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Posted by | January 9, 2014, 8:22 (MST) | 33 Comments
Category: The Originals TV, The Vampire Diaries TV

Last night’s People’s Choice Awards yielded a handful of riches for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Miss the show? You can check out highlights below and a HUGE congrats to Joseph, Ian and Nina on their wins! Pat yourselves on the back, TVD and Originals fans.

First up, Joseph Morgan won for Favorite Actor in a New TV Series and was presented his award on the PCA red carpet before the show.

Joseph also introduced One Republic with Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale.

And Ian Somerhalder was also presented with an award on the pre-show red carpet: Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor.

And finally, Ian and Nina Dobrev took home the PCA for Favorite On-Screen Chemistry and gave what might have been the funniest and most charming acceptance speech of the night. (And Malin Ackerman may have given the most unique pronunciation of Ian’s name we’ve ever heard.)

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  • Katerina Karalioliou via Facebook

    what an accent!

  • mydamonheart

    Congratulations to Ian for finally winning in this very tough category.

  • Evelyn Ann

    Loved how they still care about one another…regardless of what transpires in their lives. ♥ #Delena ☺

  • Andrew55

    I am so happy to see TVD win a few PCAs. Congrats to Ian, Joseph and Delena fans. You made the TVD family proud!!!

    I am still shocked that TVD lost to Beauty and the Beast and Nina lost to Kristin Kreuk. However, it is fitting that Ian and Delena won but Nina and the show didn’t. I mean the focus on the show and media hype surrounding the show has zeroed in on Ian and Delena. I have been saying for the past few years that the show should change it’s name from “The Vampire Diaries” to “The Damon Diaries or The Delena Diaries” since that is all the show seems to focus on now.

  • Debbie

    What happened last night was a victory for the show, not just for Ian and Nina. I don’t think of it as “delena” or “Damon” won, this was a win for all tvd fans! And a well deserved win at that!

  • Debbie

    Congrats to Joseph and Ian, such a great achievement! And esp congrats to Ian and nina, as always they looked so cute together last night! I wonder if their win will affect the outcome of the season…

  • Andrew55

    Oh I agree 100000%!!! It was a huge win and I was proud that they won. Heck, I voted everyday for a month for all TVD categories. I wish they all would have won. And Ian, Joseph and Delena absolutely deserved the awards they won. I was just saying that it’s fitting that Ian and Delena won since that is what the show has been focusing on for the last few seasons. My “The Damon Diaries or Delena Diaries” comments were meant as humor and quite frankly just an observation.

  • Andrew55

    I would hope the results of a fan driven award show would not influence the story that the writers had set up and put in motion last summer. If they allow fans to make creative decisions for them….this season is going to go down the drain fast.

  • night magic

    i really feel that Delena have so much chemistry and they are the epic love story but i love that ian and nina won as Delena s onscreen chemistry .i wish that Delena had done more couples things like Damon taking Elena to his favorite spot or actually having a date .

  • night magic

    i hope so

  • Andrew55

    Yeah I will agree that you Delena fans got the short end of the stick but I also don’t think they are done as a couple. So keep your hopes up because I believe there is more to come. :)

  • Amy Jo Jackey via Facebook

    He has a sexy accent. ;)

  • dman_24

    I agree with you, and I totally get what you were trying to say.

  • dman_24

    I wanted to see that type of stuff too. It sad it didn’t happen much. If the writers wanted to paint DE as a normal loving couple and not just a torrid affair, they’ve done a terrible job so far. Something seems to be missing in their relationship, and you pretty much stated it.

  • mydamonheart

    Well in all honesty, I really only watch for Damons story now. The last season and half, the storytelling has not been anywhere near the standard it was is the beginning, and I dislike most of the characters too.
    As for the “Damon diaries”,, this season has been pretty focused on the doppelganger mythology of which Damon isn’t one. For lots of Damon/DE fans, this season has been pretty underwhelming.
    Of course I voted for Ian, but I didn’t vote for TVD or DE and I know from Twitter, this was a running theme amongst Damon fans.
    I agree with what you are trying to say Andrew, Ian definately gets the most focus in the media and I dread to think what would happen to TVD if he left. Do you think the show would survive? I know I wouldn’t watch.

  • mydamonheart

    The biggest mistake was the time jump. We never got to see DE bonding in their love, or doing couple stuff before the angst set in. There is no sense of how they function as a couple or what their dynamic is.
    We were also deprived of a reunion scene between Elena and Jeremy when he returned from the dead. I mean, her brother came back from the dead and the writers felt this scene was not important enough to give it any air time.
    Whatever show. This king of writing is why TVD did not win a PCA IMO, I could not honestly dredge up the enthusiasm to vote for it like have previously.

  • Jennifer

    What we did end up seeing was Damon keeping stuff from Elena so she wouldn’t worry (sweet but puts a wedge between them), the weird confusion of Saving Stefan and his amnesia, then Elena distancing herself after learning Bonnie died. I hear the writers say they get to have a happy, normal relationship but only if you overlook the fact they don’t spend time together acting happy (oh wait, there was that one scene lying on the couch together before Silas walked in). I guess it’s like mydamonheart said, the bonding and happiness took place off-screen. That makes sense for the epic Delena romance, right? Anyway, congrats to Ian and Nina! They convinced a Stelena fan to see their chemistry despite meager opportunity.

  • Andrew55

    Actually I think promoting Ian is exactly what the network and media should do. You have to play to the fan base when it comes to promotion. However, when the writers are telling the overall story of the show they shouldn’t let the fans make their decisions for them. I think that is what has happened over the last couple of seasons and is why the show’s quality has suffered.

    Here me out on this next point. The writers had Elena choose Stefan at the end of S3 because I do believe it fit the story they were trying to tell. However, I know the D/E side of the fan base was irate. I don’t disagree with them. They had been waiting for 3 seasons for Delena. But I honestly think the show runners had some fear in losing viewership so they tried to rectify the Elena choosing Stefan problem. I believe they panicked and rushed the Delena storyline at the beginning of S4. Hence the sire bond. Hence the confusion by Elena’s behavior and totally dismay of the Stelena fans. They rushed everything in the first set of episodes to try to save face and viewers. And the result of that was confusion in the story line, confusion about the Elena character, and a lot of vitriol among the fan base.

  • mydamonheart

    There are lots of factors which affect overall storytelling:
    Actors/ actress demands
    Viewing figures
    Changes in writing staff
    But I think you are reaching in the case of DE. It was always coming, and it certainly wasn’t rushed. The sire bond could have been a great story line, unfortunately, the execution was poor. That is what has led to confusion and the ship wars.
    Examples of fan pressure/ influence.

    Kat not dying ever (She became too popular to kill off)
    Damon not getting the cure (JP said this SL changed as fans were correctly speculating this)
    Alaric/Lexie appearances- fan faves.

    So yes fans do influence the SL to a point. BTW, I think some of the SE scenes this season were blatant fanservice, especially the scenes when Elena tries to help Stef regain his memory. What do you think?

  • Andrew55

    Oh absolutely the SE scenes this year were fan service and truthfully, as a SE fan, they did nothing for me. I’m not saying DE was rushed. I mean it took four years. What I’m saying was that it was rushed in S4 after they had Elena choose Stefan. Once they made the decision to have her choose him they should of let it play out but instead they quickly did a 180 and tried to push D/E. I mean they had Elena say Stefan was her best choice, then had Elena say she didn’t want to be a vampire, then Elena breaking up with Stefan, Elena saying she no longer wanted to be helped or fixed anymore, then Elena and Damon sleeping together….all in a span of 7 episodes. That was something that easily could have been achieved over an entire season and would have appeased both fan bases with better story telling. But what did they do….they rushed it. I have no problems with fans influencing story lines but only if those influences can fit adequately into the story the writers wanted to tell in the first place. If it doesn’t, then you get story lines and characters that don’t make sense.

  • dman_24

    Are you talking about yourself? I mean being a Stelena Fan and all. Are you one?

  • Debbie

    Absolutely right. Ian and Nina’s onscreen chemistry is undeniable whether they are kissing or fighting (5.02) or talking about Stefan. That takes some serious talent and I’m glad they were finally recognized for this. If the writers cared only about fan service, delena would be the couple of the decade by now! Instead, we get an extremely dysfunctional relationship for a couple That just happens to look good together.

  • Debbie

    I certainly don’t agree, but even if de was rushed, Name one storyline that wasn’t rushed in s4? . Well except maybe the cure, that dragged.

  • Andrew55

    That’s exactly my point though. The whole season was a mess because they didn’t stay on point with their stories. They rushed some things, they changed other story lines because they wanted to surprise and make certain fan bases happy. I believe if they would have taken their time and not panicked they could of appeased most fans, given us some good character development, provided well thought out arcs and had a genuinely great season.

  • Andrew55

    I do believe that it was the writer’s intentions to end Stelena in S4 and explore Delena. After thinking about it, I have no issue with that anymore. However, you can not tell me that they couldn’t have taken more time with Elena dealing with her feelings for Damon and letting go of Stefan. The could have spent more time revealing the Sire Bond and exploring the mystery with that. This could of led up to Elena and Damon being intimate later in the season. This would have allowed us Stelena fans to get over it and also been a nice build up to a epic moment in the Delena relationship. They could have accomplished everything they still wanted with the cure. We could of avoided all the characters telling Damon that Elena was going to go back to Stefan. It could of settled both fandoms down and allowed for a better set up to S5. Just my two cents.

  • mydamonheart

    So, in a nutshell Andrew, you would have preferred DE to have been paced slower, in order to appease stelena hearts? That would be fanservice would it not?
    Look, the SB story was a bust, you won’t hear any argument from me, however, to respond to your initial point, the DE hook up was not to satisfy the DE fanbase. The way it was done, with the whole Caroline/ Stefan dialogue just served to infuriate the DE fanbase more, IMO.
    Ultimately, I agree, the storytelling was a mess in S4, but not for the reasons you have put forwards, because the same issues are still present in S5. The Augustine story should have been really good, but they are telling it without it making any sense, and without any regard for previous characterisation.

  • mydamonheart

    I just think the writers need to get back to basics. Less plot, less shock (although I am rarely shocked now), and more focus on the characters and their motivations.
    The PCA must have been for last season, because for actors to have onscreen chemistry, they have to be in the same room/ scene do they not? I haven’t seen much of that this season. I bet if you add up all DE screen time this season, I bet it doesn’t total much more than 20 mins. Pretty shocking for the current main couple.

  • Debbie

    I have a lot of issues with s4 and s5 as well, little of which has to do with the fast pace of the storylines. To me, that’s one of its strengths, I appreciate that tvd has it’s own way of shocking us. I like the fact that delena hooked up so fast because no one expected it! My issue is that each storyline leaves too many unanswered questions, and takes the characters in too many directions, making the characters a little less believable. That’s my issue with the sire bond and Augustine-both potentially excellent storylines but again leave a little too much to the imagination.

  • mydamonheart

    And plot holes, agreed Debbie.
    In S1, S2 and some of s3, the pacing was fast, and the shocks/surprises kept us tuning in, but the story telling and characterisation remained tight for the most part. No so much anymore.
    Is complacency the issue?
    The PCA voting should be a wake up call. People still love Damon and DE, but TVD? not so much.
    If all those who voted for Ian and DE voted for TVD, It would have won, I am almost sure of it, but they didn’t, and that is because there are better shows out there at the moment.
    BATB and Reign to name a couple.

  • Jennifer2667

    Yep, from way back! We’re on a break though, Stelena and I. I’m not a fan of Elena’s character development this season and can’t see them together. So I was hoping Delena would get a real chance. But ultimately I expect Stefan & Elena to end the series.

  • Andrew55

    No, no, no. I don’t think you are understanding what I am trying to get at. This isn’t a S/E thing or a D/E thing. This is a writing thing. They spent the whole second half of season three hyping up this choice Elena was supposed to make. She chose Stefan. They also wanted to develop and experience D/E in S4. I have no issue with that. What they should of done built up to Delena slower in order to make the weight of the decision, that Elena made in the S3 finale, hold up a little. They basically made the decision void and irrelevant by rushing into Delena. If they would have paced the season differently it wouldn’t have cheapened the decision and also allowed all fans to understand and fully accept her moving on to Damon. It just wasn’t a good job with the story telling. It was sloppy.

  • mydamonheart

    There is a flip side to your theory Andrew. The DE fandom could not comprehend Elenas’ choice at the end of S3. From a storytelling POV, it would have made more sense to choose Damon in the S3 finale, but the writers couldn’t have that because they had the SB story in their back pocket that that they wanted to tell in S4. It wouldn’t have created the drama and tension had she already chosen Damon, it would have been a moot point.

    Elena had no plans to choose either brother as she stated at the end of 3×21, but she was forced into a decision of who got the goodbye, which was a choice of sorts, LAME.
    A choice which was made void and irrelevant because everything changed, Elena was a vamp and Stefan became a control freaky, shady person.

    “It reeked of desperation to hold on to viewers they thought they may lose.”

    Maybe the writers felt if they had Elena choose Damon in the S3 finale, they would lose SE viewers? They most probably would have lost most of the DE fanbase had they not thrown in the Damon meets Elena first retcon stuff, It kept DEs hanging in there over the hiatus and gave SEs a summer of happiness, ensuring everyone tuned back in come October.
    Here’s the thing, we are all watching this show from different perspectives, and so have different opinions, but I think most agree that the constant writing to drag around fans like rag dolls, instead of focusing on writing a good story, has hurt the show in the end.
    The SE scenes in 5×4 took up a large amount of screen time in that ep, but did not really forward the plot much, that screen time could have been better spent showing some background stuff re Whitmore/ Augustine. Some short scenes of Damon investigating Whitmore college/ Aaron etc but no. Instead they tell this story out of the blue with no hints as to Damons history at Whitmore at all. I like to be shocked and surprised, but I like it to make sense. Sloppy writing check, fanservice check, good story check, execution bust.

  • Andrew55

    I agree with everything you wrote. I agree that they have fan serviced us S/E fans this year. And frankly I don’t really like it. And I agree that we all watch the show differently. For me, I just hate when shows rush story lines and change story lines midstream in order to please a certain part of the fan base or keep us all surprised. I’ll admit my biggest complaint has been how they transitioned from S/E to D/E. I’m not complaining that D/E happened because I believe it should have happened. Just complaining how they executed the transition. Having Elena jump into bed with Damon 1 episode after breaking up with Stefan really made the S/E seem cheap and irrelevant. And frankly that pissed me off and still irritates me a lot. So keep that in mind when I post about the writing. I may have a bias. :)

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