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Posted by | March 28, 2012, 18:45 (MST) | 144 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The CW has released the official synopsis for The Vampire Diaries: Heart of Darkness (EP319), airing Thursday, April 19. Highlight for spoilers:

[spoiler]TYLER[/spoiler] RETURNS TO MYSTIC FALLS — [spoiler]Elena and Damon set off together to make sure Jeremy is safe in Denver, and to see if his special abilities can help reveal the information they need about ancient vampire bloodlines. It doesn’t take them long to learn that Jeremy has been hanging with the wrong people. Stefan and Klaus both go to brutal extremes in their search for the missing weapon. Caroline is thrilled when Tyler returns to town, but Tyler soon suspects that something has been going on between Caroline and Klaus. Matt has his hands full trying to keep Rebekah busy organizing the school’s upcoming 1920s Decade Dance.[/spoiler]

The episode was directed by Chris Grismer and written by Brian Young and Evan Bleiweiss.

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  • Jenna

    You know that’s just what I said about Jeremy’s ‘ghost whisperer’ phase! Thought it was over after the Anna and Vicky were gone… but maybe it’s been laying low till needed, lol!! We’ll see!! Maybe he has been practicing ghost joojoo while away in Denver, we’ll find out in oh… two weeks!!!
    I really like the Klaus/ Stefan relationship… I know it’s dark and destructive, but fun to watch ;) And I like seeing the badass come out in Stefan. And no one brings out the baddie in him like Klaus!
    Yeah, I am wondering how Matt is babysitting Bekkah, more like being her chew toy, lol!!!

  • Jenna

    Wow you’re sick of Damon and Elena moments? They have barely had any for a while now!!! I guess you’re not a big fan of theirs. Try and be patient, many have had to endure Stefan and Elena scenes for over two seasons now! 

  • Jenna

    Things certainly do swing back and forth and when you least expect it! I mean who thought that Damon and Elena of ep 1-10 would be the Damon and Elena we see now on the screen! You never know, things change in this show all the time, so don’t get too comfortable and appreciate every moment ;)

  • ihatepeople

    Bonnie won’t be knocked off. They keep saying the plan is to hook her up with Jaime and that hasn’t happened yet. Besides they need to have a witch on hand and she is the only one we have right now.

  • Jenna

    I wish they would stop spoiling so much! Then you sort of expect things… I don’t mind if they give a general synopsis but I really hope they don’t share anymore about specifics!

  • Jenna

    Sounds really good and plausible to me! You may be onto something here! 

  • Jenna

    For sure Esther wants to wipe vampires off the face of the earth… but then what about werewolves? I mean they turn once a month and go on a killing spree!!! How will she wipe them out? Or is that not her problem?!!!
    And I just had a thought, I wonder if the writers from the show come on here and read our speculation and sometimes realize we are onto a storyline they want to do and go ‘scrap that idea, the fan base already guessed it’ lol!!! 

  • Jenna

    Yes, long live originals… long live Klaus ;)
    And good theory btw, that could very well be the reason for the search they are going on…

  • Chandy

    “Stefan and Klaus both go to brutal extremes in their search for the missing weapon”

    Holy sh**,the Rippah is out of control really.Even Klaus being stronger, Stefan will fight until the death O_o

  • Zara

    Abby dies, me thinks. Or Sage. The title is too obvious for it not to be, but I guess it is the agenda also, like you implied. I mean, it has to have some significance.

  • Iansfan

     … can I join you two… ? ;)

  • JOMOrgasm-XD

    Couldn’t care less about DELENA! *Cringe*
    ‘Road trip blah blah damon tries to woo elena with his wit & funny lines & elena stares at him with those little judgy eyes and there’s “sexual chemistry” which I dont see & Delena this delena that. NO. Just NO. Damon is so much better SINGLE! :(
    I don’t see what’s so special about them? :/
    Dont get me wrong, I aint a Stelena fan Either,
    The triangle is just OVERRATED.

    now that’s what I call Interesting!

  • mary.m155

    Abby is gone though…i dunno if they will kill her or not..

  • Georgia_Peach

    Oh Dear!  Sorry,  I was making a joke…. I have no idea if Elena is afraid of flying, but if a road trip is coming up, it sounds like they are taking Damon’s car……again….

  • Georgia_Peach

     Now that is funny!

  • Georgia_Peach

     with a few stops along the way ;)

  • ihatepeople

    I’m not sure she is concerned about the werewolves since she didn’t create them. We haven’t heard how they came to be qctually but I think her plan is just to undo what she created. She said she’d spent 1000 years on the other side feeling the pain of everyh death or deed her children were responsible for. I think that’s why she feels it’s wrong and needs to rectified by their deaths.

    You never know with the writers. Anything is possible. What i’d find funnier is if they took one of our ideas and ran with it like “ooo that’s good. We should do that.” LOL

  • mary.m155

    To the local Motel Inn—haha ok im done!!!

  • ihatepeople

    We assume she is gone but Klaus could’ve grabbed her before she left town. That maybe what he uses to motivate her to break the spell.

  • Joan Sandberg

    Enjoy yourselves ladies, I’ll be home in Stefan’s bed enjoying his luscious self! Ah but we can dream, huh?

  • Joan Sandberg

    I can tell you I nearly had a stroke when I found out I had to fly from JFK to Bangkok – 18 hours non-stop!  Even alcohol and pharmaceuticals don’t take the edge off that one.

  • Georgia_Peach

     Creepy?  From a thousand years ago?  Nah!  546 years ago?  NAH!  But it would certainly explain why Damon, being a Salvatore, is drawn to the Petrova bloodline even without realizing it (think Isobel)…. 

    Seriously, I have no idea where the writers are going with this, but someone was the father of Tatia’s baby and someone was the father of Katherine’s baby. I’m sure at some point over the lifetime of the TV series, the writers will let the viewers know.

  • mary.m155

    True that. Cant wait to look at his beautiful face tonight!!!!!!

  • Georgia_Peach

     The werewolf is genetic and was around long before Esther made her children immortal as vampires.  I’ll go with the werewolf is not Esther’s problem.

  • mary.m155

    Longest i had was 8 hrs Nashville to Hawaii..turbulance+vomit bags =misery…

    Sorry :/

  • Anon

    Disturbing Behavior was ‘Everyone Suddenly Hates Damon Week’ where people woke up in this strange fog and started acting like it was still Season One, culminating in Caroline kicking that mean-bad-nasty Damon’s ass (even though he’s got nearly 150 years on her) because she is full of angry blonde power.

    Ties that Bind was the ‘Pro-Domestic Violence’ episode where Elena shows all women how to react to their ex-boyfriend nearly murdering them in a downright cruel way – i.e. by meekly accepting their apology, going all Florence Nightingale on them when they’re hurt and making the ‘I still luv u and just want you to luv me 2′ eyes at them.

  • ihatepeople

    Hmm thinking about what you said regarding the father of Katherine’s baby. I’m wondering why Katherine would’ve kept that a secret. Well except for the fact that she likes to play games. I mean it would make sense if she were drawn to their relative who fathered her child that she’d be drawn to the brothers later on.

    As for the father of Tatia’s child I would guess in a small village that the originals would have known that info and Klaus would’ve reveled in mocking the brothers for twice being in love with the off spring of their very own decendant. Sorry just mulling the possibility over in my head. :)

  • Georgia_Peach

     I know… it can get mind boggling just thinking about it, but it all happened a thousand years ago with Tatia… and Katherine gave birth 521 years ago.  If a Salvatore ancestor was involved, it was so long ago it wouldn’t matter now.   There is a reason Damon is drawn to the Petrova bloodline, there is a reason Katherine cannot choose between the brothers and there is a reason Damon & Stefan found there way to Elena in present day.   Maybe it truly is “kismet” when it comes to a Salvatore falling in love with a Petrova maiden.

  • ihatepeople

    Yes somehow they were doomed to fall for the Petrova’s over and over again. Here is a thought…what if Klaus’ family were related somehow to the Salvatores? Throwing it out there since it’s interesting that both Elijah and Klaus were in love with the original Petrova.

  • Georgia_Peach

     That has crossed my mind on many occasions. :)

  • ihatepeople

    That would be ironic. Klaus liking Stefan when he first met him as if he were a brother. The semi respect thing between Elijah and Damon. Makes me think of the parallels of behavior between both sets of brothers at that sit down meeting they had. I think it would be pretty funny. Could you imagine everyone’s reaction if they found that out given how much they despise each other?

  • vdfan

    Whyyy does vd keep having breaks!!

  • Meg

    Looks good but Stefan and Elena better get back together.Elena had her fun with Damon.Elena better go back with Stefan but the story line of this show is soooooo good

  • Lili

     That’s what I was thinking because he was the one who sent that video of Jer playing with the dog to Klaus in last night’s episode!

  • L3lsyr

    i think the new villiian will be Tatia

  • mary.m155

    Ya…Tatia has gotta be around somewhere, why would they bring her up for no reason?

  • Lindsay Smith

    So it hit me last night….. HOW on earth is Klaus able to wield a dagger???? He is a “demon”……..

  • Sylvia

    YAY DAMON AND ELANA! so hey can anyone tell me the name of the song playing in the background of the new Heart of Darkness promo? sounds awesome, pleeeeeeeease tell me!

  • ilovestefan

    Cant wait till april 19th! Looks like an amazing episode
    I hope elena realises her and damon are just friends! STELENA has to be endgame <3

  • Lianafaith

    It is definitely the white oak tree stake. Last episode Alarc’s other murderer-vampire hating personality took his white oak tree stake and Alarc’s nice-half retired vampire slayer personality ha no clue where the white oak tree stake is. And Damon is flipping out because Alarc’s evil personality might just end his vampire bloodline. 

  • Lianafaith

    In this episode Stefan thinks Elena has feelings for Damon. And then Damon asks her if she does has feelings for him! I’m a Delena fan!! Squeal!!! 

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