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Posted by | March 22, 2014, 16:26 (MST) | 11 Comments
Category: The Originals TV, The Vampire Diaries TV

PaleyFest2014Tonight’s the night! The casts and executive producers of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals will be representing their respective shows tonight at the 2014 PaleyFest Television Festival. Couldn’t it make it to Los Angeles for the big event? No worries, Paley has you covered: You will be able to watch a livestream direct from the Dolby Theatre, starting at 7:15pm Pacific time. First up will be The Originals panel, followed by The Vampire Diaries panel at 8:20pm.

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  • Annelise

    So, how do I watch the interview of TVD and TO on Ustream? I’ve never done it, but this is the link Julie Plec posted. Will it just appear at 7:15pm PT…I am CST so It is 8:15 or 9:15pm my time

  • *A*

    I assume it will

  • InewtoTVD

    TVD and T.O did a great job. This was my first time seeing this event. I really enjoyed it. Lots of laughs ;)

  • Jennifer2667

    So fun, and a few interesting spoilers too! I didn’t think to write them down and only remember a few. It was good to hear Claire’s explanation in her own words. The laughs were definitely worth staying up late. :) The panels might be out on YouTube after the weekend, or on the Paleyfest site, for anyone interested. That’s how I watched the ones in 2009 & 2011.

  • Jennifer2667

    I noticed the full videos for TVD & TO are on Entertainment Weekly (plus a spoiler guide). I’m not sure the rule on posting links here, but the videos are easy to get to. The links are on the homepage, top left, where there’s a scrolling screen.

  • dman_24

    Just saw the Paleyfest, and it was a nice hour of laughs and interesting questions and of course BS from Julie and Caroline (they actually think the show has been good this season. LOL!), as usual, but other than that it was just fun seeing the “cast” let loose and be themselves. We don’t get to see them much outside of their characters so the change of pace was a nice surprise. I liked the dress Nina was wearing. Simple, stylish and Eloquent. She always looks good at these events. But I kinda felt sorry for her though with all the audience screaming for Ian — and to a lesser extend — Paul. She has a lot of fans too (which I am a big one), but it’s always about the guys. Of course, it doesn’t help that the place was packed with teenage girls. But I digress. It was definitely a nice and interesting evening. I’m glad I watched it.

  • DJ

    Thanks for the heads up :) Really good to see the casts together outside the shows. Fun to watch!


    Ahhhhh…Nina fan till the end;) I thought the TVD panel was a little annoying because of the screaming gaggle of girls to be honest. I had a hard time hearing the questions that where asked of the cast, then the answers. It seemed like any time one of the questions was asked of the guys, screaming occurred. Not the cast’s fault of course, I just wish the fans where a tad more considerate;) I watched the panel for TO, too and while they had their fair share of screaming, I was able to hear what everyone was saying. Not that TVD’s was bad, I just enjoyed the one on TO much more:)

    This has nothing to do with this post so mods please bare with me….dman…have you seen the promos for 24: Live Another Day????????????? All I have to say is the clock is going to start ticking real soon and I can’t wait! #JackIsBack!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! I feel like a silly fan girl but that is my ALL.TIME.FAVORITE.SHOW. like ever! When they aired the first teaser (which I didn’t get to see until after the SuperBowl) I got up and did a happy work….and yes, my co-workers thought I was CRAZY but I just couldn’t help it: 5/5/2014- the day my hero will be back on my TV screen. Talk about A.LONG.TIME.COMING!

  • dman_24

    Edit: I mean to say simple, stylish and “elegant.” Not “eloquent.” Haha! Tells you how much I know about women’s dresses. :)

  • dman_24

    Yes….. Nina fan till the end. You’re certainly right about that. :) It’s just that most of these panels/appearances are full of women and/or teenage girls. And who do you think they’ll root for? A shirtless Ian….. or Nina? (Okay, scratch that first part. lol) They’ll root for Ian and any other assortment of guys that are there. And here is Nina, who has a huge following and she doesn’t get nearly the attention she deserves. I mean…… it’s understandable why it happens, but it’s just a little disappointing from a Nina fan’s point of view, that’s all. It’s not that big of a deal — I’m sure even to Nina herself — but it bothers me just a tad. I just hope she realizes how many guys like her, and even though we’re not as vocal as the women are, we appreciate her just as much as the ladies appreciate Ian and Paul.

    I kinda understand the difference between the two panels. While TVD is mostly a teenage/young adult demographic, the Originals is primarily adult fare, dealing with adult relationships and issues. So the disparity between the screaming is definitely understandable and somewhat expected. I didn’t watch the Originals panel, so I wasn’t able to hear what was said. But I’m sure it was interesting, considering the bomb that was dropped with Claire’s departure. I’m sure that was on everyone’s mind. I’m glad she was there to explain everything though. I’ll probably watch it sometime soon. I’m sure it was a fun experience for all.

    Jack is back! Yes! I’m definitely excited for 24′s return. It was one of the best shows ever made and one of my favorites of all time. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. I’m sure it’ll be fun and exciting. I’m happy for you. Enjoy!

    Nice to hear from you. It was a pleasant surprise seeing your comment. I hope to hear from you again. Bye.

  • Mary

    sou Delena ,mas essa história que falam até hoje que Elena apaixonou por Damon por causa de sire bond enche o saco, os produtores deveria deixar mais claro isso, eu sei que não que ela o amava antes, mais existe tantos fãs que não entendem que deveriam explicar para eles de forma mais clara pois tem fã teimoso,insistente que não entende, não aprende.Love Delena

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