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Posted by | September 27, 2012, 11:24 (MST) | 79 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

And here we go: The CW has released the official episode synopsis for the Vampire Diaries: Memorial (EP402). The episode airs on Thursday, October 18th! NOTE: It seems like the CW sent out the episode 2 description with the Season 4 premiere date attached. Hopefully we’ll have some clarification soon!

Highlight the text below for spoilers:

A NEW DANGER COMES TO TOWN — [spoiler]Elena (Nina Dobrev) tries to cope with the extreme highs and lows that are part of becoming a vampire, and Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) almost come to blows while arguing about what is best for her. Damon decides to help Elena in his own way and asks her not to tell Stefan. A stranger, Connor Jordan (guest star Todd Williams, “Chicago Code”), arrives in town and begins questioning Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood. Connor’s actions quickly convince Stefan that they are dealing with a dangerous vampire hunter. Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Matt (Zach Roerig) are surprised to see a girl they used to know, April, (guest star Grace Phipps, “The Nine Lives of Chloe King”), has returned to town and is enrolling at Mystic Falls High. At a town gathering, Elena comes close to losing control until Caroline steps in to help her. Finally, Damon confides his feelings to an unexpected friend. Kat Graham and Michael Trevino also star.[/spoiler]

The episode was written by Jose Molina and Julie Plec and directed by Rob Hardy.

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  • kristen

    Descision about hybrids – the first step into maddness. Now the oldest vampire “incarnates” his own hybrid. 

    Nightmare. Imagination has become it’s own jail.

    When you want new power in this kind of story – please, there are so many legends and myths where to look.
    Start with witch story, I don’t know => There is a logic also in fantastic. There must be, otherwise it doesn’t work. 


    Been around since day one of the series….so I think I’ll stay, thanks for the advice though;)


    They sure are:) But, Tyler had Caroline the perfectionist….you know, considering the boys are to emotionally close to Elena, it would be cool if Elena leaned on Caroline to help her…you know, girl power and all:)


    Actually, I don’t hate Stefan, I actually like him a great deal. …just following the story that’s being told. BTW- you’re quite the rude one, aren’t you…maybe you should follow your own advice until you learn some manners;)


    Yep, I agree with you here. I think Damon’s going to be pissed at everything that has happened and everyone’s decisions since the accident. 

    As to Matt, I think Damon’s just pissed that Matt’s alive when Elena died. It doesn’t make sense to be seriously pissed at poor Matt who didn’t really do anything, but Damon will probably let his frusterations out on the poor dude. None of this is Matt’s fault, but poor Matt will find himself an easy target for Damon’s frusterations…..

  • Nelly

    I think they want to be loyal to the books’ storyline in this theme…the triangle. But in the books…when I’ve read it…I was so angry and I was so disappointed because Elena is very-very irritating. She is worse than in the show. In the show there is a big different between her feelings for Stefan and Damon. I hope that the writers will stay in this line and they will stay in the SE version.
    I try to understand DE fans but please…Damon has some girl in his bed…do they think it so epic and fantastic love with Elena? In my view it isn’t. But this is just MY opinion of course.

  • Nelly

    It would be interesting if Elena could teach Stefan to the control of drinking human blood :)

  • Tal1tha

    There is no reason to be rude

  • katherine_fan

     …and how to bite people’s limbs off and put them back together!I’m in!

  • katherine_fan

     I agree.The witches had no rules,so their storylines didn’t make sense.I miss “Charmed”.

  • katherine_fan

    The timeline is different between the books and the show. And even though I’m both Delena and Stelena in the books,when it comes to the show I couldn’t care less.It’s a TV show;everyone is gonna sleep with everyone,it’s a law.The writers should try to make it a more fun journey for the audience than worrying who’s gonna be endgame-that is reserved for the end of the series anyway!

  • katherine_fan

    I love it how you remember every scene in such detail.

  • katherine_fan

     Well,the accident was more than one person’s fault but Matt could have just run Rebekah over!That would have been a BADASS move!Definitely more badass than when he killed Finn.

  • Nelly

    It isn’t exactly what I thought…you’re little bit morbid…:S

  • ihatepeople

    It actually makes sense that Damon would help Elena with learning to control feeding on human blood. She spent all summer leaning on Damon for support in finding Stefan and getting her thru rough times. She has only recently started to reconnect with Stefan and neither of them are the same people they used to be. Knowing Stefan’s volitale past with blood and his recent issues in trying to gain control of himself, I can see where Elena would be reluctant to follow Stefan’s feeding plan. Stefan was able to help Caroline because he wasn’t emotionally involved with her and he was trying to teach her how to feed on animals not humans. With Elena there are too many emotions and feelings of denial and guilt going on for him to think clearly on what feeding style is best for her. Caroline can certainly help Elena gain control of her cravings with the blood bags but like Stefan she would disapprove of feeding on humans. Elena may not like it but I think she’s smart enough to know after everything that she has witnessed that she needs to learn how to control that kind of feeding in case she gets in a situation where she has to. Knowing this is something Damon can help her with I can see Elena following Damon’s plan but while keeping it a secret from Stefan and Caroline.

    I can understand why the brothers will be fighting over this. For one thing they’ve always been very different in their opinions on being a vampire. The fact that Stefan still won’t listen to Damon’s advice even after Elena died (because he chose not to do whatever it took to keep her alive) is going to peeve him off more. Things have gone badly more than once because of this. It’s a shame because they do better when they’re on the same team.

  • ihatepeople

    “no one is going to be taking Damon’s advice on how to handle this”…No one ever listens to Damon’s advice so nothing new there. LOL. That’s why I think he’ll be pissed off at everyone hence Julie’s comment about him feeling like they’re all a bunch of morons. :0) There’s only so much a man can take right?

    It probably wasn’t a good idea for Elena to be at the “town gathering” in the first place with all those beating hearts around and her being so new that she hasn’t learned any control. Can you say recipe for disaster? She probably insisted on going though. It’s a good thing she’ll have support. My guess about Damon’s help is that he’ll show her how to feed without killing. That’s really the one thing that we know neither Stefan or Caroline would teach her to do.

    You know I wonder if maybe April knows more about the whole vampire situation than she lets on. What if her father told her about what was going on in town and his death prompts her to bring in Connor? Maybe that was her father’s back up plan. Just a thought.

    Yep, I’m betting Damon confesses to Meredith too. Who else would even try to listen to him now that Ric is gone?

  • Mehr03

    Thank you :D

  • mary.m155

    WHO IN THE HELL IS THIS DAMN FRIEND OF DAMONS? that he confides in? Meridith?

  • Georgia_Peach

     Agree that Elena should drink from a blood bag until she is satisfied and then practice on a human with the idea of snatch, feed, heal, erase.  Certainly that could be classified as Vampire 101 training for a Baby Vamp. 

  • From Beginning To End

    Aside from not running Rebekah over and being the one who got saved, Matt is the reason she wasn’t safer at home in the first place. He drugged and kidnapped her. We all know him and Jeremy meant well, but I think it’s the exact kind of stupid thing that usually makes Damon angry.

  • From Beginning To End

     That’s what I would like to see, I think they’ve sort of been under-using the friendship between the girls lately.


    But Nelly: Damon & Elena have never been in a relationship with each other. Stefan & Elena have. So your reasoning for not understanding the Damon/Elena side of the fanbase doesn’t really make sense. You can’t think Damon was cheating on Elena by having other women in his bed because he wasn’t in a relationship with Elena at the time, nor has he ever been. Surely you can’t think he should remain celebate? He’s not a monk! Damon may love Elena, Elena may have feelings for him, but they’ve never been together as a couple. The very fact that Damon will do whatever it takes to keep her alive is what makes this so epic for me….and I’m not a Delena shipper;)


    I meant to comment on this below: don’t kid yourself. Damon is going to be furious with Stefan for letting Elena die. How can he not be? Had Elena not had vampire blood in her system, she would be dead/dead at the age of 18. It was a twist of fate that Elena had vampire blood in her system, and keep in mind, no one knew that. Those two boys had a pact: we protect her, no matter what. Damon’s done that. Stefan hasn’t. Damon’s going to  understand the situation perfectly. 

    Keep in mind, when Damon gave Elena his blood in S2: He was trying to save her life. Everyone knew she have vampire blood in her system before the sacrifice ritual. They all knew that even if Klaus killed her, she would still come back.

    I do agree with you though, to add fuel to the already flaming fire, both Stefan & Elena are being reckless with Elena’s second chance. All of this is going to come into play with how Damon feels about this turn of events. All of it. Starting with Elena’s death and how she chooses to handle her transition, then onto how she chooses to feed. Stefan’s going to be feeling so guilty about what happened, and most likely in denial regarding his hand in it, that I can’t see that he would be giving her very sound advice. Not to mention, we know what happened to him with his animal blood drinking ways. I can’t imagine that anyone would think it would be a good idea for Elena to drink animal blood and try to live her vampire life on that kind of substance. If they believe she can do it, they are all morons.

    As to you reaching back all the way to S1 when Damon gave her vampire blood to get Stefan to give him Emily’s grimoire….Damon shouldn’t have done that, but I think that they are all past that don’t you? I mean, the realationships between Damon, Stefan & Elena have all changed and evolved since then.

     I think if I was going to be worried about anyone, it would be Stefan giving her vampire blood and threatening to drive her off Wickery Bridge all for the sake of revenge. Stefan isn’t stable. Considering everything we found out about him last season, along with his massive blood issues, and the guilt he feels for everyting he’s done to either get revenge on Klaus or while on his road trip with Klaus….along with his guilt over the choice he made to save Matt first and allowing Elena to die, with him knowing out right that Elena would rather be dead/dead than be a vampire (see The Last Day), with Elena now turning into what she never wanted to be…I can imagine this is going to be a reall mind screw for Stefan. And he can’t blame anyone but himself this time and he’s going to know that to. 

    All of this is going to affect the way Damon views Stefan, and the way Stefan views himself. This is going to be a tough season for the boys, for sure:(


    Yeah I know…but I’m a bit conflicted on this. I actually thought Jeremy’s & Matt’s plan to take Elena out of the equation and get her out of town and away from the Originals was not a bad idea. I mean, in Season 3, Elijah went to great extrems to keep his family alive. I can see why Jeremy and Matt would want to get Elena out of town…the problem is that Matt decided to listen to her pleas and take her  back home. I know, they thought the majority of their friends were going to die, but still. He should have kept driving away from Mystic Falls. 

    I don’t think Damon’s going to hold Matt responsible for taking Elena back home and for not just simply hitting Rebekah…..I think it’s more that Matt gets to live while Elena died. Not only that, Damon’s frusteration with the situation has to go somewhere…..and Matt’s the easiest target….poor dude! I can’t imagine how Damon feels knowing Stefan made the choice to save Matt first and as a result, Elena died. The sad truth is that Matt didn’t have a say in the matter, either. I don’t believe that Matt Donavan would have wanted to live knowing Elena would surely die. His choice would have been for Stefan to get Elena out of the truck first, because Matt is just that kind of guy;)

  • Cassie

    I also heard Tyler and Damon will be drinking buddies soon.

  • Jncarriere

    I don’t understand why Elena needs to ever feed on a human.Blood bags are fine for Caroline and I would think they would work for Elena as well.Why everyone keeps thinking she would deliberately feed on a human I don’t get.

    She may end up doing it by accident because of the urges but never on purpose.

  • Georgia_Peach

     A vampire is a predatory species. Once a human dies and becomes a vampire it will never be the same for them again. To be a strong and healthy normal functioning vampire, Elena will need to learn to control her vampire urges, which is to kill and feed….on humans.  In order not to give into those urges by accident, or out of need, and kill, she will need to learn restraint.  Even Caroline, as disciplined and controlled as she was as a human, still gave into her urges and killed the carnival worker and has admitted she enjoyed the kill.  Blood bags are great and can be used as a substitute for the 98.6 human blood, but they may not always be available.  If that happens, Elena will feed on a human, which will probably happen sooner than later. It would be nice if she had learned restraint and doesn’t actually kill her prey.  Blood to a vampire is like water is to a human…. they have to have it,  they have an overwhelming desire to have it and they will kill for it.  If Caroline did not have access to a blood bag she would be feeding on humans too. 

  • nick

    Actually this is not true at all. 

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