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Posted by | March 14, 2011, 17:29 (MST) | 28 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Paul Wesley as Stefan SalvatoreThat’s right, folks, #NoTwitterPaul has shed the hashtag and officially joined Twitter! @paulwesley is really him, as confirmed by @julieplec.

Everyone be sure to give him a warm welcome, and spread the word so everyone knows to follow the real thing and not the umpteen million fakers that can be found all over Twitter.

As a side note, there’s still no official Twitter account for Steven R. McQueen. But maybe one day… [Vee note: Paul finally giving in to Twitter pretty much means ANYTHING can happen, don't ya think? ;)]

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  • Ninao

    We need to start a new campaign for #notwitterSteven

  • EleanorPalimore

    I think it’s raining frogs out there. The apocalypse is surely nigh. I mean… Paul Wesley joined Twitter! Someone call Buffy. ;)

  • Guest

    I’m kinda sad he finally caved into getting a Twitter account. :/

  • eve

    Now I have a reason to join twitter!

  • Chelsey

    Can’t wait to here from Paul.

  • Becca

    Impressive, whoever succeeded in this bullying *cough* “persuading” ;) I would also love to see Steve join.

  • guest

    Yayyyy, tweet tweet you hottie.

  • Anonymous

    Klaus (Joseph Morgan) just joined twitter on Sunday and immediately compelled Stefan (Paul Wesley) to join too. I mean what else could be the reason that “no twitter Paul” is now “yes I am on twitter Paul”? Klaus really is a badass!

  • Eddie

    Wow, Paul can’t cut a break with some people. Buddy can’t even join twitter without getting negative comments.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Eddie,
    Why do you think that was a negative comment? Lighten up, it was a joke considering how long Paul has taken to join twitter. Ian, Nina and Julie had been trying to get Paul on twitter for a long time, but met a concrete wall of resistance from Paul.

    Paul can be a comedian and a lot of fun. Personally, I am glad he is finally on board. :)

  • Anonymous

    agree :)

  • laney

    Georgia Peach, I have no idea why eddie turned it into a negative. Looking at it from all different perspectives it is anything but….

  • Anonymous

    Hi Laney,
    Neither do I. It was not meant to be negative in any form or fashion.

    Paul is up and running with his new twitter and already posting pictures.

    Now Steven R. McQueen needs to be convinced. (Calling on Klaus??)

    Also, kudos to Matt Davis, Candice Accola, Zack Roerig for participating as a team in the Tough Mudder race this past weekend for the Wounded Warrior Project. It was a grueling 12.4 miles obstacle tortuous very muddy race. They helped raise close to $100,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project. Way to go guys!!

  • Habiba

    hahahahahahahahaha I figured as much.

  • Mac

    I kind of wish he’d had his user name as @NoTwitterPaul just for funsies.

  • Jennifer Petrova

    Hii Twitter fans im @StunningDobrev and we are trying to trend #StevenOnTwitter be grateful if you helped :D xx <33

  • Brbdnb

    what is so great about twitter?

  • Ava

    That’s great Paul has joined twitter…finally. The support of all the fans with the cast is incredible…love it.

  • nurtun

    hottie !

  • Anonymous

    Ha!Ha!Ha!…funny GP- Glad PW joined twitter….this can only be a good thing:)

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