ric wouldn’t do this. Elena & Matt are going to be breaking into Meredith’s house because they are going to know that Ric didn’t do this. It’s all part and parcel of introducing Sage and givings us the added extra of learning more about how Damon became the vamp he is today.

    I don’t think the Originals have taken away from the ever evolving series long Salvatore brother bond, or the Triangle. The boys and Elena are at a crossroads right now. The decisions they make can impact how everything evolves in the future. In short, I think it’s a SERIES long evolutions, not a season long or an episode long evolution…..

    My only hope is that Rebekah, Klaus, & Elijah survive this season….I’m pretty sure that Elena, Stefan , Damon & Caroline will be fine….along with Matt & Caroline…..the rest of the cast is up for grabs;)


  • Canderella

    Well, I see what you are saying and of course you have a point there. But I also have to disagree when it comes to the exploring the storyline. I see your point, the Originals bring in so many more possibilities and stories of their own. But still – I am more into the Salvatore brothers and would prefer a real focus on them. To me The Originals are sidestories which have become rather heavy. I also love Klaus and Elijah and also Rebekah – I would happily watch a spinoff just on them (which wont happen, I know).

    On the other hand there is so much we haven’t learned about the Salvatore’s past, their family, their characters when they were still human, their journey being a vampire… and since the writers did not go far into that when the Originals had not yet crossed the scenes, they can go now anywhere they like and include the Originals anywhere fitting *and* adding to their story as well. You can see this as a chance – or as an obstacle. At the moment to me it looks like the latter. The writers may prove me wrong, but that’s how I see it right now.

  • Joan Sandberg

    My little idea disappeared too – just an idea – but poof!


    Hmm- I don’t see the Originals as an obstacle to the brotherly bond…..Stefan & Damon put enough obstacles in the way of that all on their own;)

    The boys are only 160 some odd years old……we’ve gone back to 1920 with Stefan & now 1912 with Damon (in this upcoming episode)….so, in the whole scheme of things, taking into account the entire season, that’s a pretty good foundation for the Salvatore relationship……KW made it very clear at the beginning of the season that we were going to find out how The Originals tie in with the Salvatores…..we know Stefan was friends with Klaus in the 1920′s, now we’re fixing to learn a little about Damon’s side of things in 1912……and hopefully we’ll learn a little more about why Damon was the way he was when he hit town at the beginning of the series, as JP indicated.

    I most definitely don’t see the Originals as an obstacle. I find them very entertaining. Take them out of the equation and we have the same old tug of war with Elena caught in the middle….if anything, having the Originals come to town have made both Stefan & Damon more open to their brotherly bond. Case in point,  Stefan was doing everything he could at the beginning of the season to keep Klaus out of MF…..sure, he was trying to keep the knowledge of Elena being alive a secret from Klaus…..but I think it was also to make sure Damon was safe as well. Then they came back to MF- and Stefan became a compelled jack ass- Damon was doing everything he could to free Stefan from Klaus’s influence. Case in point, Ordinary People- loved that scene with Stefan & Damon….who knew that Stefan could fight an Originals compulsion when his brother Damon was in danger of having his heart ripped out literally by Mikael, and Damon, for his part, pointing out to Stefan that you can drink human blood, you just don’t have to go all rippery about it. Then in Homecoming- Stefan saving Damon from the Hybrids, and for Damon’s part, coming up with the plan that came the closest to actually killing Klaus so his brother would be free from Klaus’s influence……then in Our Town, Damon could have thrown Stefan under the bus for the whole Wickery Bridge thing to Elena..but he didn’t. Damon was actually proud of Stefan. Also, if I remember correctly, Damon was a little irritated that Carol Lockwood & Liz Forbes were beginning to think of Stefan as “the enemy”…..and the whole Stefan’s being jealous because Damon kissed Elena? Now, they’ve put it aside for the greater good. In in this last episode…..Damon doing what Stefan was supposed to do by turning Abby just so Stefan wouldn’t have to feel the guilt? Yeah, I say the brotherly bond has been a major tie this season’s story. It’s just ever evolving…which is as it should be.

    The Originals haven’t been a hindrance, they’ve been a blessing. They’ve kept the story fresh and have been an asset to this season’s ever evolving storylines like the Salvatore bond and the Triangle. I most certainly do not want them to take a backseat or to leave because then we’d be stuck with the teen side kicks in high school….and that’s not a good thing. So, in my opinion, we need to keep at least three Originals- Klaus, Rebekah & Elijah. That should give us a good balance on really good storylines while the brotherly bond & the triangle are being sorted out;)

  • cute7

    “I Love time travelling”

    Flashback episode! This time Damon prompts time travelling after sudden realization that the murders in Mystic Falls are mimicking a similar string of deaths from 1912. Welcome to the game, Salvatore. Where have you been? Damon remembers his beautiful mentor in mayhem, Sage, who taught him to be oh-so bad. Sherriff tells him to back off, but Damon thinks she’s pursuing the wrong person.

    Does this mean Meredith is off the hook?

    NB: Will never forgive her for what she did to Alaric!

  • dman

    Sorry about that.

  • fantasysux

    Am loving the Fans’ theories here, just shows how big TVD FAN base is! ♥

  • guest

    Replying to VAMPLOVER1973 (can’t find the post comment tab while replying directly under your post)
    I loved your post & completely agree :)
    Hope we’ll see the S bros mini-hug some time later (though, wish rather sooner) and the Original trio sticks around as they shake up MF nicely :)
    BTW it would be hilarius if Elena endgamed with Klaus :P though just crossed my mind :P

  • Miranda

    It was strange the way Sherif Forbes pointed that out though… it was the way she said it… Tatia and Katherine will also have Elena’s finger prints… could be something more to this…and we’re all looking at Meredith and Sage for new story ideas, when It could be heading somewhere different entirely. 

  • mary.m155

    I was thinking Tatia as well..

  • Miranda

    I somehow don’t think these murders will have anything to so with Sage… or at least I don’t think she will be the one doing the murdering at least. It just seems…. hmm of little taste ? for a vixen vamp like herself to go about killing humans in such a human way? Being as she was the one to show Damon the ropes, I kind of expect her to have more creativeness I guess… 

  • Miranda

    Maybe she still doesn’t trust him enough to tell him where she thinks it could be… It would certainly give her some power in her family circle. What else could it be? hmm… maybe it will have something to do with Klaus’s father, or the Witch Ayana. We need more answers be it what it will…

  • Miranda

    But did they say at any point that it was just Stefan doing the killing? I though Stefan told Elena when she found his journal that “they” had decided to take revenge on those who had wronged them. 

  • Miranda

    I also think Kol will appear somewhere in the flashbacks with Sage… perhaps Damon remembered him from then? but couldn’t quite put his finger on it…

  • Miranda

    Oh and someone please kill me if they have Damon blamed for Stefan going Ripper … I sincerely hope that this won’t be his big emotional confession … give the guy a break please!!

  • ihatepeople

    I do think Kol and Damon met in the past as eluded to at the ball. Something I read recently though said they had to cut out a scene in the past showing Damon meeting Kol. Also it said that Sage was involved w 2 of the originals, one romantically and one antagonistically. Kol is my guess 4 the romantic one but not sure about the other.
    It actually would make sense 4 both the Salvatores to have been on a counsil member killing spree back then given what happened to them BUT Damon was the most frustrated when they were alive w how the council was close minded about them. I would guess that he would want revenge and that Stefan just got a thrill from the killing being the ripper. Maybe the killing spree started out as Damon’s plan 4 he and Stefan paying back the council but then Stefan got out of control because he liked the killing and that’s when he became the ripper. Damon’s confession could be that he blames himself for Stefan getting out of control and he wasn’t able to stop him.
    As for Elena vamping out, that would solve some major problems. Since she hasn’t had any children yet there would be no more dopplegangers to cause problems in the future. Also think she might cave in her feelings 4 Damon given that emotions are heightened as a vamp but she might also end up w more guilt about Stefan.

  • Miranda

    So maybe Sage will come back because she has got wind of Kol’s awakening… perhaps it’s love. I hadn’t read abut her being romantically involved with an original….Interesting….

    Well, as long as it’s something like that, I’m happy… but If they go showing us some malicious plan between him and Sage to get Ripper Stefan back on the scene I will be pissed…I’m kind of confused about the doppelganger lineage though… If Katherine had a baby, then her baby went on to having a family of its own… and so forth… even though Elena is the doppelganger for now, does that mean that there could be no more? I mean somewhere else someone could still be a blood relation to Katherine, but we don’t know about it. Someone who could keep the dopplegangers coming I guess… or have I got this wrong? I’m not sure…

    To be honest I can’t see, from a scientific point of view, how Elena could ever actually end up loving Damon as much (as I hate to admit this), but her being a living breathing copy of Katherine, only human Katherine, well… they are scientifically speaking supposed to be the same person. So If Katherine always loved Stefan more, It’s kind of “against all odds” or “agains scientific laws of exact genetics” so to speak that she should ever actually love Damon the way some would like her to. It would be nice though, especially to see their love defy those laws of science. Some might say “yes but she has shown that she cares lately…” however, what little she has showed has been nothing in comparison to the lifetime she has spent loving Stefan. 

  • ihatepeople

    Well Miranda what I’m hoping for is a karmic twist or pay back so to speak regarding Damon. Yes, it makes sense what you’re saying about Elena being a genetic copy of Katherine and that Katherine loved Stefan more. However, Katherine was involved w Damon first then Stefan bahind Damon’s back. Damon would’ve. Done anything 4 Katherine but he got screwed over by her and his brother. The pay back this time would be that the reverse would happen w Elena. She was involved w Stefan first but ends up loving Damon more how Katherine ended up loving Stefan previously. So Damon would be rewarded by the universe after all these years of pain while Stefan would be on the receiving end for what he did to his brother in the past w Katherine.
    You have a very good point about Katherine’s doppleganger lineage. I only question if any more would be born if Elena didn’t reproduce because Klaus eluded to it at dinner w the boys when he suggested they leave Elena to marry someone like Matt. Stefan pointed out to him it was to ensure more dopplegangers.
    Sage coming back because Kol is awake would be interesting. Maybe she is coming to seek revenge on Klaus 4 daggering him. He could have been the one she had a hate relationship w.

  • Marina

    Hell yah i love theories cuz the break thing make me nervous =P
    More theories please guys =D

  • Kiki

     Esther und Fin ran away… maybe Rebekah is searching for a place where they might be hiding?
    She told Klaus about the tree. If she wouldn’t trust him she wouldn’t have said anything at all or not?
    But for sure Klaus would try to kill Esther if he can find her so Rebekah could be looking for her on her own?

  • Naor Razabi via Facebook

    when does 16 goes out ???

  • Veronnie16

    I think it’s great that we are going to see more into how Damon became the Damon we first met. Not Looking forward to his confession though. Damons confessions are usually emotional and I don’t like it when one of my favorite vampires cry(the others being Eric and Jean-Claude:P)
    As far as theories go I have no Idea who the Mystic Falls serial killer is. I want to say Meredith, but I highly doubt it. For all we know it’s the Sheriff.LOL

    On a side note: Does anyone think that we’ll learn more about the events that happened when Mikeal(sp?) first came to Mystic Falls when Elena was a little kid? Also for Alarics ring maybe all it needs is a spell renewal.

  • ihatepeople

    I just don’t want the confession to make thinvgs worse for him than they already are.

  • Nancy Wolcheski

    I’m beginning to wonder if there is any relation between Dr. Meredith
    Fell and Logan Fell, Jenna’s former boyfriend….

  • Infidelz

    Too bad Elijah didn’t stick around, period! :P

  • mary.m155

    Yes they are cousins

  • Anon

     You should watch the show all over again because Stefan didn’t know Damon was seeing Kat too (not at first). Perhaps if you took your I hate Stefan glasses off, you’d see the facts in this show.

  • Anon

     OMG, but watch the show!!!! I’m seriously amazed at how you create theories of stuff that’s already been shown. After Stefan and Damon were turned, Stefan went on a killing spree and took care of the council members. We were shown how he had killed Elena’s ancestor…as an example of how he took revenge on them (plus his Ripper was in full force).

  • ihatepeople

    Wow aren’t we a little bitter? We each have our own opinion and that’s my perspective. No one says you have to agree with it but I have yet to be nasty to anyone who has a difference of opinion unlike u how has slung it twice now all because you disagree. This is suppose to be a place for debate all in fun. Sad that some make it more.

  • Meftihe Phoenix

    Sigh. No, I’m holding out for a real bear of a hug.  A girl can dream, right?

  • Meftihe Phoenix

    haha clearly! I like your idea, but if if that ever happened I think I’d have a heart attack.

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