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Posted by | August 7, 2009, 18:18 (MST) | 22 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Huge thanks to Keiran over at Vampire Diaries Spain for giving us the heads-up on these pictures that appeared on the official Vampire Diaries Facebook. These are from the photo shoot used in the ‘Love Sucks’ promotional campaign for the Vampire Diaries TV series. They’re all pretty sexy images, though we find the head shots to be particularly striking. It also hasn’t escaped our notice that the close-ups make a nice complement to the half-face theme being used in various recent editions of the Vampire Diaries books. Whether or not that was intentional, we don’t know. But it’s still pretty cool.

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  • Elin

    I’m reading the books for like the 10th time and gawd, I can not wait for the TV series. Ian makes a perfect Damon, and Paul is exactly what I’ve always wanted Stefan to be. Nina sure looks like she has got the attitude of our ice queen, but the lack of lapis lazuli-blue makes me weep.

  • wondervale

    Just one question: whose hand is the one around Stefan’s face on the picture with all three of them?

    Yes, I know it’s kinda hard to notice when you are mesmerized looking at those three ;)

  • Vee

    It’s Nina’s. Or Elena’s, I guess I should say.

  • Vee

    I’ve been waiting forEVER for those headshots. It’s like someone read my mind.

  • Ivy

    Amazing! The more pictures and trailers I see the more I like the actors as their characters! So stoked!

  • wondervale

    Am I the only one that keeps staring at Damon’s tongue? *fans herself*

  • Naim

    Oh My God, I really love these images, each one coming out is really impressive

  • Jala

    Um, no, no you’re not.

    Elena’s hand placement is pretty sweet, but that tongue? Whoa. And his eyes, too. Do see those eyes?


  • nysiren

    Looking at Paul’s (Stefan) lips reminds me of Adam’s lips on the old Secret Circle covers. I only noticed it because I was cleaning my bookshelf, really!

  • nysiren

    Well, Adam’s bottom lip is a little bigger, but there’s still a poutiness going on.

  • Vee

    It’s so funny you said this because I thought the same exact thing. (For anyone not familiar, here’s the cover – Adam’s the face in the bottom left-hand corner, upside down.)

  • Sia

    That’s looks kind creepy. I liked the books but the whole brother fighting thing gets old and I wish it wasn’t a triangle to begin with.

  • Red

    No, it’s okay – they’re just ‘imprinting’ on her.

  • Roman

    Pics are gorgeous, especially the stylized for black&white one: Nina’s beautiful face with brilliant eyes with traces of tears & slightly rose lips… it’s perfect!

  • Jezebel

    I still say that the very last pic will be on some porno cover ;)

  • Roman

    I’m disagree)))))
    I consider this pic as an intriguing erotic session (but the very first thought was about porno too;))) lol )

  • Tara


  • Glitterati

    What Tara said. :)

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