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Posted by | January 14, 2014, 20:59 (MST) | 35 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The CW has released the official synopsis for The Vampire Diaries: Total Eclipse of the Heart (EP513), airing Thursday, February 6th. Highlight for spoilers:

WELCOME TO THE BITTER BALL — [spoiler]Hoping to help everyone move past recent traumatic events, Caroline (Candice Accola) convinces Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) to attend Whitmore College’s “Bitter Ball” for broken-hearted students. Bonnie is intrigued with a fellow student named Liv (guest star Penelope Mitchell), who appears to be dabbling in witchcraft. Tyler (Michael Trevino) starts to worry about Matt’s (Zach Roerig) relationship with Nadia (guest star Olga Fonda). After making a disturbing discovery, Stefan (Paul Wesley) has a frustrating conversation with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Enzo (guest star Michael Malarkey). Dr. Wes (guest star Rick Cosnett) struggles to continue his research project with help from a new benefactor named Sloan (guest star Caitlin McHugh). Still bent on revenge, Damon and Enzo resort to violence to convince Bonnie and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) to help them, but their plan takes an unexpected and horrifying turn.[/spoiler]

The episode was directed by Darren Genet and written by Rebecca Sonnenshine and Holly Brix.

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  • Debbie

    Oh goodie, so Damon is evil again (for whatever reason we don’t know yet but it might be supernatural) Stefan is hero and delena and defan is done. Even the name of the episode is depressing. I don’t mean to be so down, but none of this is sounding overly promising…

  • Joy

    God I hate Enzo! He’s gonna ruin Damon’s life! All this character development we got with him was for nothing? He’s gonna turn his humanity off again?! And what about Delena? They still love each other! Is she gonna fight for him? I hope so! I don’t like it!

  • shoe20

    It’s like we were talking about, Debbie. Parallel story line to S3, only Damon’s the “ripper” and Elena/Stefan are the saviors. There’s still a chance it could go another way, and this is just misdirection, but hints are piling up. =) It’s looking like I’m wrong that Elena will be Kat’s vessel….more like Nadia all the time.

  • kali95

    Well,we could be surprised,I remember having the same feelings for the Dinner party from season 2 and after watching it it became one of my favorite episodes.I;m interested in Dr Wes ‘s plan though and that party which won’t end well for sure.

  • Suchtie

    Do we know for sure Damon is/will be evil again? I can’t tell from the synopsis and I barely read interviews because I’m not a big fan of spoilers.

  • Debbie

    We don’t know for sure, it’s just Seems reasonable to assume it, as shoe says below the hints keep coming in each of the synopsis. The revenge, the team up with Enzo, violence towards j and b. it does seem like such a set-back to his character unless it’s out of his control (like getting the syringe). Or maybe it’s just misleading and dank is just fine…

  • night magic

    Damon truly hasnt been evil since Season 1 .all hes done is protect Elena and be there for her .He was shocked when Elena chose him and respected her during the sire bond .so i hope they write this right !!!!! Delena i hope are not finished .they were only getting started .

  • night magic

    i hope so too Damon has come along way since the pilot i hope they dont ruin that and hes only under some spell like in the books

  • Lulu

    I am not looking forward to Damon regressing, for sure. I don’t find “evil” Damon the least bit intriguing-and I love the character, but its Damon’s “layers” that make him so intriguing. I can already tell that I’m going to wish I could knock his block off for allowing himself to become a blockhead again. Y’all may be right in that at least Elena, and probably Stefan, will try to save him from himself. I hope, since we are probably getting close to the end of the series, that they will finally have Damon accept that he is “worth” something, and quit causing destruction in his life and in the lives of the people that he knows, way down deep, don’t just care about him, but sincerely love him deeply. They’ve been waving this flag all season, and when Enzo told him that he only cared about himself-that just cemented the fact that they were going down the Damon “I’m worthless and evil and I can’t keep myself from being that way-plus I really like being that way” path.

  • InewtoTVD

    Oh’ joy….. Sounds like we’re starting from square one…. Again :/

  • Justsayin’

    Deja vu anyone?

  • Kiki

    Hm, we haven’t seen Damon evil much but I sure would call killing all those innocent Whitmores a hell lot evil

  • Andrew55

    I honestly don’t understand what’s the big deal with Damon’s current story line. Sure they may take him down a dark path but we all know he will make the right choice and get redemption at some point. And his character will be better off for it. I get why everyone is upset because we all don’t know what is going to happen with D/E. But honestly, did everyone think that D/E was going to last the rest of the series without any bumps along the way? This is what TVD does. They give you moments of happiness and then present problems. Why is it upsetting everyone that they are doing it know? I love Stefan but S3 was not a good season for him but he eventually came out the other side and became a better character for it. The same will happen to Damon, if he goes down a darker path. TVD is not about the love Story of Delena or Stelena. It is about the Stefan, Damon, and Elena….and their own personal journeys to become the people they were meant to be.

  • Debbie

    We don’t know yet how innocent the later generation whitmores were? For all we know, they were just as evil as papa whitmore!

  • Gwen

    Thank you Lulu for this wonderful post…I could not agree more…it is going to be very hard to watch but I think the SL is taking Damon through hell and back and he will finally get this “I’m Not Worthy” monkey off his back once and for all and start living his life without all the hidden pain / sorrow…And Caroline is the first one that needs to acknowledge how wrong she was about him…IMO True and Epic Delena cannot happen until he let’s go of all this baggage that continues to bring him Down. And Stefan needs to be supporting him 100%. Once again…Great Post!

  • napoli

    You’re absolutely right Kiki. Damon believed the experiments were over and the whole reason why he didn’t warn Elena about any danger at the College. So when Damon was killing the Whitmores it was with the full belief that they were innocent. And to leave a member alive just to continue on with the lineage for his own personal vendetta is truly evil and psychopath behaviour well beyond the blood thirst caused by vampirism.

  • InewtoTVD

    Damon has actually never been evil. Bad? Maybe. Is he guilty of doing really stupid stuff? Usually. But he was mostly just an angry depressed vampire… Killing the Whitmores? (if he did..??) As that revenge plan was explained by another writer. Damon’s revenge is the Vampire equivalent of what was done to him and the others. Whitmore took their body organs out, except for leaving the part that would not destroy them entirely. Allowing the one body part to live, allowed for the other parts to regenerate and then Whitmore would cut them all out again, leaving only what was necessary to allow the vampire’s to regenerate so he could do it over, and over, and over etc….. Just like the Whitmore’s. Killing all the parts (Whitmore’s), and leaving only one part (one Whitmore) so it can regenerate or make more little Whitmore’s. Makes since and very understandable coming from a tortured vampire point of view.

  • InewtoTVD

    I agree…. We do know however, that daddy Whitmore (Aarons dad) was just like “papa whitmore” (Aarons grandfather). Why??? Yes I would like an ep or two showing the details and explaining how and why it all began.

  • Debbie

    I missed that about Aaron’s dad, great info. So then I’m sure aunt Sarah wasn’t exactly innocent. Whether or not we get that episode on the whitmores depends on how evil they want Damon to seem. But even if the whitmores are never mentioned again, I still think Damon had good reasons to hate them-the whole family. In my mind, they were all like papa.

  • InewtoTVD

    I with you Debbie ;) And yes, Aaron’s dad helped train the evil Dr. Wes.

  • Debbie

    So then I 100% suspect Damon kept tabs on the whitmores and knew they were still into experimentation, he’s too smart and vindictive not to have done his own research. Maybe he knows of a specific location off campus (which would explain why he didn’t know Elena would be any danger). Maybe somewhere in aunt Sarah’s home town? We have no reason to suspect Damon killed future whitmores clearly out of spite-if he even suspected they were remotely connected to the same evil, he was justified. He knows first hand what the whitmores were capable of, look what he did to him!

  • Debbie

    I too hate the thought of Damon going evil again, it does seem like a step back. I’m also not 100% convinced it’ll be because of Enzo, I think that part might be a bit misleading. Yes, Enzo strikes me as bitter, angry and capable of big darkness (rightfully so after all he’s been through), I just question how much of an influence Enzo will be on Damon. He didn’t seem to be intimidated by Enzo, not even sure he considers him such a threat. He feels guilty, and pity for him, but he almost looked at him like a lost puppy. Enough of a reason to befriend someone again, help them, but not to do horrible things because of them. Damon broke up with Elena for his own reasons, not because Enzo had so much power over him. Like Lexi, Enzo is just a living reminder of all the bad he’s capable of, that’s not Enzo, that’s Damon’s issues. and if Damon goes dark, it’ll be for his own reasons as well (if not supernatural reasons).

  • Gwen

    So does anyone still think Kat’s essences is in Elena? I always thought it would be Nadia…but 2 sneak peaks have Nadia and Matt connected somehow…could it be Matt…how strange would that be? That would be funny if Kat was actually in Matt’s body…after commenting how beneath her it would be to” iive on” in a so called “commoner”

  • Jennifer2667

    Two new characters and so much to resolve!! If Augustine needs funding then Wes’ other benefactors must’ve pulled out when he lost control of Enzo. Or Aaron ‘made amends’ by de-funding the project. Hah, take that Wes! I’m guessing Aaron is gone, at least temporarily if not for good, unless he’s part of the revenge plan. I’m mostly curious about Bonnie though. I wonder if she goes to the Bitter Ball just to be with her friends or if she gets caught up in the traumatic events of the next few episodes? My first thought was she calls her Mom to help and her Mom dies, then passes through her. If nothing so dramatic, maybe being the anchor is getting to her.

  • Jennifer2667

    I like your perspective on the Damon situation, Lulu. One thing you mentioned was the series end. I’m wondering how much longer the three main characters can keep up this dance, in all its variations, before it gets really stale. I liked the idea of getting back to the MF gang but now I miss the Originals. While I’m really involved in certain story lines: Stefan’s, Katherine’s and the backstory for Damon, the Doppelgänger hijinks and rapidly changing new characters came off as a parody of the show, IMO. I’m wondering longevity now unless things change, like mining the gold that is Salvatore (and possibly Elena) backstory.

  • Jennifer2667

    The description for Damon & Enzo sounds juvenile. I was ready to see Damon’s memories of Augustine take him to a dark place. This sounds like two teenagers on the lam. It’s much more believable Enzo would be in this mode after so many years in Augustine. Too many teasers! We need an episode. Counting the days…..

  • napoli

    On second thought Kiki, Damon isn’t just evil he’s a psychopath as correctly described by Aaron. Damon’s revenge of being tortured shouldn’t be taken out on innocent Whitmores. Damon should have kept the original Whitmore alive and done the same thing to him as was done to Damon and Enzo. Ripped out some body parts then put them back in and heal him with some vamp blood. Then after 5 years snap his neck and the revenge plan is complete. Simple and effective and no need to go after innocent Whitmores but again Damon is a psychopath so that’s what psychos do.
    The worst part is that Damon is being a psychopath and an active serial killer while he is banging the woman who loves him and is supposed to bring out the best in him. If Damon can’t even behave properly even after he’s won the girl of course we’re going to see a darker version of Damon because now they’ve supposedly broken up.

  • Debbie

    Agreed, that’s why I don’t think Enzo is responsible for Damon’s dark turn as we’re being led to believe. I think it’s either something supernatural (a spell, the surum) or better yet as you said something from his past. This something from the past might be a memory he blocked out until now that will give us more Augustine insight…

  • InewtoTVD

    Matt with Kat’s essence. Stefan and the doppelganger hijinks. Now that’s a twist! Lol… I have so much to comment about that, and all would get me in trouble. Lol… Sooo, I digress ;) I’ve thought Nadia also….

  • Gwen

    Crazy right? I just can’t figure out the Matt / Nadia connection…also if they put Kat in Nadia why stay in MF? Does she how Bonnie get’s her powers back and can separate the 2? This is a strange puzzle to try and figure out…

  • InewtoTVD

    I know!! I was wondering. If Nadia has Kat’s essence in her, they are both Petrovia blood, both being travelers (witches), however Nadia lost her powers when she became a vampire. Could Nadia somehow take the witch power from Kat, get the knife from Matt, then stab herself to kill Kat, in order to steal the witch power and be a vampire at the same time? Making Nadia a S5 modern day vampire-witch Hybrid? Nadia would be a true force to be reckoned with if that happened.

  • Cheryl12

    Our current knowledge of the Whitmores begins w/ the evil in ’53. Per the transcript Dr. Whitmore was Aaron’s great-grandfather, which may be significant in that it adds another generation to the mix. A generation usually cycles every 20-25 years. The great-grandfather had at least 1 son, as did his son and so on, while Sarah would have to have been Aaron’s paternal aunt to qualify as a Whitmore. We know Damon killed Dr. Whitmore as he was about to escape, So, if we assume that Wes (or someone else) dispatched Aaron’s parents and aunt, we _may_ be looking at a relatively small no. of Whitmores in the intervening generations.
    I think whether or not we will ever get more details on this clan depends more on the extent to which they are intertwined w/in MF history. Do the Whitmores go back to the Civil War in VA and is there any direct connection between them &, for example, the founding families?, etc.

  • Cheryl12

    A diabolical idea as an alternative revenge plan to be sure, but a human being would be unlikely to survive such trauma, since some of the organs are vital.

  • Cheryl12

    Right, Enzo is not the _main_ impetus for whatever Damon’s “dark turn” becomes. I’m thinking along the same lines, Deb, and have been thinking so since mid Season 1: there is an external reason for his behavior. I’m expecting in general that more secrets about Damon’s past will come out, &, yes, there may well be a memory or a set of memories he’s been blocking, probably for quite some time. I’m thinking the promised twist at the end of the 100th ep. will shed some light on just what’s going on.

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