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Posted by | April 15, 2014, 14:35 (MST) | 18 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

We’ll get to see Paul Wesley‘s directorial debut this Thursday on The Vampire Diaries with Resident Evil (EP518), and the actor/director stopped by PIX11 Morning News to talk about the experience and how his fellow cast members reacted to his new role. Head over to PIX11 to watch.

Paul Wesley at PIX11


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  • Myrna ShellTrack Rodriguez via Facebook

    My favorite vampire!!!!!

  • Milene Gonzales via Facebook

    the vampire diaries my favorite

  • Rondy Sursen via Facebook

    My Best Best Favourite VAMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rhea Pino via Facebook

    im addict of vampire diaries!

  • Vale Aguilar via Facebook

    Barbaro me encanta!!!!!

  • Joyce Tsatia via Facebook

    I love vampire diaries

  • Neya Salvatori via Facebook

    linndo love you

  • Nazanin Kas via Facebook

    Paul is a perfet actor

  • shoe20

    Great interview and some new clips of the ep. Paul is so comfortable in an interview setting…..I hope all you “streamers” watch live tonight and help throw up a big viewing number for Paul’s effort. =)

  • shoe20

    So hey, Kate this thread is beyond dead. lol Help me out here, who in the hierarchy decide to include the Bob and Ted quote, “Be excellent to each other.” in the header? Cool!!! It’s OK this is our chat thread. =) dish

  • Kate

    Hee, that was before my time, so Red or Vee or both!

  • shoe20

    Come on Kate, there’s no way you guys can devote the amount of time necessary to police the threads without having an opinion. You of all have kept it in the background, but I know what it is…. I don’t expect you to go on record with preferences, but a simple Y/N would confirm what I already know. At any rate I respect the job your doing….THANKS

  • shoe20

    Cool, thanks.

  • Kate

    Sorry, an opinion on what?

  • shoe20

    I really respect what you an others are doing….setting aside your personal preferences to produce an unbiased thread, but in the end all must that a stand. Can you wipe the whole thread? Do it….. I’ve said what I been wanting to say. Sry I’ve put you on the bitter edge, but hey it’s just me, lol

  • shoe20

    I know your still reading…. yea you. No need to respond. Kissed for your effort. LOL and I understand the other parameters involved in endorsing any outcome…It must be hard to be so aloof.

  • shoe20

    Seriously Kate, how do you mask your preferences and continue on.? I simply couldn’t do’ it. Hey differences. lol

  • shoe20

    Close our thread girl, no one will know. xoxo =)

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