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Posted by | October 3, 2012, 14:06 (MST) | 44 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The CW has released the official synopsis for The Vampire Diaries: The Rager (EP403), airing Thursday, October 25th. Highlight for spoilers:

BORN TO BE WILD — [spoiler]Connor (guest star Todd Williams) continues his search to uncover the secrets of Mystic Falls and tries to convince Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) to work with him. With Dr. Fell’s (guest star Torrey DeVitto) help, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) question Connor, but the confrontation takes a lethal turn. Trying to keep her new life as normal as possible, Elena (Nina Dobrev) is determined to continue her senior year at Mystic Falls High with support from Matt (Zach Roerig) and Caroline (Candice Accola). Rebekah’s (Claire Holt) arrival at school makes it difficult for Elena to control her anger, but she learns that confronting Rebekah can be extremely dangerous. Later, Rebekah realizes how alone she is, and reaches out to April (guest star Grace Phillips). Stefan (Paul Wesley) takes Elena on a thrilling motorcycle ride in an effort to show her that life can still be fun. Tyler (Michael Trevino) gets a surprise visit from Hayley (guest star Phoebe Tonkin, “The Secret Circle”), a werewolf who helped him through the ordeal of breaking his sire-bond to Klaus. Concerned about Elena, as well as his own emotions, Stefan turns to a sympathetic Caroline for advice.[/spoiler]

The episode was written by Brian Young and directed by Lance Anderson. This also marks the first episode of guest star Phoebe Tonkin!

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  • Mick

    Caroline and Stefan!! 

  • Yetzybeth PiedrahÍta

    I hate to be bored already with all the Stelena scenes, but I can’t help it!

  • Cherrie

    - Umm Stefan rides a motorcycle? Lol okay then. I guess he’ll look sexy doing it.

    - Omg I can’t wait to see Steroline scenes!!! I have waited since forever for a scene between them. I think we haven’t had a proper scene wince season 2. So excited for this.

    - Damon and Klaus are working together now? Lol what? I’m sorry but that is strange. Klaus is their enemy and even if that Connor dude is also an enemy why work with Klaus? Come on, writers you can do better than that.
    - I remember a writer tweeting that 4×03 consists of lots of sex. Hmm wonder who it is. Probably Forwood? Or Stelena since the first time they try to do it Elena throw up. I’m sorry that is hilarious. No offense Stelena fans. It just is.


  • sarah

    stefan/elena plus stefan/caroline–i cant wait for this episode!!

  • Georgia_Peach

    The best thing out of this synopsis for me is Damon and Klaus working together and interrogating the new lethal vampire hunter, Connor.   HOORAH!

    Next is Hayley coming on the scene.

    and then it sounds Rebekah will put Elena in her place.

    and then there is the Stefan and Elena thrilling motorcycle ride to the tune of “Born to Be Wild”.  (lol)

    Overall, it sounds like a damn good episode.

  • katherine_fan

    Fun Stefan FTW!!! And as I’ve already said 10085 times before,I want Jeremy,the vampire hunter to happen!

  • Charlotte

    sounds so exciting.  can’t wait to see Stefan and Elena try and have a little fun.  Stefan will look so hot on a motorcycle and his girl on the back.  can’t wait to see more of Meredith and Damon together.  Sounds like Rebekah is going to be treated like an outcast.  hopefully Mystic falls high seniors take Elenas side over and show Rebekah she is not wanted.

  • lolalovestvd

    Klaus and Damon. Excellent. :D Now THAT’S something fun!!!

  • Georgia_Peach

     When all our vampires, Originals and Diluted,  fail against  Connor, the lethal vampire hunter,  Jeremy actually is the one to kill him for going after Elena…….. thus making Jeremy Gilbert the biggest bad ass in Mystic Falls…. and the “Hunter” all vampires will fear……… Sure… why not?

  • Agnieszka Ehlert

    Klaus and Damon cooperating? Yes, please :)

  • Allye

    Stefan riding a motorcycle? yes, this is all i care! te rest>>>>>>>>>>> 
    Oh and Stelena too!


    Klaus & Damon working together, having a meeting of the minds? Did my prayers get answered? I mean, who better to solve the “mystery of the mysterious hunter” in town than Damon who needs major distraction from his personal life and Klaus, the Original Hybrid himself. LOL- that’s going to be my favorite part of this episode, I just know it. And maybe having Dr. Fell along for the ride won’t be so bad (OK- I’m going to go ahead and say it: I MISS RIC! and to even think Meredith can replace him…are they nuts????????)

    Poor Elena, she’s just having such a rough time of it, I’m sure. Insisting she continue on with high school sounds just like Elena, though. After all, she does know best……at least she thinks so;) All kidding aside, trying to keep her life as normal as possible really is the best thing for her….but she needs to remember that Bex is an Original, Elena’s a newly turned baby vamp… short, Bex will kick her ass;)

    Onto Elena & Stefan and the motorcycle…..LOL….I’m sorry guys, but that just sounds cheesy all in itself. But, if it can cheer Elena up, than I’m all for it…and hey, we get to see Paul on a motorcyle…so there is that;)

    Looking forward to meeting Haley. Actually, can’t wait to see how this plays out with Tyler….should be fun. And finally, really looking forward to hearing about Stefan’s feelings regarding the current situation. I know we get to hear about Damon’s in The Memorial (402), so it will be nice to get Stefan’s side of it, too. 

    Really can’t wait for this new season to start up!  We’ve got roughly one week and one day….can’t wait!

  • Overthedges

    Im already bored with this stupid Stelena scenes. Lame, very lame.

    i can’t wait to see Stefan and Caroline friendship again, they were awsome in s2!

    and Damon and Klaus badass team wow this is going to be interesting!


    “Damon and Klaus are working together now? Lol what? I’m sorry but that is strange. Klaus is their enemy and even if that Connor dude is also an enemy why work with Klaus? Come on, writers you can do better than that.”

    Maybe Klaus has information about Hunter’s in general…after all, the running theme has been “Hunter…hunters..and more hunters.” Remember, after this episode there’s a flashback featuring Rebekah and… guessed it, her run in with a Hunter. Of course, this hunter was alive roughly 900 years ago………..but I still believe there’s a connection with the story this year. As to why Damon’s going to be working with Klaus……..because Klaus has the info Damon needs and if he doesn’t trust his brother (which he shouldn’t) and Ric can’t be at his side (because he’s dead) than he better have some back up. You can’t get much better than the Original Hybrid himself, can you? 

  • Guest

    OH MY STELENA :)))))

  • Stevie1421

    Damn right! If Rebekah hurts Elena, somehow I may even grow to hate her more. Maybe if she realizes no one likes a spoiled brat she’ll just leave…one can only hope.
    I also not keen on the idea of Damon and Klaus working together…has he forgotten already that Klaus tried to kill Elena twice (not even counting the time he succeeded) and also that he turned his brother into a crazed killer. It just seems a little to forgiving, too fast; especially for Damon, who can hold a grudge against his own brother for years. 
    Overall this episode sounds like it’ll be really good or really bad…we shall find out soon :)


    Oh, hell yeah…..Jeremy Gilbert was B.A.D.A.S.S. with the meat cleaver last season… why not? The lethal vampire hunter wouldn’t expect a human to get the better of him, now would he?  

    I can see it now….Jeremy Gilbert, defender of vampire kind everywhere;) Love it!

  • Charlotte

     Agreed.  Rebekah does act like a spoiled brat when doesn’t get her way  you are so right about Klaus and damon its just strange that they will work side by side considering Damon didn’t talk to his own brother for almost a century and the webclips shows  Damon yelling at stefan about Elena.  I mean Klaus is the one who used Elena for her blood, said he was leaving town with her and she would have to go.  Then  he just decided to drain her completely and leave her for dead.  Of course there is the whole Klaus had Stefan give his life up to save Damon then stefans life was turned upside down, tortured, compelled, had to give his love and his life up.  All to save his brother.  I’m sure the episode will be great.  Stefan riding a motorcycle with Elena on the back has me looking forward to it.

  • ihatepeople

    Connor…reincarnated or an immortal?

    We know Damon and Klaus aren’t buddies but they both are devious planners so working together to stop this hunter benefits all and it should be very entertaining. One of their better ideas.

    The motorcycle ride is a little corny personally.

  • ihatepeople

    I’d love to see badass Jeremy ever since he killed Tony the hybrid.

  • ihatepeople

    Your last line about having Klaus as backup is exactly why their pairing is good. We all know they’ll never trust each other but in the case of the hunter being at large they’re both trying to cover their vampire asses and their friends (I use the term loosely since neither really have any at the moment). Not to mention both are great at schemes and their nastiness towards each other will be enetertaining for us. :)

  • ihatepeople

    The confrontation that Klaus and Damon get into with the hunter turns “lethal”…I wonder if that means Meredith dies since she helps them?

  • From Beginning To End

    So suddenly there’s a motorcycle…and more sexy SE scenes. I know this is supposed to be the season of the transition but it sounds like the season of trying to convince half a fan base to like something we’re not really into. 

  • Charlotte

     Where did you read more sexy SE scenes?  I mean I really hope you are right but where did it say that?  Giving Stefan a motorcycle will be exciting to see.  Nothing like a hot guy riding a motorcycle or a hog as my brother calls it.  Damon has that blue car and  I do know that my brother said it was hot and a great car to pick up chicks.  Damons gonna be sexy in his car to.  I would really like to hear some news on what is going on with Bonnie.  Shouldn’t she be at school to.

  • Georgia_Peach

     Sounds like enemies become allies to join forces for the common good.  Nothing at all says Damon and Klaus will become buddies, but I am excited to see them stand together as a force  against a common enemy that wants to kill their kind.  An enemy that Klaus knows the existence of……. Of course Damon will put the hostility aside.  With this running theme of hardcore lethal vampire hunters, it is making sense why Klaus wanted to build a hybrid army so large that no one would dare come against him. Like he said, you don’t wait for the war to start to build your army.

  • Darcellem

    She is still mad at her for killing her and all the bad things she done to her while she was human. So she wants to get payback for it. I hate Rebekah!!! So I hope with her being an outcast at school and all this season that she learn a lesson in this and not be a spoiler brat getting her way all the time. Or else she is going to be alone for the rest of her life!!!

  • Fran

    I love the sound of Jeremy’s story line so far this season. I want to see him embrace his vampire hunting heritage, so it will be really interesting to see his scenes with the new vampire hunter in town. 

  • SF

    why is there “Klaus (Joseph Morgan)”?? Does this mean he’s back again that soon?  wohooo!!

  • Lola Rose17

    after reading all the spoilers about season 4 and the first two episode ,i have one question.they said some scene gets porny in nature and they don’t belong to the 8pm programs,they said tvd dont need to true blood..!!! some times my kids (they r above 13 but under 18) watch the tvd with me ,would i let them this time ??? sorry i have to checki know the tvd is rated 15.

  • Iansfan

    So, Elena and Stefan are going to have hot vampire sex and Damon is going to be really pissed… Well I can easily understand why. What I can´t understand is why he stays in MF at all. Why doesn´t he find himself a nice little town with some tasty sorority girls who adore him and leave all those people behind who don´t want his advice, love and bonding. It is rather masochistic to stay and watch your brother messing everything up  and getting the love of the girl anyway. (not that I want him away, can´t really imagine TVD without him)

    I can´t imagine that the writers can create a similarly intensive relationship like the one between Ric and Damon. Even if he confides his feelings to Dr. Fell, I don´t think that it can ever be as cool but we have to wait and see.

    Stefan and Elena on a motorbike, sounds like a new Stefan and a new Elena. He even hated to use a car back in season 1, and human Elena would probably have found it too dangerous.

    Klaus and Damon working  together, hmm some sort of disfunctional bromance, but surely ineresting to watch. I´ m sure I will like it. 

  • a_softsong

    I think Klaus will warm to a friendship with Damon under the circumstances.  Klaus is rejected and lonely.  Caroline rejects him over and over but most important, Stefan rejected him.  He wants to be needed and he needs a friend.  So does Damon need a friend.  It could be the perfect bromance.

    I guess I am still disappointed with them trying to shove the triangle.  Damon should move on. I am really hoping that the character traits of season 1 Stefan are not being transferred to Vamplena.  That would be so very boring.  I really don’t want Damon acting human and pining for Vamplena.  He needs a few sorority girls to drink, heal and compel.  To kinda get him out of the slump and over the hump.  LOL

    Vamplena already knew that the bunny diet was not the answer.  She knew this before she drowned herself.  Now she wants to drink bunny blood.  I guess her puking all over everything is written to be another “epic” unforgettable romantic scene between the two star crossed lovers.

  • Silentlady

    Well spoken!

  • midnight

    Stefan takes Elena on a “thrilling motorcycle ride” to show her that life can “still be fun”??  Uh, Stefan, is that really such a good idea given her history of car accidents? 
    I hate to say this, but all the Stelena spoilers are already making me roll my eyes.  They’re supposed to be adjusting to what is a huge life-changing event for Elena and their relationship, but this sounds like something cut straight from S2, when he woke her up to take her on a ride on the ferris wheel to remind her they can still be a happy, ordinary couple.  I’m not into Stelena at all, (no offence to anyone here who likes them), and it wouldn’t be so bad if they argued and stuff, but they hardly ever do that.  It’s just the same, syrupy-sweet, ‘We don’t have any problems because we’re so adorable’/’Oops, we do have problems, we just pretend they don’t exist and never talk about them’ Stelena.  If the writers TRIED to give their relationship some depth I wouldn’t feel this impatient, but they’ve pretty much squandered every chance they got last season by going round and round in circles with them.

    Stefan and Caroline sound like the best thing in this episode.  I dunno about Damon and Klaus yet.

  • From Beginning To End

    Oh I just read a couple of spoilers from the news outlets who got  the first two episodes already. They’re linked on the post before this one.

  • From Beginning To End

     Honestly, I’ll be watching these first two episodes to satisfy my curiosity about side characters because I’m not a fan of SE either. Hopefully the plot is very interesting for as long as they keep the syrup coming.

  • Vanessa B

    These writers never fail to amaze me. Okay why would Damon work with Klaus they hate each other. As for the Stefan and Elena Scene, I personally thinks she goes better with Stefan since she’s Whinny and her being a vampire won’t chance that much. Sorry Delena Fans but Damon’s a bad boy and I wanna keep him that way! What I’m really excited about is Pheobe Tokin’s charater! She should get a good role and she will make one hot werewolf!

  • Cassie

    I really hope Tyler dumps Caroline and goes for Haley. He deserves better.

  • Voragobox

    I think that the purpose of the character Hayley showing up is a way to show to other characters that Tyler is actually Klaus…since Klaus may not know who she is

  • dman

    Nicely said!

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