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Posted by | March 21, 2012, 18:18 (MST) | 42 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Paul Wesley as StefanTo help you get ready for tomorrow’s episode, TVLine has an interview with Paul Wesley in which he discusses whether Stefan/Elena fans should have hope and Stefan’s fundamental instability:

“I don’t think Stefan is going to, you know, go back to ripping off heads and being maniacally out of control anytime soon, but I don’t know. That’s one of the most important things about Stefan, that no matter how moderate he becomes and how stabilized he is, in supporting that as an actor, I always convey that sense of danger around the corner, that he could potentially bite somebody’s head off at any minute. That’s what makes him compelling and interesting and dynamic.”


And over at Hollywood Life, Candice Accola gives some scoop on the future of Caroline’s various friendships and relationships. Basically everything she says is spoilery for recent episodes, so we’re not going to risk quoting it, but you should definitely head over and check it out!


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  • Cindy

    I love you 4ever Rippah <3

  • Jilly_bean

    Both interviews were great! Just spoilery enough to keep me eagerly anticipating the next episode. 

  • eve

    Loved the interview with Paul.  Ok, first off…speak for yourself…I could never get tired of Elena and Stefan being together Paul! LOL  I have loved The Ripper and all his horrific scenes.  I just hope that Stefan keeps a little of the Ripper….when he’s defending the people he loves…..and of course he and Elena get back together.  However, I just don’t know how to take that interview when it comes to them getting back together.  Yes, next episode they will be working together to help Ric…they’ll be talking.  But, saying words like…can’t go back, how could she trust him because of what he has done,  etc…now I’m wondering if they have “the talk” and one or both decide that right now they are in two different places….always love you blah blah…I really hope I’m wrong.  Its just when it comes to TVD’s I have come to expect the unexpected.  Love Paul though.

  • eve

    Sorry Caroline, Klaus is perfect for you.  Yes, he may have killed or threatened a few…hundred people. LOL  But, the two of them do have chemistry together and I hope they get together.  I like Tyler but…there relationship seemed like it was based on just sex.  No sweetness…cute stuff.  Now, Klaus on the other hand, drawing that picture of Caroline and being so damned sweet.  I Loved that.

  • sarah

    thanks for posting, loved both interviews!!….and don’t worry paul, i will never give up hope on s/e

  • House of Vampires

    I agree with you. I think I could of been a Forwood shipper, if it wasn’t for the fact that Tyler and Caroline had sex before they even went on a first date. Maybe I’m too old school, but it just felt weird to me.

  • Georgia_Peach

    I am so disappointed with Candice’s take on the Caroline/Klaus ongoing story.  I have enjoyed watching Klaus “courting” Caroline.  He is being so romantic and old school in his mannerisms with her. Only Caroline could make Klaus blush.  I know Klaus is evil and can be very bad, which ALL vampires can be, but there are many layers to him. Caroline happens to be the one that can bring out the soft, caring, gentle side of Klaus.  When watching Klaus “courting” Caroline there is romance in the air.  I love that.  It is a slow build up.

    As for Caroline and Tyler, I have never been a fan of that relationship.  It was never romantic, just “dog in heat” type sex.  Caroline deserves better than that, otherwise it demeans her character.  This is only my opinion and I mean no disrespect to the Caroline/Tyler fan base.
    For those who enjoy watching Forwood, I am happy for you.

  • tweetie

    Yay I’m so glad Candice gets that Klaus/Caroline would be a bad idea. I don’t understand how people can see her having sex as demeaning her character but taking up with a mass murderer is better?!

    Tyler and Caroline jumped into bed quickly but a) they were close friends for months before this b) they aren’t average teenagers. Tyler is breaking his sire bond for her, helped save her from her father and understands her. I thought that is pretty sweet. I guess it is easy to see scenes from different perspectives but Klaus/Caroline to me is OOC.

  • Mehr03


  • Georgia_Peach

     Hi tweetie,  In my comment I never said Caroline having sex demeans her character. I said there was nothing romantic involved in the Tyler/Caroline sex scenes.  Caroline deserves better than that, or that demeans her character.   As for Klaus, yes like all the vampires, he is a murderous villain, but then again so are Stefan, Damon, Elijah, Katherine and the vampire kill list can go on and on and on.   There is no wall that can hold that many kills.

    As for Tyler, he needs a muzzle because his bite has created major life threatening problems for Damon and Caroline, and a ripper road trip for Stefan, which in turn left Elena with a broken heart….. but, if the writers want to put Caroline and Tyler back together… that is what will happen.  I just find it disappointing and a lost moment of what could have been an epic love story between Klaus and Caroline, which makes me kinda sad, but if the writers don’t want to go that route, okay… I’ll roll with it.

  • kego

     I´m sure Stefan and Elena´s relationship will become closer again. Finally they can talk about everything, it´s about time. I look forward to many tense moments,sparks,almost-kisses,touching scenes and a reunion firework at the end!
    Damon could not be satisfied/happy in a relationship with a girl who feels so much love for another man and I think he deserves something better like that.

    Let´s see if Elena can really accept the dark side of Stefan and Damon after she saw them live in “vampire action” ^^
    Because I remember how she yelled at Damon “… being a vampire doesn´t mean you have to act like one!”
    You can´t change the vampire nature,Elena.

  • Chandy

    There will be a great fight between Tyler and Klaus at ep 20 because of Caroline.
    Idk if it’s good or not for both cuz Caroline may hate them for it.


    Ya’ll should read the comments on Hollywood Life- people can be sooooo ugly. Anyways, I’m a bit disappointed that Candice doesn’t see a relationship forming between Klaus & Caroline. I think if he has a fondness for her, she could bring out his softer side. I certainly don’t want them to just jump in the sack (like they did with Caroline & Tyler), for me, that cheapens it. I think Caro is better than that, or at least she could be. But, we’ll see how it goes.

    As far as Stefan & Elena go, we’ll see how it plays out. I’m not a fan of them together, but I do think they have a lot to sort out. And I think they should.

    I kinda agree with @87dde78b65dc402815ff9f49ee26ea79:disqus  regarding Damon, he deserves better than having to sit by on the sidelines waiting for a bone from Elena. It’s not fair to him and I think the writers need to take note of that.

    All in all, I liked Paul’s interview and I was disappointed in Candice’s….but it should be noted that I love Candice Accola as a person…..just a bit disappointed in what she said in the interview.



    You’re right GP- Caroline & Tyler were at a party, got horny, went home and had sex. There was noting romantic in that at all. In a way, I agree, it does demean Caroline’s character. But apparently we’re supposed to root for Tyler????????? Eeeks……
    Never been a big fan of his, nor of Forwood. I guess I’ll have to go back to not commenting on them;)


    I have a problem with this…….so, really, in all honesty, Tyler would have a chance against Klaus….really? I’m expected to believe that Tyler, the newly made hybrid, would have a chance against an Original? Especially one who’s constantly looking over his shoulder to see who’s going to come after him?

    I swear, if Tyler wins, I’m going to be banging my head on the wall.

  • Chandy

     Hahaha well don’t forget that in TVD anything is possible :D
    I think that this fight will be inside of ball (ep 20 – 20′s decade dance) :S

  • mary.m155

    So Sage is the bad girl, and will cause trouble!

    I can’t wait to see this episode for all the Stelena scenes, they will become closer! 

  • kego

    Looool !!
    Maybe Tyler found something like Klaus-Kryptonit while he was gone…

  • eve

     Hi VAMPLOVER, your not a fan of Stefan and Elena…what?? LOL  You’re right about the comments on Hollywood…harsh.  I do like the idea of Klaus and Caroline as a couple. 


    When the show began, I watched it live-I just couldn’t wait to see it. And when Season two began to really develop the Delena relationship, I was so hooked in and began checking for web clips and fan sites. But season 3 has me using my DVR and watching it sometimes 2days later. Lol. I think the writers are getting lazy. I mean it would be harder to write for fans if they commit to Stelana or Delana. But I still feel played ever week because neither happens and the side stories are not that great…still not a fan of Bonnie storyline and the Abby story makes me fast forward. Yawning.

  • eve

     Hi House of Vampires, I’m old school too.  Caroline and Tyler just seemed all about filling a need…animal attraction.  Whereas, Klaus and Caroline have a budding romance…which I love.  That’s  part of the reason why I love Stefan and Elena, there romance.

  • Chandy

    This season was not good for romance and love unfortunately :/
    Had only deaths, fights, blood, revenge, sadness etc…
    I hope that in the season 4 has many novels/couples and new passions :)
    And the heart of show: Stefan and Damon together forever till the end (The Salvatore brothers,best friends) :D

  • Tvdfan#

    Yes very disappointing that Caroline may not fall for Klaus! I think she has had some intense moments with Tyler ( his first full moon), and I liked the pairing -at first- but something about the biggest, baddest, oldest Vamp Klaus actually falling for Caroline who doesn’t seem to be scared of him or take any of his bullsh#t, is so believable. And after so many women (including his sister) tremble in fear of him, I think it’s a cool storyline to see Sassy Caroline bring back his humanity. I love it the way I love Elena bringing Damon around. For the record, I never bought the first school day romance of Stelena. And there is something more appealing about Damon who was actually the Good Vampire and made himself bad to cope—Over Stefan who is Naughty by nature and fakes/forces his Nice facade. I want to see Caroline uncover Klaus ( we have seen his brutal upbringing and the sensitive side that he has learned to suppress by running from his father). So even though I like Tyler (and Stefan), I prefer to see a romance that “sneaks up” on everyone. I was totally caught off by Klaus and Caroline and instantly loved it.

  • Georgia_Peach

     If Tyler challenges Klaus in a fight, he will be licking his wounds before it is all over.  I’m guessing Caroline will be the one to stop Klaus from killing him.

  • Georgia_Peach

     There is no way Tyler would win in a fight against Klaus.  That would be too silly.  Maybe Tyler has “small dog syndrome”, by imagining he is actually bigger and badder than he really is.  Probably not a good idea on Tyler’s part.

  • ihatepeople

    I love your take on the actual natures of Damon and Stefan vs what they show on the surface as the way they chose to cope as vamps. That is exactly what I think about them as well. I guess that’s why I always wanted the DE action instead of the SE because I felt Damon was misunderstood, actually good underneath and Elena was able to see past his exterior and pull the good back out of him. Though I’m hugely skeptical that it would ever be allowed for long i’ve held out an inkling of hope that in the end things would turn around for for him in love whether with her or someone else. That’s not to say I wish ill for Stefan. I think once he embraces his vamp side he could have something special but maybe more with another vamp that won’t feed into his feelings of guilt over being a vamp. It’s just that I’ve always felt the SE relationship was more of a high school puppy love thing because it happened so quickly and Elena didn’t know anything beyond what he told her. Only now is she starting to see who he really is instead of the person he showed on the surface. Technically both brothers aren’t what they first appeared to be which I find very interesting and I hope she realizes that what she thought about each is actually reversed.

    As for Caroline and Klaus, for me it’s too early to decide what should happen there but again I think she jumped in too quickly with Tyler before she really knew what to expect. If she stands her ground and proceeds with extreme caution with Klaus it could be ok. He could show her culture and she could calm his need for destruction and loneliness. Trouble is that would mean we no longer have a bad guy and to keep things interesting there needs to be someone evil lurking.

    I love reading all the interviews and spoilers but it seems like we should take all of them at face value because things turn on a dime on this show so just because the actors say they don’t see something happening or do see something happening between characters doesn’t make it so. Sometimes they intentionally mislead us and other times they don’t know themselves.

  • Chandy

     That’s true :)
    Something tells me that this fight will not end well.
    Perhaps an innocent person may die :/

  • Georgia_Peach

     I saw those comments too and cannot imagine what Julie and Kevin have to endure.  :(

  • ihatepeople

    There really is no way Tyler would be a match for Klaus unless he comes up with some unknown secret weapon which I don’t see happening. Besides being a new hybrid Tyler isn’t as in control over his behavior as an original hybrid who has had centuries to learn to deal with it. Not to stir the pot but unless Caroline intervenes and chooses Tyler Klaus will likely kill him and maybe that is the writer’s plan for season’s end. This way they’d be killing off a main character but one who’s storyline has fallen by the way side. Frankly they haven’t done much with the hybrid thing since Stefan forced Klaus to send them all away.

  • ihatepeople

    I have to say I’ll be pretty peeved if she accepts Stefan’s vamp side with little struggle after she gave Damon such a hard time all along.

  • ihatepeople

    I think after everything that has happened and the way their relationship started based lies (frankly it did because he couldn’t exactly tell her he was a vamp from day one- lol), Stefan and Elena should work out what happened so they can remain as close friends because they do love each other but they need to accept that their romantic relationship was based on false expectations. I say this because it would be difficult to start over with someone always remembering who they used to be but now having to question who they really are and what they’re really capable of. It’s a trust issue. Just my opinion.

  • Georgia_Peach

     I am guessing Tyler’s “punk kid” nature will have him challenging Klaus. I doubt seriously if Tyler has a “secret weapon”.   I’m not sure if it matters how many times Tyler transitioned into a werewolf, I don’t see how that would break a sire bond. Klaus is his maker. The werewolf transformation has been going on long before the vampire walked the earth.  I imagine some with the werewolf gene look at it as a birthright.  Klaus & Hendrick went to watch the werewolf clan transform and run like the wind.  Apparently the werewolf was not hunted to extinction after all.  There are plenty out there and Klaus is the only cure of a werewolf bite to the vampire.  Klaus, however,  is the only one of his kind. He is a werewolf by his birthright and a member of the Original family of first vampires to ever walk the earth. Klaus’s hybrids are werewolves by birthright, but they are diluted vampires, which means they do not hold the cure. 

    Kinda of ironic… Elena, the doppelganger. is the blood bag for Klaus and his means to making more diluted hybrids and Klaus’s blood is the cure to a vampire being bit by a werewolf.   Damon, Stefan, and Katherine may want to rethink the whole “kill Klaus” thingy.   It is not going to kill Elena to make a small donation of blood occasionally for Klaus, but it will Damon, Stefan, Katherine, Caroline and any other vampire if they are bit by a werewolf.

    They should all just call a truce and live happily together in Mystic Falls, or until the Original family gets bored and moves on, but Klaus should always be a phone call away.  It is called speed dial.

  • LaLaAmore232

    First Off, Love Stefan and Stelena!!! <3 And Second, How can Caroline NOT fall for Klaus? Yes, he's a villain and has done horrible things BUT he's charming not to mention respectful when it comes to her. I mean come on they're the Barbie and Ken of TVD :)

  • ihatepeople

    Hmmm very good point about the blood donation thing. Question is why does he really need a hybrid army because as you’ve pointed out they would all be diluted? I get he didn’t want to be the only of his kind and he was lonely but what other purpose do they serve really? I mean they’re kind of weak. The ep with Michael proved how easily our vamps could kill them. There hasn’t been an actual war with the vamps in a long time outside of what was stirred up when Klaus arrived. The humans aren’t causing him trouble. So why does he want an army?

    As for keeping Klaus around for his blood’s healing power, it would be in the other vamps’ best interest. However, since they hadn’t had any werewolves in MF until Mason showed up and Tyler turned they didn’t really have a need for it. Let Klaus kill Tyle and let the vamps kill Klaus and voila problem solved. No need to be a blood bank. Any remaining hybrids could be killed off if they came to town. Don’t get me wrong Klaus is a good character so they can keep him around but I’m just saying without other werewolves around they don’t really need him right?

  • Tvdfan#

    Thank you, “ihatepeople”! I have always thought the show was based on this love triangle, but often wondered how the writers could allow Elena to make a choice. Basically, she chose already. I mean she chose Stefan. She would still choose him if hadn’t pushed her away. So, I’m still wondering how the writers could justify her choosing Damon over Stefan. Really the only way is if Stefan has some higher, more noble purpose to pursue. A reason to make it ok for him to give Elena up to his Brother and a reason for Elena to love him and let him go. I feel like the writers almost went there when they began to tease that Klaus had something special planned for him…I wanted to find out that Stefan had some special power or purpose that would keep all of humanity safe by his sacrifice And not necessarily death, but maybe he needed to go off the fight or lead some wicked battle that only he could win. I’m reaching, but I just can’t see how Elena will ever be able to dump Saint Stefan unless all his morality and noble effort demands that he go. It just can’t be like “ok, she likes this brother better”. They’ll all have to have some acceptable understanding of the final choice.

  • Georgia_Peach

     But there are other werewolves around besides the hybrids. The actual vampire/werewolf war started with Mikael. He is the one that wiped out Klaus’s biological family. As for Klaus needing an army/family of hybrids, he probably has enough for now, especially since Mikael is dead and Klaus has his siblings back.  Obviously he was protecting them all from Mikael. Maybe Klaus knows something else is around the corner that is unknown to anyone else.

  • ihatepeople

    I know we’ve been shown other werewolves out of state but except for when Jules came to town and of courses the hybrids it doesn’t appear that there are any lurking around MF at least that we know of. Maybe Klaus just wants to replenish the werewolf line but instead with hybrids or as you’ve mentioned he knows something else is coming that hasn’t been revealed.I remember in season 1 we were told Katherine was the big bad but it turned out that the originals were worse.

  • ihatepeople

    In my past posts that is one of the things that annoyed me was that they’ve really made things one sided as far as the “triangle” is concerned because she has always and is StILL (after all that has happened) blinded by the idealized (18 year old) version of love she has for Stefan. It’s not been made clear thus far that Damon is an actual love threat for her heart. My on going concern is that she will chose him briefly until Stefan is emotionally available or willing again and I don’t want that for Damon. You stated that you thought maybe there was a grander plan that would keep Stefan from returning which would leave things open for a real DE relationship. I’d thought so too but I gathered that it would be because Klaus lead him down an evil path and he ended up enjoying it. His drakness was short lived and excused away by Klaus’s compulsion so Saint Stefan was never really allowed to leave. In the beginning I had had hope for a nice karmic return on Damon’s heartbreak over Katherine by having him turn out to be the one Elena loves more since Katherine loved Stefan more. I know there are still some episodes left but unless Elena has this mature epiphany (which could be part of what the talk with Matt started) that her love for Stefan wasn’t as magical as she thought or realizes too much has happened to ever go back (maybe they agree that they should just be friends) I don’t see Damon having a chance at the real love he wants for long. My point again is I just want him to be “the one” for someone that he also wants. Right now there are too many this one loves that one but that one loves someone else going on in MF. Kind of heartbreaking.


    HI Eve- :) Nope, not a fan of Stefan & Elena together, but I do think, because of their history, and because of how they each feel about the other, they need to sort things out to see where they want to go from here. It’s only fair that they have the opportunity to do that.

    I love the idea of Klaus & Caro as a couple….but it seems that’s going to be taken away from me to. Oh well, I still have single Damon & single Klaus to drool over;)

  • ihatepeople

    Maybe we’ll be surprised and next season they’ll hook them each up with someone new. At least both guys now have their hearts warmed to the idea of love. ;)


    Ha! When can hope….I know I’m getting tired of my guys (yes plural now) being put through the ringer by these teenage girls;)

  • ihatepeople

    I hear ya. The yo yo thing drives me nuts. Wishy washiness gets old.

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