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Posted by | March 5, 2014, 19:44 (MST) | 45 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The CW has released the official synopsis for The Vampire Diaries: Rescue Me (EP517), airing Thursday, March 27th at 8/7c. Highlight for spoilers:

MARKOS ARRIVES IN MYSTIC FALLS — In order to keep Stefan (Paul Wesley) from being harmed by Sloan (guest star Caitlin McHugh) and the Travelers, Caroline (Candice Accola) and Enzo (guest star Michael Malarkey) agree to make a trip to Atlanta to find a newly discovered doppleganger [sic]. Caroline is surprised when Enzo opens up to her about his past. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) spend an awkward afternoon at Jeremy’s (Steven R. McQueen) parent-teacher conference, where they hear bad news about his behavior at school. Afterwards, Damon reluctantly tells Elena upsetting news about Jeremy’s personal life. Bonnie (Kat Graham) has an unsettling encounter with Luke (guest star Chris Brochu), and learns more about his family history. Liv (guest star Penelope Mitchell) fills Jeremy in on the rumors about the Travelers’ next move and demonstrates her considerable power. Jeremy makes an unexpected deal with Liv, then makes a decision that is devastating to Elena. Stefan and Caroline share a special moment of friendship. Finally, a terrifying turn of events at the Travelers’ camp leads to the appearance of their mysterious leader, Markos (guest star Raffi Barsoumian).

The episode was directed by Leslie Libman and written by Brett Matthews & Neil Reynolds.

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  • Cheryl12

    Jam-packed for sure. So – what do we have here: Steroline or Carenzo? Anyway looks like Enzo is trying to fit in – I like that. A new fellow Doppelgänger for Stefan? I expected this, but not so soon.
    The Travelers camping out – and Markos arrives? Maybe on a broomstick?
    This synopsis is surprising in some regards – for example, Jer’s still going to school? :-| Damon & Elena attending a parents’ conf. – together? If there was ever one sentence I never thought I’d see in a synopsis, that’s the one. Sounds like Jer. might be ready to fly to coup.

  • Demetra Christakos

    Damon at a parent-teacher conference for Jeremy?! That sounds hilarious!! I did not realize Jeremy was back in school.

  • Andrew55

    Really this is what the show has stooped to….D/E at a Parent teacher conference for Jeremy? Gag me with a freaking spoon. So I guess Elena just forgives Damon for everything he did. *Eye Roll* Of course she would.

  • napoli

    Damon has killed Jeremy twice.

    Damon continually bullies, abuses and torments Jeremy for fun.

    Damon doesn’t give a shit about Jeremy unless Damon is trying to get into Elena’s pants.

    Somehow we’re supposed to buy Damon going to a parent-teacher meeting for Jeremy. GROSS!

    I guess this means we have more I-don’t-care-Elena to deal with. Nina has mastered the shoulder shrug but I’m sure she’s tired of this character too.

  • jessica

    it seems like Delena will get back together. I’ve never thought that I was going to see Damon at a parent-teacher conference. It will be funny :D

  • Petra

    This obsession is becoming ridiculous….

  • jesserabbit

    Out of all this information, the most shocking for me is that Jeremy is apparently still in school. How in the world is that even possible?

    Also, something interesting and/or spoilery must happen in 5×16, since they’ve completely skipped the synopsis for it. That actually makes me want to watch. :D

  • Mairead

    Oh, TVD. You had me at “Damon/Elena Parent/Teacher Conference” LOL forever .

  • Mairead

    also, since when does Jeremy have a personal life?

  • stevie1421

    If this synopsis was any longer it’d be a script. It sounds interesting though, I’ll admit.
    Why does it say the travellers want to hurt Stefan specifically? Is it implying Elena too? Or are they only after the male doppelganger?
    Why would finding another doppelganger protect Stef? And why does Enzo go with them? I realize he could just be trying to fit in, but I just imagined his main relationship on the show would be with Damon.
    I’ll bet the ‘Delena at a parent teacher conference’ bit will be the comedic relief of the episode… not exactly an environment either of them will be comfortable in… with actual, real life adults o.O
    Also if Elena were in danger from the travellers wouldn’t Damon be trying to find a way to protect her rather than wasting time at school? Which brings me back to: Is it only Stefan that they want?
    But my main question: What decision does Jer make that’s gonna ‘devastate’ his sister? Does he want leave MF? Is it to do with this ‘deal’? And can’t my poor girl catch a break? She only just got her body back!

  • Kiki

    I so agree with you. Elena is just pathetic

  • ShawnaEJ

    I think its a bit much to assume she has just forgiven everything. It does say its awkward. Perhaps its awkward because they’re both listed as Jeremy’s guardians and they both show up without the other one knowing.

    It is possible she forgave everything…but lets not jump to conclusions based on one sentence.

  • Jennifer2667

    I did some digging on ep. 516 but couldn’t find much. and TV Rage both list the title as Family Reunion. Clever TV said this is the first ep. in which Luke Brochu appears as the new Whitmore student. They mention he has something to do with the growing tension between the witches and Travelers. So, none of this is verified or it would be posted here, but I agree the fact that there’s so little info makes you wonder!

  • amber

    The confirmed episode title for 5.16 is “While You Were Sleeping” and i’m sure it will be published as soon as tonight’s episode will air. Releasing it early would have been too spoilery for what happens in tonight’s episode. At least, it’s my guess^^

  • Euras

    Are we sure this synopsis is official? I’m sorry but it sounds like a total fake one. Delena at a parent-teacher conference? ANOTHER doppelganger? It’s silly. And this description is out before the one for 5×16? Hmmm…

  • Jennifer2667

    Thanks amber! You must be right about spoilers. Btw, need to correct that the actor’s name is Chris Brochu, not Luke like I wrote above. Just curious – where did you find the info? I looked on CW but use an iPad so not all content is displayed. Anyway, the official title is better. :)

  • amber

    You’re welcome : )
    The title was revealed last week by the CW when they published the synopsis for all their shows, exept TVD. They didn’t publish any synopsis but they did published a title.

  • Kate

    This is directly from the CW press release that we got from the network itself.

  • Kate

    If you were curious – the CW usually sends out a press release with title, synopsis, writer, director, etc. For 516, they gave us the title – “While You Were Sleeping” – but said the synopsis was TBD.

  • Dblokland

    I had the same feeling….If this is legit, TVD is a mess (Sorry not sorry) to say. Another doppleganger?? Where’s the originality in the writing?

  • Cheryl12

    Seems likely – something must occur tonight which would have to be addressed in the synopsis for 5.16 (which is being withheld as of this writing), so they’re holding it back until after tonight’s ep. I find it more than a little suspicious w/ that short list of S5 ep. titles which was somehow circulated but which are being systematically overwritten. I don’t recall this strategy being employed before.

  • Kate

    I promise it’s legit. :) We only post synopses that we get from the CW officially.

  • Cheryl12

    I’m on my laptop. The pattern on the CW site has been not to post in advance, even if the press release(s) is/are out for eps. beyond the coming one. In other words, “Gone Girl” is the next one up & the last one listed there as of the moment.

  • Jennifer2667

    Thanks, Kate! I didn’t know the timeline, usually wait for the synopsis to post here. :)

  • InewtoTVD

    Damon killed Jeremy once, Katherine killed Jeremy once, then Enzo killed Jeremy once. So yes. Jeremy has actually been killed three times. I think it’s great Damon is going to the parent-teacher meeting. Jeremy has always had a special bond with Damon, and Damon has always had a soft spot for him too. I’m sure this will be another great S5 episode. Can’t wait! ;)

  • ito2110

    Instead of question Elena, maybe we should question Jeremy, coz he’s actually the victim here. Damon snapped his neck, Jeremy went to Salvatore’s house to kill him, but still, he didn’t. He even laughed at Damon’s joke about the stake. He came to Damon and join in missions (moonstone, werewolf, the hunter) and all this happened before Elena and Damon together. Don’t you find it’s interesting?

  • Cheryl12

    Let’s not forget when Liz killed Jeremy. I believe that is the original reason why he sees ghosts :-|

  • InewtoTVD

    Snap! I forgot all about that. You are right. Once again! Bless his heart. He’s like a Timex watch. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking ;) lol

  • Amber

    It’s not the sentence that has everyone upset it’s the new preview with her tell Damon she loves him and he says we’ll stop and she says I can’t pathetic

  • Amber

    Special bond lmao are you kidding me

  • InewtoTVD

    Nope ;)

  • Justsayin’

    I don’t think that’s a very accurate sentence describing “everyone”. Not everyone is upset. I’m not ;) ……………………………Justsayin’

  • Melissa

    So Jeremy has forgiven Damon? I mean if Damon has knowledge about Jeremy’s personal life… Or perhaps he was an unwilling witness to whatever affected Jere’s world. Hmm guess we’ll find out on the 20th or 27th. Oh Thursday come soon!

  • InewtoTVD

    So Jeremy is going to make a deal with Liv (the enemy, two faced liar witch) and a decision that is devastating to Elena. Please don’t pull another stupid like you did before. That almost got everyone killed. Including your sister! Oh that kid. smh Looks like in the promo pics Damon got there in time and saved Elena from Liv. I just hope it’s not part of the deal Jer made and it’s a set up or trick :/

  • Cheryl12

    I’m betting Jer. wants to become an emancipated minor, and who could blame him? :-| But the deal w/ Liv, hmm…? This ep. looks to be literally all over the map. I’m keeping my eye on the Carenzo dynamic/what he shares w/ her re: himself (will we see FB Maggie?), on the fate of the new DG; and, of course, the emergence of Big Bad Markos.
    And this is the ep. which is _supposed to_ have FBs to “The Pilot” – and the car accident.

  • InewtoTVD

    FBs to The Pilot and car accident!? What!? I missed all that info.. That will be great! Do you know/remember where you saw/read about that? If so please share :)

  • Cheryl12

    A while back there were a couple of sources, one being tweets to #TVD. I’ll see if I favorited any of them. I also saw this info. on at least one fan site. I’ll dig around.

  • Cheryl12

    OK, bad but not surprising news – the fan page (which I did bookmark) has been deleted. BTW this is one of the eps. where there was a title announced and then switched – originally this was supposedly to be called “The Night of the Bonfire.”

  • InewtoTVD

    You are awesome my friend! But no worries. They’ll probably post it again closer to the air date. Don’t go through that trouble. Just gives me something to look forward too ;) Thank you.

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