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Posted by | September 20, 2009, 11:35 (MST) | 11 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The official synopsis for episode five, “You’re Undead To Me”, is now up on the episode index page. The episode was directed by Kevin Bray and written by Sean Reycraft and Gabrielle Stanton.

SpoilerTV has posted a casting call for two characters in what we’re guessing is episode eight (it’s not clear if SpoilerTV are using production codes or episode numbers). Click the link to check them out.

And finally, Ben Ayres (Mr. Tanner) sat in on the Wine Ladies videocast at the Toronto International Film Festival, where he is promoting his film A Gun to the Head, and talked a little bit about the Vampire Diaries (begins at the 4:50 mark).

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  • Victoria

    I wondered when some nonbook related characters would play a part. A little sooner than I thought, but at least it leaves some new surprises to the fans of the books. I wonder how Damon reacts to it.

  • mkay

    its actually kinda cool that they’re adding new characters! it leaves the fans wanting to know more and keeps it interesting! :)

  • ana

    i wonder if these two new characters are gonna maybe represent the kitsune twins from the return: nightfall?

  • Tita Mirra

    I thought the same thing :)

  • Victoria

    Am I the only one that is afraid of the interpretation of Nightfall going way too crazy like season 2 of true blood? Let’s face it. Both have a small town that suddenly goes a little bit…okay past the extremes of…crazy

    oh well. The only thing I will mourn that will not be brought over from Nightfall because of the changes in characters is “Honeybutt” but I am hoping Meredith shows up and plays her part. If the writers of the show really love us they will leave out the horny trees

    sorry. I didn’t mean to go on a weird thoughts of the future trip there. LOL

  • Vee

    Honestly? I don’t think any of this has anything to do with Nightfall. They’re obviously trying to flesh out Stefan’s past. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a troublesome vampire is showing up so soon on the heels of a certain Duke grad’s supposed appearance.

    And for the record? I hope they rethink the name Lexi. Ugh. As someone wise said, it’s a bit too FFnet Mary Sue.

  • killerchopsticks

    Julie Plec did say in an interview that they were going to base the show on the outline of the first three books and then stray off on their own completely.

  • Victoria

    I am kinda pleased by that because that means no weird tree moments. But that makes me sad about book 4 :(

  • killerchopsticks

    To Victoria: Same, there were a lot of moments that I liked in the book. Though I have to wonder if Elena is doing to die (for realz). Or if she is going to pull a Buffy/Dragonball Z and get revived as a human). I guess we’ll see. But atleast that means no book 5 XD Though it had its cute moments.

  • Victoria

    LOL It did have its cute moments, I am really hoping that Shadow Souls is less on the odd side of things though. *sigh*

    as for the show…I had my initial fangirl hissy fit at the changes when the pilot info was announced in the spring. I am over it and ready for the show to bring my my alternate reality Vampire Diaries every week LOL

  • Naim

    It seems that Vampire Diaries, has premiere on October 22 in Mexico

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