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Posted by | November 4, 2011, 12:55 (MST) | 188 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Ordinary People Are Anything But: What We Learned & Questions We Have“You will learn what I allow you to learn.”
(Rebekah to Elena, Ordinary People)

You guys, our heads are spinning. There was so much mythology in this episode that it’s almost impossible to keep it all straight without taking notes and making charts. Fortunately, that’s the kind of thing we do around here, so we’ve got a breakdown for you of important things we learned from last night’s episode, Ordinary People (EP308). And we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t toss out a bunch of speculation, too. So join us in the comments with your own theories and questions!

Don't say we didn't warn you!

What We Learned:

  • Mikael is the Original father. Well done, fandom! A lot of you called that.
  • Ayana was a witch that the family knew. She was the one who told them to cross the sea to (then unknown) America after a child died of sickness in Europe.
  • As humans, the Originals knew about werewolves. They lived in proximity to them without difficulties for many years, until…
  • …Werewolves killed an Original child. Klaus took his young brother Henrik to watch the werewolves change on the full moon, and the wolves killed the boy.
  • Vampires exist because Mikael wanted to be stronger than werewolves. The death of Henrik caused Mikael to demand a spell that would make the Originals powerful enough to defend themselves against the werewolves.
  • The witch Ayana refused to create the spell. She felt it was against nature.
  • Esther was also a witch, so she created the spell. Esther turned the children and Mikael into vampires, but could not be both vampire and witch, so she did not turn herself.
  • Mikael turned his children into vampires. It was Mikael who executed the specific steps of the spell. After blood was slipped into their wine, he drove a sword through each of them. He did it brutally and without warning them first. Once they awakened, he forced them to drink human blood to complete their transition, per the spell.
  • In addition to the Sun, the White Oak tree was part of the spell that created vampires. It gave them immortality. That is why its wood (or the ash of it bound with magic) can kill Originals.
  • Vervain hurts vampires because it was growing at the base of the White Oak tree that was used in the spell. Part of the whole balance and consequences thing.
  • Sunlight burns Originals. For anyone who needed incontrovertible proof, here it is. They were trapped inside for weeks before Esther figured out a workaround, and we see Rebekah wearing a ring.
  • Originals must be invited into homes. Their neighbors were able to keep them out by refusing invitations.
  • Klaus’s werewolf side became active after he was a vampire. It triggered when he made his first kill.
  • Esther created the spell that cursed Klaus and made his werewolf side dormant. After doing this, she turned her back on him.
  • There are two Original children that we haven’t yet seen. (“My mother bore 7 children” says Elijah, in Klaus.) We’ve got Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah, Henrik, one child killed by sickness in Europe. That leaves two Original siblings that are presumably in Klaus’s coffins.
  • Rebekah and Klaus carved their names into the wall, but they did NOT write the whole story there. Rebekah had not seen the other images.
  • Klaus told Rebekah that Mikael killed their mother by snatching out her heart. This solidified the bond between the two siblings.
  • The wall suggests that Klaus killed their mother and then lied about it. We’re not sure which is less trustworthy, a cave wall, or Klaus. Hmm…
  • Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah made a pact to protect each other “always and forever.” The other two siblings wandered off somewhere, and seem not to have been as close as those three.


What We DIDN’T Learn:

  • Katherine’s fate. Is she alive or did Mikael kill her? (Pssst…our money says she’s still alive.)
  • Anything about the doppelgangers. There was absolutely NO discussion about the doppelganger, the Petrova family, or any specifics about the spell.
  • The relationship between Esther and Ayana. What’s the deal with these two?
  • Anything new about werewolves or where they come from. There’s a whole realm of mythology there that hasn’t been touched.
  • How was it discovered that werewolf bites were fatal to vampires? And when? They won’t kill an Original, so was this just something that happened as the bloodline diluted, or is there more to it?
  • What’s going on with the coffin count? We know that Klaus has at least FOUR coffins with him in modern day Mystic Falls. Presumably, the 2 missing Original siblings are in coffins 1 & 2. Elijah is number 3. Rebekah destroyed hers in The End Of The Affair (EP303) so who or what is in box #4? (Our favorite answer so far? Klaus’s extra Henleys, per @DSylvan.)


Speculations Galore!

The Mysterious Ayana: Does Ayana have any connection to the Bennetts? Also, was she more powerful than Esther? What would make Esther defer to her on supernatural matters? When she declined to have anything to do with the vampire spell, did that include telling Esther how to do it? And if Esther was a witch in her own right, why go to Ayana in the first place? Did Ayana leave the village out of disapproval? Or did she lurk behind the scenes, observing? What was her connection to the Original Family in the big picture? Did she take them to the New World out of love or did she have her own agenda?

The Missing Petrova: Who was the first Petrova? She had to have been someone in the village at the time Esther cast the spell on Klaus, because her blood was used to set the curse. But who was she as a person? What was she to Klaus, Elijah, or Rebekah? A friend? A love interest for Elijah or Klaus? Or possibly a servant of the family, or a daughter of another Eastern European family that accompanied the Originals to America? Obviously there’s a lot more to this story. Why their mother would choose that person to seal the curse is unknown, but the Originals’ reactions to Elena and Katherine have been too strong for it to have been some random girl in the village. On the other hand, Mikael didn’t react at all to Katherine’s appearance, so either he knows all about her or doesn’t recognize her as someone he once knew in his village. We’re betting on the former.

Enter Esther, The Original Witch: Considering Rebekah was lied to about a huge part of her own story, and that she quite deliberately neglected to tell Elena anything about the original Petrova, how much can we trust her memories of her mother? We know Klaus gets butt-hurt over perceived betrayal at the drop of a hat, and that Elena tried to explain this by saying it was Klaus’s werewolf traits showing through, but how much did Rebekah really know about her own mother? This is a woman who bore a child by a werewolf under all of their noses and was not discovered until many years later. In her grief, Rebekah tells Klaus that Esther did not really hate him, that she was just afraid. But afraid of what, exactly? Klaus himself? Or Mikael? Or possibly someone or something else? As a witch, Esther severely compromised Nature for selfish reasons. What were her consequences? Also when and why did Esther give her necklace to Rebekah?

We think it is highly significant that Esther was buried so close to the White Oak; it even seems that Klaus is filling her grave with the ashes from the burnt tree. Remember: In the spell that turned the family into vampires, the White Oak’s power helped grant immortality. Keep that in mind as we move further into the season, just in case.

Speaking of Mikael…: We know Mikael no longer feeds on living things – he told Katherine as much. But why exactly has he forsaken feeding on the blood of any living creature? We speculated before that this was a form of self-denial, based in self-loathing. That perhaps he’s ashamed of what he is. This could still be possible – after all, he is hell-bent on killing Klaus, and that could be for as simple a reason as revenge. Klaus is responsible for the death of Henrik, is not even his son, and it’s looking likely that Klaus killed Esther. But we’re going to toss out another possibility: Mikael’s dominant trait is pride. This is brought up a few times. Mikael is also responsible for the Original Family being turned into creatures that are stronger, faster, and more powerful than the werewolves. Remember: His reasoning was for protection for his family, but he obviously had an ax to grind with the werewolves and wanted the upper hand. He wanted warriors to fight back. And none of the family, including Mikael, knew of the consequences of being reborn into immortals, namely the need for blood. So has Mikael “turned” himself into a stronger creature once again in order to take on a hybrid? One who feeds on his own kind? Or is it a combination of guilt and pride that has turned him into the hunter he is today?

Also, where was Mikael when Esther was killed? Does Mikael even know Klaus (supposedly) killed Esther? Rebekah said Mikael left to kill the adulterous werewolf’s family, then came back and ripped out Esther’s heart for her betrayal. But in a scenario where Klaus killed Esther, when did Mikael find out that his wife was dead? And is it possible he tried to do something about it later, through witchcraft?

Mikael has made it clear that he isn’t pulling punches or making nice with anybody. He’s perfectly willing (and obviously able!) to kill the Salvatores and anyone else who gets in his way. On the other hand, he’s got both the will and the way to kill Klaus, something nobody else seems to have. The question is, will he stop at killing Klaus, or will he kill Klaus, Rebekah, and all the other vampires in town? Trying to use Mikael in any way definitely has the potential to backfire on Team Mystic Falls.

Cave Drawings = “Not Viking CSPAN.”
Elena makes the comment to Damon and Alaric that the cave drawings must be a Klaus trick – referring back to the “stories” Klaus and Elijah embedded in various cultures’ mythologies, as we learned in Klaus (EP219). Alaric and Damon thought so too but changed their minds when the name “Mikael” revealed itself. This exchange is significant because Elena, Alaric, and Damon come to the conclusion that if Klaus didn’t do the cave drawings, they must be legitimate. And while what’s on the wall verifies most of Rebekah’s version of events, our gang doesn’t seem too interested in who put the story there in the first place and what their agenda is. Even if the cave artist isn’t deliberately fabricating things, as Klaus was with other mythology, the drawings still only tell one side of the story, and they’re inherently biased. And remember: History is generally written by the winners.

“…At Least Once”: Rebekah tells Elena that every Original family member turned their back on Klaus at least once, and that she herself did it several times. Did the two unaccounted for Original siblings betray him by abandoning him in the village? (Rebekah says some of them scattered.) Or were there more personal betrayals later on down the road? What where the circumstances? Did Elijah and Rebekah evade the coffins for as long as they did because of the pact the three of them made in the village? Or did Klaus present each of them with that choice Rebekah mentioned back in The End of the Affair (EP303)?

Alright, Vampire Diaries fans: DISCUSS.

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  • Kiki

    That’s what I thought. They always talked about saving their CHILDREN not themselves. Rebekah said that Ester never turned so maybe she didn’t turn Mikael, too. Maybe there is a different story of how he became whatever he is.

  • Katieatshe

    How about Henrik is coffin #4? Means of keeping the family together~
    Also, the other two siblings, may be they weren’t turned into vampires? may be they died as humans as they wandered off somewhere, and Klaus found them???

  • Lexiee

    The plan was to change the whole family into vampires, including Esther. They needed Ayana to do it because Esther couldn’t be both witch AND vampire as it would mess the balance of nature, so if Esther was going to change them in the first place, she would have to be only a witch, but she wouldn’t be able to turn herself into a vampire. That’s why they needed Ayana. But since Ayana refused to turn them, Esther did it herself, and she remained a witch, but didn’t become a vampire. 

  • Dru

    Above killing Klaus, It seems like Mikael still needs more of a plan to flow with TVD. Everyone always has a huge master plan on this show, it’s never as simple as killing someone for revenge or ‘pride’. And if he does have a bigger plan could it possibly be to resurrect Esther? Maybe even that Klaus must die to bring Esther back….

  • Anonymous

    Hi Jacqueline- I just re-watched all conversations between Gloria & Klaus, he never said that. All he said was that she was “very dead”. Which of course is the truth, she’s been dead for almost 1000 years:)

  • Anonymous

     Hi Gingerbread62: Klaus never said he killed the Original Witch, all he said was that she was “very dead”- we have to remember, Esther bound Klaus’s werewolf side and then turned her back on him…which means she wouldn’t acknowledge that he even existed. Also, when he was “playing at swords” with Elijah- Klaus did NOT draw blood, he cut the belt from around Elijah’s waist without drawing blood- I think that’s an interesting thing to point out. Klaus was obviously a very good swordsman, much better than Elijah. Actually, both boys were have a very good time practicing with their swordplay…at least until their brute of a father showed up and decided that a lesson needed to be taught: which Mikael chose to teach to Klaus only, in front of the entire village….that must have been quite embarrassing for the young man.

    When Elena was explaining the werewolf side of the nature to Rebekah, I couldn’t help but think that she was describing Mikael, not Klaus….the anger, the aggression, ect….from all we’ve seen, Klaus was very frightened of Mikael… a matter of fact, he would apparently tell Mikael whenever Rebekah did something that wasn’t considered “woman’s work” because he was so intimidated by his father…..remember when the two were carving their names in the cavern? Rebekah jokingly called him a “traitor”, but she definitely seemed to understand why he did that: they were all frightened of him.

    However, I do agree, that Klaus was also rather impulsive: taking Henrik out to watch the werewolves change on a full moon which in turn got the little boy killed? Eeeks! I can’t imagine what their father had to say to Klaus over that one. But from all intents and purposes, Klaus blamed himself for the little boys death without anyone pointing it out to him: he looked positively devastated over what had happened.

    I say it’s most likely a 50/50 shot on who actually killed Esther. The Klaus we see today wouldn’t hesitate….but the boy we say 1000 years ago? Not sure. The Mikael we saw 1000 years ago, upon finding out that the son he thought was his actually wasn’t? Yes he would, and he would still be hunting the same child to this day, which he is:(

  • Anonymous

    I just re-watched all conversations between Klaus & Gloria. All he said was that the Original Witch was “very dead” and he left it at that……

  • CanadianTVDFan

    Great movie. :)

  • Elien

    This episode was a doozy, to say the least. I was thankful that Elena fell asleep so I could too before my brain exploded! This mythology business is seriously confusing.

    First of all, the second the episode ended, I asked my sister “Why wasn’t Caroline in it?” And I thought that would’ve been your first question too! ;) Which leave me to wonder, if the Lockwoods have something to do with all the supernatural affairs, does that count for the other founding families as well? Hmmm.… Or were they just founders? This show really makes me philosophical.

    Me and my sister spent an hour talking about this episode and we came up with a whole lot of theories!
    - What if Esther was a Lockwood? Or Klaus’ father? That could explain why Tyler is “sired”, because Klaus is a very very distant relative. Interesting!
    - If Mystic Falls is the Original family’s hometown, wouldn’t Esther be buried there? Also, if Esther was buried with the ash from the White Oak, shouldn’t they be able to find her? Also, they’d have White Ash again! Elena could make her own addition to the Originals-in-coffins collection!
    - I’m willing to bet that Ayana is an ancestor of Bonnie. It’s a storyline too exciting to pass up.
    - I think it was Ayana who did the drawings. Only a witch could do the vampire-block thingy, no?

    I could write a book about this episode, seriously. “Seriously… I’m not kidding (This Will Fry Your Brain)” is a bestseller in the making.

    Where is Katherine? Has she been sent on a mission for Mikael? Somehow I think she’ll be involved in the cliffhanger next week.

    #FreeElijah! (And not just from that wig.) Maybe he’ll have some answers!

  • Guest

    Interesting theory! 

    But even if Mikael wasnt the one to kill Esther, she still betrayed him, and before her betrayal was found out it seems like he loved her a lot, which would make it hurt all the more, especially if he was defined by his pride.  

  • Emmanuelle

    I agree that Ayana is related to the Bennetts and that she is the one who did the drawings and cast a spell on the cave. The Lockwood family is probably related to the werewolf who fathered Klaus and possibly killed Henrick. Which brings me to a question I asked earlier… what’s Mikel’s agenda for werewolves. i am assuming he still hates them.

    I also agree “original witch” is a very confusing term and not clear either on who’s necklace it was and how Rebekah ended up with it.

  • Anonymous

    “This will fry your brain” “Free Elijah and not just from the wig” LMAO: Can’t think anymore, seriously. TVD takes it toll on me :))
    KAT WILL BE BACK NEXT WEEK I AM VERYPOSITIVE and i do hope ELIJAH COMES BACK. Cause I do love that vampire.

  • Addicted to TVD

    That’s exactly what I was thinking!Plus,if Mikael was innocent,why would he flee?

  • Anon

    Yes, after she became a vampire that is true. But before she turned, neither she nor her brothers showed any signs of having magical ability, which they should have if they were from a witch bloodline.

  • Twincast

    IMHO the discrepancy in the numbers of Coffins and Originals is either due to Elijah not counting the child born on European soil or simply the producers and writers’ ideas about the Original Family having changed in the meantime.

    And I think the obvious reason why they asked Ayana to do it is because they would have preferred Esther to be part of the immortal super-family.

  • Rei

    Maybe Mikael did make a marriage agreement. Klaus was supposed to or my have, married the Original Doppelganger. But Elijah had a thing for her. He couldn’t have done anything if their father had already set it up. Thus making the OD, part of the curse.

  • Rei

    My thought on the whole Mikael or Klaus killed Ester. What if since Klaus after being turned into a vampire and killing someone for blood which triggered the werewolf gene and Mikael who found out that his wife had cheated on him. what if since she cast the spell to turn them into vampires, she was worn out (like Bonnie gets when she used to much magic that she couldn’t handle) then Klaus goes and kills someone, Mikael is furious and makes Ester bind the spell so that he cant become a hybrid. even though she was worn out she had to do it, thus possibly killing her. which in the cave drawings it shows the hybrid killing the witch. he did only because she had used to much magic in a small amount of time.

  • Silverthorne

    A thousand year old love triangle is my theory. The first Petrova girl is in love with one brother, but is meant to marry the other. Both brothers love her. One brother is self-centered but loyal, the other, self sacrificing, but not content.

    I think it’d be neat if thats where they are going with the original Petrova story line. XD lmao. Or maybe I’m just over thinking it.

  • silvia anderson

    that would be gross, they made it seem like klaus sleep with kat, and elijah kind of liked her too… yuck if it was a copy of a sibling…

  • Nwepatsfan4life

    Im hoping they kill Klaus next week he brings nothing to the show everyone seems to wants to be his bitch

  • Camille Petitjean

    Clearly Esther doesn’t like Klaus because she wants him dead(we found this out in the reckoning I believe*the episode on senior prank night where the original witch said the opposite to Klaus) now maybe that’s because he killed her…. But why did she put a curse on him in the first place? To balance nature, thats kind of stupid. She clearly was afraid of him, and saw him as a threat. Also her curse should have made it impossible to break like a spell. KATHERINE BETTER NOT BE DEAD!!!!!!!! Good Stefan better come back I LOVE Delena MOMENTS but loved Stefan and Elena together. The producers said bad stefan is gone for the first half of season 3, and I’ve read things that the Homecoming episode is gonna be good for Stefan fans. So i’m assuming Good Stefan is returning in this EPISODE. Which raises the question does Klaus actually get killed? I have a hard time believing that though maybe he’ll be resurrected later on by Rebekah.

  • Addicted to TVD

    No he doesn’t.Not in the scene you ‘re describing and not in the scene where he tries to kill Damon.I checked!

  • sarah.jenice

    I, too, am very curious if Klaus is innocent. My thinking is not that someone else could have written incorrect drawings, but that maybe Klaus feels that it is his fault his mother died. Klaus seems like he carries a lot of guilt, and he could have felt responsible for her death even if he didn’t personally rip her heart out. Why would Mikael not have attempted to kill Klaus if he saw him kill his wife? He had just killed a whole village of werewolves because Klaus was one of their bastards and then he sees the bastard that he seemed to hate even before he knew the truth of his wife’s infidelity rip his wife’s heart out, and he just leaves town. It just doesn’t add up to me. Maybe he Mikael was not there when it happened at all and found out about it later and that’s why he’s been hunting Klaus and Rebekah. I can see that possibility, too, but some of the things just don’t add up, and I am really eager to see if they are addressed. 

    Also on the cave drawings, Rebekah started them, but she asked Klaus to finish for her. I thought that he took that opportunity alone to finish the story with the truth, but weren’t they still human then?I also really want to know about the Original Petrova. I was sure she would be a part of the origin story, and like so many of you have already noted, Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah all recognized Elena (and Kat) immediately so she has to be someone. And I was so annoyed to not even glimpse the other two Original siblings. Why were they not around? Are they male or female? Younger or older? Why wouldn’t they have been close to Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah? Henrik seemed close to them, and Elijah cared about them enough to want Klaus dead for killing them. 

  • Adouglas77

    I think that the sblood they drank was from Thier father who had already turned. If they were doing his to save their family then they wouldn’t have walked into it blindly. I think the original petrova was someone Elijah loved that way ester could always ensure Elijah would keep her safe!

  • jen

    Yeah but who wrote them my guess it was ayana

  • jen

    I dont think that the person who called it home is alive. I think it is a witch spell to keep vampires out just as the spell was to keep the vampires in the tomb

  • jen

    maybe after the killing spree that michael went on the people decided to return to their homeland 

  • jen

    I think that Klaus, Elijah and Rebecca are originals how else do you explain the fact that Elijah was staked and still lived.

  • jen

    Yeah i agree its only because Rebecca says Ester was the original witch, but what if Ayana was also an original witch she was so much more powerful than Ester. Could she be the one that Sheila was talking to when her and Bonnie tried to get rid of the Ghosts in the last episode Ghost world

  • jen

    Yeah but Elana says to Jeremy that she cant wear the ring he has because it doesnt work on the supernatural suggesting that the doppleganger is supernatural

  • jen

    But assuming that the doppleganger had to die to break the curse wouldnt that mean she had to die to make the curse and why would Ester kill someone that her sons loved

  • jen

    I like your theory that Michael turned to Ayana to spell the moonstone spell. You then said that you thought Michael killed Ester why then would Ayana write the carvings on the wall that indicated Klaus killed her.

  • jen

    I know this is off the beaten track but does anyone else just love the love/hate relationship between Alaric and Damon. “you tried to kill me. yeah and you did kill me.” sorry i love the way they play off each other

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Mikael gave Ayana the impression Klaus did……and Ayana carved it that way because that’s what she believed to be true:)

  • Anonymous

    Quite possible! I really hope they’ll deal with all those loose ends this season.

  • Mia

    To me, some of the timeline is weird here. If Klaus was the child of Ester and a werewolf then was he born in America? Since Rebekkah seems to imply that all the siblings were born before they came to America, were there also werewolves where they lived as well… just seems a small important detail left out…..maybe for a later date. 

  • jen

    yeah didnt think that through. BUT what if the blood that was in the wine that turned them into the vampires was that of Petrova blood, and then Ester had to use her blood again to make the curse of the moonstone

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