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Posted by | December 21, 2011, 20:16 (MST) | 28 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The CW has released the official synopsis for The Vampire Diaries: Our Town (EP311). The episode airs Thursday, January 12th. Highlight for spoilers:

BIRTHDAYS AND GOOD-BYES — Although Caroline (Candice Accola) is in no mood to celebrate her 18th birthday, Elena (Nina Dobrev), Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Matt (Zach Roerig) surprise her with a small party in an unusual location. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) disagree on the best way to handle Klaus (Joseph Morgan), and a reckless Stefan decides to test his theory by taking things to dangerous extremes. Bonnie is concerned when Elena tells her about Jeremy’s (Steven R. McQueen) new plans. At a Founder’s meeting, Alaric once again runs into Dr. Fell (guest star Torrey Devitto), who is in the middle of an argument with her ex-boyfriend, the medical examiner (guest star David Colin Smith). Tyler (Michael Trevino) refuses to go along with Klaus’ latest demand, and is surprised when Klaus seems to accept his decision.

The episode was directed by Wendey Stanzler and written by Rebecca Sonnenshine.

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  • Anonymous

    Hmmm….my guess is that Tyler, if he was  smart, should realize Klaus will not take no for an answer. Damon & Stefan are going to have a hard time agreeing to disagree, much less on how to handle Klaus….but on a positive note, at least they are talking and not fighting……but what does Stefan do that is so reckless?

    I’m guessing from the spoilers we’ve had over the last couple of days, this is the “emotional” one for Stefan & Elena…..hmmm….wonder what they are fighting over?

  • sarah

    “reckless stefan”–yes please!! thanks for posting, is it jan 5 yet?!

  • kelly

    Even though Damon and Stefan are not agreeing with one another.  It’s great that they are working together as brother’s.  Wonder if Jeremy wants to leave town.  Oh Ric, are you going to kick some ass for Dr Fell. 

  • StarVamp

    I love the sweet Stefan, but Gosh this new version is so Amazing!!!! Who needs Elena when you can be so incrdible by yourself:D

  • Phyllis Lacy

    I love Stefan.  Love Stefan. Love Stefan.  But I REALLY LOVE RIPPAH STEFAN.  .And yes, why in the world does he need Elena? Let’s try Becky or Kat.

  • Cherrie

    OMG yay!!! Salvatore scenes! I’m even more excited now for the show to return. I know their not agreeing on the best way to handle Klaus but who cares as long as their working together again right? I mean their brothers, their supposed to disagree or it wouldn’t be normal lol. 

    Stefan reckless? Did I read that right? That sounds more like Damon LOL. But Damon has changed & so has Stefan. I’m definitely excited to see that side of Stefan. The old Stefan would never want people to get hurt, but this vengeful one obviously does not care. I really want to see the sweet/loving/caring Stefan again but I guess I can live with him being like this for the time being. It better not be permanent LOL.

    Excited to see what Bonnie, Elena, & Matt do for Caroline. She deserves it because she’s been through hell. 

    Klaus accepting Tyler saying “no” to him? Uh yeah, that’s not possible. Klaus usually gets what he wants & for Tyler’s sake I hope he’s careful because I love Tyler & would hate to see something happen to him.

    CANNOT WAIT FOR TVD TO RETURN!!! 2 more weeks left :)

  • dreamBIG

    “BIRTHDAYS & GOOD-BYES” Hmmmm that’s very interesting considering the fact that this is the episode where Elena & Stefan have their heartbreaking scene. Well I’m assuming this is the episode. Anyways, I have a feeling that Stefan’s reckless behavior is what’s going cause the emotional scene. Idk just my opinion.

    - What’s up with Jeremy? There is obviously something wrong with him or Bonnie wouldn’t be so worried.

    - Tyler better be careful considering Klaus does not usually take no for an answer.

    - So I guess Alaric has a thing for Mary. I just hope nothing bad happens to her because seriously how many people does he have to lose? He already lost his wife & then his girlfriend. 

    - Lastly, I’m very excited for the Salvatore scenes. My two favorite sexy vampires working together again sounds great! Even if their not agreeing on the best way to take down Klaus. Also I’m guessing Damon finds out the truth about why Stefan saved Klaus in the previous episode (3×10) or else he would not be working with Stefan.

    Soooooo excited for TVD to return. I miss it so much! ♥

  • Cherrie

    OMG I hope so!!! I really don’t want a repeat of Ghost World. I’m sorry, but that was my least favorite episode of season 3. 

    Like you said fingers crossed that this episode will be so much better!

  • Anonymous

    If I remember correctly, this is a big episode for Stefan and Elena. I’m guessing she’s either going to officially break it off/let him go or…(god forbid) their passion is renewed or whatever and the “I love you” contest comes back. Not likely this early on, so let’s hope that isn’t the case. 
    Also I think this ep was supposed to be a continuation of Damon’s journey from “villain to hero”? (quotations because I never counted him a villain.) I honestly don’t know what’ll happen, but I think it might just tie in with the Klaus disagreement and the “big thing” that goes down between Stefan and Elena. 
    Oh…just now remembering – apparently Damon and Elena find out why Stefan stopped Damon from killing Klaus? I wonder when that will come into play?
    AND it sounds like Rebekah will have it out for Elena and supposedly it comes back to bite her in the ass – hard. Curious as to how that will play out.
    And Damon causes someone to indirectly leave town. Tyler? Bonnie? …Please not Ric. Maybe Jeremy? Apparently Baby Gilbert will be having some issues. Or maybe even…Stefan.
    Ugh, way too much to think about. I need to stop this speculation.

  • il_isek

    Definitely…let’s hope that she has at least watched some TVD before writing this time.

  • Anonymous

    Wait…Goodbyes. Aha. Someone IS leaving town…and Damon indirectly caused it. My main guesses are still Tyler or Stefan. OH damn…too many teasers…too soon. 
    Can we please get an extended promo or a webclip for 3×10 up in here???

  • Anonymous

    Wait…Goodbyes. Aha. Someone IS leaving town…and Damon indirectly caused it. My main guesses are still Tyler or Stefan. OH damn…too many teasers…too soon. 
    Can we please get an extended promo or a webclip for 3×10 up in here???

  • Anonymous

    Ty watch your back baby Klaus always has a trick card to play so be alert. 

    Reckless stefan? yes please!! im so ready for january!!

  • Charlie

    Goodbyes ? uh oh. I feel a death coming on…

  • dman

    Personally, I don’t feel that Ghost World was as bad as everyone made it out to be. Was it the greatest episode? No. But it had it’s good points and was a satisfying and emotional end to a relatively intriguing storyline. Having re-watched the episode several times, I found myself enjoying it much more. Though there were some inconsistencies with the storytelling, there was enough there to make it rewarding and fulfilling. 

    One episode that disappointed me a bit was this upcoming episode, Ordinary People. Not that it was a bad episode overall, it certainly wasn’t. I just didn’t like the fact that everything was tied to Mystic Falls instead of Eastern Europe and the whole way the Originals were created was a little too simplistic and unimaginative. I was expecting something more grand and spectacular. Everything seemed a little too convenient and self-explanatory. One thing I did love about this episode was Rebekah. This was the first episode where I started to feel something for her. Claire Holt did a tremendous job, not only re-telling Rebekah’s past but her present storyline as well. Her scenes with Elena were riveting and really enabled me to fully understand Rebekah.  

  • Annemoore

    I think that its Elena or Damon who will leave town…
    In 3x10the sexiness between her and Damon is getting hotter but when Damon finds out bout Stefan doing it all for him he will Tell Elena that he cant Be with her (Hero). But She cant get Running back to stef After all thats happened so She will leave town for Some alone Time or Some noble reason. Or Damon will leave because of that…
    Just my Guesses…

  • Sarahxoxo

    lol this synopsis seems very spoilery :D
    i don’t think the goodbye is any one dieing or a breakup someones supposed to leave town because of something damon did indirectly…since it’s indirect wouldn’t it be someone damon doesn’t interact with that often?…. at least thats what i think… :P
    and wasn’t stefan supposed to be MIA? thats a big spoiler :D he’s back apparently? but wth is he gonna do thats so reckless?
    ugghhh i wish this wasn’t so far away :( i mean i can’t rush though my christmas vacation :P so i guess i’ll just survive on repeats and fanvids for the next week :P :D hahaaa

  • aida

    Guess its damons turn to leave town and have people chase after him because he feels guilty over chasing elena while his brother was trying to keep them alive.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry-Damon wasn’t chasing after Elena. Elena herself is finally acknowledging that she’s attracted to Damon….it’s coming from her. Damon is treating Elena the way he always has. Also, although I agree some of the things Stefan has done is to protect Damon & Elena, Damon has been working just as hard as Elena to bring Stefan back, and while he’s been doing that, he’s also been trying to keep Elena safe. So, no, according to the spoiler that was released, someone leaves town due to something Damon does indirectly…..Damon will not be leaving town. He may say something to someone that causes them to re-think things (Tyler) and that someone (Tyler) may decide the best thing to do is take himself out of the equation so he doesn’t have to hurt anyone.

  • dorkus

    Sounds ready reasonable to me but Damon told Elena he will never leave her….so I am not sure if he will leave….

  • Anonymous

    reckless stefan…me gusta

  • Anonymous

    I am worried about the character in danger and bleak future spoilers.
    Please do NOT kill off Matt and Tyler. I hope we don’t say goodbye to any of the main characters we care about yet.

  • Katiefanatic

    ‘ghost world’ is my favorite episode of season 3. i prefer the more story oriented episodes, to the action packed ones. that being said, why is anyone BUT stefan in charge of taking down klaus? Damon knows nothing about him and knows nothing about being politically correct and charming the person so they know nothing’s coming. to take someone down, you can’t be an ass TO THEIR FACE. damon will screw it up the first chance he gets. stefan knows klaus better than anyone. i think its a bad idea for anyone else to be involved in this plan.

  • aida

    well maybe elena will find herself torn between her feelings for the two boys.  damon has been chasing after elena for a long time.  look as far back as when he thought he could compell her to kiss him them crepted in her bedroom while she was asleep and stroked her face.  not to mention the other times he has flirted, touched, cried,  at her.

  • Mary

    True, you got a very good point here!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I agree with VampLover, Damon has not campaigned for Elena’s affections or courted her. Crying, flirting, touching do not a chase make. That’s just the way Damon’s written, he’s a flirt. And when he tried to compel Elena to kiss him in S1, it wasn’t to chase Elena, it was to annoy Stefan. Damon’s goal was to free Katherine and annoy Stefan for the better part of the first season. Then the second season, they were all scrambling around to protect Elena. This season, they’re all trying to outsmart Klaus. So I would say, Damon is not chasing Elena. He made it clear in The Hybrid, he would not be chasing her, he’s going to let her come to him. I think that’s a major point when it comes to Damon’s growth as a character: Damon chased Katherine for well over a century, he spent the last days of his human life chasing Katherine, and he’s realized the folly of that. He’s not going to be “chasing” his “brother’s girl” anymore. He’s going to try to deserve Elena first, and let her decide. 

  • Sasha

    I like the story-driven episodes too, but Ghost World felt kind of forced, kind of gimicky. It was a good episode, but just not as strong as others. 
    Must respectfully disagree about Damon. Damon knew enough about Klaus to know the Mikael was the key to killing him. Damon hasn’t screwed up any plans. And of course a plan to take down Klaus is not going to involve seduction or charm. Klaus is a raging psychopath (who we love to hate and hate to love), and probably responds most readily to confrontation and violence. It’s going to take them everything they’ve got just to keep Klaus at bay. For Stefan’s sake, and for the sake of this town, I hope he gets some help from everyone.

  • F1fpp

    i want stephen and elena in couple again (not damon)

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