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Posted by | March 21, 2012, 15:28 (MST) | No Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XX Previously on The Vampire Diaries, Stefan’s journals made an appearance, Rebekah crashed boys night and we can all agree now that Mystic Falls has never, ever been a safe place to live, no matter what year you look at. This episode had some great moments (one word: PIANO!) and it’s definitely worth revisiting before it’s time to Break On Through (EP317) tomorrow.


Don't say we didn't warn you!

  • Price Peterson, During this week’s episode titled “1912,” I counted at least three things that seemed to intentionally hearken back to the (not great, very different) pilot: A raven preceded Damon’s entrance; an Uncle Zach appeared; and most hilarious of all, an actual VAMPIRE DIARY voiceover. And none of these things annoyed me like they did in the beginning. I didn’t even mind the flashbacks! That’s what a season jam-packed with Originals and Rippers and hybrids and heartaches buys you: Benefit of the doubt.
  • Gale, Iphignia939: “You never entirely stop loving someone you loved once.” “…is this weird?” “No. Not really.” MATT DONOVAN YOU ARE THE BEST PERSON ON THIS SHOW. You and Caroline: BEST PEOPLE OR BEST PEOPLE?
  • Matt Richenthall, TV Fanatic: Turns out, Beyonce had it wrong: if you like it, you really should not put a ring on it. At least not in Mystic Falls.
  • Erin Frazee, The Voice Of TV:This 1912 Damon doesn’t seem like Damon. Didn’t he want to torture Stefan forever?
  • Hillary Busis, WSJ Blog: Rebekah is also at the only restaurant in town. She’s grilling Carol Lockwood for information about a certain white oak tree that has Original-killing powers; Carol tells her that the Salvatores kept records about the town’s trees. So Rebekah sidles up to the brothers and starts asking for information about their relatives.
  • Kaitlin Thomas, The Pop Culture Interruption: In this episode we get a little more insight into the Brothers Salvatore’s long and storied history. We see Damon let go a little bit, and we find out that Damon is responsible for pushing Stefan into his Ripper persona for the very first time. And that he’s been caring that guilt with him since 1912.
  • Thomas Galvin, Thomas Galvin Blog: Sheriff Liz Forbes: Sorry, but it’s against Mr. Saltzman’s constitutional rights for me to tell the unelected mayor of the town that he was accused of murder by a psychotic doctor.
  • Cindy McLennan, Television Without Pity: Damon can’t believe Liz is arresting Alaric based on Dr. Fell’s words. Liz clarifies that she’s not arresting him; she’s detaining him for his own good, because Fell used vampire blood to heal him after he was shot.
  • Crystal Bell, HuffPost TV: The mystery of the Mystic Falls serial killer was finally solved, resulting in one of the most shocking moments in the series’ history. Alaric was the one killing off the council members. He killed Meredith’s jerk of an ex-boyfriend, Caroline’s father, and ironically, he nearly killed himself.
  • Emma Fraser, TV Overmind: In a season that has been focused on the Originals it was a time away from the first family, even if Rebekah (Claire Holt) got to come and play in finding out more about Stefan, Damon and the town of Mystic Falls. Her motives are purely selfish as she wants to find out about the white oak tree that could exist and the Salvatore family owned all the logging mills, but she did provide some fun commentary including a dramatic reading from Stefan’s diary.
  • Robyn Ross, TV Guide: Alaric wakes up in a jail cell, detained after Meredith turned him in. Alaric, of course, pleads with Sheriff Forbes that he’s being framed. The Sheriff then fills Elena in on her teacher/guardian/couch buddy and when she shows up to the precinct Damon is there to be snarkier than usual.
  • Rowan Kaiser, The A.V. Club: So here we are, heading into the final third of this season, and I think the show has basically pushed itself into a corner where it has to kill or severely weaken Klaus, or else it’ll just turn into a slightly serialized procedural. Tonight’s episode, “1912,” doesn’t have to pick up the pieces—it has to start knocking them down.
  • Caroline Preece, Den Of Geek: Previously, we were left on the cliffhanger of everyone’s favourite borderline alcoholic vampire hunter (Meredith’s words, not mine) having been shot by the mysterious Dr Fell. We’re quickly informed that he’s perfectly fine, although, having been healed by vampire blood, has been locked up by Sheriff Forbes. The law-keepers of the town seem to finally be wising up to their town’s goings on, and it’s refreshing to see Liz putting her foot down for once.
  • Carina Adly MacKenzie: This was one of the more difficult “Vampire Diaries” recaps for me to write, because I loved this episode so much that there was very little to snark about. I’m afraid this recap is very low on the funny and very high on the gushing. I can’t think of a single thing that I didn’t love about this episode.
  • Matt and Elena go for a run, but it’s interrupted with angst and arrests. Matt informs Elena that Bonnie is aware she has been trying to reach out to her, and doesn’t blame Elena for what happened to Abby. He also tells Elena that Abby has decided to transition with the help of Caroline.
  • Dianne Sylvan, CrazyBeautiful: This episode’s promotion was pretty misleading, it turns out. Based on the hype you’d have thought it was going to be 50 minutes of Sage boxing and Damon in silly hats. What we got was a little bit different. In fact, Sage’s actual role in things wasn’t that extensive; as I understand it she’ll be back, so I assume her presence here was more to establish her character than anything else.
  • Keshaunta Moton, Poptimal: On this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, Damon practices some brotherly tough love showing baby bro Stefan the fine art of moderation.

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