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Posted by | October 10, 2012, 17:20 (MST) | 30 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Need something to distract you until tomorrow night’s premiere? Paul Wesley is over at Young Hollywood playing a fun Vampire or Werewolf? game – and, oh yeah, talking about season four:


And over at Entertainment Weekly, Ian Somerhalder talks about the love triangle and how Damon will deal with Elena’s transition:

“There is some stuff that is going to come up this season that I think fans will get a little bit of joy out of,” said Ian Somerhalder, who explained that the love triangle still has a ways to go. “There is a scene [where] Damon pushes [Elena's] buttons a little bit and kind of starts undressing in front of her [and] that throws her for a loop. It was pretty cute.”


Meanwhile, at Hollywood Life, Torrey DeVitto talks about what’s coming up for Meredith:

“I think you’ll see a bond grow between Damon and Meredith. It’s cool because he’s this erratic character, and she really holds her ground with him and with all the other characters. She’s strong-minded and doesn’t put up with his bulls**t. So deep down, whether he acknowledges it or not, he admires that about her. That’s how their friendship begins, really.”


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  • AllyKat

    I think I’m going to die…..AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! happydance

    Meredith/Damon friendship + Delena cuteness = MYLIFEISCOMPLETE

  • Melissa

    Aww Damon, always respecting his brother’s girlfriend. How cute! NOT.

  • ihatepeople

    Well Damon walked naked in front of Elena before in the Birthday ep last season. Only difference this time is that they made out since then so now her mind can wonder.

  • Meme

    lol i love delena haters

  • MEME

    hope it wanders very far because as ian said “tension schmension WE NEED SOME ACTION!” #DELENA

  • Kris

    Not going to lie I think the Damon Meredith friendship is bull… they have hung out what all of two seconds and Damon just has this respect to the woman that stole his blood and is one of the reason that Elena ( he love) is a vampire…really?!

    I call BS on you Julie Plec, that is a joke friendship.

    I guess I can ignore the stpuidness that is Damon and Meredith because of the Delena.

  • ihatepeople

    A lot of us are waiting for that. One can only hope. :)

  • Georgia_Peach

    If Meredith had not given Elena vampire blood earlier in the day, Elena would have
    died from her brain injury.  It is a good thing that Elena had vampire blood in her system when she drowned (thanks to Stefan’s inability to say “No” to her), otherwise she would not have a second chance even if it is life as a vampire.  In other words… Meredith did save the day and Elena lives on as a vampire.

    Damon does not need Meredith as his voice of conscience. or his day drinking buddy.  I see no reason for Meredith to step into that role at all.  Damon doesn’t need more “road to redemption”, or anyone preaching the error of his ways to him.  I’m pretty sure he has had enough of that to last his lifetime.  Actually, I am resentful to the hint of anyone taking Alaric’s seat at the bar. It is way too soon for that to happen. 

  • Kris

    Oh yes I agree i would just think that if Damon was made at matt her would be mad at Meredith… not on the same level but to a point.

    I said it once and I will say it again this pairing is dumb on JP because it make no sense at all. As you said Damon doesn’t need Meredith… Damon really doesn’t know her so I don’t understand how these two are friends all the sudden.

    It just doesn’t make any kind of sense.

  • From Beginning To End

     If Meredith hadn’t given her vampire blood she’d be dead dead. If that’s cool with everybody it isn’t too late to just let herself die. I admit, she probably should’ve told her but then she probably didn’t think she had to say, “Hey, try not to die in the next 24 hours, mmkay?”

    But yeah I agree, the friendship is WEIRD. As long as they don’t sleep together I think it could be fun though.

  • Kris

     @From Beginning To End

    Oh I’m not say he should be mad at her, you right she did save i have no beef about that. My logic is that if he is mad at Matt who didn’t really kill Elena why would he be mad at her… not that he should be mad at anyone other than Rebekah because she cause the accident.

  • A.E

    unlike you guys i am gonna watch the before judge on the whole damon/meredith friendship if julie did it right it could be interesting,and i think he need a friend in his life not just have his life revolve a round the triangle with elena and stefan .beside both damon and meredith have something in common which they both lost alaric,as i said before if julie plec played the cards on the storyline right it could be nice story but knowing julie she might make damon/meredith friends with benefits .

  • iheartdamon

    I know my min

  • Kris

    @ A.E

    Julie never plays her cards right…. that is the problem. I don’t mind if these two become friends but the way Torrey is talking you would think that they had this great relationship to start with… and that is not the case. Damon never showed any signs of respect for this woman and to say that he does is stuipd. It would make better since if they turned to each other because of Alaric that is diffrent.

    this is JP once again being lazy and just putting people she think look good together without developing a backstory for the two. This is my main issue with this friendship… she needed to learn to build a story with these two… and she hasn’t.

    I know that these two along with Klaus get involved to try and figure out who Connor is, however this is not enough time to develope this friendship of respect when the two characters have no history at all.

    It dumb, and in typical JP fashion.

  • ihatepeople

    I think Damon is angry with Matt not only because he’s alive and Elena isn’t but because Matt kidnapped Elena to take her away putting her in that situation to begin with. Also he was driving the truck and he should’ve just hit Bex instead of swerving. We know Matt thought he was doing the right thing but it doesn’t change what happened.

  • ihatepeople

    No one not even Elena could fill Ric’s shoes. Ric is the only one who never took advantage of Damon. Sure he got pissed at him for killing him but he forgave him and Damon could always count on Ric no matter what. Ric’s only real expectation of Damon was to not be killed by him. :) How can anyone replace him?

  • Kate

    Please remember to remain polite toward other fans while expressing your opinions. Thanks!

  • Kate

    Hi Kris. Just a reminder: We do not allow personal attacks on anyone (writers, actors, other fans, etc.), including calling people dumb or stupid. I have had to edit several of your recent comments because they were uncivil. Please stay polite while expressing your opinions – it makes this a much more pleasant place for everyone! Thanks!

  • midnight

    Damon undressing in front of Elena.  I am dying to see this.   In what episode does this scene take place?  I can’t wait! 

    About the Damon/Meredith ‘bond’.  Meh.  Don’t hate me, alright?  I just can’t muster up any enthusiasm for this ‘friendship’ right now.  It’s not that I don’t want Damon to have any friends.  But…Meredith?  Why?  Why her?  If you ask me, if the writers want to give Damon a new buddy, it should be a guy, not a girl.  You know, Damon’s had no shortage of females around him since he showed up at Mystic Falls, and Alaric was really the only guy who was good friends with him.  I don’t know if you can count Stefan, since he and Damon are brothers and they find themselves at odds with each other and whatnot.  I think Damon needs the support of another dude.  Possibly the writers are only doing this because Meredith is at a loose end now that Ric is gone.

  • Georgia_Peach

     I don’t think Damon and Meredith’s bond will be a friendship with benefits.  One personality trait I have noticed about Meredith is compassion, as a doctor and a friend.   I think Meredith is actually going to show Damon compassion for what he is going through and they will share the heartbreak of Alaric’s death.  Perhaps a  friendship will be formed out of that, but I don’t think it will turn into a sexual relationship.   It will be nice to see someone actually show Damon compassion over the pain and anger he is going through. Most people dismiss it or say he is just acting out.  As a matter of fact it will be refreshing to see Damon with a true female friend that he has no interest in sexually.

    However, Meredith cannot sit in Alaric’s seat with Damon at the Mystic Grill bar….that is a No No.  Of course even Elena will not be allowed to sit in that “sacred” seat.

  • Annie

     Oh come on he wouldn’t be Damon if he didn’t do something indecent and inappropriate lol. But honestly I don’t like the idea either, it’s like taking advantage of her because he knows she’s attracted to him and her emotions are heightened. And messing with her isn’t fair on anyone, if she rejects him it would serve him right. However, I am getting ahead of myself seeing as I don’t know the circumstances surrounding the impromptu striptease ;-D lol

  • Kris

    Hi Kris. Just a reminder: We do not allow personal attacks on anyone (writers, actors, other fans, etc.), including calling people dumb or stupid. I have had to edit several of your recent comments because they were uncivil. Please stay polite while expressing your opinions – it makes this a much more pleasant place for everyone! Thanks!

    the only thing I attack where the action that was taken by JP. I didn’t call JP or Torrey DeVitto stuipd or dumb. I called JP’s action stuipd but not her. So if you must give me a correction please make sure you read what I said in it context instead of jumping off the handle accussing me of something I didn’t didn’t do.

  • Kate

    Here are a few examples of statements that are unacceptable, to help you better understand our guidelines: “I call BS on you Julie Plec,” “Julie never plays her cards right,” “this is JP once again being lazy,” “It dumb, and in typical JP fashion.”
    I know different people’s standards for decency are different, so I hope the examples help you understand what we consider to be personal attacks.

  • Kris

    And yet you said that I called someone stupid and dumb and by you own admission that was clear something I did not do. The lazy thing could be the only thing i see as a personal attack for that I am sorry. However for the rest it is my personal feeling and were not an attack to Julie Plec as a person but rather my low apperciation of her actions. Two very diffrent things.

  • Kate

    No apology needed, just clarifying the rules for the future. Thanks!

  • Nicky

    The Young Hollywood interview, i really love how Paul Wesley always speaks his mind, so refreshing!

  • From Beginning To End

     I am really, REALLY going to miss Ric. All this talk of life on TVD without him is hitting me with this realization more so than when he died.

  • From Beginning To End

     Oh, okay :) I just read Torrey Devito’s interview where she was talking about how people were blaming Meredith so without meaning to I assumed that’s what you meant.

    I think he just needs someone to be mad at in a situation where a lot of different people made small mistakes that all led to one big one. (Jeremy and Matt kidnapping Elena with good intentions, Bonnie not communicating her plan to the originals so they wouldn’t freak, Rebekah not bothering to find out why Klaus’s bloodline didn’t all start dying, Stefan helping Matt to make Elena happy.) Meredith is the only one who’s actions managed to keep Elena alive while he was gone, and everyone else’s accidentally attributed to her dying, so I think that’s the difference between her and Matt.

  • From Beginning To End

     I actually like that it is a girl, and think it’s intentional because if it were a guy it would seem too much like a replacement for Ric.

  • ihatepeople

    The Memorial episode should be a tear jerker when they talk about Ric.

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