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Posted by | November 13, 2013, 20:54 (MST) | 35 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The CW has released the synopsis for The Vampire Diaries: The Cell (EP509). The episode airs Thursday, December 5 at 8/7c. Highlight for spoilers:

FLASHBACKS TO A DARK TIME IN DAMON’S LIFE - Stefan (Paul Wesley) continues to offer Katherine (Nina Dobrev) his support while trying to mask his own pain, until Caroline (Candice Accola) shows up with an unusual form of therapy. After trying to make amends with Caroline, Elena (Nina Dobrev) grows so concerned about Damon (Ian Somerhalder) that she turns to Aaron (guest star Shaun Sipos) for help. Later, when Damon tells Elena about a terrible ordeal in his past that he has kept secret for decades, she shares the disturbing information she just learned about her own family. Finally, Aaron decides on a desperate course of action after a conversation with Dr. Wes (guest star Rick Cosnett).

The episode was directed by Chris Grismer and written by Melinda Hsu Taylor.

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    Finally more Salvatore background. This episode sounds juicy for everyone involved.

  • Jess

    Katherine’s still alive by 5×09. (that b!tch just doesn’t wanna die. lololol)
    Stefan’s back to ‘comforting’ her. (go figure)
    Elena and Caroline have a fight? SHOCKER.
    Elena concerned about Damon? Since when?
    “Later, when Damon tells Elena about a terrible ordeal in his past that he has kept secret for decades,” What? That he’s not a virgin?Please tell me that this secret he’s been keeping is that Stefan isn’t related to him and not that he has a doppelganger himself. Or maybe that secret is that he was once engaged to be married… and go the Klaus route and the secret is that he had a fiancee or wife and a child that died young or in childbirth. Or maybe he tells Elena about the half brother that no one knew about because I don’t think he ever told Elena that he has/had a half brother. ANYTHING BUT THE DOPPELGANGER ROUTE.

  • Debbie

    It sounds like the show is going in a whole new route-for the much better! Tvd is always better when it concentrates on its core characters. I was hoping this college/Augustine storyline would lead to some good Salvatore and Gilbert secrets…and to some good Stefan/Katherine bonding! Can’t wait…

  • stevie1421

    This sounds awesome. Does anyone know if this is the mid-season finale?
    Little worried about the lack of Bonnie and Jeremy in the description.
    Why are Caroline and Elena fighting? Who pissed who off? Not actually surprised though, I thought they seemed to be giving each other cold looks in the stills for 5×08, but I dismissed it.
    So it seems Katherine is still alive, but apparently needs Stefan’s support; maybe she still ageing like in the last episode but it’s a slow process? Maybe she needs support because she’s dying? I have kind of a love/hate relationship with Kat but if the writers actually had the courage to kill her (permanently), I’d be pleasantly surprised. I feel like they haven’t actually killed an antagonist since season 1, which is starting to make our protagonists look a bit pathetic, given how often they die (whether it sticks or not).
    No idea what could be bugging Damon about his past; I can’t wait to find out. Maybe it has to do with his friend (Enzo was it?) who we’re meeting soon. But I’m sticking with my theory about Elena finding out dirty secrets about her father. Maybe he had an affair? I would love that because it would be such a bizarrely domestic storyline, compared to the doppelganger-destiny-magic-super-blood storyline we usually get; it’d be a nice change.
    Either way, I am always happier when the show focuses more on our core and supporting characters. Personally, I find it very hard to give a crap about Silas or Tessa, since they’re the ones causing our much loved characters all the pain.

  • jesserabbit

    Does this mean no Silas or Tessa in this episode? Good! So sick of that whole group of doppelgangers/witches. I’m sure it won’t be over yet but it’s nice to get a break.

    It’ll be nice to get some Damon backstory since we know almost nothing about his personal history. Sounds like we might finally find out why he switched off his humanity.

    Also, what ever happened to that nice Matt Donovan, I wonder? I thought he was getting a storyline of his own this season…

  • shoe20

    Maybe Elena found out her Dad slept with her mom’s sister. lololol

  • sami

    can’t wait for this episode

  • stevie1421

    Hmmm. Elena’s father kinda did. Not the one I was referring to in my first post but John DID used to sleep with Jenna. So technically…

  • ladym05

    Will this show ever pretend to have a plot again? This show is only about ships. Since, Damon is suppose to be a dark character, why is it shocking that he has a dark past or a secret. Caroline just kill Elena that b$&@h had lived too long already! I don’t care what it is , I am Team Caroline on this one.

  • shoe20

    Yea, I know….and Damon slept with Isobel….Guess that’s not technically incest, but certainly on the messy side. lol


    Don’t take my word for it but I think 5×10 is the mid-season finale.

    I agree with you about Silas and Tessa, they’re just dragging everyone into their stupid feud. They’re not taking responsibility for the hand they both had in screwing up their own lives and I have a hard time taking either one of them seriously.

    I think Enzo is supposed to be around for a while. Who knows, he could be the big bad for the second half of the season.

    I think Katherine will die this season, she’s been given the kind of storyline characters get when they’re going out with a bang and supposedly she actually does love one of the brothers and we’ll find out which soon so…that sounds to me like she’ll die soon. Maybe Nadia will be pissed and become a problem.

  • Kate

    Yeah, they haven’t officially announced it yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if 510 is the midseason finale.

  • stevie1421

    Thanks, I know episode 9 has been the mid-season finale for the last couple of years but I haven’t actually seen an announcement this year.
    I agree with you about Silas and Tessa, you’d think after 2000 years they’d be able to own their own actions.
    I – sort of – hope Kat dies, simply because it’d be nice to have a death we’re actually conflicted about, as opposed to just depressing us.
    It never occurred to me that Enzo might be our new big bad, I was hoping he’d be Damon’s new drinking buddy. I mean he has Elena, he seems fond of Jer and might, one day, reconcile with his brother but, really, everyone needs a friend and Damon hasn’t had one since Alaric (RIP) died.

  • ladym05

    Is it the 100th or is that in the Spring?

  • Kate

    I believe 511 is the 100th. We’re assuming that will be in January, but there’s no official schedule past 509 yet.

  • ladym05

    I think you are right Kat will die this season. She is my favor character but it is time. I just hope she goes down fighting.

  • JLo

    Definately sick of the Silas/Tessa storyline. Like the originals, they drag it out until you just can’t stand it anymore. Stefan needs to find him a nice girlfriend (not Caroline). Bonnie needs to come back and bring Alarec and Jenna with her.

  • Lulu

    Well, I’m going to be devil’s advocate here. Damon and Elena didn’t intend to be selfish. They knew that Stefan was hurt because of their feelings for one another; they just thought that he was out there setting up space between him and the both of them to deal with his feelings, and they both thought they were just respecting his space, and that he’d get in touch with them when he was ready. They had no idea that Silas had waylaid him, kidnapped him(basically)and set him up in a situation where he’d suffer, I guess, because from his weird POV his doppleganger should suffer somewhat what he had suffered for a couple of thousand years. As soon as Damon realized something was wrong-thanks to Silas’ annoying tendency to love to “rub salt in the wound”-he did start to try and find out what happened to his brother. Damon does love his brother-Ian S. just stated that in an interview done with him at the party they just had to celebrate their 100th show.
    Yes, the three main characters all still have conflicting feelings. Real life persons would have conflicting feelings in the same situation, and real life persons would have to come to terms with those feelings, if they were ever going to be able to be happy at all again.

    What I really don’t get is this idea that because Elena has feelings for Damon, and that hurts Stefan, then she shouldn’t be with Damon. If that’s so, then the same principle should have been applied to Elena being involved with Stefan, and she and Stefan should have broken up because Damon was also in love with her, so it hurt him to see them together. Yes, I know that Stefan and Elena were already building a relationship before Damon came along. Damon did come along, though, To be fair to Stefan, he handled the idea of his brother falling for the same girl he had fallen for pretty well, and was rather magnanimous about it at times-a lot more than most guys would be. However, as far as I know neither he or Elena ever considered breaking up with each other because it hurt Damon to see them together, or felt guilty about their feelings for each other-and they shouldn’t have. Conversely, Elena and Damon shouldn’t have to feel guilty-or maybe I should say be guilt-ridden, because caring people do care when their actions hurt others, but no one should be eat up with guilt just because they fall in love with someone. If that was the case, then half of the world would be alone because being in a relationship with someone often means that they had to choose that someone over somebody else, who was deeply hurt when they were not the one chosen. It’s one of the inequities of life.

    I know of a similar, real life situation. It wasn’t family members, but it was two of my friends that were really close friends. One of them was crazy about this guy. He and the other friend, though, were attracted to each other, and started dating. This obviously hurt the friend who was hoping for a relationship with the guy, only to have him fall for her friend. Amazingly, though there were a lot of hurt feelings, their friendship managed to survive, The relationship between the friend and the guy was not just a temporary infatuation, as they married, had a family, and are still married. The other friend went on and built her life, of course, and married someone else eventually.

    So, this does happen, and people do deal with it, and can go on and have as good of a life as possible-since we all are susceptible to the ups and downs of life.
    One of Elena’s flaws is that she is a “fixer.” Now, I realize that all the characters, at times, are “fixers,” because all of us are, up to a point, especially when it comes to those people who are important to us. I think that both Damon and Elena’s “fixing” tendencies come, in some ways, from the fact that they were both the older sibling in their family. However, I think that Elena’s is magnified because she is a caring person-she was shown as a human to care about people in general, and not just because she had a personal relationship with them-and when she does care about someone, then she’ll do everything she can think of to help them and try to ease their pain.

    I think that is really her intention concerning Stefan, but I do have to agree that the way she approached Stefan really wasn’t done properly. I think it would have been better if she’d gone back to square one, and just had said that she was sorry for all the pain and suffering that he’d been through, and-yes, she could tell him that she was sorry that the feelings she has for Damon also has hurt him-and that he’ll understand her feelings someday and, when, or if, he ever feels ready, she’d like to be there for him, as a friend. That certainly would have been better than, “Oh, woe is me. I feel so rotten because I was happy and having the best summer of my life while I had no idea that you were submerged in a safe and alternately dying and coming back to life the whole time.”

  • larry

    Its not a question of turning off humanity, damon was never a good person even before he was a vamp. there father said it.

  • jesserabbit

    Not sure what this comment has to do with my post. Maybe you responded to the wrong person?

  • Kiki

    I think Damon used to be an Augustine vampire

  • Kiki

    Form a picture on the official Reign twitter I can see that the last epsiode of Reign in 2013 will be on 12th Dec and the first iin 2014 on 23rd Jan. I think it might be the same for TVD.

  • larry

    yeah maybe i do, cuz now i see i was responding to some1 who is not actually following the show. any ways the point is that been a vampire magnified your personality. munch on that

  • Kate

    Sounds plausible! We’ll let you know as soon as the CW makes an official announcement.

  • jesserabbit

    Wow. That’s super-rude and uncalled for. Enjoy your version of the show.

  • Kate

    This is your last warning. If you continue speaking rudely to other fans, you will not be allowed to comment.

  • Kate

    Sorry – I’ve given that person a final warning and his comments will be deleted if they continue.

  • jesserabbit

    Thanks, Kate. :D

  • meee

    nuh uhh not watching this crap. It’s all about damon. The writer just need to understand that their ratings depend on the stefan/stelena fandom.

  • BiteMe

    I agree with majority everything you’ve said, especially about Elena always needing to “fix” people. But the thing with Damon and Elena feeling guilty? I believe they should to some extent. To fell guilty for the rest of their immortal lives? No. But for the time being I think a little should be in the back of their minds. Mostly Damon’s because that was his brother’s girlfriend. His younger brother, who is still in love with her, girlfriend. Its different if Stefan and Elena were never together and Damon went after her even though his brother have feelings for her. But Stefan and Elena were already in a relationship and Damon just keep trying to win her over even then. That is wrong on so many levels. Yes I know its love. But come on this is your brother. And right after they break up you have sex with her the next day?(elena was sired so she I don’t THINK she could have stopped that anyway.) Its almost like if I have a wife and she divorces me for another man that turns out to be my brother. I am going to feel betrayed. Stefan really took all of it better than a lot of other guys would have. I just do not see any justification on Damon with the “going after my bro’s girl thing”

  • ♥DElena is ♥DEstiny♥

    OMG how did u guess? It’s exactly that :O

  • Jess

    I had a feeling Damon was connected to the Augustine, too, tbh.

  • shoe20

    Whoa….What kind of unusual therapy is Caroline going to offer?? A little “Buddy Bump” per chance, something to help both of them feel better? This is the only way I can see Steroline getting together…kinda the no harm no foul, Rebecca thing. Caroline and Stefan are just too good of friends to screw it up with a serious romantic relationship. But this Idea would be just dandy, especially it Elena busts in on them to ask Stefan’s help to find Damon.

    Come on tell me I wrong. LOL

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