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Posted by | September 16, 2013, 14:30 (MST) | 46 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

As we anticipate The Vampire Diaries Season 5, we thought we’d show some love to our favorite episodes from last season. Narrowing down the field was extremely difficult and we had to rewatch a lot of episodes, but hey, nobody said this fansite thing would be easy. Right? Just kidding! It was totally easy and were really just looking for an excuse to watch our favorite episodes again. And again. And maybe a few more times after that, just to make sure we got all the details right. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

Our Favorite Episodes of The Vampire Diaries Season 4: Memorial (EP402)

Memorial (EP402)
Elena: All of the hurt, I feel like it’s trying to explode out of me.
Written by: Jose Molina & Julie Plec | Directed by: Rob Hardy
Crissy: I was in Iceland when Memorial aired, and I remember feeling reluctant to watch it. On my first proper vacation in ages, I was all Waterfalls! Fiskur! Tall Nordic men!, and not really in the Elena-is-a-newbie-vamp headspace, despite having loved the season premiere. But then I watched the episode, tucked away in a quiet corner of the apartment me and my pals had rented in Reykjavik. And I was riveted. I bawled my eyes out. I lost my damn mind when Alaric showed up at the end, having been beside Damon in his grief the whole time. To me, this episode is a calling card of all the glorious things The Vampire Diaries is — surprising, fast as lightning, bloody violent, unexpectedly hilarious, full of heart and full of despair. The series shines when the gang rallies together, and never have I loved Tyler more than when he stood up in front of the congregation and took one for the team. From pitch-perfect character moments to insane amounts of blood vomit, Memorial will not be soon forgotten.

Our Favorite Episodes of The Vampire Diaries Season 4: O Come, All Ye Faithful (EP409)

O Come, All Ye Faithful (EP409)
Carol: Klaus, please. Don’t hurt him. He’s my son. He’s all I have.
Klaus: And you’re all he has. There’s a beautiful symmetry to that, don’t you think?

Written by: Michael J. Cinquemani & Julie Plec | Directed by: Pascal Verschooris
Kate: It took three and a half seasons for Mystic Falls to get to celebrate Christmas, and what a Christmas it was. (Given the trauma that ensued, I’ll forgive them if they decide to wait another three years – or thirty – before attempting it again.) I’m one of those ridiculous Christmas-obsessed people who’s inclined to love the Christmas episode of any show, but I thought this one did a particularly good job of using the melancholy that often lurks under the cheerful trappings of the holiday to highlight and take stock of how alone so many of the characters are and how far they’ve come from any semblance of “normal” life or family. But let’s face it: The main reason why I love this episode so much is the gorgeous, terrible scene in which Klaus slaughters his hybrids as “O Holy Night” plays in the background. I’m a sucker for violent scenes set to classical music, and the Christmas lyrics add another layer of devastating beauty to this scene. It reminds us of how human Klaus’s motivations are – no one wants to spend Christmas alone and betrayed – and how they combine with his incredible power to make him truly dangerous.

Our Favorite Episodes of The Vampire Diaries Season 4: Catch Me If You Can (EP411)

Catch Me If You Can (EP411)
Professor Shane: You’re accusing me of orchestrating a mass murder. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds?
Sheriff Forbes: It’s Mystic Falls. It’s actually one of the least ridiculous things I’ve heard.

Written by: Brian Young & Michael Narducci | Directed by: John Dahl
Vee: Look, I know this pick might be mildly controversial, especially when The Killer (EP405) didn’t make this list, but if there is an episode that continues to delight with every single rewatch, it’s Catch Me If You Can. It is a straight-up whirlwind of crazy, with oodles of nasty fun and killer one-liners all up in the mix. It also has one of the season’s best pre-title card sequences, with Matt, Jeremy, and Damon getting their hunt on in the deep, dark woods, and Klaus’s Near Dark tribute in a backwoods bar. Then enter Elena, coming to Matt and Jeremy’s rescue as a flock of newbie vampires descend. The pace doesn’t let up for the next 40-plus minutes as the gang works to complete Jeremy’s mark, Damon fights Kol’s compulsion to kill Jeremy, Bonnie finally sees Shane’s true and creepy colors, and Stefan and Rebekah let wit and sparks fly. Fun is, in fact, possible on The Vampire Diaries and, next to American Gothic, this may have been TVD at its everything-but-the-kitchen-sink zaniest, capped with Elena’s downright Machiavellian master plan, not to mention one of the most devastating Stefan and Elena conversations ever: “You don’t know what I look like when I’m not in love with you.” Ouch.

Our Favorite Episodes of The Vampire Diaries Season 4: Stand By Me (EP415)

Stand By Me (EP415)
Elena: There’s nothing here for me anymore, Stefan. Every inch of this house is filled with memories of the people that I love that have died. My mom, my dad, Jeremy and Jenna and Alaric . . . John, even John. They’re all dead. Everyone is dead.
Written by: Julie Plec | Directed by: Lance Anderson
Red: As Vampire Diaries fans, we’re all used to the emotional roller coaster that this show frequently has us riding, and Stand By Me stands out in this regard, sending the characters and viewers on a whirlwind trip through the five stages of grief in the space of one short hour. We have it all: Elena’s heart-wrenching denial that Jeremy is gone, clutching at any flimsy hope that he’ll still live; Damon’s anger at Katherine, Silas, and even himself that it’s come to this; Bonnie’s bargaining with Silas to bring the dead back, tumbling into her own spiral of madness; Matt’s depression as he deals with his own losses while still trying to give hope to Elena and function as a human in this crazy supernatural world; and Elena’s chilling acceptance that Jeremy is gone, that the price to bring him back is too high. Finally we, the viewers, have to accept that there’s no Hail Mary coming for Jeremy at this point in time, as the Gilbert house – the home we’re all comfortable with and have known from the beginning – is turned into his funeral pyre. While that chapter of Mystic Falls life is firmly closed, the fire brings new beginnings, as Elena’s emotions are switched off and we wait with great trepidation to see just what the new Elena will turn into…
(We also hope that Elena’s teddy bear survived that fire. It was over at the Salvatore boarding house, right? RIGHT?)

Our Favorite Episodes of The Vampire Diaries Season 4: American Gothic (EP418)

American Gothic (EP418)
Katherine: Did it ever occur to you that you have no idea who I really am?
Damon: Did it ever occur to you that you’re not that deep?

Written by: Evan Bleiweiss & Jose Molina | Directed by: Kellie Cyrus
Abby: I admit, I was predisposed towards this episode on the grounds of title alone (I still haven’t forgiven CBS for cancelling that show back in 1996), but this episode had some great stuff in it. Agonized hallucinations! Doppelgänger hijinks! Don Juan Elijah! Furious Caroline! And let’s not forget the cafe scenes between Rebekah, Katherine and humanity-free Elena. (“Your shoes. I want your shoes.”) I mean, come on, how many of us spotted the fishless-fishtank and yelled “IT’S RIGHT THERE!” only to be double-crossed right along with Rebekah? How much skepticism flooded Twitter when Katherine gave Elijah the cure? Throughout the hour, there was a consistent mix of snappy dialog and genuine emotions, with smooth transitions so that none of it felt forced. Joseph Morgan really outdid himself in this one, playing a side of Klaus that we almost never see, and the Salvatore heart-to-heart (not to be confused with a Salvatore “rip out your heart-to-heart”) was a nice display of character growth for both Stefan and Damon. Put all these things together with a last minute murder and you end up with an episode that’s just plain FUN.

Our Favorite Episodes of The Vampire Diaries Season 4: Graduation (EP423)

Graduation (EP423)
Stefan: I’m not happy about Elena, but I’m not not-happy for you either. I just want you to know that.
Damon: Thanks, brother.

Written by: Julie Plec & Caroline Dries | Directed by: Chris Grismer
Holly: Graduation episodes have a high bar to meet at Holly HQ. They’ll always be measured against Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Graduation Day I & II. They need to be both an end and a beginning. TVD’s Graduation succeeds because, like Buffy, it reminds us of the bond between this group people we’ve watched for four years and gives us hope for the next four. Far beyond vampires and werewolves and hybrids and hunters, The Vampire Diaries is about families, the ones we’re born with and the ones we choose. Most every character on the show gets their chance, in this episode, to remind us and their found family of who they are and how they’ve grown in the years since we began this journey on the first day of school years ago. Elena is at peace with being a vampire, and reaffirms her bonds with Jeremy, Alaric and her friends. She gets her moment of triumph, in a great callback to the books, when she defeats Katherine. Stefan and Elena remind us that, even if they’re not together, they never give up on each other. Damon impulsively tries to save the day, as we would expect, and he finally gets to hear that Elena returns his love. The Salvatore brothers prove why they’re my favorite love story of TVD, in a subtle scene that gives us hope that their bond isn’t broken. Caroline is still Caroline, but with the maturity and grace she’s earned. Bonnie Bennett is not gone, but she’s a ghost, the most drastic sacrifice yet in her never ending quest to protect her friends and the town. Alaric got a last drink with his best friend and a meal with his kids. And y’all, Matt Donovan graduated. Bring on the next chapter.

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  • Sum1Sez

    The Five was my favorite episode. I love Damon and Elena at the Halloween party at the college. Dancing while feeding on the students. Then dancing with each other with blood dripping down there faces, something seemed so sensual and sexy about it!

  • Tiffany

    Nina’s performance in Stand By me was beyond phenomenal. I agree that Graduation was amazing, and the Christmas scene is by far one of my favorite Klaus scenes ever.

  • Loren

    Memorial was my favorite too, but not for the reasons stated. It was all Damon. The BLOOD SHARING, the nurturing, protecting Elena while she changed, keeping Ric’s seat at the bar hallowed ground – all of it. The Vampire Boss taking care of business, whether it be of the heart or beating down baddies. He is the one to call and arrives so beautifully appointed to succinctly take care of things where others only try and fail. The church scene where Elena fed on Matt. This episode was written so well and was reminiscent of the good old days. It was exciting and respectful of the story line and each TVD character. I thought the writers had forgotten the essence of the series, but that renewed my hope. Ian literally ate the screen up every time the camera was on him. Blue-eyed wonder. Broad daylight? Thank you God.

  • FrenchChris

    Oh Loren, thank you for those “forgotten details” about the beautiful Memorial episode.
    I would have so much comments to write about those favorites claimed by the staff, and how it is presented…
    To tell the truth, the whole article has really shocked me….
    I don’t find there any balance nor objectivity but only biased opinion.
    This is the Vampire Diaries website or not ? Then, I understand that all the characters should be treated equally ? Or not ?
    So why there is NO Damon in the pictures ? And why his character is so minimized ? Why there is no words of the romance between him and Elena ?
    Well… I’m a very tolerant woman… I’ve never despised any character, and I always respected everybody’s opinion here. Above all, I always trusted the staff to keep some objectivity and balance. But, with that article, I see that it is really not the case.
    So I give up. I won’t come here any more to share my thoughts. I was obviously wasting my time.

  • Kate

    Hi Chris. Sorry this opinion piece upset you. We are a fan site and not affiliated with the show or network in any way. We’re just a few individuals doing this in our free time because we love the show and, like all fans, we have our opinions and preferences. In the great majority of our posts, we present unbiased information, links, videos, etc. A few times a year, we share some of our personal opinions, as fans, because we are often asked for our thoughts. I wish you the best with finding a site that better reflects your preferences.

  • Jessica

    I’m sorry Kate but I agree with Chris on this. I’m glad she has brought this subject up. It is clear that there is a bias towards certain chracthers and actors; weather intentional or not.

    I know you guys have your own thoughts about the show and you are entitled to your opinions. However this is a news fansite. People come to here to and see and read about all characters in the show, and see pictures and news for all the actors. Not just the main trio, or just fan favorite couples, and not for bias news and articles geared to please the staff.

    It didn’t use to be so bad, however I found myself coming here less and less because the bias displayed by the staff has gotten worse and worse.Please don’t feel like this is an attack on you or your staff because it isn’t.

    This is a concern fan of this site, just hoping for some real change here.

  • The Vampire Boss

    Hi Kate,
    You reply was very thoughtful.However, you failed at answering FrenchChri’s concerns regarding the fact that Damon, one character that is essential to the show, did not merit one picture in this extravaganza of favorites, whereas all other characters did.Additionally, if the views of the staff are as unbiased as you claim, why the glaring omission of Damon and Elena’s monumental love story of the season?

  • Kate

    Hi Jessica. I’m sorry you feel that way. We post whatever cast interviews, official pictures, etc. we see. Obviously some characters get more attention in the media than others and there’s nothing we can do about that. The main trio always gets the most coverage; that’s just how the industry works. We cannot post links to coverage that does not exist. If you ever notice a good interview or something that you think we’ve missed, please let us know through the contact form at the top of the site! We do this in the time we can eke out around full time jobs, families, etc., so things sometimes slip through the cracks, completely unintentionally.

  • Red

    Because this is a personal piece about our favourite episodes, and we had a short amount of space each to write in to cover why WE liked the episode overall. Yes, Damon is important. But he, and his love story with Elena, were not necessarily our personal reasons for liking an episode.

    As for the pictures? Sometimes it just happens that way. In this case, pics of Damon weren’t available or fitted a general representation of the episode.

  • Kate

    Honestly, I was not involved in choosing pictures, so I cannot speak to that, but I assume the main consideration was given to what pictures would look best in the format/size we were using, among the official stills released by the CW for each episode.

    What I was trying to say was that while we strive to remain unbiased in our news coverage, on this particular post we each picked a favorite (and therefore obviously subjective, by definition) thing to write about. For example, I chose to write about O Come, All Ye Faithful because my single favorite scene of the season was Klaus’s slaughter set to “O Holy Night.” That doesn’t mean I don’t like Damon and Elena’s story – I do. I had no idea what the others were writing about their episodes. There was no plan to feature or ignore certain characters at all.

  • FrenchChris

    Thank you for your answer Kate… At least you don’t deny…
    When I came there, I believed that it was a Vampire Diaries fan site (official or not doesn’t matter to me). So I registered because I hoped to share about the show. But…. the more I read the comments here, the more I felt a real unease.
    Sincerly, you would better rename your site as “Stefan Diaries”, it would be closer to the reality. And this is your right ! I won’t blame you to have your preferences ! I have mine too…
    But you can’t pretend to be a Vampire Diaries fan site, this is too hypocrite to my taste.
    Anyway, your answer is a confirmation for me to take off.

  • AbbyGraham

    “Pretend to be a Vampire Diaries fansite”? Are you serious? Jessica, this site exists purely because Vee and Red loved the Vampire Diaries books and wanted to support the show. That’s what we do here. I’m sorry to hear that you don’t like the way we do it, but this isn’t like a restaurant where you can send back a plate if it isn’t seasoned to your taste. We are not employed by the fandom to provide a service. We are not obligated to do things in any particular way. What we are is a group of fans who love the show(s), who enjoy working together and who like to share what we love with other TVD fans. That’s ALL we are, and that means we’re allowed to post whatever we want, including our personal opinions about the things we liked best. The fact that you don’t feel we post enough about Damon doesn’t negate the four years and countless hours of work the staff here has put in promoting and supporting the show. If you’re unhappy with this site then by all means find another, or start your own and run it however you want.

  • Holly

    Obviously, this fansite isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but real talk: Damon is an immensely popular character in the fandom & he and Ian get a tremendous amount of attention EVERYWHERE the show is talked about. Damon is usually the character that people who don’t even watch the show know, and they usually know who Ian is. Reading through the above posts, I think Damon’s name is even mentioned more times than Stefan’s is, despite not being in any of the pictures. Neglecting to worship Damon isn’t the same thing as hating him. I write up the FNB posts every week and that requires me to go through google alerts for all the actors. Ian gets A TON OF ATTENTION. Perhaps a Damon centric fansite or D/E fansite is a better place for some fans, but I simply don’t think that anybody on the staff dislikes Damon or that there is any agenda to favor another character over him.

  • Dayna Barter

    I think Kate has more than adequately explained the purpose of the site in general and this post in particular. Since you are obviously determined to wad your panties despite no provocation to do so, I sincerely doubt that your departure will be missed. Perhaps you could spend your OWN time and resources on putting together a site called “The Damon Diaries” since you are the one who is determined to make the show all about one character. The staff are allowed to pick a favorite episode and explain why.

  • whoneedsthecullens

    @kate Red, Vee, Holly – Just wanted to let you know that there are a lot of fans out there that appreciate how much work and energy you are putting in this site.
    @ frenchcris: you might want to try Lots of Ian/Damon worshipping going on over there :-)

  • Kate


  • The Vampire Boss

    If you are not moderated for your offensive post and hubris to another poster than it will become very clear that nepotism is alive and well in this oasis of objectivity.

  • Red

    Look, you’ve already said you don’t want to be here anymore, so do yourself and everyone else a favour and go somewhere more to your tastes. As whoneedsthecullens kindly pointed out, is full of Damony goodness, so head on over there for your fix. You refuse to believe we’re not biased against Damon (which is hilarious, given the amount of Stefan fans who claim we’re biased towards him), and we’re just going to keep on running the site as usual, so bickering is pointless.

    I wish you fun at whatever website you choose to visit instead of ours.

  • FrenchChris

    Thanks Vampire Boss…
    obviously, we can’t say make a point without being whipped already. I was perfectly civil… pffffff

  • Red

    Thank you for the support, and thanks for the handy link. :)

  • FrenchChris

    Well… I wasn’t aware that I would wake such aggressives reactions. My point was about balance and objectivity. You have perfectly the right to have preferences, only I ask you to admit it, to be honest… that’s all. When I came here, it was for TVD, not only Damon. But I was seeking a true share, not a perpetual bashing from both sides.
    I’m tired of this.
    Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t despise your work, on the contrary.
    Anyway, it was my last comment. I won’t answer anymore.Good bye.
    (Sorry if my english was full of mistakes)

  • shoe20

    HI FC. They could run the site like Damon-Central and just delete your user name if you post an opposing view.
    Hope you had a good summer.

  • dman_24

    I have to speak up here. I’ve been coming to this site for three and a half years now, and I’ve seen fans — and staff — come and go. There has been nothing in their posts to suggest that they’re bias towards certain actors or storylines or news-related items. Everything to me has been fair and balanced. Obviously as fans — and individuals — they’re entitled to their opinions, which was the purpose of this post in the first place, so I don’t see how they can, or should, be criticized for it.

    There are many sites that are geared towards all aspects of TVD — including Damon and Delena-related topics. I’m sure fans — if frustrated — can easily join those. But if you want a site that is unbiased that celebrate all facets of TVD–this is the place to be.

  • AbbyGraham

    This is a really nice comment, Dman, and we really appreciate your support. Thank you!

  • dman_24

    You’re welcome.

  • Jessica

    I feel like I should apologize, I was not trying to accuse any one for anything just making a observation I have seen. It feels like if it isn’t about the love triangle or Karoline it doesn’t get reported.

    I know you guys may not do this on purpose and I realize you post what you see. Honestly if I see something and I think it would be good I will surely send it in.

    Like I said previously I am a fan of this site, for me personal I wish I saw more news about ppl other than Elena, Stefan , Damon and Caroline

    I truly meant no disrespect :-)

  • AustrianTVDfan

    Dear shoe, they do exactly the same thing here, some comments have been deleted because they didn’t like other pov.
    So please be quiet!

  • darkdimension

    We have opposing views on Damon-Central, Shoe, as you very well know, since you enjoy visiting it so much. But there is a huge difference between voicing an opposing view in order to engage in debate with an open mind, or posting deliberately provoking anti Damon comments on a forum that is called Damon-Central. There is a strong clue in the name of the forum on the allegience of the posters to this particular character. Repeatedly questioning the moral standing of Damon supporters on this particular site was probably not the best idea if someone had planned to keep on posting.

  • Kate

    We delete comments that break our rules for civil discussion (personal attacks, sexist/racist/etc.) Point of view has nothing to do with it.

    Time to move on, everyone, and get back to discussing your favorite episodes of the season. Thanks!

  • Kate

    This isn’t personally directed at you, just the most recent comment in the discussion: Time for everyone to move on. This isn’t the place to debate other sites. Let’s get back on topic – favorite episodes! Thanks!

  • Jethro

    Hi Dman. I think this season will be great. Maybe you or @Shoe can tell me what Stefan means when he says “Hello my shadow self.” That one confused me. Not really understanding that part of the story. You say what you mean and I don’t think that makes you a synchophant like they said. Also – is Nina going to be three people? Elena, Katherine, and Ayla or something like that? Who is Ayla?

  • dman_24

    I honestly don’t understand what you’re trying to say. Sycophant? Please explain what you mean.

  • Loren

    Hmm – so calling the owner of the site the b word three times is an opposing view? Interesting. Right in line with someone’s ongoing pretzel logic.

  • Kate

    Time to move on, everyone. This is not the place to discuss things that may have happened on other sites.

  • dman_24

    Did shoe20 actually said that, or are you making that up? And in what context was that in?

    Loren, I think you knew me from that site, and I can attest to the fact that much worse things were said, and are said, about certain characters and staff of TVD that fans on that site do not like or disagree with. So even though using the b word to criticize members of that site is wrong, it’s somewhat hypocritical of you to mention that when much worse things are said there. In fact, it got so bad I had to leave. I do miss some of the posters there though (especially ihatepeople and Dark Dimension), and I wish I could have stayed — cause I liked the format and the chance at expressing myself more creatively — but everything was too much to take, so I left. This isn’t me bashing the site, I’m only offering constructive criticism and my experiences while I was on there.

  • Kate

    Hi dman, not sure you saw my comment below, but I’ve asked everyone to please move on and take this discussion elsewhere. This is not the place to hash out things that happened on another site. Thanks for understanding!

  • dman_24

    Sorry about that, I just had to get that off my chest. And no, I did not see your comment.

  • Kate

    I figured you hadn’t seen it yet, just wanted to explain why I was repeating myself and that it was a general thing not aimed at you personally. :) Thanks!

  • whoneedsthecullens

    You’re welcome :-) Oh – and I forgot Crissy. My bad.

  • Loren

    Last comment: Of course I am not making that up. I think you know that. Perhaps there are worse things said about characters, etc. – it can get rough – but that is 100% different than blatant personal attacks on posters or the site owner so there is no hypocrisy involved. I can guarantee you that there was not a single worse statement directed at anyone posting on that website than what Shoe spewed there and actually defaulted to. Constructive criticism? Fine. He/she did not get booted for an opposing view. Period. Kate – sorry. I am out.

  • shoe20

    Didn’t happen!!! Had to say that Kate – Moving on no more on this for me.
    Thanks. And thanks to the Staff for a great site where I feel I can post any point of view, as long as it is respectful to posters and actors. (Not necessarily characters!)
    My favorite episode was “O Holy Night”

  • shoe20

    Hi Jethro. If your referring to the finale of season 4 (which is the only time I’ve heard the phrase) that was Silas talking to Stefan. Stefan’s never said it anytime to my knowledge. As for Nina taking on another character, I haven’t read anything about that and would be very surprised. That’s as far as I can go on spoilers cause Dman is reading this thread. LOL

  • The Vampire Boss

    You are confusing me with FrenchChris dear red.Your venom though could be applicable to all those who are not in love with your ripper boy as evidenced at the bottom of the site “The Stefan Diaries”.I do agree with you through that FC should go to another site where she is welcomed and where her affinity for one fantastic vampire(the reason that TVD is still running, DAMON) will not be casus belli for attacks and rudeness does sound Damon-centric but if this site wants to maintain a sliver of decency they would rename it and walk proudly into oblivion because that’s how popular Stefan Salvatore is that the actor PW wishes he could stay at the bottom of the lake forever.

  • Red

    Comments locked because this has sadly gotten way off topic now.

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