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Posted by | April 11, 2012, 19:55 (MST) | 166 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The CW has released the official synopsis for Vampire Diaries: Before Sunset (EP321), airing Thursday, May 3rd. Highlight for spoilers:

A DAY WITHOUT A VAMPIRE — Klaus acts on his intentions to leave town with Elena (Nina Dobrev), but finds resistance from a surprising new enemy. Bonnie (Kat Graham) calls on Abby (guest star Persia White) to help her with a difficult spell. As events spiral out of control, Elena is determined to protect Caroline (Candice Accola), Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) enlist Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) help, while Bonnie and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) take a terrifying risk to make sure her spell is effective. Damon and Stefan have a surprisingly candid conversation about the future.

The episode was directed by Chris Grismer with story by Charlie Charbonneau & Daphne Miles and teleplay by Caroline Dries.

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  • Guest

     The middle part of the synopsis is confusing because there are three ideas in one sentence. Elena is determined to protect Caroline. Stefan and Damon enlist Tyler’s help. Bonnie and Jeremy take a terrifying risk. I think only Caroline is in danger of…something.

  • mary.m155

    Hmm, i hope yr right;)

  • Iansfan

    Hey TVD family, what if the “day without a vampire” simply means that Elena tries to find out which brother she is in love with and leaves town alone with  Bonnie (without any vampire – even without Caroline) and then all the catastrophes start to happen….

  • Sasha

    Question:  There’s a punctuation error in the synopsis, and it’s the CW who’s made it because every TVD news website is reporting the same synopsis with the same weird run-on sentence about Elena being determined to protect Caroline, Damon and Stefan enlisting Tyler’s help.  So who is Elena determined to protect?  Just Caroline or all of them?  I feel like that comma should be a period. Also I’m going to have to agree with Vamplover’s theory about the daylight rings. That’s why it depends on sunset. I’m not against one of the vampires turning human for a day, but it just doesn’t make too much sense to me story-wise.  Turning a vampire into a human would be HUGE, like a real BIG DEAL, so they would want to explore that more, and have it last longer than day, especially a day that seems filled with things to get done. 

  • Ellorockstar

    Ok here’s what I’m thinking, who ever put this synopsis together sucks. I think Elena is trying to save Caroline from the new villan, not Klaus. I think Klaus wants a real connection with someone so he’s not going to kidnap or compel Caroline. I think Stefan and Damon need Tylers help with their plan to take down Klaus, which by the way is getting really old.Bonnnie is doing wht sche always does which is spells to most likely save Elena, but I don’t know why she needs Abbys help and when did she even get into contect with the her. Abby can’t even do spells anymore, so don’t know why she wants her help and she sucks as a mom by the way.woner wha spell Vonnie did that she needs Jers help to see if it works. The one thing that I’m positive about is that Stefan and Damons conversation about their future is all bout Elena. I wouldn’t even be that suprised if Stefan left town to go on some self discovery or something.I think I covered everyhting in that synopsis, but there are somethings that I’m not sure of like where’s Bex and Ric. Also Meredith, Kol, and worse mother of the year( Esther). And when are they going to bring back Elijah?

  • DJ

    You know, we haven’t seen ‘the necklace’ either since Rebecca threw it at Elena in the cave.  Wonder if that’s going to fit in anywhere in these last episodes.  I’m finding all this speculation brilliant and worrying all at the same time, and part of me doesn’t want it to end!

  • ihatepeople

    Interesting yet simple. Could be. We know how much they like to play on words.

  • ihatepeople

    That might be what takes Esther down eventually or brings Tatiafrom the other side. I’m sure the necklace will reappear at some point.

  • Ellorockstar

    Omg so I know who who the person is that is going to hurting Caroline, hince Elena trying to protect her, Wait for it…. ITS ALARIC. I saw this video that shows Caroline tried up and pencils threw her hands, shes at school and so is Alaric, who chokes Elena. So that the person I dont know why Alaric would try to hurt Caroline, it must be his evil alter ego. Now I wonder who is going to save them both? Either the usual heroes or Klaus?

  • damonRocks

    I wish if they lock alaric somewhere he cant escape and work on getting back his humanity or something. sounds pretty old fashioned and lame but every villain(temporary) either dies or is recovered with this “being human” stuff.

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