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Posted by | October 6, 2011, 10:12 (MST) | 20 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The October 13th issue of TV Guide Magazine has a great Q&A with Paul Wesley and Joseph Morgan in which they discuss how Joseph won the role of Klaus, the Stefan and Klaus dynamic, what lies in store for the vampire duo, and lots more. And, as you can see, a new Season 3 promo photo to boot. The issue is on stands now so be sure to pick up a copy! Huge thanks to Denise for the scan. Click the scan below to see a bigger version in the Gallery. (WARNING: Spoilers through The End of the Affair!)


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  • Anonymous

    Handsome devils indeed. :) the boys have been great so far. And it looks like Joseph and Paul have become good mates in real life too.

  • Emily Stone

    I love these two together in character and in real life!

    And I love Joseph Morgan’s typical sense of British Humour in relation to saying ‘cheerio’ as much as possible :)

  • Anonymous

    What happened to Klaus’s shirt?! It’s in shreds. Did he transform into a wolf and then scurry back to take the picture?
    I don’t think Stefan will have to choose between Elena and Klaus. I think it would be much more compelling if he had to choose between Klaus and Damon.

    Such a good interview.  Thanks for posting!

  • Elle

    I have been curious about whether Stefan thinks about Damon and Elena getting closer. I love Ripper Stefan, but I kind of can’t wait for when he comes back, I can picture Caroline filling him in on all that happened while he was gone.

  • Donja

    Thanks so much for sharing this interview! I am officially in love with Joseph Morgan. Klaus all the way! He and his new BFF (well, they were BFF’s a long time ago ofcourse) are way too hot. Would be cool if Damon were to join them and they would form some sort of the three musketeers ;)

  • Anonymous

    Joseph only someone with your beauty could get away with that shirt.  Paul you are my boo so you do no wrong. 

  • Anonymous

    Wow so we’ve got Paul to thank for Joseph being cast as our favorite villain? This makes me love their bromance even more!

  • Addicted to TVD

    ”Dude”?Really, Paul?”Dude?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah it does look a little ragged doesn’t it? Ohh well rags tend to look awesome on guys anyway especially one’s as pretty as JM. ;)

  • Vampirelady2212

    O M G…handsome devils!! *faint*

  • sarah

    ya i was gonna say the same thing, i was so surprised to read that paul was the one who suggested joseph, i had no idea they were friends before this….i wonder if its bc paul and emily vancamp are friends and joseph is dating her..anyways love their friendship, they have such a great chemistry

  • Candygirl9890


  • Anonymous

    Joseph is dating Emily Vancamp? :O My heart is broken x)

  • Anonymous

    Yeah- I agree Abigail- I think Stefan should have to choose between Damon & Klaus because they’ve been drawing parallels with that brotherly bond and all:)

    Also, this was a really charming interview:) Of course, I think most of Paul’s interviews are charming, having JM along for the ride just gave me a bonus:)

  • Darkerlust_305

    joseph and paul crack me up lol. both of them are sexy as hell.

  • Momina Amjad

    OMG Joseph is dating that girl from Revenge?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Emily Vancamp as Emily Thorne! That’s a great show and she’s a great actress. I never knew about that :O They do make a great couple. 

  • Pink Fashionlovemarie

    This show is to die for. Thank the lord this show was made. Joseph and Paul are great on screen.

    P.S please folio Joseph Morgan if you are not already. He replies to his fans. @Josephmorgan.

  • Darkerlust_305

     Joseph Morgan has never responded back to me on twitter.

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