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Posted by | July 16, 2012, 6:40 (MST) | 262 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

THANK. YOU. WARNER BROS. The WB has released shiny, official, crystal-clear footage of the Vampire Diaries Comic-Con panel in its entirety, INCLUDING the two brief new Season 4 scenes. ENJOY. This post is a sticky! Please keep scrolling down for new posts.

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  • Georgia_Peach

     Tierney Bricker had a chance to interview Ian and Nina at the Comic-Con.  It is a good interview.   I love the part where Ian says this year Damon has this sense of self-worth and saying, ‘You know
    what? I’ve been around a long time and you guys are a bunch of morons.
    This is me.”

    Here is a link to that interview if you want to read it:

  • Anon

    IHP is a fan of the show. I get sick of the attitude that if a person says anything negative about a show then they’re not a ‘true fan’. It’s juvenile and tedious.

    The quality of discussion on this blog is usually of a very high standard and IHP is part of that – she’s intelligent and thoughtful and frankly, one of the last people I’d take issue with on this blog.

    I’m not a fan of moderators barging in and stifling legitimate discussion. Stopping genuinely offensive stuff that crosses the line in any decent person’s opinion, yes. But picking on someone just because they’re not a cheerleader, no. The way you phrased your comment to her was harsh and rude and there was no need for it.

    I understand that you have had complaints and that annoys you, but a few people being precious is no reason to pick on IHP. If someone doesn’t like IHP’s comments, running to the teacher to tell tales is pretty pathetic imo. They can just put on their big girl panties and ignore them.

    There’s a diverse bunch on here and some good discussions. I’ve enjoyed it immensely but I think I’ll go read-only from now on.

  • TanjaLovesTVD

    I didn´t know TVD,until I “stumbled” over 1×20 (Blood Brothers) on my TV. I had no idea about the content,but I fell in love immediately with Stefan & Elena and so I watched the missing 19 episodes and read everything about the show.
    I found this interview with Julie Plec where she said that “all in all Stelena is the true epic love story of the show and we will see how it continues to form and grow,going through obstacles and rough patches,which end up bringing them together stronger than before”
    I thought: great,such a love story with vampires and werewolves! I´m not a teenager anymore,but I love supernatural movies/books/shows LOL

    I don´t think that there will be ever a true Delena-relationship,because Stelena is the core of the show. Of course,there must be problems and emotional confusions,it´s a tv show! Damon or Katherine are threats and maybe someone else is planned for Stefan,but at the end of the day the love between Stefan and Elena will always be stronger.

  • Kego

    No offense,but the only ppl with rose colored glasses are those who always praise Damon,no matter was he does. And he has as many weaknesses of character as the others,if not more.
    Don´t worry,Damon will get his part of Elena-fun and it will be hard for him,because he´s not emotionally grown up.
    His ego is too big for a real relationship.

  • DianaPauline

    That’s one thing (of many) I like about Damon – he accepts who and what he is.  He took it down a few notches because he was trying to win Elena, but he told Andie that doing that meant he couldn’t be who he is, and he admitted that he kills people because he likes it, because it’s in his nature. (Not that I condone murder – we’re not talking about real life here.)  I also remember the scene in “The Descent” in S2, when Damon told Jessica that he’s not huiman and he misses it every day.  (I cried buckets during that scene, one of the best in the series, I think.)  Even though Damon misses being human – a stunning revelation – he knows he’s not and doesn’t try to be. There’s a difference between keeping some part of your humanity intact and trying to act like a human. Vampires may be sexy but they’re dangerous and deadly by nature.  They are NOT human.  Having said all that, I do recognize that Stefan is also a complicated individual, and he is on his own journey.  I think we all muddle through life as best as we can.

  • From Beginning To End

     I kind of came out of that a little confused in some places, like the P.S. part, but I absolutely cannot be convinced that DE is just “sexual tension” and Stefan’s role in DE getting closer is part of what I liked and sort of contradicts your sexual tension theory btw.

    Regardless, come end of the show both fandoms will have an answer and the one that doesn’t “win” (for lack of a better term) will feel silly for arguing about it so much so I think this year everyone should calm down a bit and stop trying to convince each other they’re wrong all the time.

  • From Beginning To End

     He either loved him more or it’s the same and what he did to Damon is the catalyst that made him think he should never ever suggest Elena do anything unless it was her idea. Gosh when Stefan learns a lesson he REALLY learns it.

  • midnight

     I think if by 4×04, SE are right back to how they were in S2, then they will have lost ALL credibility as a ship.  I’ve read comments from people calling 3×22 a ‘game-changer’.  Which is what it was, and should be.  But if it doesn’t change Stelena at all, then the car accident will  have meant nothing, and be utterly pointless.  I understand that the writers wanted Elena to become a vampire, but there are many other ways for them to have done that which don’t include Stefan leaving her in the truck at the bottom of a lake while he saved Matt.  For example, if all they required was for Elena to drown, then she could have been driving herself, without Matt or anyone with her, swerved to avoid Rebekah, and been unable to get out.  By the time Stefan finds her, it’s too late.  It doesn’t make sense in terms of character and story development for SE to go on from 3×22 unchanged when it changed everything.  But if your suspicions are correct, then it will only confirm the superiority so many SE’ers assume over Delena and SE’s role in the show. 

  • ihatepeople

    Thanks GP. Looking forward to Damon being himself. Love how Ian describes. :)

  • ihatepeople

    I agree with everything you’ve said. I’ve read a lot of comments on various sites myself saying the same “game changer” thing. However, the interviews from JP, Nina and other spoilers say that Elena won’t be upset with Stefan for respecting her (ridiculous) choice. Since she tends to forgive everything Stefan I don’t anticipate this having much of an impact on their relationship. If it does I would guess it would be because Stefan is so guilt ridden that he pulls away (again) and she spends season 4 adapting to being a vamp while chasing after him. Basically the same circle with the same outcome for them as season 3 except this time she is a vampire. As for the revelations regarding Damon once the compulsion wears off, I’m not so sure it will make that much of a difference. Her remember that he told her he loved her isn’t really new because she already knows that. Meeting him first is new but other than curiosity regarding the “what if’s” will it really make a big impact on her feelings? She just got done telling him that regardless of her feelings for him she never stopped loving Stefan. I don’t see her suddenly changing her mind about that. Remember she is stubborn and that will be magnified. As you mentioned if nothing truly changes then the way Elena turned was unnecessary. It’s too soon to tell but based on what we’ve witnessed so far I’m keeping my expectations low for any changes with them. At this point I’m concerned how Damon will deal with having no one since Ric is gone, Elena is back with Stefan and he’s pissed at Stefan for not saving her. He always seems to get the short end of the stick.

  • Invisaboyiscool

    They’re all so funny!!!

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