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Posted by | January 9, 2013, 20:15 (MST) | 577 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The CW has released the official synopsis for The Vampire Diaries: A View To A Kill (EP412), airing Thursday, January 31st at 8/7c. Highlight for spoilers:

DANGEROUS LIAISONS — When Rebekah (Claire Holt) turns down Klaus’ (Joseph Morgan) plea to stop Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) and protect Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), Klaus turns to Stefan (Paul Wesley) for help. After an angry confrontation with her father, Mayor Hopkins (guest star Rick Worthy), over his unconventional approach to ending the violence in Mystic Falls, Bonnie (Kat Graham) has a frightening run-in with Kol, followed by an unexpected visitor. Klaus complicates the already tense feelings between Stefan and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) by revealing a bit of Stefan’s personal life, then surprises Damon by asking for personal advice. Elena (Nina Dobrev) tells Stefan about her dangerous plan for Jeremy, leaving Stefan in a difficult spot. When the high school’s 1980s Decade Dance is cancelled by Mayor Hopkins, Stefan finds a charming way to make it up to a disappointed Rebekah.

Brad Turner directed the episode written by Rebecca Sonnenshine.

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  • From Beginning To End

     I like Stefan I do, but people who hate him CAN hate him and if that bothers you it is not their problem, it’s yours. Criticizing a character is not the same thing as criticizing those who like said character and no one should have to have people trying to make them feel guilty for it as if it were.

  • Khatia

    thank you my dear :)

  • delenafan

    Yeah, part of it is just that, he unleashed his inner demons / Ripper Self.
    Stefan as William said above found a purpose by being with Elena and “taking care” of her. But the funny thing is when she really needed help Damon was the one who stepped in and took care of her when “the fairytale Stefan” disappeared to be a Ripper or whatever he was doing at the time. His revenge plan against Klaus comes to mind. He even abused Elena by scaring her to death on the legendary bridge and was very intent on turning her into a vampire just to get back at Klaus. Some true love he was showing…

  • Lindsay ♪♫ Bingham

    Hopefully he’ll be back around a little more after winter break since they’re finished filming Cult.

  • Paulena

    It’s tragic what stefan had to become to save his brother. Stefan yes was a nut job. He was forced to be evil but there were parts you could see Stefan never stopped loving her. He was trying to protect her by telling her to stay away. Yes that in turn pushed elena far into Damon’s arms but crap happens Damon is selfish too. He couldn’t wait to be the hero. Klaus said it best. Stefan’s only greater love than blood is his love for Elena.

  • Paulena

    I like knowing where you come from too because I like hearing how others feel. I think that Stefan knows elena better. They have a deeper connection. Damon is fun and is better right now but in the beginning he didn’t care. What if Damon’s motives are to get back at Stefan for having Katherine choose him over damon. Maybe!.. I want stefan to be good again and all is well in mystic falls. Stefan always loved elena and always will.

  • delenafan

    I think Stefan didn’t have to become something he wasn’t already.
    Let’s face it, Stefan the fictional character as written by the TVD writers is a Ripper. He never got over his Ripper side. That is not to say that maybe the writers would make him go through a new transformation to integrate the Ripper and take control of his dark side.
    Stefan loves Elena as a human as he made it pretty clear. He looked her in the eye and said he wants to fix her. This is not what I would call unconditional love.
    Damon loves her unconditionally and he threw himself repeatedly in harm’s way to save her. Hell, he is the one who has been giving her the emotional support she needed and still needs all along.
    Damon saved his brother many times too, remember in Chicago? He offered himself to Klaus as a replacement for Stefan so his brother could go back to Elena. How is that selfish?
    After the Wickery Bridge incident he told Elena the truth about why Stefan was withholding information from her, that the reason was he was trying hard to get her the cure. How is that selfish? You tell me :-)!

  • delenafan

    Something more to ponder about this whole Silas business.
    I guess the hiatus made me a prolific dreamer:-).

    All we know about Silas is what Shane has been preaching. Now, let’s speculate in a different direction.
    If we suppose Shane is Silas what could possibly make him come to MF?
    One big reason is Bonnie as he stated himself. The other reasons are shady to say the least.

    Shane being Silas means he is an immortal we just don’t know what kind of immortal he is yet.
    It could be that he is a special immoral who can stand in the sun without being toasted.

    Next question is: what does Shane really want?
    He spoke of a tomb (we already had that in TVD) and of a buried Silas (like the buried Katherine who wasn’t) and a “cure”.
    Through JP we know that the cure is very bad news.
    My “idea” is: Qetsia stripped Silas of his magical powers and buried them in a tomb.
    Shane if he is Silas wants his powers back and rise his lover from the dead we haven’t see that on TVD yet).

    Klaus seems to be after this power. I guess becoming a true immortal has its appeal too. Even the Originals aren’t 100% immortal as we discussed yesterday. A 100% immortal equipped with powerful dark magic must be Klaus’s dream come true.

    What do you guys think about this possibility:-)?

  • darkdimension

    I love your subtlety William.

  • William Welton

     I have no doubt that Stefan got hooked watching Elena those 3 months he took watching her over that summer.  I can understand it, Elena is pretty special, and those were likely the hardest 3 months of her life, what with her parents death.  I do not know how anyone would not be drawn to want to know her, sooth her pain again.  I just wish he would have met her before that moment.  Elena before her parents death sometimes steps out to play, but Stefan got to know the traumatized orphaned girl instead.  Finaly became too much, that need to know her more closely and the beginning of school was the perfect opportunity.  She was just starting to waken again, and come on, who can resist the mysterious stranger.  She has a thing for edgy, dangerous, mystery guys.  Stefan eventually fell hard, and helped pull Elena out of those Darker months.

    Damon has a different perspective on Elena.  She is different with him, less reserved.  She took the opportunity to let go of that traumatized girl she was and be more herself on that trip to Atlanta.  It’s unfortunate that Stefan never really gets to see that side of her.  When she is with Stefan, she’s always being careful, and Stefan understands her pain, allowing her to confront that and try dealing with it.  I do not know why Elena does not let go around Stefan, his first bout with human blood might have scared her a bit.  It is nice Damon was there for her during that troubling time.  It was a safe relationship, just them, alone in that house trying to be there for Stefan detoxing.  Again, it is a shame that Stefan did not really get to see that side of her either.  She certainly does enjoy having fun, I’m glad Damon is there to give her the security to let her be comfortable to do that.  She never has to worry about Damon losing control at a party, he may be callous, but at least he is constant.

    I’m sure there was a point where Damon was motivated by revenge and messing with Stefan, but after the events around Opening the tomb, Elena kinda became his only real friend, and he became protective, rather then exploitative of her.  His motivations have been consistently in her favor since.  Honestly, how can you blame him, Elena is pretty awesome.

    Stefan desperately wants to be noble.  The problem is that his nobility is tenuously built over an lethal addicts darker core.  It’s got ot be hard on him, trying to be good, wanting to be good, and yet, constantly on guard from his based instincts, when he is literally constantly surrounded by his particular form of heroin.  I’m fairly impressed with Stefan’s determination; I can’t imagine how hard it is for him to not flip the switch rather then feel that constant aching guilt.  Because he is so noble of desire, it has got to be particularly hard on him.  I so want him to find peace with himself as well.

    Stefan will certainly always love Elena.  How could he not?  I think Elena however will always have to be on guard around him.  As much as she wishes otherwise, she can never really let all her walls down with him anymore.  She has learned too much about him to be able to do that.  Both Stefan and she has spoken about that around him, in different circumstances.  It is also a shame that Stefan never got to see Elena during the 6 months he was gone.  Man she blossomed under her determination to help him.  It is a shame he missed it.  Damon however had a front row seat.  In fact Damon has had a front row seat for almost every aspect of Elena she has shown.  Elena has a pretty amazing tolerance for alcohol, proven at Bree’s bar, but Stefan thinks she is a light weight.  Stefan did not think she would survive killing a person, but Damon knew better, and she did in fact survive, and move on rather quickly.  He’s seen the survivor.  Stefan thought she would move on eventually, Damon knew better, seeing her fight so hard for him.  Damon knows her favorite drinks, and her favorite colors.  Stefan has been wrong more then once.  Stefan dismisses her teddy bear, Damon’s named it.  I cannot agree that Stefan knows her better, because she does not really let him, and that is unfortunate.

    You explained to me your side, so I wanted to return the favor.

  • Paulena

    The stefan and elena relationship isn’t supposed to be perfect. He watches her love his brother. Which I can’t blame her Damon is so beautiful too but to say he didn’t throw himself in harms way either? Elena told stefan he was keeping things from her bc he would die for her. Stefan lost her to Damon as a vampire. I can kind of see why he may want her human. I re watched all 1-3 seasons again and Stefan did try to lie saying be doesn’t care when he loves her so much. Damon slept with rebeka bc elena made a comment. Not cool. And sage? So Damon not happy equals violence and sleeping around. No thank you. I think if stefan and elena are really done then I think Elijah is awesome. He is noble and attractive. He’s deep and yet has a cunning side for elena.

  • Khatia

    oh william you are always right and romantic. Excellent !

  • delenafan

     I love this explanation William, thank you!
    That’s it! Elena can pretty much be her self with Damon but with Stefan she has to be almost one-sided, one dimensional which can be exhausting and she probably doesn’t trust him fully. It is her instinct that keeps her reserved with him. All her big trials while she was struggling to get Stefan back were experienced with Damon. They seem to understand each other without too many words, instinctively. That makes Delena’s relationship awesome and deep.
    She asks Damon to fetch her clothes, he joins her in her bedroom at night to talk about important things. Like when she told him that if Stefan will ever come back it would be because of him (Damon) and not because of her. Elena has matured but unfortunately Stefan hasn’t yet…

  • Khatia

    Damon always confesses that he is too selfish but not for Elena. But Stefan can’t,he is too sure in his person and that is very bad in real life. Damon also has done many things to save both of them,we can’t count it.We saw three episodes of Damon and Elena’s being lovers and and whole 2 seasons of Stefan’s and Elena’s,and so who makes her happier?
    I think Elena trusts Damon more than Stefan,it’s obvious and we can’t deny it,even Stefan can’t denies it. I truly say that I’m Damon’s fan,I love him very very much,but I see his wrong sides and good sides too. So all you(Stefan’s fans) must confess it too. 
    And you are right,Stefan will always love her,even if he is with another women,but whose love is stronger,when a man loves you when you are with him or when a man loves you when you are with another man and sees your kisses,hugs,words(I love you) to him and so so….whose love is stronger? how do you think guys?

  • William Welton

     I’ve been saying for a bit now that Elena and Damon tend to act like a couple when they are not thinking about it.  I called it “Tacit Dating”.

  • William Welton

     ((Bows))  You honor me, my lady.

  • William Welton

     Elena trusts Damon now more, yes.  6 months and lots of moments to prove it will do that.

    As for love… I think Damon loves Elena the strongest, followed by Stefan loving Elena, and then Elena’s love for both men.  As a caveat, I need to qualify that with that fact that she is more passionate about Damon, but that is was not the question asked.  I think she loves them both less then they love her, and that is understandable.  She is 18, they are 160+.  They have had time to develop deeper more mature feelings, while Elena is younger and still recovering from A LOT of emotional trauma.

  • delenafan

    And you are right William. I like your posts and essays about the characters and their dynamics.
    This Delena thing has been going on for a while and it was so pervasive that it became natural to watch. That gives me some renewed hope and faith for Delena in the future and hopefully as end game.

  • Khatia

    it’s not all about passion,William,the strongest love is which starts from frienship,whose minuses and pluses you know,and despite of that you love him/her.
    As for Elena,she loved Stefan,yes,but it was childish love,she was in depress,she was young when her parents died and at that hard moment she met Stefan and he helped her to tolerate all that. what about Damon,she grew with him,and all that love,frienship,trust,passion grew with her too. that kind of love is more trustful I think.

  • raego_826

    To Damon fans hating on Stefan.
    He seems like there is a point we’ve never talk about.
    Damon fan are so busy hating on Stefan that they’re so blind to see Damon’s actions.
    I want you to explain me this.
    Damon has always said “he can’t be selfish with Elena”.
    If he really knows her, do you think he would told her “vampire eat people”. He wanted her to drink human blood from the vein.
    He made her a vampire and took advantage on her at the party/in his bed.
    played a part in Elena/Stefan breakup, you can’t deny that because all
    the first lying was because she wanted to drink human blood as Damon
    told her.
    Then, SB or no SB, if he lets her drink animals blood like
    she was supposed to do as she don’t want to hurt people, she would
    probably be on animals blood now.
    So Damon was SELFISH with her since day one or two of her transformation.

  • Canderella

    I am sorry, but I don’t know how to get through 570 posts within my little spare time between work.

    Any ideas yet what Klaus reveals about Stefan’s personal life?!
    That really got me curious….

    BTW: did I mention that I  …

  • Canderella

    …and a second post as I just found this: “The last thing a great immortal hybrid wants to be is a werewolf again. (JP)”.

    So the “cure” will give the power/opportunity to cure more than one vampire at a time. It sounds like the “cure” will be something which makes all vampires “non-vampires” – whatever that will mean… !

  • William Welton

     Wow, I’m not getting started on that one.  You point to blindness on the “Damon” side, and then assume an awful lot of culpability toward Damon when in fact is was pretty much alot of ignorance and experience at play.  There is something to be said about needing to feel Bloodlust in order to control it.  The only Animal Diet vampire around is Stefan and he is a Ripper.  Caroline is certainly a human blood drinker and she has massive control.  Further, this is not Twilight, animal blood does not just taste awful, it makes you weak, and Elena is far to much a focus of other powerful people to be further handicapped by the weakness of an Animal Diet.

    The rest I’m not getting into.  The amount of biased assumption in your statement is staggering.

  • raego_826

    You seems to really love Damon for ignoring the fact he wanted her to be a vampire by hurting people.
    I needed to explain my point of view because you all said he is not selfish with her and he can’t be selfish with her. But it’s not true. So you can stop using this argument when you are comparing Stefan to Damon because I can’t stand all the negativity toward Stefan across all the post I read.

  • Rapidapathy

    I’m wondering if Klaus could compel Elena not to be sired to Damon any longer, and would it work? And would she ask for that? Cuz I sure as hell would.

  • Khatia

    One thing: we are not watching the same show and the second: you hate Damon so much that you can wright things that isn’t true and it seems true only for you. You have to watch the shoe carefuly and you’ll understand. I think you are only listening Caroline and Stefan’s words,which is absolutely wrong.

  • Khatia

    Oh my God! he doesn’t want it now and didn’t want it. watch the episode 4×01 Damon’s and Elena’s covnersation and you ‘ll understand what he really wanted.

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