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Posted by | September 22, 2011, 11:11 (MST) | 3 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Paul Wesley Tells AOL TV That He Loves Playing Ripper StefanJean Bentley with AOL TV braved an interview with Paul Wesley to discuss that most dangerous of creatures: Ripper Stefan! From the sound of things, the actor is really enjoying his bloody new role:

Cast and crew on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ are notoriously tight-lipped, and rightfully so, since each episode of the series contains more twists than a water slide at Six Flags. But through the cagey responses and deflecting jokes during our interview, Wesley was so certain about one answer that he didn’t even let us finish the question. When asked if he preferred playing Good Stefan or Ripper Stefan, we couldn’t even complete the thought before he responded.

“Ripper Stefan. Huh? What was the question? Yeah. Look, when it’s raining for a really long time, I want sunshine — actually, I always want sunshine. Let me give you a different analogy. When it’s really hot, sometimes I would like some snow. But if I’m in a blizzard, I would like some sun. Right now I’m really enjoying Ripper Stefan.”

Paul wasn’t the only one who had thoughts to share about Ripper Stefan and what he’ll mean for the show. Nina Dobrev also had some things to say about how Elena is handling the change.

“She shifts into a gear where she’s playing investigator as well, tracking clues and trying to find out where he is and what he’s been doing so that she can save him,” star Nina Dobrev told AOL TV during a break in filming. “She thinks that he’s in trouble, that he needs to be saved, so she’s trying to save him.”


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  • Chelsey

    As much as I love  Paul and Elena’s epic love story.  Love the fact that Paul is showing  all of us just how talented he is as an actor.  He is a sexy hottie when he’s romancing Elena and he is absolutely terrifying as the Rippah.  He is already blown us away as the Rippah, it’s only just begun he’s getting even more terrifying.  Can’t wait.  BTW, trust me it’s not just a CW teen show.   Everyone I know that watches have not seen there teen years in ages.  LOL

  • Anonymous

    I love how every actor on the show give all these interviews and give you know real info at all.  Well, sometime Kat G. but nothing.  I love you anyway Paul.

  • Elleoneiram

    Generally you’re right, but once in a while you find something – usually they get in trouble for those, hehe. I would say, though, it’s interesting how he says that Elena and Stefan’s relationship becomes the antithesis of what it originally was. Very disturbing indeed!

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